Happy New Year!


Dec 31, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

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Avatar Image says: And happy new year to you all!Avatar Image says: I know leaky must be really busy and all but I have been waiting all day for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY lord voldemort! Tom riddle technically he would be dead but still he was born the 31 of December. Avatar Image says: Best video EVER! want to cry now lol HAPPY NEW YEAR!Avatar Image says: Happy New Year Leaky.....you oul sweeties you!!!Avatar Image says: Happy New Year Leaky.....you oul sweeties you!!!Avatar Image says: That was so fantastic!! Happy New Year everyone!!!Avatar Image says: To all of Leaky, all of the staff, all of the hosts, all of the "Fiddys" and "Fitties" alike out there, and to all the people who have grown this network of fans, thank you so so so much for a wonderful year filled with entertainment, conversation, support, laughs, and all the really, really wonderful honest gifts you give all members of this community every day, every hour, to the second. Thank you all! All of you make my life filled with so much more laughs, theories, events, celebrations and parties, and just general good cheer and support! Thank you so, so much. I’ve only started checking up on Leaky within the last handful of months, and i am ADDICTED! I have it bookmarked, i have the widgets, i just joined fittingitin.com, I’m friends with Melissa on Facebook, of course I’m subscribed to the podcasts, and to the fitting it in podcast, and am looking forward to the tour of pottercast coming to Santa Monica or LA sometime again soon!! Love you guys and have a FANTASTIC New Year! Being within Leaky is like entering Honeydukes Sweetshop—every sweet and wonderful and zainy thing you could ever want—only you don’t need any knuts, sickles, or galleons to enjoy it. The galleons are in the friendships here Sorry for this very sentimental message that reminds me irrevocably of Slughorn, but if there is a time to write this sort of thing, New Year’s Eve may be it!Avatar Image says: Thank You Leaky!!!Avatar Image says: Happy New Year!Avatar Image says: Happy New Year (in about four hours) from the East Coast of the US! Yes, I hope that the owl gets his McFlurry. If he shuts up after.Avatar Image says: Happy New Year Leaky People!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it is filled with good news, laughs, love, and a lack of the site crashing! Thank you for all you do for us!!!! Lovely video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: A Happy New Year to all members of the Leaky Cauldron staff who make life for Harry Potter fans as full of fun, love and information as possible. You are my second home, I sign in every day, eager not to miss a thing. Love you lots! Avatar Image says: Happy NEW YEAR TO ALL THE LEAKY STAFF AND ALL THE LEAKY FANS AND POTTERFANS. YOU GUYS MADE MY YEAR THE BEST!!!! LETS HOPE THAT 2009 WILL BRING MORE HAPPINESS AND LESS BAD NEWS, Avatar Image says: happy new year :) and YES!! bring pottercast to Australia!Avatar Image says: Haha did anyone else notice the mermaid in Frak's backround? Love the British accent. My wish for 09 is for Leaky to come to Canada because its too exoensive to fly over the border to see on of their live showsAvatar Image says: Hope you all have a fabulous 2009 :)Avatar Image says: that totally brought a tear to my eye. I love it! Even though I just lurk in the background and read what people say (but don't really comment much) I consider myself to be a part of this community and this video just showed why i love it so much. We are people from all around the world that share a common interest and are using that to try and make this world a better place. What can be better than that? Nothing! I love this community and I love what Harry Potter has brought to my life. Happy New Year everyone! May 2009 bring us all joy and happiness!Avatar Image says: hello everyone! I'm writing from Portugal and I just wanna say that I'm very proud to be a Harry Potter fan! I am glad to know that there are many others in the world like me! Happy New Year to everyone!Avatar Image says: YAY! Happy New Year to everyone!! :-) I've been counting down to this year since third grade when one of our math problems was to find out the year we would be graduating college, should we not take a year off. Woohoo! Haha. Just a few more months and I graduate with 2 degrees. :-) Have a great time celebrating, everyone. -Muggle-Born-Witch Avatar Image says: Darling people - I love you. Have a great 2009!Avatar Image says: That was wonderful guys!! Now if only we could repay it back to you all!!!Avatar Image says: LEAKY OZ......woooohoooo......LeakyCon in Australia, now you're talking John. Hope to see the Dawlish bounce in person sometime soon. Avatar Image says: Happy New Year, all!!!Avatar Image says: Awww, Happy New Year to all of you as well. With Obama's help we will rock (fix) the world. And I'm Siriusly considering skipping my graduation to come to LeakyCon. : ) : 0 : )Avatar Image says: Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!! (and squee this is my first time in a video!)Avatar Image says: wow i think i may cry now. thanks to everyone at leaky-i love u guys!! happy 2009 everyone!Avatar Image says: Happy New Year!!!!! I wish everyone Health, Happiness, and Lots of Harry!!! Avatar Image says: That was. so. cute! You guys are awesome. Thank you for a great year in potter coverage. Love you guys. <3 leaky xoxo happy new year!!!!!Avatar Image says: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:DAvatar Image says: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY !!!!! I LOVE EVERYONE HERE AT LEAKY !!!!!!! l LONG LIVE HARRY POTTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Awww *sniff* HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!Avatar Image says: To Leaky and all the Potter Fandom, out there [of which I am a proud member] :Thank you, for a fantastic year....lots of ups, and downs..But, thank Merlin, the downs were few....Good New Year, to all. And, yes, Amanda!!!!...thanks for the reminder: Happy Birthday, to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.....Avatar Image says: HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone at TLC, and everyone who visits TLC! I loved the video. It's