It is Half-Blood Prince Day! The fandom is taking over Twitter. Join in!


Jul 14, 2009

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


Today is the day that the many thousands of us around the country will be lining up to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; it’s been two years since we saw an HP film. The last time we did this we were only a week away from the release of the seventh book.
The HP Alliance is spearheading a campaign today to help the presence and good spirit of Harry Potter fans make an impact worldwide: What Would Dumbledore Do got a half-start last week but thanks to other important world activities didn’t quite track the trending topics. So this is our last chance, guys – get ready.
It’s all very simple. First, in all your tweets today tack this phrase onto the end of it: “#dumbledore” (minus the quotes). The “#dumbledore” tag will start ratcheting the phrase up the ranks and the link will help spread the word. Then, when you see the film, make sure you say something like this (with the phrase Harry Potter in it as well):
Just about to see Harry Potter – in honor of #dumbledore we are taking over Twitter! saw Harry Potter – in honor of #dumbledore we are taking over Twitter! Potter was awesome! In honor of #dumbledore we are taking over Twitter! #dumbledore
VERY IMPORTANT: We will all be tweeting simultaneously AT 8:59pm PST – or 11:59pm EST! No matter what you are doing make a tweet at that moment!
You get the idea – anything with the phrase Harry Potter and the Dumbledore tag, and, if you can, the link. The Dumbledore tag is the most important part!
Let’s do it! Starting now!

Finding Hogwarts

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