July Harry Potter Movie Look-Alike Contest Begins


Jul 02, 2009

Posted by EdwardTLC

As it is now July, our Contest Crew has announced their latest contest. The Harry Potter Movie Look-Alike Contest asks you to go on the hunt for people who resemble the characters from the Harry Potter films. Our Contest Crew is looking for those people who resemble such characters in the Harry Potter films, not simply those who resemble the actors portraying the character. Full details about this contest can be found right here. As with all of our contests, entrants my submit up to two original PG-13 appropriate photos in a digital medium (.jpg, .png, or .gif format) to [email protected] by Friday, July 31, 2009 at 11:59 pm (EDT) with “HP Look-Alike” in the subject line of the e-mail. Anyone over the age of 13 and not involved in the judging process may take part in this contest.

Good luck to all who enter!

29 Responses to July Harry Potter Movie Look-Alike Contest Begins

Avatar Imagesimos says: That sounds cool, and I want to know who won the last contest too, and read the stories!Avatar Imagepinkmoosely says: Cool idea, shame I don't look like any of them :( Well I don't think so anyway?Avatar ImageNiphai says: wow, I love thich contest xD My friend looks like Ginny.. or at least, people tell her she looks like Ginny, so maybe I'll send in a picture of her xDAvatar ImageHermionethesecond says: this is sooo weird. 2 days ago, i watching the news and this woman who looked like Umbridge (she was even wearing the pink clothes and everything) came on, so i took a picture to send to my friend. Thank God i did not delete that picture!Avatar Imagemaireejane says: Ha, lol, maybe I could pass for Cho Chang, but I doubt it... Look alike contests are always very interesting, though...Avatar ImageLillylove says: Cool...I have a niece who looks like Hermione and a few nephews who look like they could easily be Weasleys! We are all spread out across the country though, so I'll have to scour through my photos to see if I have any good ones that would work!Avatar Imagebengtson_98 says: CooL!Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: I think Madame Hooch is about all I could shoot for, and I don't have a pushed-up nose. Avatar ImageDraco4eva says: i look practiacally identical to Hermione... bushy brown hair, tiny bit too long teeth, short... although i got blue eyes and she has brown eyes.Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: ahahaha, can't wait to see the pictures :)Avatar Imagesp00kym00ny says: WOW! This is amazing because I look just like Hermione in her early years (1st 2nd 3rd)Avatar Imagetwilightstinks2 says: Hey thats funny because yesterday I was thinking hey this kid could really pass off as a good Ron weasley(some kid I know) he even has rons personality however he isnt hot like rupert grint:)Avatar ImageHPfan13 says: cool, sounds fun, but who won the last contest?Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: Haha!!! coooool!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imageshellybasson says: I look like Fleur. NOT!!! No Veela-bllod in me, i'm afraid... LOLAvatar ImageLucia Meadows says: Wow, my TA for logic looks like Alan Rickman's Snape. Unfortunately, I have no photo of him. I think I most resemble Hermione or Lavender, but not close enough for the contest.Avatar Image1pottyfan says: make sure they post it. lol i want to see what they look like!!!Avatar Imagegranger_malfoy says: ahh darn it why dont i know any look a likes! want to see the final pictures gota be goodAvatar ImageLivelaughlovepotter says: I think I might look like Romilda Vane... going to check more details on her :].Avatar ImageRavenclaw98 says: wOW this i s some contset!Avatar ImageRavenclaw98 says: wOW this i s some contset!Avatar ImageDraco4eva says: i look practiacally identical to Hermione... bushy brown hair, tiny bit too long teeth, short... although i got blue eyes and she has brown eyes.Avatar ImagetheREALGinnyWeasley says: SO ENTERING!!!!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I think I will try out for a Blast Ended Skrewt!Avatar Imagechazlaz says: I would look like Seamus if he was blond in the movies Avatar Imageeletile says: i look lot like harry except my hair is to short hope it growa in 30 daysAvatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: Good luck to everyone who participates!Avatar ImageDolemite says: I look like Sirius - not!Avatar ImageKC Nox says: i dont think i could pass for any of them

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