New Dumbledore and Bellatrix Figures from Tonner Doll Co.


Jan 26, 2009

Posted by EdwardTLC

The Tonner Doll Company has updated its website for the new year to include two new pieces for their Harry Potter Character Doll Figures collection. The figures of Professor Albus Dumbledore (modeled after actor Richard Harris) and Bellatrix Lestrange (modeled after actress Helena Bonham Carter) are now part of their 2009 collection. Both dolls are 17″ inches tall and feature remarkable craftsmanship “with 14 points of articulation, offering the collector unlimited posing and play possibilities. Crafted of hard plastic and high-quality vinyl, with hand-painted face detail, these are character figures to be played with and enjoyed.”

The Albus Dumbledore figure, which can be seen here, is described as:

Sculpted in the likeness of the late Richard Harris as PROFESSOR DUMBLEDORE, this TONNER CHARACTER FIGURE stands approximately 19″ tall and features 14 points of articulation (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, chest, hips, knees, and ankles) , is crafted of high quality vinyl & hard plastic, and features high-end details including rooted saran hair and hand-painted face details. DUMBLEDORE comes dressed in an authentic reproduction of one his signature costume from the film. His costume includes under robe in brocade, outer robe in jacquard trimmed in metallic brocade velvet hat and boots; display stand included. Wigged with applied beard and molded mustache with hand-painted facial features.

The description for the Bellatrix Lestrage figure, photo here, is as follows:

BELLATRIX LESTRANGE is 17″ tall and features a new face sculpt of an authorized likeness of actress Helena Bonham-Carter from Warner Bros. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, with 14 points of articulation (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, bust line, hips, knees, and ankles). She features hand painted face details and rooted saran hair. BELLATRIX LESTRANGE comes dressed in her wicked costume from the film with faux leather corset, necklace, hosiery, wand and display stand.

The Dumbledore and Bellatrix Character Figures retail for $249.99 and $189.99, respectively.

