President Obama Includes Harry Potter Story in Education Speech


Sep 07, 2009

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Tomorrow President Barack Obama will address the nation as it goes back to school; the pre-released text of his speech (which you can read here) includes remarks on the beginnings of Harry Potter as proof that not all great ideas or ventures are accepted as such to start:

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But the truth is, being successful
is hard. You won’t love every subject you study. You won’t click with
every teacher. Not every homework assignment will seem completely
relevant to your life right this minute. And you won’t necessarily
succeed at everything the first time you try.

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That’s OK. Some of the most
successful people in the world are the ones who’ve had the most
failures. JK Rowling’s first Harry Potter book was rejected twelve
times before it was finally published.
Michael Jordan was cut from his
high school basketball team, and he lost hundreds of games and missed
thousands of shots during his career. But he once said, “I have failed
over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

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These people succeeded because they
understand that you can’t let your failures define you ’ you have to
let them teach you. You have to let them show you what to do
differently next time. If you get in trouble, that doesn’t mean you’re
a troublemaker, it means you need to try harder to behave. If you get a
bad grade, that doesn’t mean you’re stupid, it just means you need to
spend more time studying.”

Pres. Obama will deliver the address at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Va., at 10 a.m. MDT; it will be live on the C-SPAN cable channel and streamed life at

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Avatar ImageKimberlyZ says: that's brilliant! i had no idea that HP was rejected 12 times at first :( but im glad it made a success! :)Avatar ImageSybilT says: Awesome! I can't understand why some parents don't want their children to hear the President's speech.Avatar ImageLacrimosa says: Brilliant...just...brilliantAvatar Imagehptwerdfighter says: That's totally awesome and yeah I don't understand why some parents are against the speech either.Avatar Imagemonicahp2009 says: If I were a consertative parent I wouldn't want the president speaking to my child about healthcare. I wouldn't want to open a dialogue and answer questions why I don't want to have a national healthcare option. I'd then have to explain why our health insurance keeps going up. I'd have to explain that heathcare is a privilege and not a human right, and I'd have to explain why being a religious person this conflicts with what's taught in C.C.D. or Sunday school. Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: It is just wonderful that he is incorporating someone so many children hold in such high esteem as J.K. Rowling into his speech. It is my hope that they do understand and take up the message he will try to impart.Avatar Imagestregs12 says: sweet!Avatar Imagejuhuudi says: harry potter reference... love it!Avatar Imagemollywobble says: That's interesting Monica considering his entire speech is about staying in school and having goals, etc. Conservatives would realize that if they read the speech. Instead they "fear" that they may have to disgust "difficult topics." Really? Explaining to kids that going to the doctor costs money is difficult? Weird.Avatar ImageNimbus-X says: Wow. That's awesome! The only thing I'm worried about is that, in my area, people are already mad about President Obama addressing their children, and those people are also very anti-Harry Potter. Anyway, most of those people already hate Obama so much this isn't really going to change anything. Go President Obama!Avatar ImageNimbus-X says: Wow. That's awesome! The only thing I'm worried about is that, in my area, people are already mad about President Obama addressing their children, and those people are also very anti-Harry Potter. Anyway, most of those people already hate Obama so much this isn't really going to change anything. Go President Obama!Avatar Imagemollywobble says: Whoops. Discuss not disgust. Avatar ImageHufflepuffler says: Oh man. I go to high school in Arlington... Too bad it's H-B and not Wakefield, though I do love H-B.Avatar Imagesueml says: Obama's speech is very positive - nothing controversial. I love that he loves Harry Potter so much. And - reading Monica's post - I think she's being sarcastic actually. Avatar ImageBlatcher914 says: Jobama lives lol! But in all seriousness, everytime the world gets a little more hateful and intolerant I just remember truly that the weapon we have is love. Speaking as a student, with two parents that are both teachers in the public school system, I have seen more than my fair share of the school system that is currently in place in