Live PotterCast with Vlogbrothers at 7:30 pm


Jan 29, 2009

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Listeners are already gathering in our UStream Channel to listen to tonight’s live recording of PotterCast 183: Accio Nerdfighters, which will features Vlogbrothers John and Hank Green. Join us! And beware the Nargles.

The show will officially start at 7:30 pm, though there will be activity in the room from 7.

You MUST be a member to chat. Sign up at UStream. We will be taking questions from the chat and phone calls; we’ll instruct on both during the show.

For more info on who/what/where/why, read this post.

See you there! DFTBA.

20 Responses to Live PotterCast with Vlogbrothers at 7:30 pm

Avatar Image says: FIRST! and yay pottercast! try and get this on the iTunes feed ASAP i cant listen, i gotta go to work!Avatar Image says: I am SO upset that I'm going to miss the first half hour of this show :((((((Avatar Image says: I logged on at 5ish and I still can't get into the chat. :0( I went to another random live chat and I was able to chat there, but no go on the pottercast page. Talkshoe works so much better!Avatar Image says: Ninja's and Pirates... sounds like someone here has been to the Wicked Winter Renaissance Festival.....besides myself of courseAvatar Image says: Hey Pottercasters' The Podcast tonight was great, but Ustream wasn't. The chat didn't work, and there were not any moderators on the comments, so someone named joannekrowling (not the author) kept insulting Melissa alot. It got annoying, but other than that the podcast went well.Avatar Image says: I came soooo close to be on the show, my stupid mic let me down!!!Avatar Image says: Thanks so much for the show, John, Mel, Sue, Frak, the other John, and Hank!!! It was so much fun and so much awesome to listen to, despite the messy beginning (good thing we get the recording!).Avatar Image says: I tried to listen to the show, but Volume wasn't working so much, so after about 5 minutes I gave up. I will listen when you post it up next week.Avatar Image says: That was a great show. My first to witness live. I loved the guests and so look forward to more from John and Hank Green on Pottercast. Glad you guys got to go into serious in depth discussion on the Zombie vs. Unicorn front - there can never be enough. DFTBA, cheers &ct...Avatar Image says: It was an awesome live show!! Ustream worked wonders for me, though I never used Talkshoe, so I can't compare. I loved being in that room, especially the pre and post party, when you could actually follow the chat, it was so much fun and very entertaining!! Avatar Imagepunkedup88 says: I had to miss it. I'm sad. Oh well, I hope to be in the other chats. That's what you get when you go home when the power goes out. We've been out for 4 days. I can't wait to listen to the recording of it though.Avatar ImageSylvieTheHufflepuff says: I wish I was responsible and actually cleaned my room before this happened...Avatar Imageravensmith says: I don't listen to the Pottercasts live, but i absolutely cannot wait until this one is posted. The brother seem like they are so hilarious, and I cannot wait to hear the random awesomeness that's going to be on this episode.Avatar ImageMcGiggles92 says: This episode was great, but if truth be told, I prefer when Pottercast is primarily about Harry Potter.Avatar ImageCatherine says: it was so much fun the short time i was on! i cant' wait untill next week's show! i bet it will be a blast!Avatar ImageKrumViddy says: when will the show come up on the feed? I couldn't hear it live since I live in Sweden and time zones are made of notsome xO Avatar Imagevicky granger says: It's really too bad I can't listen to live shows because of time-zones... Oh well... When will it be up for download?Avatar ImageKristeen says: TalkShoe next tiemz Melly? Plz?Avatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: I don't listen to live Pottercast, but I will definitely listen to this once it's posted! I love the Vlogbrothers and I think this is really a brilliant idea! :DAvatar ImageBradyboy says: I love this pottercast, great work guys!

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