Followup: Jamie Waylett Admits to Cannabis Possession Charge


Jul 16, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

A followup today regarding the case involving actor Jamie Waylett (Vincent Crabbe) and his arrest involving possession of an illegal substance. Appearing at the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London, England, the Telegraph reports Jamie plead guilty to growing ten Cannabis plants at his mothers home in England. Readers will recall that Jamie (19) and a friend John Innis (20) were both arrested a few months ago after a police search of a friends car found eight bags of Cannabis and a knife. Later searches of their residences produced the plants at the Waylett home and three additional bags belonging to Innis. The paper states of the events today in court:

Innis admitted possession of a knife and having 11 bags of cannabis. Adjourning the hearing until July 21, chief magistrate Timothy Workman said: “Clearly
the possession of cannabis is a serious matter and indeed the possession of
knives is serious as well. “At the moment I’m not giving you any promises as to how the court will
deal with this case.”

Defending, Cheryl Rudden said Waylett had been videoing the road side for a
music compilation when he caught the attention of officers. The court heard police found shots of the cannabis plants that the star had
been growing on the same camera. This led them to search the men’s homes.
Ms Rudden told the court: “There are possibly issues as to his future in
his field so far.”

70 Responses to Followup: Jamie Waylett Admits to Cannabis Possession Charge

Avatar ImageBellatrixGranger says: oh no! i hope this doesnt affect the films. Avatar Imagertpuppydog says: AwwAvatar Imageicianom says: He never contributed much to the films at any rate, shame really. Avatar Imagebeewell says: Too bad! Such a waste. And Crabbe does have a major part in the last film especially in the Room of Requirement scene during the battle. Might have to re construct that scene to leave him out if he gets convicted.Avatar ImageMuggleQueen says: I actually hope he'll be able to film his part for DH because it will be a shame to have a replacement Crabbe when he gets a great part in the RoR. I'm thinking they could just have Goyle take Crabbe's part though, but that would kinda suck.Avatar ImageSnapesSilverDoe says: I hope he hasn't just lost himself Crabbe's big scene... eejit!Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: Too bad to jeopardize the chances he's been given -Avatar ImageDoodlePuff1 says: This is so crapy!I'm sorry but it is! Why would they what to have that?Why do they have to ruin their lives.Grrrrr!We all loved Crabbe and we want him in DH but since he had that all those chancesa are up in the air.Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: gosh!! and SnapesSilverDoe, u stole my word :P !! but ur right, he is an eejit!!!Avatar ImageTheChosenGirl says: wow . . .Avatar Imagepotter2005 says: If he does escape a prison sentence WBs can not let Jamie Waylett reprise his role as Crabbe in DHs. Think about what sort of message that would send out to children!! Avatar ImageMoose_Starr says: When I first heard about this a few weeks ago, I really hoped it was just some crazy rumor. I was a huge fan of Jamie Waylett. I love him as Crabbe in the movies and, he seemed such a great guy outside of the movies. He has had an important minor role which would have become a much greater role in the later movies. He had so much love and respect from his fans, how crazy to just go throw it all away :(Avatar ImageTasyaWeasley says: wow ! Avatar ImageThe Stew says: ..tis a shame.Avatar ImageTassana Burrfoot says: Potter2005, I hate to say this, but Jamie Waylett isn't the only celebrity who has participated in children's films who has done or possessed drugs. He isn't the first and he certainly won't be the last. Avatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: he probably wont be back for the last one. They may kill of Goyle instead.Avatar Imagerotfang07 says: All things being equal he should get a fine and be put on probation on the 21 July 2009. But, if the chief magistrate wants to make an example of him, it could mean real trouble. Otherwise he should be fine as long as he can stay away from the stuff!! Avatar Imagelupinwandcaster says: A bad guy in the movie is a bad guy in real life. Go figure.Avatar ImagePaintTheSky says: perhaps they'll give the big scene to Goyle instead?Avatar ImagePaintTheSky says: perhaps they'll give the big scene to Goyle instead?Avatar ImageKayt says: I reckon it'll be ok. He'll probably have to do community service & get fined or something. As to not being in the movies: dozens of actors have prison records and yet they still act in plenty of films - he should be fine as long as he keeps his nose clean from now on :) lol Lupinwandcaster you took the words right out of my mouth - this is such a Crabbe thing to do! Avatar Imageentoptic says: He's in competition with Weasley's Wizard's Weed.. Avatar ImageBookwormjules says: Movie stars have had far worse charges on drug possession and charged with far worse crimes and have gotten of Scott free, and haven't been shunned from movies, kids movies or otherwise. He's young, he's famous, chances are the judge will fine him, he'll do a public "I'm so sorry,, I (insert sob story here), he'll go to rehab, then be back to be axed of for the film. Avatar ImageDeliaDee says: I really do hope Jamie rebounds from all of this. Yes, it was a stupid thing that he did. But he is 19 years old. I'm not saying that's an excuse because it certainly is not. I'm saying that everyone who is calling him a "bad guy" for this needs to take a good look at themselves and the people they hung/hang around with at that age. People do really stupid things at that age. People do really stupid things at every age. Do you really think this kid's