New Italian Harry Potter Action Figures, More


Dec 24, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Italian company DeAgostini has now launched a new collection of Harry Potter figures. In the new collection, additional photos here and here, there are new figures of Professor Dumbledore (Michael Gambon), Harry Potter (Dan Radcliffe), Hermione Granger (Emma Watson), Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint), Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane), and Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes). There is also a Dumbledore poster book, and special offers to get a Hogwarts cap, backpack and figure stand available here. Thanks to Christopher from Harry who also let us know that the company will be releasing these new figures on the 27th of this month.

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Avatar Image says: Awesome figures!!! Can't wait for more merch to come to the US!!Avatar Image says: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma WatsonAvatar Image says: Those are a lot cooler than the other figurines that I've seen. They look a lot like the actors. Though Harry does have kind of tight pants, hmm. I like the look on Voldemort's face.Avatar Image says: That's a decent looking back-pack...Avatar Image says: As someone who's boyfriend is a freelance sculptor who does a lot of scale figures, I can say with all confidence that these are yet more terrible figures in a very long line of terrible HP figures. If a sculpt looks bad when the image is only an inch tall, it says a lot about how awful it's going to look when you get to see a more zoomed-in image. Yuck.Avatar Image says: Actually, Amy R., I didn't think they were that bad. (Although I don't have any sculpting credentials.) Other HP figures that I've seen look much odder and inhuman to me. OK, I probably would have chosen a Voldemort pose that doesn't bear a constant danger of the Dark Lord swallowing flies. (Although then he could be the Lord of the Flies!) Albus *Silente*? Interesting. Wonder how the Italian translators came up with that one.Avatar Image says: what was w/ the dark glasses on harry???Avatar Image says: That's is cool and all.... but where the heck is Severus Snape? Avatar Image says: Merry Christmas Leaky!Avatar Image says: have a very HARRY MERRY christmasAvatar Image says: I wondered about Albus Silente too - there didn't seem to be any obvious connection to the original name, as there usually is - but according to Italian wikipedia it comes from the first part of the name - dumb (i.e. unable to speak) - which they translated as `silent'. As JKR herself says - probably not the best translation, given that Dumbledore is anything but silent!Avatar Image says: Voldie looks like he's about to sneeze, Albus looks more like santa clause (no resemblance at all to Gambon), and Harry looks like the average IT guy who just stepped out of the disco with his tight leather pants lollllll. not very good looking. At least Hagrid's is bearable. Avatar Image says: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! To those of you who don't celebrate it, I hope your Holidays were/are wonderful as well!Avatar Image says: That's very interesting, *Ravenclawed* -- I didn't know that about Albus Silente. Thanks for the information.Avatar Image says: Hmmm. Dumbledore looks look a bit fat for my liking and what;s up with Harry's leather Pants. The hermione one is nice though...Avatar Image says: Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrate it around the world!!! Well I kind of liked this figures. They could do better, but as far as I have seen till now, these are the best ones. I have to admit,\ that all the previous ones where awful. I don’t understand though… Is it that difficult to make them look more like the actors? Avatar Image says: Some are a bit strange looking . . . but oh well! *Merry Christmas all xxAvatar Image says: Does anyone know how many points of articulation they have? As an avid toy collector and one of the biggest HP fans, I thought my ship had come in when NECA released their line. After buying a couple of the NECA figures, I found out to my dismay that I was gravely mistaken >_<Avatar Image says: These things are NOT action figures! An action figure has at least 12 points of articulation and is not permanently attached to the base. Which is fine for people who collect figurines, but we action figure collectors are always getting our hopes up and then being crushingly disappointed!Avatar Image says: i think they all look pretty good though the deagostini links wont load up for me for some reason, so can't see the rest of itAvatar Image says: I wonder if this is worth purchasing. I have the experience with the chessset by Deagostino, little copies of the chessset in the first movie, that it all looked very good in the pictures, but when i got the set it turned out very cheapy plastic. I kept collecting it , because I had subscribed, but when it was completed it went into the basement and I never looked at it again. It wasn't as expensive as the Noble Collection chessset, but compaired to quality itwas a waste of money. .Avatar Image says: I WANT THE BACKPACK! IT LOOKS COOL!Avatar Image says: @ Witchard: they haven't got any points of articulations. Plus, let me say that here in Italy those figurines are actually selled at the newspaper kiosks, not in shops..and the quality is usually very cheap (they use to make them look better in promotional images).. Oh and @ Rachel who asked about Snape, yes they make his figurine too (they showed it in the tv promos)

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