Followup: Jamie Waylett Admits to Cannabis Possession Charge


Jul 16, 2009

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A followup today regarding the case involving actor Jamie Waylett (Vincent Crabbe) and his arrest involving possession of an illegal substance. Appearing at the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London, England, the Telegraph reports Jamie plead guilty to growing ten Cannabis plants at his mothers home in England. Readers will recall that Jamie (19) and a friend John Innis (20) were both arrested a few months ago after a police search of a friends car found eight bags of Cannabis and a knife. Later searches of their residences produced the plants at the Waylett home and three additional bags belonging to Innis. The paper states of the events today in court:

Innis admitted possession of a knife and having 11 bags of cannabis. Adjourning the hearing until July 21, chief magistrate Timothy Workman said: “Clearly
the possession of cannabis is a serious matter and indeed the possession of
knives is serious as well. “At the moment I’m not giving you any promises as to how the court will
deal with this case.”

Defending, Cheryl Rudden said Waylett had been videoing the road side for a
music compilation when he caught the attention of officers. The court heard police found shots of the cannabis plants that the star had
been growing on the same camera. This led them to search the men’s homes.
Ms Rudden told the court: “There are possibly issues as to his future in
his field so far.”

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