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Jan 28, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

A few updates today, regarding Cherrybomb, the new film starring actor Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley).

First, thanks to our Order partner RupertGrint.net we know the film will be screening at the Jameson Dublin Film Festival in Ireland on February 20. While no confirmation yet if Rupert is among the cast scheduled to attend (filming is due to be underway at that time in London for Deathly Hallows), tickets are now available, additional information can be found via this link.

Second, in the first of what is sure to be a slew of press interviews for the upcoming debut of Cherrybomb at the Berlin Film Festival next month in Germany on the 8th, the staff at ICM let us know they have now posted an interview with Rupert, where he discusses a whole host of topics: his character in Cherrybomb (“Yeah, I do like Malachy…I saw quite a few similarities in him in-so he was fun to play.”) on his look in the new film ( “It took a while to get used to the quiff, and my dyed eyebrows and eyelashes”) and on some of the mature scenes in the film (“It’s the most adult thing I’ve done and there are some risky things going on-the drug taking and there’s a bit of romance-so yeah, it’s different; it’s good, it’s cool.”)

Rupert also speaks briefly about the differences creating a small film like Cherrybomb, and working on a large production like the Harry Potter films. Quotage “I really enjoy it because it’s a totally different world;
everything is so much smaller’ he notes. “I think we get a bit spoiled
on Harry Potter because we have fancy dressing rooms and all. But there
is actually a lot more waiting around (on Harry Potter) so I prefer the
pace of films like Cherrybomb. On this you do like seven scenes a day and they’re really quick days and it’s exciting-it’s good fun!”

Thanks to RupertGrint.net and to Ivanna!

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Avatar Image says: Awesome! sounds great! can't wait!Avatar Image says: first? but yay i love rupert! i cant wait to watch him in a more adult film :)Avatar Image says: That's weird. It's an interview without "Ummm. Yeah. Cool". Maybe that's because he's talking about something that he's not had to talk about a million times and doesn't give a darn about. If 2009 is going to teach us anything, it's to stop underestimating Rupert Grint. Well, I don't, but so many people do!Avatar Image says: Yeah thanks Ivana who works at ICM who got this awesome interview. :D I can't wait for this movie to come out. There are a few from ICM going and I'm way jealous!! Just 10 more days!!!Avatar Image says: I need to see the trailer. Best of luck to Cherrybomb at Berlin Festival! I hope they win something.Avatar Image says: I need to see the trailer. Best of luck to Cherrybomb at Berlin Festival! I hope they win something.Avatar Image says: One of those strange repeated posts days, huh? Anyway, I just want to thank Sue for posting Rupert news. Everytime I come here, I see her name with the Rupert news. Thanks, Sue!!!Avatar Image says: I totally agree EruditeWitch. So many people underestimate Rupert. It's quite sad really, when we Rupert fans know that he has a lot of talent! I'm so glad that Cherrybomb is giving him a chance to show people another side to him other than Ron! (Of course Driving Lessons did that too.) Plus with Wild Target and a bigger role in HBP, Rupert will definitely get a lot of praise this year! Yay for Rupert!Avatar Image says: A NICE interview from Rupert!!! In most interviews with the trio, Rupert seems to vanish. It's a shame because he's such a good actor, but the media have no patience for someone like Rupert and therefore he gets little attention. Hopefully, this interview is the start of something new. GO RUPERT!!!!!Avatar Image says: Yay, could you update us Leaky if there comes word that Rupert will be attending the premiere in Dublin?Avatar Image says: lol he looks good with eyebrows! :P Everyone knows I love Rupert, so I won't go on about it too much here hehe.. but he is SOO much more talented than the others!! Okay, okay.. +shuts up+Avatar Image says: If you love Rupert, show it by praising him AND not bashing his co-stars (not to mention close friends).Avatar Image says: I always thought Rupert was underestimated because there's a big clash between him and the talkative Dan, who's more skilful with the medias. But as far as playing is concerned, Rupert has revealed a growing confidence for the last few years and I'm sure he will NEVER be a full time icecream man...!!Avatar Image says: Cat - No one here is bashing on his co-stars. I don't know why this fight always starts...Avatar Image says: The stereotypical "cool" comment was still snuck in there! lol... I don't know, I think it's quite reasonable (as well as funny) that he always says things are cool and whatever. Because, really, it probably is pretty darn cool being in Harry Potter and being in the film world. Standard teenage boy way of expressing their enjoyment, really.Avatar Image says: I cant wait to see this film. It sounds like a film I would find on IFC and would find it interesting with the story line, Hot Co-Stars, Sex, Violence and what maybe a pretty sweet soundtrack. At first I wasn't feeling the hair but its grown on me.(ish) He looks so diffrent. Somewhere between the age he really is and like a gangster-teenager. Oh well, I don't know. With his shirt off or if he is naked...I'm not going to be looking at his hair anyways... *cough* Hey People! Lets not do this. I love Dan and Rupert and they are two diffrent people, In the way they act and how they give interviews. They are both lovely. This post is not about Dan,Emma, Edward Cullen or anyone else. Its about Rupert. Don't bash anyone.Avatar Image says: Hah, Ruperts gonna rock our socks off! Take That Hataz!Avatar Image says: I'm so happy and proud to be a Rupert-fan. It'll intresting to follow this talented young man.Avatar Image says: I love Rupert Grint !!!! He is so hot!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I like his hair in that picture. XDAvatar Image says: I love that all the fugly rupert haters aren't commenting here. Rupert is gonna own the BFF.Avatar Image says: I'm sorry but I'm just not digging that hairsyle. Avatar Image says: I know i don't really like his hair. but then again i never did.Avatar Image says: Rupert's a bit more forthcoming in this than usual, which is nice, although I find his lack of interview skills kind of charming. I just have this feeling that he doesn't really like to talk about himself, and prefers to let his acting speak for itself. Based on what everyone involved in this film has said, Rupert's going to be fantastic, and I can't wait to see this in the theater!Avatar Image says: yes rupert is a fantastic actor and if i can see this movie i will!! but u are all missing the fact that his hair is SWEET im in love with it. its cute. sorry i adore rupert and think that he should get compliments on how he looks btw he looks adorable and the hair just helps cuz its so frekin amazing sorry again :) love you rupertAvatar Image says: ARGGh!!!, Do not use my screen name if you are going to write anything thats an insult to Rupert!!! Get a life!!! Avatar ImageShalott says: Rupert's the best actor of the trio, I think. Even though the screen writer (is that the word?) seems to really, really hate Ron.Avatar ImageDolemite says: Rupert is rockin' the 'doAvatar Imagelucky709 says: I don't think I would be able to watch this after seeing him in Potter all these years, it would just be too different. Well, they arent children anymore, are they.Avatar Imagecherrybomb says: i can't wait to goooo! ehehe i really wanna see that film, i hope i'll be able to get some tickets :DAvatar Imagekimmypotter says: I really want to see this movie!! I haven't seen rupert grint in anything other than a harry potter film, so this should be interesting. i know he'll be amazing :)Avatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: Rupert is the best actor around! I hope he wins something next time, not just for Cherrybomb, but also for Half-Blood Prince. He's acting has improved big time in the trailers! Avatar Imagestevenk12468 says: I can't wait to watch this movie!

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