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Avatar Image says: nice!Avatar Image says: My friend finally came back and brought me "Harry, a history"!! Yeeeeeeeey!!! I know it's random, but I wanted to share! ^^Avatar Image says: Hehehe. For a tiny bit (just for a second) I thought that was Bill from Tokio Hotel. I like that they went with Richard Harris' likeness for the Dumbledore figure.Avatar Image says: Oh dear... have I really grown so accustomed that I would almost prefer Michael Gambon as Dumbledore? Richard Harris looks fine and all... I just wonder why they would model it after him. Are these figures supposed to represent any film in particular? Bellatrix seems to have some sort of resemblance to Cruella de Vil.Avatar Image says: Dumbledore's hair is soo puffy! It looks great other than that, but it looks like his hat is about to pop off, haha!Avatar Image says: I agree, nick. Dumbledore's hair is WAY too big. I also find that Bellatrix looks more like an "over done Barbie" is a bit....well odd. Facial features, on both, are no where close. The costume, on Bella, is very unflattering, and doesn't appear to fit well. I am rather disappointed, as Toner has done such fine work, in the past. T-Vey, I don't believe that they "portray any movie, in particular".Avatar Image says: Well... for the first time I think I like the dolls.... they are normally too weird and they look too much like the real person , which is really bizarre . But those are good they don't look too much like the actors... Avatar Image says: While I normally really like the Tonner Harry Potter dolls a lot, I have to say, these two are a bit disappointing; not that they aren't beautiful and well made, but they just don't portray the movie characters very well. Why would they go with the Richard Harris version instead of the current Gambon version...does that really make any sense? And Bellatrix looks nothing AT ALL like the movie character in either look or dress! Are they recycling old molds for these dolls to save money? Personally, I'd really like to see a McGonnegall or a Neville doll. (Neville could come with a toad and a Mimbulus mimbletonia!) Why buy a character doll that looks nothing like the character? Avatar Image says: The Tonner Dolls almost always kind of creep me out, does anyone else agree? While I like that they went with the Richard Harris Dumbledore (he's who I think of when I think Dumbledore, not Gambon) his hair looks like he was attacked by a hair dryer or something, honestly. Bellatrix does remind me of Cruella. I love their costumes, though, their clothes are always just so pretty, I wish they came in my size! Avatar Image says: The Tonner dolls are always terrible, and these are no exception. As said above, DD's beard is way fluffy... looks terrible. And Bella!!! It looks like a recycled Cher doll. Just awful.Avatar Image says: The Tonner dolls are always terrible, and these are no exception. As said above, DD's beard is way fluffy... looks terrible. And Bella!!! It looks like a recycled Cher doll. Just awful.Avatar Image says: The Tonner dolls are always terrible, and these are no exception. As said above, DD's beard is way fluffy... looks terrible. And Bella!!! It looks like a recycled Cher doll. Just awful.Avatar Image says: um... I only posted that once. feel free to delete the extras, thnx. Avatar Image says: Azkaban Barbie! I love it! LOL.Avatar Image says: Dumbledore's an EGG! He looks like an EGG!Avatar Image says: bad dolls, look nothing like them, i'll stick to my precious neca figures thank you very much =) especially my snape =PAvatar Image says: is it just me or is the Bella doll to pretty for bella? the face i mean, i know she was upposed to have been a looker at one time but Azkaban took her looks Avatar Image says: well, I have NECA versions of Dumbledore (Richard Harris) and Bellatrix. They look much better than these dollsAvatar Image says: Bellatrix looks a bit Well, Bellatrix was always hot. I'm so glad that they chose to do the Richard Harris likeness for Dumbledore. There's one problem: THE PRICE!Avatar Image says: The dolls are very nice looking, but as for likeness to the actuall characters, a bit disappointing. The face, especially the eyes, are all wrong on Bellatrix and the hair is way too bushy on Dumbledore.Avatar Image says: I agree with everyone about the dolls not actually looking like the actors, however this is the second picture I've seen of the Dumbledore and the hair and beard were not like this in the first one. It was regualr doll hair and the beard loooked ridiculous - all thin and straight. Anyway, the point I guess I'm trying to make is that these are more than likely prototypes and not the actual production doll. If that's the case then more than likely changes will be made. I have all of the dolls in the Tonner HP line except for the trunk set. I can tell you that the biggest disappointment for me was Snape. The picture that I saw of the prototype were FANTASTIC - dead on - but when I received my doll, not so much. The prototype had the mouth exactly right and the produiction doll wasn't even close. That bothers me to this day. I also have to say that the Belatrix doll is so wrong. I think Tonner was trying to make her beautiful and missed the point. She wasn't so beautiful after all of that time in Azkaban - - -Avatar Image says: What is interesting to me is that most people seem to think a doll has to be ‘beautiful’, in the classic sense in order to be sellable. I’ll take an interesting character doll any day of the week over one that just looks pretty. Most characters (in the real world and sometimes the movies) are NOT gorgeous, so why should all commercial products be mass produced to be bloody perfect? Perfect is boring….Tonner dolls are crafted beautifully, and I will continue purchasing the Harry Potter dolls, but they don’t have to BE beautiful to be collectible. The Voldemort doll is almost unique in this sense. Anyway, I relish flaws!Avatar Image says: SproutMdme, I too will continue to collect the Tonner Harry Potter dolls and I agree with you that they are beautifully crafted. I have already pre-ordered my Dumbledore because I was surprised to see that he is LE500. I will also probably get Bellatrix as well in an attempt to keep my collection complete. I have put in suggestions on several occasions at Tonner that Luna (done), Neville, and definitely Ginny are needed. Perhaps now that there's a big kiss between Harry and Ginny coming up, we'll finally get that Ginny. How else can you explain Cho Chang - although she's a beautiful doll. Have you seen the Cho Chang at The Yule Ball "in person"? She's gorgeous. I was hoping that the Tonner Edward (Twilight) would look a little more like Robert Pattinson. I told someone at Tonner that with just a little modification they could make a Cedric Diggory too. Two dolls from one sculpt, but the Edward doesn't look that much like Robert. I can't find him anywhere in that face no matter how hard I look.Avatar Image says: I'm afraid these are quite a disappointment. Not to say that they won't satisfy the average fan that likes forking out hundreds for this sort of thing. But honestly- take a look at Bellatrix and tell me that's a $189.00 likeness of Helena Bonham CarterAvatar Image says: Hmm. Petit Princeton, I collect the Harry Potter dolls because they bring me great joy. I also collect the NECA figures, have several Gentle Giant mini busts - Dobby came yesterday, items from the Noble Collection, and many books including several by John Granger, The Hogwarts Professor. Harry Potter has been with me and helped me through some difficult times in my life. I AM NOT the average fan.Avatar Image says: I love that they used Richard Harris for Dumbledore. He was the real deal. As for dolls, I pretty much think they're as silly as the rest of the merchandising crap... the books and the movies are the only "real" Harry Potter stuff. Why waste money on something that looks like the movie, when you can just watch the movie? I don't get it.Avatar ImageDementorTwilight says: I LOVE these two and will be buying them! My newest Tonner doll is Luna and she looks exactly like the prototype! Perfect likeness! Worth every penny!Avatar ImageZivlok says: Wow, the Dumbledore doll is pretty disappointing. I don't remember Richard Harris ever acting constipated in the films, because that's what the doll looks like.Avatar ImageSproutMdme says: Marcheline, you might want to keep in mind, that if you are not a true Collector, you may not have the ability to understand what drives them. Just because you personally see no value in collector’s items, does not mean there are not millions of Enthusiasts out there passionately refining their collections and piecing together interesting and valuable treasures. It’s unfortunate that you are unable to appreciate the Harry Potter Collectibles, as there are some amazingly clever, artistic, creative and fun things to have and enjoy. A vapid outlook is nothing to brag about, and you really don't know what you are talking about when it comes to what the "real" Harry Potter stuff" is. Collectibles ARE real. In 20 years they may have more intrinsic value than the books. Why not try collecting cards or other small, inexpensive items, just to see how fun it can be to collect something? It will stimulate your mind. Just a thought.Avatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: Bellatrix looks like a Barbie Doll. Hahaha... :D She's too mean for that...

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