April 2009: Enchanted Eggs

Mar 25, 2009

Posted by: SuperJenn


Enchanted Eggs Contest

Greetings Potter crafters!

I’m excited to announce that the Crafty Witches’ crafty event for April is a contest! Crafty Witch Amber bounced this idea off of me awhile back and instantly my brain was off and running with inspiration.

While not every Potter fan celebrates Easter or the Easter Bunny, we see quite a few instances of egg crafts and Easter egg gifties in the Potterverse. In honor of our Matron Crafty Witch Molly Weasley, our challenge to you is to craft egg shaped or related items!

Our 2 rules are:

1. Entry must be egg shaped. Beyond that, all bets are off. So, knitting, crocheting, decoupage, baking, paper mache, chicken egg, dragon egg, plastic egg, fabric, Styrofoam, mosaic, bowling ball, kitchen sink, whatever¦just bring us as many ideas as you have!
2. Entry must be Harry Potter themed. Whether it’s a set in Gryffindor colors, chocolate eggs decorated by Mrs. Weasley, traditionally dyed eggs with a twist, dragon eggs with flair, egg shaped cupcakes with surprises inside¦surprise us with your creativity!!!

Start your planning now! Starting April first you may submit your entries to [email protected]. Please attach your photos, a description of your craft, and include your name and/or Leaky Lounge user name.


Drumroll, please…………

And the winners are:

First Place
Death Eater Egg, by mieljolie

Death Eater Egg by staarrkattt

Second Place
Quidditch Stadium Egg, by lezlishae

Quidditch Stadium Egg, by lezlishae

Third Place
Golden Snitch Egg, by craftylilthing

Golden Snitch Egg, by craftylilthing

Of course, all of the entries that we received were just wonderful, so we have to show them all off! The following eggs didn’t win, but are still worthy of mention, and the entrants will each be receiving 5 House Points on MyLeaky for their creativity and brilliance!

Slytherin’s Egg, by cadetcom

Slytherin's Egg, by cadetcom

Hufflepuff Egg, by Alessandra

Hufflepuff Egg, by Alessandra

Gryffindor & Hufflepuff Eggs, by overcast

Gryffindor Egg, by overcastGryffindor Egg, by overcast
Hufflepuff Egg, by overcastHufflepuff Egg, by overcast

Dragon Egg Flambe, by staarrkattt

Dragon Egg Flambe, by staarrkattt

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