Rupert Grint to Take Part in Q & A at Screening of Cherrybomb Premiere in Berlin


Jan 26, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

As readers may know, Cherrybomb, the new film starring actor Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) will premiere next month at the Berlin Film Festival. Thanks to our Order partner we now know that Rupert will be part of a special Question and Answer session at a screening of the film on Sunday, February 8th. Tickets for the festival go on sale next week on February 2nd, with Cherrybomb due to show several times:

Sunday 8 February at 14:30 Babylon

Monday 9 February at 16:30 Colosseum 1

Sunday 15 February at 11:00 Babylon

Thanks much to Rupert Grint. net!

28 Responses to Rupert Grint to Take Part in Q & A at Screening of Cherrybomb Premiere in Berlin

Avatar Image says: Wish I could see it. Great for the German fans, though. ^^Avatar Image says: I know! I can afford to, but my fetus says I can't fly right now. I wish I could be there! This is going to be so glorious for Rupert! No longer the overshadowed talent he is! Avatar Image says: I can't wait!!! A handful of folks at ICM are going to the festival to see the film. I can't wait to hear their reports and then what the critics say! Squee!!!Avatar Image says: I'll be waiting for you Rups ;)Avatar Image says: This is so exciting. I wish I could go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( What kind of questions do you all wanna ask? Hmmmm.Avatar Image says: I really want to see this movie but i dont no if i will get to :( but on another note i really like the picture of rupert mostly his hair but im odd and im officially in love with it he is just fantastic at acting i wish i could see thisAvatar Image says: oh my gosh!!! i wanna attend the festival too!!!! when will cherrybomb out?? after the screening in the festival, right???Avatar Image says: Man, I wish I could go. I have a feeling that this is going to be THE movie for Rupert. I wish him the best!Avatar Image says: So ther will be lots of "yeah, I know", "it's cool", "it's really cool" from Rupert then...? I wish he'd elaborate more in his interviews - even when asked half-decent questions he never says all that much. Hopefully this Q&A will bring it out of him. Avatar Image says: I agree with lala. Bet the people will love it! Now I wish, I would still live in Berlin ^^ Avatar Image says: do we know when the movie is going to come out officially? i am so excited. i love rupert and this film looks like it will be amazing! Avatar Image says: When will it come to the States? Driving Lessons sure didn't.Avatar Image says: Glad to see Miriam's Rupert obsession is still alive and well (and hey, who could blame her?). Wouldn't be a Rupes news story without you in the comments, Miriam! ;) I am soooooo looking forward to this Q&A... that's a week on Sunday!!! OMG, can you imagine the questions he'll get? I have a feeling he's at least partly dreading it!Avatar Image says: Rupert's gonna own the BFF and show everyone that Emma and Dan are talentless hags.Avatar Image says: Rupertfan honey stfu and grow up!!what an idiot!!Avatar Image says: yah! congratulations to rupert hopefully this movie will do well for him his talent always seems to be pushed aside but i guess that also has to do with his personality................anyways i wish him all the best!!!Avatar Image says: isn't it obvious that that rupertfan is not a fan of rupert? she's just trying to make people believe that she' a fan of rupert and making dan's and emma's fans hating rupert. that's what she's been constantly doing. we are smart enough to not get trapped.Avatar Image says: Man, I will be just around the corner at the Berlin based Hogwarts at the FEZ, but being a Professor I won't be able to come, such a shame, Rupert, you should come to us instead and celebrate the End of the Year Ball with the rest of us!! Avatar Image says: "Rupert’s gonna own the BFF and show everyone that Emma and Dan are talentless hags." ~Rupertfan I don't like going against another Rupert fan, but I think that was a bit harsh. I don't like it when Dan fans (Emma fans don't do it as much), say mean things regarding Rupert. I encourage them to just stick to what they like. I would encourage the same from Rupert fans. Celebrate Rupert!!!! ____ I attended the DL q&a and he did a great job there. Very engaging with his fans. I've made plans to attend the Belfast premiere, so I hope I get tickets for that showing. I'm sure he's going to do a fabulous job there as well. He's played Ron for so long, what more can he say. It's darker...Ron's older... But, with Malachy, he's got something new to talk about. He's got a storyline to discuss. Avatar Image says: Thank you Tina for that information....regarding rupertfan. It's unfortunate that the fandom is so diversive. However, it is.... And even if you don't care for Dan, Rupert, or Emma no point wishing poorly