America. This system gives students so little incentive to learn and puts so much emphasis on tests that learning is no longer the goal because for a school to survive it can't be. Students are often pushed to the side and not included in the system that is supposed to all be about them. I think it is fantastic that, for once someone is adressing students about their schooling and education and if Harry Potter is involved all the better.Avatar ImageEeyore says: It's an awesome speech, and quite honestly, after people hear or read it, they are just going to realize that the parents who are in such an uproar over President Obama talking to the kids are just silly. There is nothing in that speech, unless they jump all over the reference to Rowling. And I'm sure that some of them will. Blatcher(ROAR), I so completely agree with what you said about the state of education today. By the time my daughters were in high school and graduated (1997 and 2000), it was more and more about testing and working on projects. It was the basics of all their classes that suffered the most. As they started college, they had to take classes to fill in the gaps that shouldn't have been there. I was glad to see that Pres. Obama pointed out why it is so important for kids to stay in school and to do well and that it is their responsibility. I think all too often, if a kid doesn't do well, they are ready to blame everyone else for their lack of success.Avatar Imagered_7849 says: Wow ! It's such an honour !!Avatar ImageeiVega says: @monicahp2009(WBM) If you were a conservative parent I'd be confused why you say this goes against CCD. Don't you know the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops supports Healthcare reform? Do you even know the 7 principles of Catholic Social Teaching? The church teaches that every person has dignity and worth and deserves care regardless of their situation. Healthcare should not be limited privilege to the rich. The Catholic church is neither Republican or Democrat. The values transcend party boundaries. They are certain issues here and there that both parties are better at but neither one properly represents Catholics as a whole. But anyway, that's a whole other subject. This is just a motivational speech about education and I'm happy to see a Harry Potter reference. As an HP fan, this kind of thing always makes me giddy no matter who is the one talking.Avatar ImagePaintTheSky says: hmm 12 times...think that's any reason for the recurrence of '12' throughout the series? o.O and yay for the reference to Rowling! :) I honestly don't see what the fuss is all about with some in such an uproar over this speech, he's not pushing any politics. Honestly, some parents act like children themselves and need to realize there are worse things to worry about...Avatar ImageRinny says: re: why some parents wouldn't want there parents to listen to the speech. i think it has less to do with the actual message of the speech (which, i've just read and agree is a great thing for kids to hear, things they need to hear. one of the biggest problems in our schools is that kids are not motivated to learn.) but more with the idea that the government might be removing the freedom to choose not to watch it if the parent's decided. parents have the right to censor what goes into their children's life. a parent might not let their child watch pg-13 movies, maybe even after the child is older than 13, and the parent has that right as head of the household, whether you agree with the decision. maybe a parent doesn't want their child to watch a certain tv show (i wasn't allowed to watch the simpsons growing up, or rugrats or other tv shows where, children were very disrespectful of their parents, didn't obey, were rewarded for bad behavior, parents were made to look stupid, incompetent, etc. because my parents didn't want me to think that that was okay or rewarded behavior) other families might not have had any problem with those tv shows, but maybe they didn't want their children to watch certain shows on the discovery channel because of some graphic pictures of animals mating or something- who knows. the point is that the parents should have the authority to make those type of decisions in the lives of their children. and many people are not comfortable with the idea of having that freedom taken away from them, of having the government force themselves into the home and childraising aspect. this speech seems okay, but what if later there is another speech that is telling children to do something that the parents don't agree with, perhaps against certain religious values or something. the point is that it shouldn't be something parents can't preview beforehand and should be something they can opt out of if they have some reason they wish to. parents have to sign permissions slips for their children to go on field trips or watch movies in class. this is similar.Avatar Imageselene21 says: that's awsome, I wish my president would do the sameAvatar