First Look: Weasley Wizard Wheezes, New Slughorn Photo in Empire Magazine


Dec 29, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Earlier we told you the February edition of Empire Magazine would contain a new preview of the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Tonight, the first scan from the magazine is in our galleries and contains our first look at Fred and George (James and Oliver Phelps) in their Weasley Wizard Wheezes shop (note the words “Magical Mayhem,” then “Disastrous” on the side of the walls). Also new is a photo of the Trio (Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson) along with Professor Slughorn (Jim Broadbent) in the Three Broomsticks pub.

Thanks to reader Tracy!

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Avatar Image says: I am so excited for this movie! Only 199 more days! YAY! :DAvatar Image says: Very cool, they're so funny.Avatar Image says: Yay! I was just at the bookstore earlier today and this isn't on the stands yet. How did they get a hold of a copy?Avatar Image says: But Fred and George aren't weaing magenta robes that clash with their hair. Tan suits don't really fit with either their or their store's image.Avatar Image says: Subscribers get their issues early I believeAvatar Image says: WWW looks BRILLIANT. The set direction of the films has really taken a turn for the outstanding under Yates - it feels like such an authentic world, and that's what the books deserve. The Phelps Twins look great: three-button suits, one with a red tie, one with gold. I could see Fred and George wearing them, walking around importantly, and generally being outlandish. I can't wait!Avatar Image says: Wow, its amazing how much the twins look like Mark Williams who plays Mr. Weasley. I think that's cool.Avatar Image says: I personally have never expected the books or any book to movie to be exactly like the pages. I am completely devoted to Harry Potter and love every scene in the books, but I realize everything cant appear on screen. I thought back in 2001 that it was amazing they could make a movie of these stories in the first place. They get better and better with every installment so I have faith. Besides with all the characters, sets, plots, and fans there are too many expectations to reach if you did everything. We all have our own vision, and David Yates and the crew do the movies to a point where it appeals to everyone and we as devotees still love it too.Avatar Image says: I love it!! I like how Fred and George are wearing suits. Exactly how I pictured it! :) Question though: What's up with the sort of Christmas stockings on the right that are in different colors with a big W on them? I've got no clue as to what they are.Avatar Image says: I love Harry Potter I am his #1 I have to read only 1 more book to finish the entire series but I don't want the magic to end ;(Avatar Image says: structurally, without any of the colors or anything, does it remind anybody of Flourish and Blotts from COS?Avatar Image says: They look so handsome. I'm so excited, the shop isn't how I imagined it but it turned out better then I imagined. Half-Blood Prince is my favorite book and I can't wait.Avatar Image says: MY god!!! THIS IS SO COOOOOOOOL!Avatar Image says: I always imagined www to be a small shop....Avatar Image says: javier...I did too. I really wished the would have stuck with the book. I would have loved to see them in magenta robes! lol I just can't wait for the movie! Oh how sad to think it's 200 days away. : (Avatar Image says: Even in a small pic, Rupes looks hot!!! Can I drool for a second on the HOTNESS OF JAMES AND OLIVER?!?!?!? The joke shop is making me very excited.Avatar Image says: I want to see pottercast have a big interview with Yates or a discussion about his previous work and why he is good as the final director.Avatar Image says: The joke shop set looks good - it is a building space like the bookstore we saw in #3. I imagined it in my mind with more 'stuff' bursting off the shelves but we only saw one shot at one angle. Am REALLY looking forward to the phelp twins go for it and I loved their scenes in 5 (apart from the swamp bit was missing!!!).Avatar Image says: Oooh! And look at how curly Emma's hair is!!Avatar Image says: Gred and Forge rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: squeeee!!!!!!! oh this looks brilliant!!!! gotta say, one of the best things of the potter films are the sets. magnificantly done! ooh i think they will pull off the www scenes really well. but im just as interested by the other pix of the trio. im guessing that theyre in the hogs head, partly cuz of the antlers on the wall. thats not a 3 broomsticks thing. and i like how sluggy is only talking to harry and GAH IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!1Avatar Image says: I love the multicolored banisters.Avatar Image says: And I think the quality of the set design significantly increased when Cuaron, not Yates, joined the production team. POA is still the best LOOKING film of the series.Avatar Image says: articles just wrong. They say best movie out of the worst book I personally love OotP...Avatar Image says: Krystle, I thought that was odd, too. I know lots of people didn't care for OotP, but they said it like it's fact or something. I hardly ever hear anyone say they didn't like OotP, and a lot of people have said it's their favorite. I wonder who they got their information from?Avatar Image says: hmm.... I can't say I agreed with all of the