on any of them. Time will tell for all of them and you should spend your energies well wishing.Avatar Image says: @ ALice - actually I haven't posted on Leaky for ages, so no, I'm not an obsessive. I've just never seen rupert articulate or eleaborate on Q&A well. Even in more informal circumstance (eg the unscripted moviefone chat the trio had) he didn't have much to add. By all means put up some interviews in which he goes into depth and doesn't revert back to the "yeah cools". Avatar Image says: Well you know, Rupert might continue to say his "yeahs," his "umms," his "cools," and my personal favorite "I don't know really." He may always scratch his chin, chew his gum, pic at his arm, or rough up his hair. He may never reveal information about "his first time," or his celebrity crush. He may never discuss politics in depth or drop a bunch of names. But, speaking soley for me, every once in a while, he'll say something. It could be just a sentence and that one sentence will speak volumes to me about him. My personal favorite, the Moviefone interview with Jeremy Brock, when he was asked what did he like about acting. Awwww, bless. And that one answer seems very revealing in regards to why he might be the way he is in interviews. Anyway, it never mattered to me that he's not all that revealing. In fact, I find it rather intriguing. Also, just reading what people who has worked with him said about him, him being quiet and soft spoken seems to be a common thread. Therefore, being a man of few words is just WHO he is. But, right now, I just want to see him act!!! That's what really matters, Bring on Cherrybomb and Wild Target!!! I'd rather him be a really good actor, with rudimentary interview skills, than a wonderful story teller who can't act. (And NO, I'm not talking about anyone in particular.)Avatar Image says: Dan is a fame wh*re. He'll continue to say things about his life in complete detail until he stops giving those horrible interviews. Nobody needs to know he lost his virginity at 16. Rupert on the other hand will prosper in the acting business. He doesn't need to even give one interview to prove he can act, people just have to watch a HP movie. Look at Great Garbo, she barely gave any interviews, or Katherine Hepburn. And those women had more talent in one strand of hair than Dan has in his whole Broadway-flashing body. Face it Dan will we remembered as the guy from Harry Potter who stripped on stage. Rupert will continue to make great movies.Avatar Image says: "rupertfan" (if you can really be called that), just stop that. No one wants to hear your derogatory comments. Dan is a decent, wonderful, lovely young man with a great talent who'll go his way in the movie industry, if you like it or not. I am a Rupert fan, but I won't take any bashing of Dan (or Emma for that matter) who I both like very, very much as well. Even if you don't like Dan (or Emma for that matter) Rupert likes both and would never, never, ever say something like you did about any of them. Why don't you learn a lesson from him, if you're a fan of his as you pretend. miriam, if you are really interested, there is this reelz-channels interview with this young guy who's name escapes me right now. It was during OotP promotion and it's on the reelz-channels website (just search for 'Rupert Grint'). It's a very good interview. I don't recall Rupert saying 'cool' even once and I don't recall any 'yeahs' , although there might be one or two. It was a nine minutes interview after all. Give it a try. Avatar Image says: rupertfan, I really don't think a REAL Rupert fan would act like that. I know I certainly don't. I hate it when fans who don't particually care for Rupert act like that, so what kind of sense would it make for someone who says they like Rupert to do that, I think I believe what Tina said. Even if a Rupert fan did think thoses things about the other actors, I think they would express courtesy and not litter comments with such speak. Please stop that, you are ruining Rupert love!!!Avatar Image says: I think it may be the time of the month for rupert fan - her brain seems to have imploded. girls - thanks for referring me to the rupert website and the reelz interview - can't say I was much impressed. Unfortunately, I found the site a little overzealous and the interview still a little dull - but the interviews were an improvement!Avatar Image says: Y is that ppl think all rupert fans can't be as rude as "rupertfan".Avatar Image says: jimmy_g, That you used the word ALL just says it. Not ALL Rupert fans can be that rude, I am a fan of Rupert's, YET I would also weager that I've never been that rude. I can disagree and I can certainly "go there" when put to task. But, I'm not rude about Dan or Emma. I like them, I just adore Rupert. Therefore, this is why I think that all Rupert fans CAN'T be as rude as that. Cause I'M NOT.... smiles.

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