Total Film Opinion Article on 12 Things They Should Have Kept in the Harry Potter Films


Jun 20, 2009

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UK magazine Total Film has an interesting opinion piece/feature online where they lament twelve things that should have been kept in the Harry Potter films. Echoing many sentiments we fans have expressed written and discussed over the years, the list includes some of the following:

*PEEVES: The omission of the pesky poltergeist of Hogwarts has long been a source of the discussion in the fandom. Total Film adds to the chorus as it notes Peeves should have been included for OotP, noting: Pesky prankster Peeves is an anarchic poltergeist whose only goal is
to create chaos. His sworn enemy is Argus Filch, the school caretaker,
who has to clear up after him. Rumours that he could be the ghost of Jeremy Beadle remain unfounded. Rik Mayall did film a scene as Peeves for Philosopher’s Stone, but it got chopped.

*The Origins of the Marauders Map in Prisoner of Azkaban: If you’ve never read the book, the magic map given to Harry in
Prisoner Of Azkaban seems to have ˜lazy plot device’ written all over
it.In fact, what it actually had written all over it is ˜Messrs Mooney,
Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs’, which is a clue as to its origins and a
whole subplot about Harry’s dad, Sirius Black and the other map
creators being animagii ’ those with the ability to turn into animals.

*Percy Weasley, Traitor: The magazine discusses the cutting of this subplot to Order of the Phoenix, as they describe the role played by Chris Rankin in the films as follows: In the film, elder Weasley sprog Percy ’ now working for the
Ministry of Magic ’ comes across as a slimy yes-man. In the books he’s
an all-out traitor, disowning his family and sending Christmas presents
back unopened. The film could have run with the idea of Percy going really evil ’
fiddling his expenses and claiming on a second Gnome or something.

You can read the entire list, which also includes SPEW, Professor Binns, hoarding by Kreacher, the Headless Hunt and more here via this link. Thanks Kiwi!

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