so cool to put faces with the names. Thank you EVERYONE for all your dedication. I can't get through the day without Leaky and I can't get through the week without PotterCast! My wish for the New Year is that everyone gets to spread love, attend Leaky Con, get a McFlurry, take over the world, graduate or what ever else was mentioned. Best wishes to everyone!Avatar Image says: Happy New Year everyone!!! To everyone that works for Leaky, thank you for all the work you do!Avatar Image says: Happy New Year everyone!!! Here's to a magical 2009 :)Avatar Image says: A leakycon in Australia? Right count me in - I will come out of the closet and leave my respectable day job as a serious late 30 something executive to get into that one! woo hoo! bring it on. Lovely message. Thank you leaky people. You do rock (as does the fandom). Thank you for your content in 2008 and looking forward to 2009.Avatar Image says: Love you Leaky! Thank You for an amazing 2008 and here's to more greatness in 2009! the scottish book the scottish book the scottish book the scottish book the scottish book hint Jo ;DAvatar Image says: Love you Leaky! Thank You for an amazing 2008 and here's to more greatness in 2009! the scottish book the scottish book the scottish book the scottish book the scottish book hint Jo ;DAvatar Image says: Happy New Year everyone! So much has happened, and in the hp stuff too, the delay, the split... beedle the bard! Bring on 2009!Avatar Image says: Happy New Year to everyone and especially to the Leaky staff. Keep on the good work. For 2009, I hope you don't forget reporting about Rupert Grint and his projects, after all he has three movies coming out this year ;) (of course I want to hear about Dan, Emma and all the others too, but you have never forgotten to report about them anyway ;) so well, yes) Btw, I'm confused. Why again does it say 2008 in that cauldron icon? Avatar Image says: Thank you Leaky for a great year. I really apriciate being part of the Harry Potter community and phenomonon (spelling?!) Thank you so much. xxxx Best wishes to you all.Avatar Image says: PotterCast in the UK would be amazing........but anyway, happy new years everybody and HAPPY B'DAY VOLDEMORT! Avatar Image says: Happy New Year Leaky! And to all the staff and everyone who makes this website and Pottercast etc possible - thank you so much for all the work that you do! God Bless!Avatar Image says: I wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR (!!!!!) at midnight, but ist was about six hours before you had a HAPPY NEW YEAR (!!!!!) ^^ But now: a very happy new year to everyone at Leaky and Harry-fans and everyone else who is reading this!Avatar Image says: Happy New Year Leaky Cauldron team! Thank you for leading an awesome community and encouraging the moral practices and endeavours of the Harry Potter books into the real world with zest, fun, and relentless commitment. I love you all. And happy new year to all my fellow friends here from all over the world on these awesome comment boards.Avatar Image says: Happy New Year everyone!Avatar Image says: Hmm... forgive me, I must say it: Sue is really VERY nice !!! ^__^ My best wishes of a wonderful happy new year to all of you !!! Enrico - ItalyAvatar Image says: Happy New Year to all of you !! And yeah, Leaky in Europe would be awesome (I'm from Belgium ;-) )Avatar Image says: Happy new year to dear Leaky and all HP fans. in 2009 lets be even more united! Avatar Image says: Happy New Year to all the awesome Leaky people!!:)Avatar Image says: I wish all of you the best in 2009, and thank you for that lovely, tear inducing video.Avatar Image says: Just finished Melisa's book..Harry a History. Well done, congratulations, and god bless. Glad to see some dreams come true.Avatar Image says: Sue has a Hufflepuff cheerleader bear! Happy New Year to everyone at LeakyAvatar Image says: Happy 2009 to you too! Echoing nearly every other comment attached to this post, thank you Leaky Staffers for everything you've done and continue to do. You truly make this fandom what it is and you've enriched my life beyond measure. Best of luck in the coming year and I am thrilled to say I'll be seeing you in Boston!Avatar Image says: Happy new year to all And YAY for McFlurries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: *chants* LeakyCon Australia! LeakyCon Australia! Oh Merlin let there be a LeakyCon in Australia! Mel's sister should know some great places in Aussie where it could possibly be held. Hmmmmm, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane? Wherever it will be, I'm going to go! Happy New Year to all at Leaky, keep up the good work and I hope you all have a exciting and wonderful 2009.Avatar Image says: Oh my gosh. Crying practically. This is so sweet! Happy New Year to all you Leaksters!Avatar Image says: this is just a reminder of why i'm proud to be a harry potter fan, this video made me smile and smile. happy new year to everyone (:Avatar Image says: Happy 2009!Avatar Image says: awwwwww!!! i love you leaky!!!! proud to be a harry potter fan!!Avatar Image says: leaky is great. can't wait to cros the pond to go to harry potter world next year.Avatar Image says: Happy new year! Thank-you to everyone at leaky for...everything. John, don't say leaky-con Australia if you don't mean it!!!!Avatar Image says: hi everyone! i'm kinda new to leaky, but what i've seen so far i like! i actually heard about this from your book, melissa, Harry, a History. it was REALLY good, and i just wanted to show my support. everything in there was really good, you're a REALLY talented writer. you should write more stuff! i'd love to hear more about you're experience with Harry and the Potters. I guess that's it...Happy New Year! i hope all of you have a really good year, and i hope to hear more from all of you! thanks alot! joeAvatar Image says: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagehuffledor says: Happy New Year !!!Avatar Imagehuffledor says: Happy New Year !!!Avatar Imagehuffledor says: Happy New Year !!!Avatar Imagehuffledor says: Happy New Year !!!Avatar Imagehuffledor says: Happy New Year !!!Avatar Imagehuffledor says: Happy New Year !!!Avatar Imagehuffledor says: Happy New Year !!!Avatar Imagehuffledor says: Happy New Year !!!Avatar Imagehuffledor says: Happy New Year !!!

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