January Question and Answer Contest Now Open


Dec 31, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

As the 2009 approaches, our Contest Crew has put together the first contest for the new year, which asks you to answer one of the unanswered questions left at the end of the Harry Potter series. The Story that Answers a Question Contest, will have you write a 750 word story which gives a plausible answer to an unanswered question from the series. This gives those interested the opportunity to both pose and answer a question that has been on their mind, and gives the rest of us a chance to explore the world of Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling even deeper. Questions may be about anything in the books, through Chapter 36 of Deathly Hallows, “The Battle of Hogwarts.” Complete contest rules, information, and helpful resources can be found on the Contest Page. As always, contests are open to anyone above the age of 13 and not involved in the judging process. Those interested may submit one original entry that is PG-13 appropriate to [email protected] before 11:59pm EST January 31, 2009. The First Place Winners of this contest will receive a custom wand from Wizard Wood Wands.

Good luck!

13 Responses to January Question and Answer Contest Now Open

Avatar Image says: how about the Untold story of Colin Creevey told in a series of picturesAvatar Image says: just kidding.... but it would be interesting to see or read.... makes you wonder what his back story was though....and now knowing he died for the cause. that one hurt... his conviction for the cause must have gone beyond admiration of Harry. Avatar Image says: I'm excited to do this one!Avatar Image says: I would like to know Bellatrix's Birthday...How do you put that in a story?Avatar Image says: What does nigel do besides let Cho use spells on him??? lol.. just wondering...he seems like a boring character though. but if i get info on him that might change my opinon.Avatar Image says: I think nigel was created for the movies. I have never come across that name in any of the books.Avatar Image says: Nigel was created for the movies, as he is never mentioned in any of the Potter books. This seems like an interesting contest, though!Avatar Image says: Nigel took the place of Colin and Dennis Creevey in the movies. Shame, they would have been more interesting in the long run. Suppose WB was trying to save money, but how hard would it have been to call him Colin rather than Nigel?Avatar Image says: nigel was in the last 2 books ..and so was the Creeveys. So, they didnt replace, Colin kinda had a decent part in the last book, nigel seems like a momma's boy. does whatever he is asked to do even if he doesnt have to do it.. pointless!!Avatar Image says: Perhaps the other stories of horcruxes who and how he killed to make the others or a school tale of the maraudersAvatar Image says: I don't remember Nigel in the books, but my take is that he (the actor) was the kid of someone big at WB that is why he was in too many scenes.:(Avatar Image says: What happened last time they asked us for unanswered questions? Didn't Melissa have to lie about some author? Where's Nimbusxl?Avatar Image says: I wish I were fourteen because that sounds like a great contest to enter.

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