ABC Family to Broadcast Harry Potter Weekend this Month


Mar 01, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

ABC Family will be broadcasting another one of those “Harry Potter Weekend” events this month. In the past, the cable channel has included new previews of the upcoming Harry Potter films during the course of the telecasts (as witnessed last December), however at this time we do not know if there will be new Half-Blood Prince previews due to show this month.

Starting next weekend, the first showing will be of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on Friday, March 6 at 7:30pm (ET). Saturday, March 7th will see a mini-marathon starting with Sorcerer’s Stone repeated at 12:30 pm, followed by Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at 4:00pm, and completed with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at 8:00pm. Finally, Sunday, March 8th, ABC Family will broadcast another mini-marathon, this starting with Chamber of Secrets at 12:30pm, followed by Prisoner of Azkaban at 4:30pm, with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to be shown at 7:30pm (ET).

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Avatar Imagertpuppydog says: Wow, they do those a lot!Avatar Imagertpuppydog says: Do you think that they bought some sort of rights on Hp, to be able to show the movies on Television? Have any other channels done a "Harry Potter Weekend" ?Avatar ImageErinM says: Even though we all have the movies, it's still kind of fun to hear "Harry Potter Weekend on ABC family"; I always end up watching some of it. I like that these movies have the opportunity to reach more people who may not have not otherwise grabbed onto the HP phenomenon!Avatar Imagertpuppydog says: I like to watch those, but this time, I think that I'm going to wait until it is closer to HBP. Then, I'm going to use my own Dvd's, to watch all the movies, and make it more of a special thing. What irks me about when ABC shows them, is 1. Commercials, and 2. How they announce " We will be bringing you an exclusive sneak peak at HBP, in a few moments!", and then leave us waiting there for 20 minutes before they show something. Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: Yeah, even though I own the dvds I do end up watching it at times. I own all of the movies in widescreen, so when it's fullscreen I find it funny and amazing. (x Hopefully they show sneak peeks, or else it's just the sneak peeks they already showed us back in December.Avatar Imagethe-charmed-baja says: Same, it's awful - I own all the dvds, yet I still feel the urge to watch them whenever they're on TV >.< but I don't have ABC so it's all good :)Avatar Imageharrypotterbookpurist says: It has been awhile since I saw one of these. I love when they always have them on. They used to do that a lot before the final book came out between books 6 and 7. So I am really excited about it and I too hope they show more stuff from the HBP movie.Avatar Imageharrypotterbookpurist says: Yeah I too own all the movies on dvds, but I love watching them even when they are on tv. I do that with a lot of the movies and shows adapted from my favorite books and bookseries; even though I own them on dvd. Avatar ImageSidish_black6 says: itz fun to watch on cable tv. . . .!!!! Avatar Imagelilhpchick20 says: I love our Harry Potter weekends with or without the previews. I still hope there is some. How much you wanna bet that they do the same ones from December.Avatar ImageChantyBabez says: Haha, cool :D I often do this myself :D I see how many i can watch in one day :D xAvatar Imagetinagin says: I squeed when I saw the commercial for this yesterday!!! I love these!!!Avatar ImageUndesirable No. 1 says: Just like everyone else, I have the DVDs (actually, Blu-Ray now, too), but will still watch this. >.>Avatar Imagejenbabe705 says: Awesome! I always love an excuse to watch the movies!Avatar Imagewizardinventor says: I like these because they include the deleted scenes from the second disc.Avatar ImageAgrippa1 says: I love these marathons because the movies are all complete. It's SO time to release DVDs of the complete movies! But I guess they're waiting until all the movies are out, and we've all bought complete DVD sets (and possibly complege Blu-Ray sets) and then they'll release a super boxed set with the movies in their complete form, deleted scenes and all. And I'll buy them, too, no matter how broke I am!Avatar Imagejonfrog says: hopefully they'll have a few of the actors interviewed so that we can have there opinion on things.Avatar ImageHarry89 says: I hope they have a sneak peak with new footage!Avatar ImageGF_of_Seamus says: I forget who asked this, but yeah ABC holds the rights to 1-4, HBO still holds the rights to number 5. However I have a feeling their (HBO's) ownership will be ending soon. Probably right around June or July.Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: yes! i've been wondering how long it would be for one of these. hooray! :DAvatar Imagecheekysnake09 says: I think the day they won't do hp movies on abc family will be a very sad day.:)Avatar Imagehp29 says: sweet :) I love watching them when they are on TV!Avatar Imagelevi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: i really like harry potter weekends, my tv stays on for the three days and I am happy! what about order of the phoenix??? :[Avatar ImageEmilyDeibert says: Yay, I'm excited! I really hope they have some new HBP footage.Avatar Imageravenclawguy1972 says: hmmm still no Order of the Phoenix maybe they are waiting on it til just before HBP hits theatersAvatar Imagestevenk12468 says: LoL. I always end up watching some of it too! I love Harry Potter. I have all the movies and books, but everytime I see it on TV, I have to stop and watch some of it. :pAvatar ImageHagiographer13 says: Like so many others here, I too watch them on TV, just 'cause. It IS fun (and strange) to watch them in a std. (non-WS) format, as the scene's focus changes. I hope they have some HBP stuff too -- heck I'd be THRILLED just to see the featurette recently released (and included on the UK WB/HP website) as my TV screen is about twice the size of my monitor! Gotta love that! Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: You guys are soooo lucky. I'm sitting here in rainy England and you get this lol! I suppose I could do this with DVD's but somehow it doesn't have the same feeling. All we get is the occasional one shown at xmas :( !!! xxAvatar Imagecantspellathing says: Every time ABC has one of these weekends and my family watches the movies someone makes the comment "you know we do own the movies" meaning lets get out the DVDs and watch the movie with out commercials but that never happens. I think it is because there is always that little glimmer of hope that we might see some new HP interviews or sneak peeks. I wounder if my family will let me have a weekend of HP and just watch the movies.Avatar Imagedeathlyhallows88 says: Why do they only give us the ET times?Avatar ImageVioletPhoenix says: SCORE!!! Will be watching for damn sure!!Avatar ImageDolemite says: We can have our Slytherin watch party with chat.Avatar ImagePureblood-Slytherin says: I never miss these marathons.. i always have to see them even if they clash w/ my plans.. i'll cancel everything else and stay home watching HP... Avatar Imagespicefan1978 says: I love to turn in when ABC Family airs the movies because they show the deleted scenes. I usually tape them just in case they do sir sneek peeks from the upcoming movie!Avatar ImageKaraDawlish says: Haha somehow i always end up watching it everytime too!!!! Lol oooi harry potter<3 and incase you want even more sorcerers stone is playing on disney channel at 8:00 pm tomarow!!!!Avatar ImageLivelaughlovepotter says: I love these weekends :) even if i do have all the dvds. Idk why, I guess I just like seeing them broadcasted. It would be pretty cool if we did get some new previews ^^Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: It is unfortunate that I am going to have a busy weekend studying due to midterms. Otherwise, I would devote the entire weekend to watching the movies all over again! I do hope that they include footage from the Half-Blood Prince!Avatar ImageT-Vey says: I always watch the marathons especially because they include the deleted scenes! I'm not sure it's really necessary for us to get any new sneak peeks as of right now, though...Avatar Imagevicky granger says: That's great ! They don't do it on French TV... Oh well, maybe I'll just watch the DVDs this weekend =PAvatar Imagephantomdave79 says: Yeah they are kinda like a directors cut. I'm sure I'll watch in passing even though I've got them all on DVD.Avatar ImageFelipe_Q says: These are always so fun! Especially because you have the deleted scenes!Avatar ImageHeavenly_Horcrux says: I love watching these!Avatar ImageHarryfan24 says: Even though I own all the movies, I still watch the movies! I love Harry Potter weekend, it is just so fun!Avatar ImageBradyboy says: Nice, maybe I'll watch GOF. Avatar Imageraven_puff says: I too own all the movies but will probably end up watching them anyway!Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: I absolutely love HP Weekends! Avatar ImageRavenclawForever says: Will there be clips of HP6 in between the movies? Avatar ImageLoveforLuna says: I don't think their will be clips from HP6 because they are advertising a new movie "race to witch mountain" with the ads for this, so I think they will be previewing that.... boo. But, its still fun to have them on!Avatar ImageSarabi says: Yay! I love Harry Potter weekends :DAvatar Imagesquibcloakmaker says: I love watching the movies on ABC Family because all the deleted scenes they put in the movie, just makes them better! But I am just going to watch the DVD's because I am cancling my cable because of economic funness we can no longer afford to pay for cable.Avatar Imagethewandofdestiny says: yay! i'm so excited!! but what about order?? are they just going to leave it out?Avatar Imagebadger666 says: Cool! I like how they include the deleted scenes. I hope they show more previews of HBP, but at this point I don't think they will show anything we haven't already seen. I can always dream, though.Avatar ImageTheDeathlyHallows07 says: i love these weekends...i always watch the entire such a dorkAvatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: Awesome! I always love to see HP on tv. :)Avatar Imageluna.quibbler says: ooh i hope there is new footage! i don't have a tv but i could probably go watch it at my friends house...Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: I wish they would had Order of the Phoenix. Avatar ImageLeif Longbottom says: Even though I have the dvds, I too try and catch these because (as others have noted) they cut in the deleted scenes. In fact a friend of mine only owns copies he recorded off of tv (except for the last two) for that reason. They should really include those "director's cut" versions on the dvd. I remember last time they did the HP marathon there was a rumor they were going to "direcor's cut" GoF but it wasn't. I guess there's no such rumors this time.Avatar ImageCatherine says: Yay! i cant wait for another weekend of Potter!Avatar Imageiheartrw says: i like how they include the deleted scenes but i wonder why they did this.... are they trying to promote something? it seems too soon to be for HBP cause thats in july.... maybe a new trailer or something Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: I'm like ChrstinePotter - I own the dvd's but can't resist watching when they show on TV - especially when they put in the deleted scenes!Avatar ImageTimeTurnerFanx says: These movies are the bomb! I think this is a good excuse to watch al the movies before the sixth one comes out, in order, because that would normally take forever. And, I think to even show the movies on your channel, you have to pay money and bid for the rights to show it, and to have all 5 and preview must've cost a lot. Avatar ImageAlice Weasley says: YaY!! I love making tea and settling down to a weekend of Harry Potter. At this very moment I'm actually watching Sorcerer's Stone on the Disney Channel if anyone's interested...Avatar ImageMelissa Anne says: Another excuse to watch them.. Again.... = )Avatar Imagechoirgeek says: No OotP? That's odd. I don't usually watch these marathons, but I don't have any plans for the times that they're going to be playing the films, so I think I might.Avatar ImageJTEL99 says: Cool, I missed it when they did this the last time. I hope I can remember this time . . .

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