Imagecghambright says: @Kirk: Not just children hold JK Rowling in high esteem. Millions of people all over the world and of all different ages, races, and gender respect her so much. But President Obama is right. Perserverance is one of the most important traits a person can possess. If people just gave up whenever they encountered failure then no one would succeed. We would have nothing. Avatar Imagehermionerules1844 says: I love Obama and Harry too, but I don't like it when people mix politics (unless it's for a super-good cause) and Potter. Harry Potter is supposed to be my escape from the real world.Avatar ImageDarth Revan says: I find Obama's lack of win disturbing.Avatar ImagePaintTheSky says: @Rinny I agree with you that parents have the right to choose what their children under the age of 18 can or cannot watch. I've just been reading quotes by some misinformed parents in news articles who think the president is pushing, in their words, his so-called 'socialist agenda' with this speech. I just believe people need to get all the facts before they make judgements and for this reason I'm glad the speech is being released ahead of time in text form.Avatar Imagedeadtree says: I am so happy that President Obama is reaching out to young people and talking to them about education. I can't fathom HOW that could possibly be a bad thing. His whole motto is about what we CAN do if we put our minds to it. And I think the Harry Potter reference in there was smart, also. Good for him. Here's to the President, and may he repair our Umbridge-filled school system! Avatar Imageiamnotworriedharry says: Great speech. Avatar Imagebookishgal says: I remember Obama commenting that he read the HP books with his daughters.Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: This is one of the many many reasons why Obama is just great!Avatar Imagegot2lovme says: Wow Obama mentioned Harry Potter that is so cool. Think it's very ignorant of people to bring up how health care is bad and all this crap when this posting was on obama mentioning harry Potter. If it was based on health care sure but common, can i go somewhere on the internet and not have rich people tell me that health care should only be for them and not anyone else. I agree with hermionerules1844 and let's keep political opinion away.Avatar ImageCandyCane2304 says: Don't understand all the uproar, people just want to complain I guess. Great speech.Avatar ImageHBPFan says: It was a good speech all in all, don't understand why some people are complaining. And it's something that applies to every student in the world-not just the US. But I agree with some of the above. This article had a reference to HP and that's what we should focus on. The fact that JKR got denied publishing her book over and over, didn't mean anything because in the end she got the recognition she deserved-I bet all the publishers that had previously turned her down are now all banging theirs heads against a wall or sth!!!Avatar ImageHBPFan says: I mean some of the above comments.Avatar Imageaj_ellybean says: Why parents would prevent children from hearing an inspirational speech about working hard and setting goals, I'll never know. Anyway, I bet the publishers that rejected HP are all kicking themselves where it hurts. :)Avatar Imagelexuslovesweasleys says: i liked Obama before i read that and and now i love him Avatar Imagerons_aus_girl says: wow that was interesting :)Avatar ImageSirius_Craic says: @Darth Revan. I'm assuming you were being sarcastic because I honestly don't see anything 'lacking in win' in that speech. It's an inspired speech. Obama himself is an inspiration. No person who ever became president 'lacked win'.Avatar Imageherpo says: President Obama seem to most of us foreigners as a rare gift to the United States.It is a pity that most voices of opposition to his agenda in the US are not founded on mature ideology but on prejudice and old stereotypes(the "socialist agenda" accusation is just ridiculous).A national healthcare system has nothing to do with either socialism and strict national supervision.It does not contradict freedom of choice.(most of the capitalist countries in Europe have national health care). Anyway, his speech is surely remarkable.The fact that some parents do not allow their children to listen to this proves something JKR once said.That many parents actually have very little respect and trust towards their children and their own abilities to distinguish what is right and wrong, fiction or reality. I too wish we had a president like him in my country.... Avatar Imageaxlgirl says: Go Harry! =DAvatar ImageScarStruck says: that is so totally and epicly brilliant! awesome!Avatar Imagebecmajec says: awesomenessAvatar ImageShalanarah says: yay cool! JK Rowling is my idol!!!Avatar Image-MischiefManaged- says: *aj_ellybean* I've been thinking that way for years now, that the publishers who rejected Philosopher's Stone must be mentally kicking themselves *really* hard nowadays. :-D