Deathly Hallows Filming Watch: Room of Requirement Still Underway

Aug 17, 2009

Posted by: SueTLC

DH Film

For the over 100,000 of us that follow actor Tom Felton on his official Twitter page, you might have seen a series of very interesting tweets of late as Tom is hard at work filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This filming is for the perilous Room of Requirement scenes involving his character Draco Malfoy at the end of the story and require a bit of flying and other stunt work from the actors in harnesses and such. Back on August 14 in all cap frustration, Tom wrote: “HARDEST DAY FILMING! followed by “I hate the harness!!! get me in a bath 🙁” Today, filming continued on these intense scenes, and in a series of updates we learned how painful these are: “back at work…harnessed up…still bruised from friday!!!…had lunch…fed
and watered…getting harnessed up…got a gd team of stunt boys
keeping me going & pushing me forward to get some gd takes!…
never wanted to finish a days filming as early as when im doing stunts!!! ridiculously tired, hot and bothered!blisters on my
hands 🙁 bruising more and more in each take 🙁 skins sore from the
harness rubbing 🙁 not so glamorous today…exhausted.”

Hang in there Tom, we are all rooting for you! You can also see a relatively new photo of the actor on his official page here. Filming continues on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at Leavesden Studios, England.

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