stuff they said, like David Yates making the best and most grounded movie yet, and how stuff "actually happens" in this movie. still good picks though, and the balloons look like the wizrockapedia logoAvatar Image says: Krystle - I agree - O Of the Ph is one of my favourite books of the seven ! Avatar Image says: I totally agree with you guys : " He's already made the bets of the series-from the wrost book"????huh??since when was OotP the best film and the worst book?Didn't they mean he's already made the shortest movie from the longest book... btw,WWW looks fineAvatar Image says: Amazing! If you click the image egain you can get a closer look at the details and see the article and the details of the shop, which looks amazing and wonderful, and very colourful! I'm not sure if it was in the book, because I too, imagined it as a rather small shop and cramped and cosy, but I like Yates vision! And the Three Broomsticks look really nice too Fred and George in the suits and ties is a nice detail. Avatar Image says: wow!!! i'm really excited to see the whole shop! it looks really cool :DAvatar Image says: They're spot on about Yates having made the best movie - the book was as good as the others.Avatar Image says: I too wasn't too pleased with the 'worst book' comment in the article (or agreed with much of the aticle at all). None of the books imo would qualify for that tag; each is a quality work and they stand on their own individually. As far as Yates making the best Potter movie, that's highly debatable. Cinematically the movie was fantastic but the the story lines and the last 20-30 mins. of the movie were just horrible imo. So many missed opportunities in the last qtr. of the moie that Yates missed and could've have capitalized on. Longest book and shortest film does not make sense. :) Avatar Image says: That being said, I love the Weasley twins and the Phelps do a great job in the movies with the characters. Avatar Image says: Personally, OotP was my favorite book until DH came along - now it's my second favorite. It's just wrong to state subjective things like that as if they are empirical fact. These things are all a matter of opinion. I really don't like it when the media tries to tell everyone what they do and don't like. And I dislike it even more that there are a lot of people who change their "opinions" to suit those media statement because they don't want to look uncool. Avatar Image says: Oh the shop looks great and the twins' hair is short! You know the colors and stuff will be moving and whirring around to make it magical. I bet the colorful bags will look like puffs are trying to get out or blowing around. Can't you just imagine what the special effects guys will do to the shop? I hope the twins show up sometime in a dragon skin coat or boots. Maybe Molly's gift of a hat will make an appearance. I think OotP looked/felt more like the expected blockbuster than the others. It had a definite change in style and marketing. I liked the first trailer for HBP with a young Tom Riddle. It brought mystery to the style not all wham bam action. CoS is still my favorite.Avatar Image says: Aaaahhhh!!!!! omg... so hot!! i luv their short hair!! (ron is hot 2)!! i cant wait.... 198 more days!!Avatar Image says: I agree with you carol. Poa is the best looking film of the series. Cauron is a genius! Yates's ootp was a bit bland for my liking, and that's my opinion, because I'm a professional producer in independant films. Avatar Image says: "made the worst book to the best movie"wRONG. In my opnion it was the best book turned into the worst movie.Avatar Image says: "made the worst book to the best movie"wRONG. In my opnion it was the best book turned into the worst movie.Avatar Image says: i agree with the whole 'worst' book comment -- i think it was the weakest of the potter books. BUT -- that's like calling one of seven star athletes the worst of the group; they're all great, but one has to be the least great. however, the movie was sweet... just not the best, either. i think gof takes that home. thus far...Avatar Image says: What do they mean "the worst book"? It's dark, sad, and full of angst, but OotP is not the "worst book". They're all fantastic, and you can't give one of them that title and publish it in a magazine! Good Lord! I wish Fred and George had their hair long, but they are totally amazing anyway. The shop looks awesome, but not what I expected. Thanks for the scan! Avatar Image says: Burning down the Burrow...?! This means lots of changes at the beginning of the DH movie. Since they've cut Scrimgeour, will it be McGonagall that gives the kids their bequests? And where, if the Burrow has been burned down and there's no wedding (which I imagine will be cut as well)? Interesting... And HBP is the worst book. Until the end, it's just killing time to get to DH.Avatar Image says: Naturally I don't agree with the article's so obviously biased lines... But we can't expect much from whoever wrote it; it doesn't look much as an article in fact, it feels like a comment that should be in a website forum, not printed in a magazine that people actually pay for. It is poorly written ("stuff" happens?) and completely subjective. Well, now that I've ranted enough, let's move on to the pictures =P. Everything seems to be bigger in the movies, don't you think? From GoF where they built this titanic arena for the dragon, the lake feels more like the ocean and the maze is so huge it's outstanding they actually reached the cup