They've "only" lost, what, a few hundred million sold copies of the seven books. No biggie. :-DAvatar Image-MischiefManaged- says: *aj_ellybean* I've been thinking that way for years now, that the publishers who rejected Philosopher's Stone must be mentally kicking themselves *really* hard nowadays. :-D They've "only" lost, what, a few hundred million sold copies of the seven books. No biggie. :-DAvatar Imageultraviolet says: okay, so im English, but i have to say Obama is a bit of a legend like!Avatar ImageFigaro Fox says: Go Obama! *hugs*Avatar Imagedaharja says: Good job, President Obama! Excellent example to use! As others mentioned, the controversy around his appearance is ridiculous. He's giving great encouragement. And as a public high school student, especially in NYC, there's way too much stress on tests. We should be getting inspired. Our goals should be to use the knowledge we gain in our real lives, not just to pass a test. I'm at the point where I ace a test and the next day can't tell you a thing I did on it because our main goal with our lessons is to get a good grade. Unfortunately, I can also see people who object to President Obama speaking there being against Harry Potter. I hope he used that reference just in spite of them. =PAvatar ImageNecrotoxin says: I am glad he is just talking about education in his speech. I don't like it when they use Harry Potter in politics, so this use is ok in my book.Avatar Imagemaera-kyrie says: Not gonna lie. When I read that, I squeed. :DAvatar ImageFifi says: Cool. Shows how famous Harry Potter really is.Avatar ImageArianaDumbledore says: That's so cool! I'll specifically make sure I watch that speech so I can hear him mention Harry Potter. I hope he's read them himself. Avatar Imagehermionenluna says: this is great!! Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I personally am very pleased that the US President has read the HP books... Avatar ImageBad-Muggle says: Only one difference between JK & Obama, she had a good idea and he doesn't.Avatar ImageFloridianFlounder95 says: I love HP references, I love Barack Obama, and this made my god awful long day. I love it! :D (I also love Politics.)Avatar Imagehepburn says: I love what he says.Avatar ImageJessSnape says: I love that President Obama included Rowling's work and how she struggled to get anyone to realize what she really had there within the pages of the Philosopher's Stone, a masterpiece! She is a shining example of how perseverance, hard work, and dedication can get you where you want to be! Love her!!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: yay! he mentioned Harry Potter!!!!Avatar ImageKatetheKeeper says: I watched this in school today and I squeed when he mentioned Jo. Then I Was explaining her whole story to my friend next to me. XDAvatar ImageMimblewimble13 says: Much has been made about the criticism surrounding President Obama's Tuesday speech to the nation's schoolchildren. But when President George H.W. Bush delivered a similar speech in October 1991 to students at a junior high school in Washington, D.C., Democratic critics went much further and investigated the event, Washington Examiner columnist Byron York reported Tuesday. Democrats, who controlled Congress at the time, ordered the General Accounting Office to probe the production of the speech and later summoned top Bush administration officials to Capitol Hill for a hearing, York wrote. The Bush speech at Alice Deal Junior High School cost $26,750 -- an expenditure paid by the Department of Education -- and drew fire from Rep. William Ford, then chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, who ordered the probe. "As the chairman of the committee charged with the authorization and implementation of education programs, I am very much interested in the justification, rationale for giving the White House scarce education funds to produce a media event." The GAO found no wrongdoing on the part of the Bush administration But after Bush spoke, The Washington Post implied in a front-page story that the speech was staged for the president's political benefit, and Democratic allies continued to pounce on Bush for the cost of the event.Avatar Imagejrivas1284 says: OMG that was a great speech.. Way to go Obama!!!!Avatar ImageTheGriff says: Go Obama! Wish i'd had that speech when i started school. Really inspirational.Avatar Imagethundermountain7 says: i think that what he was really nice and using jo insAvatar ImageMrs.Brisby says: Great speech. Very encouraging. I love how he's reached out to our nations children. And I love that he's a Potter fan. :)Avatar ImageCarinaPotter says: I wasn't allowed to watch the speech at my school. I really wanted to see it, though. It's great that he mentioned Harry Potter!Avatar ImageJTEL99 says: I think it's silly that some parents don't want their children to hear Pres. Obama's speech. Maybe it is just the ultra-conservative parents that are objecting, and it's probably because they just