Audio Previews of the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Soundtrack Now Online

Jun 19, 2009

Posted by: SueTLC

HBP Film

We have a bit of a treat tonight, as fans can now preview the soundtrack for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince through ring tones. If you go to this link to Virgin Mobile, then select a phone, you can type in “Harry Potter” in the search box, and will get a selection of 14 second previews from the score to HBP composed by Nicholas Hooper. Without revealing too many spoilers, the music ranges in sweeping soaring sounds, to lovely romance (with even a bit of a harp) to the whimsical for the Slug Club, and in a standout, the Weasley Wheezes theme consists of a fabulous nod to the swing and jazz era of late, similar to what we heard with Lupin’s class in Prisoner of Azkaban. Enjoy!
Update: The previews are also available here via AT & T Media Mall and now thanks to Chris, here via Youtube.
Thanks ever so much Michael!

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