at all, to OotP, where the Ministry is just huge, completely gargantuan. And I love that they do that, because it's so amazing, it gives you a sensation of power and such magnificent proportions only make justice to the size of these wonderful books (even if it's not entirely accurate to them). Everything in the Harry Potter world is simply fantastic, wonderful and soooo huge. WWW is too damn fun, I'm so glad we'll get to see it in the movie. I hope there's also a shot of the empty Ollivander's shop =DAvatar Image says: Good Lord you guys whine alot. Not to mention over analyze everything. If you read the little bit up there with the picture it mentions that the OOTP movie was his warm up. There is no need to go and complain and whine all over again. I still think and many people do, that they get better as they go. He got what was needed from a book that was filled with many diversions. And since when does the Burrow being burnt mean there is no Wedding scene? There is such thing as Magic in these books. Go back and read my previous posts it reminds you all that as hard core fans we need to realize that not all the characters, plots, settings will be in the movie and even the things that make it in might be tweaked for a certain reason., because this has become a movie franchise that appeals to everyone and not just us devotees of the HP series. So enough already.Avatar Image says: yates is really cheap... >:( supposed to be biggest movie of the year(2010,2011)..but it wont be the biggest.. instead the movies-cars 2, nemo2,toystory3(im not kidding) will take over the harry phenominom..which will suck for all the biggest harry potter geeks(fans) like me if yates gets his head outa his butt, the movie would be the best movie in all of the 12 or so galaxies in the universe!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: You know dcrazmo, I too have the feeling they will cut the wedding in the DH film adaptations. I don't know why, probably because the really relevant events in it are some tidbits of Auntie Muriel's little chat, Krum's anger with the DH sign and Kingsley's lynx patronus. Anyway, can't wait...Avatar Image says: the wedding is the main part in which harry, ron, hermoine escae fromt the burrow!!! u cant delete the wedding. its not fair..but honestly ,,who cares about fleur???? i mean come on now!!Avatar Image says: I like the look of the shop. I for one always did imagine it big, I don't think that was really laid out in the book for sure. I think the movies are fine. For devoted book lovers, the movies never match up to the source. With the exception of Lord of the Rings - they are what they are. And - I just had to throw my 2 cents in along with many of the other commenters - OOTP was pretty much my favorite book too. I loved the dark, angsty, sinister feel to it. (and for the record, HBP was probably my least favorite of the bunch - but, still loved it!).Avatar Image says: The shop looks FABULOUS but I'd love to have seen the magenta robes. And really, what has happened to the Weasley red hair. Gred and Forge look pretty brunette in those brown suits and Ginny is down right mousy brown.Avatar Image says: Cuaron is a stylish film maker. As a director of a Harry Potter film he sucked big time. He was far too interested in producing his own pretentious vision of HP rather than Jo's - Shrunken Heads, bluebirds and other nonsense that JKR said no to. Yates film was stylish while maintaining it's integrity to it's source. The evidence so far suggests HBP will do the same and that INCLUDES the new material. Avatar Image says: That looks awesome! I can't wait to see it in the movie :)Avatar Image says: bellasnape, i agree with you, but good luck getting whiners to listen. it seems that's all the internet message boards are good for. people venting about things that don't even really matter.Avatar Image says: omg!!! I cannot wait for the movie. I always knew harry and Ginny would end up 2gether! I read hp6 like a million times. i read all the books in 1 month! this is only my 2nd time on this website. I found out it existed when i read Harry, a History! Avatar Image says: I love it! it's so cool! Avatar Image says: Thank GAH the twins cut their hair. I know that makes me sound old (hey, I am... what can I say), but that stringy nonsense they had before was too much. John Lennon they ain't.Avatar Image says: MAGENTA ROBES?????? This is sooooo not how I imagined it! : (Avatar Image says: well said Bellasnape! I agree with u!Avatar Image says: James and Oliver look so cool in their suits; I'm thinking that this movie is going to be worth the wait.Avatar Image says: Thank you, I've spoken my peace. Besides non of you should talk about HBP or DH movie until you officially see or hear whats confirmed to be in or out.Avatar Image says: Again, well said BellaSnape!Avatar Image says: I can't wait for that three broomsticks scene. It's were Harry Sees Ginny kissing Dean and Ron wants to leave. This is our first image of this scene and it looks pretty close to how I imagined it after reading the script.Avatar Image says: Aww... they feet were covered! You couldn't see they were wearing dragon hide boots or not! They better put them in :)Avatar Image says: Leah, it doesnt look like Flourish and Blotts, it really looks they made a new set! I also noticed they use the same set for Ollivanders, Flourish and Blotts and Honeydukes, but i dont think this is the same set.

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