don't like him! Some people need their minds opened with a crowbar, lol. :D Avatar ImagecrazyforSeverus says: I love Obama and think he always has good speeches, using actual examples to back up his messages. I think it's great he used J.K. Rowling in his message of never giving up. Could you imagine if she did and there was no Harry Potter?Avatar ImageLovelySlytherinWitch19 says: yay for Jo! I can't believe Harry was rejected 12 times! Avatar Imageiheartpink says: we listen to the speech in class today and i was so excited when i heard him say jk rowling ^_^Avatar ImageParkinsonpansy says: i meant wouldn't toward the bottom of my really long paragraph not that anyone read it lol :) Avatar ImageParkinsonpansy says: I watched this in school today. All the kids were complaining for having to watch it (i live in a republican area). but i like obama and i'm glad obama is our president and i'm glad he appreicates harry potter. I knew the first HP was regected a few times (but i only thought it was 10). Anyway i think its great obama is taking out to address education now more than ever our society needs to be educated. Alot of people say obama is the worst thing that could happen to our country but how could they say that. Obama clearly has a goal for a america which involves reforming our society into something better. I don't understand how this is bad. I think there is alot of basisness in our society today in politics and as obama said all of the partys need to band or work together to inprove our society. Back to education i have teachers today who just make us sit and class and doesn't even bother to teach us. I think education needs to be reformed as well as many other things but i would want to add that to the obama admistration's plate since it is clearly already full but in the future i think education needs to be reformed and i think its great obama is taking a step closer to reforming or encourging students today.Avatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: OMG he made a reference to JKR and harry potter in his speech. thats so cool. my government teacher is going to show the speech to us tomorrow so we can discuss it in class. :DAvatar ImageLoSushi says: i got to skip social studies to listen in to this!! i got really excited when he mentioned jk rowling cause i totally knew taht and my teachers didnt!!Avatar Image42sk8ter says: that is soo kewlAvatar ImageRhiannon7 says: I think that the parents and school districts that are not allowing their children to see this speech are setting a bad example for their children. President Obama is the elected leader of this country. As such, he deserves to be treated respectfully, reguardless of his politics. This country is founded on the principal of free speech. Limiting access to different opinions does not build people up. Rather it cripples them in their ability to listen, gain knowledge and make informed decisions. It creates a society of followers, who in the absence of choice, are forced to march along with the crowd. I fear that certain groups in our country are blinded to the long term damage any type of extremism can create. Fundamentalism can quickly morph into hated and bigotry. And that is something DD and Harry would have abhored. Avatar Imagebookgirl3000 says: I saw this at school today and screamed "Yay! Go rowling!" when i saw this. As i am loner with obsession, everybody stared at me. Random fact, My mom says i might go to leakycon11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagesgreeter8888 says: Great speech! I really don't understand what people are so upset about either? People sure do get flustered over little things these days. Avatar Imagealpaca-girl says: I was in second period, Advanced Algerbra this morning, and my teacher turned it on. Very good speech!.... :o) I had to smile when he mentioned J.K. Rowling!Avatar ImagetheREALGinnyWeasley says: I SAW IT!!!!! Once he said Jo's name everyone looked at me in my whole school and I was like YES! HA....oh sorry!!!! It was amazing.Avatar Imageaquilus says: How dare President Obama tell students they have a responsibility to themselves and their country! I can see why some parents are outraged. Seriously, ignorant people get a total FAIL. I thought the speech was very good and enlightening. What some of those parents need to realize is that not every child is so lucky to have parents that care so much about their education. I personally believe that it is none of the parents business what children learn is school. School is run by the government thus by the president. And when they U.S. is lagging behind education compared to Europe and Japan it is the president's business to encourage students to be all that they can be. And if the parents don't like it then that is what home-schooling is for. Avatar Imageweasleyalltheway says: :D thats awesome. Avatar Imageqwillpen says: A very nice and appropriate speech, I appreciated it.Avatar ImageHattFerg says: My school got to watch it in