life should be ruined because he did this really stupid thing? He grew some cannibis plants. Oh yeah, definitely the end of the world (heavy sarcasm here). I did far dumber things when I was 19 and I paid the price for it, believe me. But I picked myself up by the bootstraps, learned from what happened, and moved on. As did most of the population at large. And anyone who says they never did anything incredibly stupid is a big, fat liar. Jamie, if you read this, I just want you to know that there are a lot of us out here on your side and sending out all the good vibes that you recover from this, learn from it, and rise above it to become a better person. It's all anyone can ever ask from anyone and I believe that you can do this. The very best of luck to you, Jamie. All my hopes.Avatar ImageHopelaa93 says: He's just thrown it all away! Avatar Imagebudb says: Are any of those reading this in the UK, and can you give us what the normal court actions are there in cases like this (first offense, illegal substance for own use but no evidence of an effort to distribute)? Here in the US, 99.9999999% of the time, its a slap on the wrist, and as others have noted community service and possibly some mandatory drug/alcohol counseling. But in the UK, while I assume its similar, I don't know for certain. Delia, the list of stupid things I have done would equal the length of GoF ;-) I again note tho that, given the large number of young people involved in the HP films, it really is remarkable that Jamie W's problem is the only serious one we have heard about. Radcliffe and the others have noted, and I think correctly, that a similar project in the US would have generated scandals for years to come (anyone old enough to remember Susan Dey and the Partridge Family? Dana Plato? and on and on with 'young actors' in the US who have huge personal and legal issues....)Avatar Imageminishiva says: This is really sad what a waste.Why would he ruin the great opportunity he had with Harry Potter?!Avatar ImageCaracticus says: I think marajuana use / posession is blown WAY out of proportion: if it was legalized, there would be no need to grow it criminally and carry knives etc. Now, the carrying a knife: given the tragedy that befell Robert Knox, that is far far more serious, and I understand that it wasn't Jamie himself that was carrying a knife, and Innis admitted to the knife posession. Let's let Jamie get out of the 'drug scene' and get his life back on track. I don't think someone caught with marajuana should be blacklisted from working, or working on 'youth oriented' movies, but certainly the knife possession thing is serious (In the UK, knife possession is sort-of like gun possession in the US, I expect, in terms of negative social impact) and if Jamie has gotten himself involved in things where he needs to carry a knife (either for defense OR offense) he needs to be sent to jail for a bit to cool off.Avatar Imagepansy parkinson says: What a shame!Avatar ImageLuce_depp says: They'd probably jsut make the big bit goyle instead of crabbe.... how long is he going to jail? or did the article say that and i jsut read it wrong?Avatar Imagegreenfire says: "Waylett had been videoing the road side for a music compilation when he caught the attention of officers." Ignoring the fact that he actually was guilty of something and going on basic rights of privacy, how do you have the right to search someone's camera for filming the roadside?Avatar Imageaquarium385 says: I am surprised the he had the weed on him. I thought he would be smarter then that and then to have it in his mothers house as well that was really stupid. He needs to sort out his priorities and straighten out his life. As well as move out of his parents home don't he make enough money to get his own place.Avatar Imageaquarium385 says: As a side note how is it wrong to have a knife unless you are planning on using it in a crime. And how big was this knife (pocket knife or sword)?Avatar ImageScottMan says: I wonder about that knife thing. Is this a big difference between America and Britain? Because everybody owns knives. It's not indicative of gang warfare or something. This isn't West Side Story. When people need to attack or defend themselves, they use those new-fangled contraptions called "guns."Avatar ImageKirsikka says: Bloody hell!Avatar ImageAurora_7 says: Oh wells, nevermind. It's only cannabis, at least it wasn't something worse.Avatar Imagesplinch says: cannabis is safer than alcohol by a long shot, Jamie is yet another victim of unreasonable and unjust law.Avatar ImagePewterWolf says: What possessed him to do it? Sorry to sound blunt and cold, but seriously, what made him do it? If he escapes a sentence, I would be VERY surprised if WB let him return in the final film. I mean, this is a family film and allowing a young actor who grew drugs and "got away with it" isn't the kind of message WB would want to send out to its audience. But, would WB recast his character at this late stage? Avatar ImageFresca says: I hope that Jamie rethinks the cannibis thing. It sounds like the friend who owned the knife is a pretty scary influence too. Jamie did a great job playing Vincent Crabbe. I hope that the judge will scare him staight!Avatar Imagelivelovepotter says: oh my god! I didn't think that one of the actors would jepordize their role for something not even worth it. Did he even think of what this would mean to his fans, or any Harry Potter fan in general? These series mean the world to us (hopefully) and now he's ruined what we will think of him most likely forever. We grew up with some of these actors, Jamie included. To me, it's almost like watching this happen to a friend.Avatar Imagelivelovepotter says: but I hope that he turns his life around and learns from his mistakes. it means a lot when people sincerely apoligize and move on and never turn back.