school! and when he said J.K. Rowling's name I gasped and my friend (who knows i love it) looked at me and laughed.... but i was so happy!!!!Avatar ImageHPHealer says: I normally do not get involved in politics, but when I heard everyone making a big deal about this speech, I decided to give it a read. I find absolutely nothing wrong with this speech. I don't think healthcare was even mentioned (except the part about washing your hands and staying home when you are sick). I would be proud to let my kids listen to this speech. It would remind them of the importance of school, and give them some positive role models to look up to. Kudos to Obama!Avatar ImageHeartbreakDX says: Very Obama, that. Its pretty cool.Avatar Imagedobbyis_free says: this is the worst. he shouldnt use harry potter, my fav in one of his speaches! >:((Avatar ImagePadfootLover4ever says: He isn't my ideal president but glad he sees the wonder of HP and JKR :)Avatar ImageZoom says: obama's trying to brainwash kids. obvi. JUST KIDDING IM JUST SAYING THIS TO SHOW HOW RIDICULOUS THE STATEMENT IS! DONT HATE ME!Avatar Imagepj_hp says: rejected 12 times? im glad it got accepted. i dont know how life would be without hp!Avatar Imageblockaderunner says: I am sooooooooooooooooooo thrilled. Let the indoctrination begin!!!!!!!!Avatar Imageblockaderunner says: I am sooooooooooooooooooo thrilled. Let the indoctrination begin!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageSproutMdme says: Rhiannon, I couldn't agree with what you said more....beautifully put! Despite political differences, all Americans should, at the very LEAST, have respect for their president. It's a sad state of affairs, that some peoples' agendas have gotten so radical that they can not even have an open enough mind to NOT PRE-JUDGE something before it is even said. In Harry Potter terms, it's the Umbridge Effect. Avatar Imagensa says: thats brilliant. it seem that mr. president is also a fan of harry potter.Avatar ImageBonnie Radcliffe says: Wise speech!! He must have learnt that about Rowling through his wife and daughters, since they visited the set!! XDAvatar Imagerubeun says: Republicans are just having a case of sour grapes...having their party completely and utterly thumped last naturally they are now always looking for anything and everything that they can blame or criticize the Obama Administration on...from 'insinuating' he is a 'hinting' he wasn't born in America...and now claiming he's trying to convert their children into democrats with his socialist speech (the same old fear tactics from the past 8 years returns)... America is a country so young, great and filled with potential...but still marred by those among us who still cling to bigotry...ignorance...and intolerance for anything that is different from them and their beliefs...demonizing them...the previous administration had many parallels to a certain other (fictitious) administration in the HP books...if I may be allowed to elaborate. I liken the Bush Administration to the Ministry of Magic in Books 5, 6 and 7...and I suspect/hope that the Obama Administration will be the MoM After The War in Book 7. Finally...a proper and qualified President/Minister who does not use fear and manipulation to scare the public into going along with their misguided and ill-conceived plans...(sad to say Fox News is The Daily Prophet) more politics from me...whats past is past. Water under the bridge. I watched the speech and it feels so good to have an articulate, intelligent and inspiring President again...unlike the previous president...Obama had a hard life growing up and did not come from a rich and powerful family who had all the right political connections...for him to have come so far from having so little. THAT is what I call a real leader. Bravo! Avatar Imagedcsbelle says: What an excellent speech! It was so inspiring and motivational without sounding like he was talking down to the students or preaching to them. I freel sorry for those studetns who were denied the chance to hear it because of their schools' or parents' edict. EPIC FAIL!Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: I love the JKR reference. I had no idea. Avatar Imagehermionesclone says: Wow! Great speech! Of course, Obama's speeches are always great. Can't believe he included HP in it! Sort of fits, though.Avatar Imageaccio_salmon says: He is such a big HP fan, I love it (and him)!Avatar Imageqwientje says: haha that is really quite funny! and to be honest I didn't know the book was rejected 12 times. wow, Obama rocks hahaAvatar ImageAudreyLouiseLovegood says: HE SAID HARRY POTTER!!!!!!Avatar ImageFresca says: That was a good speech from President Obama. He made some excellent points! The story about twelve publishers rejecting JKR's first novel is true too.Avatar ImageBriannaWazHere says: woah, rejected 12 times??? I bet those guys are pissed now. Avatar ImageHBPFan says: It's so scary that there are still people who think like that in the US.. Peavey 5150, I like how you resembled the Bush adinistration to the MoM in books 5,6,7, and the Obama administration to the post-Voldemort MoM..I read ur comment and quite agree.. The US is a young country, but quite influential in this worldly playground (as I like to think of all the countries on this planet when they interact-like children in a huge school playground)..It's such a pity that they want to use their influence in the wrong way, and are so opposed to a person - who, wherever he was born - seems to have his heart in the right place!! Like where he's from even matters!! The point is, he's there, and he cares enough to do sth positive about the place.They seriously need to get over it.. I could go on and on about it, but it just makes me upset.. and by the way, as I wrote in an earlier comment, this post is about HP and JKR, and her success mentioned and respected by another successful, known person.. They should both be admired for what they've accomplished, and also because they've not changed for the worse, inspite of the influence they now have, and the connections they've made..Just like Harry, they've remained down-to-earth. Basically what this world needs most..Avatar Imagemjkalldaway says: it was an amazing speehAvatar Imagestella8h8chang says: I'm liking this guy more and more :DAvatar Imagemini bagel says: Well done, Mr. President, well done. We didn't get to watch this in school, but I watched it on youtube, Wow!! Way to go.Avatar ImageRose-Mclane says: It’s an awesome speech. This was the first time I read it for myself and (not that I didn't already think this) but parents who are in such an uproar over President Obama talking to the kids are just stupid. He is not talking about health care and he is not trying to turn your children into Abortion Supporting Communist , he is telling them to stay smart and stay in school. Really. I'm disappointed in my country. I cant believe so many people are upset about this.Avatar Imageclashcityrocker13 says: I'm sure it was a good speech!Avatar ImageRowling Stones says: bloddy brilliant!Avatar ImageCatherine says: Go Obama! it really was an inspiraring speech!Avatar Imagepotterfan4lyfe says: i cant believe Obama actually inserted HP in 2 his speech GO PRESIDENT OBAMA!:)Avatar ImageAlice Weasley says: That is really cool of Obama! I agree with alot of other people it is so ridiculous how opposed people were to this speech being shown in schools. It makes me sad how paranoid and closed minded people can be.Avatar Imagewing says: hahahahahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahahahahaAvatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: woooo! good speech :)Avatar ImageWingardium Leviosa says: It's awesome that he included J.K. Rowling in his speech, she deserves it! President Obama is amazing, but I'm sad my school didn't show this! We're a small school, and it wasn't anything against him because our city is super democratic. And now I'm going to watch it online!Avatar Imagelonerwolfygirl says: that's coolAvatar ImagehellomotoCOOP says: thats awesoomeAvatar Imagefantasylover12001 says: Oh Obama, you are such a closet fanboy. I love you for it.Avatar Imagesairah says: wow! 12 times?! Im so glad someone finally gave it a chance, who knows where Id be without Harry Potter!Avatar ImageIloveDobby says: Obama :]]Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: Maybe it's because I'm in the UK. But to be honest I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. I mean I think it's brilliant that the President is actually taking time to go to school and say speeches. But I'm not familiar with America politics etc. But if there is a HP reference in there all the better!! Avatar Imagestarwarshippie says: That's a really great speech. These republicans a just a bunch of whinny hipocrites. I had to listen to Reagan and Bush the First when I was in school now they don't want the president to say: stay in school and work hard, I guess they really do want this country to fail. Though I would take out the God bless you and God bless America that has no place in a public school.Avatar ImageBrosia23 says: That is great that Obama included such a big part of most kids and teens life, like Harry Potter has been for so many for so long. I think it was smart of him to bring it up. Maybe the kids paid more attention to it because they understood the importance better because they identify with the character so well. That being said, I wish that he didn't have to explain the obvious to the kids, like stay in school to get ahead, and studying is important.Avatar Imageccking says: glad america knows what's important!!Avatar Imageccking says: glad america knows what's important!!Avatar Imageccking says: glad america knows what's important!!Avatar Imageccking says: glad america knows what's important!!Avatar Imageccking says: glad america knows what's important!!Avatar Imageccking says: glad america knows what's important!!

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