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I wonder if they'll send him to Azkaban?Avatar ImageEchoLynnetteB says: It would be my guess that he would possibly loose the Role of Crabbe... I mean, the actors had to sign contracts basicly saying they were going to be good children and not get into any trouble or negative publicity... Too bad too if that happened. Cause we will see more of Crabbe in DH then in any of the other movies, because of the Fire Fiend scene... Avatar ImageZhiyal says: Oh dear, but it's just cannabis, I mean, there are much worse things out there .... Not that I'd approve of it, but given how many Americans regularly take drugs (and I am referring to those they can get from their doctors legally) I can't find that Jamie did anything horrible. He didn't hurt anyone but himself, and alas, in a democracy we have the right to do just that ... Avatar Imagepunkedup88 says: splinch, illegal substance is illegal no matter how "safe" it is. He did wrong and at least he admitted to it. Does anyone know the sentence? My friend, whom I learned to never listen to, said 17 years. I rolled my eyes.Avatar ImageZhiyal says: Oh dear, but it's just cannabis, I mean, there are much worse things out there .... Not that I'd approve of it, but given how many Americans regularly take drugs (and I am referring to those they can get from their doctors legally) I can't find that Jamie did anything horrible. He didn't hurt anyone but himself, and alas, in a democracy we have the right to do just that ... Avatar ImageCarol Carvalho says: I thought he was only dumb in the movie! That is sad.....! Avatar ImageCarol Carvalho says: I really hope they recast Crabbe for the DH! Avatar ImageDiamondWings says: Oh! That's so bad! He couldn't escape from that virus! because that's almost a virus that involve young celebrities!!! mmm... too bad, too bad!Avatar ImageScarStruck says: hope that doesn't do anything to the last films! he has a major part in the last fims.UGH!Avatar Imagefireboltfire says: Naughty Naughty Jamie!Avatar ImageJadeDanielle says: I'm not necessarily saying I condone this behavior, but I just don't find this all that shocking. I do, however, think it's sad that this could ruin his chances of being in the future films. :\Avatar Imagecghambright says: I don't know WHY he would do something that DUMB!! And his character plays a pretty significant role in DH! That was so idiotic of him! Avatar Imagecghambright says: Is Cannabis another name for Marijuanna?!Avatar Imagefngw417 says: Slytherins!!!! Avatar Imagefngw417 says: Slytherins!!!! Avatar Imageenchantedsocks says: Yes it was a stupid, misguided thing to do and I hope Jamie learns his lesson. But he's not the only teenager in the country to have dabbled in illegal substances. At uni I met numerous people who smoked cannabis and were otherwise very friendly, intelligent people. I won't blame WB if they decide not to have him return for DH - it wouldn't send out a good message, and it's a shame that we couldn't have gone through all 8 films without any of the young actors been involved in illegal/ scandalous activities.Avatar Imagetayler18 says: he is stupid.Avatar ImageRed Siren says: I'm quite sorry for Jamie and his family. His poor mum must be so upset. Hopefully, some good will come from this terrible situation and Jamie will truly realize that it's simply not worth jeapordising his health and career to get high. Maybe the ordeal of the arrest and trial will make him finally aware that injesting that poison isn't worth it, and never will be. Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: WOW! Well I think he just jeopardized his career with the Harry Potter films.... that's a shame.Avatar Imageangelvoice says: This is just a terrible situation and I'm very sorry for it.Avatar Imageclabwag says: I'd be very surprised if quite a few of the Harry Potter cast hadn't dabbled in illegal drugs, especially the adult actors. He is quite stupid to do have grown Cannabis, yes, but I hardly think his being part of the final film will effect any child's perception of him. If they even know about this surely how Crabbe ends up will discourage them following in his footsteps. I'm just saying... Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: That's awful. Stupid boys --- honestly Jamie Waylett has put his whole career in danger for drugs. Crazy how they will through it all away. :(Avatar ImageAbaebae77 says: I'm pretty sure this guy isn't going to be in another film again, especially harry potter. It's too bad, especially because his character dies and they should have that in the movie.Avatar ImageScottMan says: Wow, at what point did marijuana become a dangerous, life-ruining monster? He wasn't smoking crack or getting drunk, he just had some pot plants.Avatar ImageJTEL99 says: I wonder if they will leave him out of the DH films because of this? Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: it's a shame. but. it's still a bit funny. Avatar Imageprincessginevra says: He could face up to 14 years in prison.Avatar Imagejuxtapostle says: Consider, if the cannabis flower were legal, then this story would have been neither news nor 'influence'. Instead, the prohibitionists have netted a grand warlock in their witch hunt, and the media is all over it. Had Mr. Walett been wasting himself with alcohol, you lot would ignore the matter entirely! Nice to see so many of you flushing this human being down the toilet for growing FLOWERS. A fine lesson you lot are teaching 'the children'. What Nature hath given, you deem fit to annihilate - regardless that it may well hold the cure to cancer, is a fine remedy for many diseases, and is so non-toxic as to have never resulted in a death and has been used by mankind throughout recorded history (and that's a mighty long time).Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: really sad

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