Deathly Hallows Filming Update: 100 Extras Used for Hogwarts Express Scene


Sep 24, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

An update today regarding filming for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. First, there is more on the filming in Scotland for a scene involving the Hogwarts Express. The Press and Journal reports:

“The Harry Potter crew were making a return to the
Highlands and the west Highland railway line was once again the
location for filming this week, with about 100 pupils from Lochaber
High School at Fort William taking part in the filming as extras.The picturesque route was chosen for some scenes in two
previous J.K. Rowling epics and now the film-makers are back to shoot
the seventh and last film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

On this occasion, views of Glenfinnan Viaduct, which
has featured in the previous Harry Potter blockbusters, were not
required. Instead, the young teenagers were bussed to Tulloch Station,
east of Roy Bridge. The camera action focused on Hogwart’s Express as
the blood-red train steamed between Tulloch and Rannoch stations with
its excited young passengers.”

Interestingly a second piece on the filming noted “The scenic route was chosen for some of the shooting of scenes for not
one, but two epics, out of JK Rowling’s seventh and last best seller,
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.” We do not know if this for an additional scene or simply the epilogue scene or what this may be used for. As noted previously with the photos from the other day, no cast was present, or what scene this may be, stay tuned!

Also, we had heard previously from actors Jason Isaacs and Dan Radcliffe that filming would continue well into the next year, with Jason recently noting he would not be finished filming until April. The Independent has a brief mention of actor David Thewlis, who plays Lupin, where it notes that “Thewlis is filming the final
instalments of Harry Potter until March.” Please note while likely to be true, this is not a direct quote from David Thewlis, just a mention in an article with his partner Anna Friel, and has not been confirmed.

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Avatar ImageEnricoDc says: Great.Avatar ImageEnricoDc says: This is sad, The end of the Harry Potter films is going near...Avatar ImageLoader Lady says: What fun to be on the train. Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: The end is coming T_T I wonder what this scene will be about.Avatar ImageHmrc5 says: I can wait to see it! It will never ends.. we'll keep this world alive forever! ;)Avatar ImageCatherine says: its ending all too fast!Avatar ImageHBPFan says: Lucky kids taking part in the filming of one of the best movie franchises ever!!Avatar ImageBonnie Radcliffe says: Maybe it is the epilogue!! =DAvatar ImageNicci Weasley says: Lucky pupils!!Avatar Imagespiritbound says: Can't wait to see it :DAvatar ImageLuce_depp says: any mention of david thewlis, true or false, I'm very happy to hear hahaha They must be shooting a scene to show when the trio are at grimmauld place thinking about school...maybe...??Avatar Image-MischiefManaged- says: Awww man, I really don't want to read these tidbits about the filming coming to an end... At least we'll still have some six months left to go. It'll be really interesting to see what these Hogwarts Express scenes are eventually used for. On another note, did you guys read the original article? It says in the article that "the west Highland locations lend themselves to the spooky side of things in Deathly Hallows, with the *storyline involving plenty of ghosts, witches and warlocks*." Ghosts?Avatar ImageProsophules says: @ -MischiefManaged- : I can't remember ghosts in the book... except the Hogwarts ghosts of course.Avatar ImageScarStruck says: awwwwwwww. *sob* thats sooooooo sad.but still imen its cool. i guess *sob*Avatar ImageSigourney1990 says: aah i wish i could've been an extra in one of the films *sigh* oh well, i can always dream. it's pretty sad that the whole thing is coming to an end, but we still have the DH films to see and the scottish book when that comes out. at least we'll have all the books and films forever :) it's not like it's all going to stop and our books are going to be taken away :)Avatar Image-MischiefManaged- says: *@Prosophules*, that's what I was thinking too.Avatar ImageHermioneRon4ever says: It would be awesome to be one of those students!!!!! Wonder what the scene was?Avatar ImageLeeann says: hmm...Avatar Imagepfowlerp says: Those are some lucky students. I wish I could have been an extra in any of the films even if the take didn't make it to the final cut of the film. These students are getting a treat of a lifetime. I hate that the films are almost complete cause it marks the end of the series but I'm exstatic to see & eventually own the last of the films.Avatar ImageGooch says: its sad to harry potter come to an endAvatar ImageHPNAIV says: This is really sad :( But we still have the theme park to remind us that HP lives! Still, I don't think it's the same as the books or movies...Avatar Imageroonwit says: The options for scenes are really 1. the epilogue (though that doesn't really fit as the trio (as adults) need to be there) 2. part of The Prince's Tale, 3. for the news article about the changes to Hogwarts and the trio's thoughts about not being on the train or 4. The kidnap of Luna Avatar Imagelonerwolfygirl says: :DAvatar Imagesimos says: InterestingAvatar ImageTheGriff says: They used to use kids from lochaber high school and glencoe schools for the first 3 films, because they did a lot of filming in that area of Scotland. Its a frequent holiday spot for my family and i and we were lucky enought to see POA being filmed. I think its great that they are using the kids from the local area again for the last one. I'm going to miss the views of the Glenfinnen Viaduct :( i can't believe its all coming to an end so soon...i want them to slow down...something i never thought i'd here myself say haha.Avatar Imagebeewell says: I agree that it is sad for the end but exciting also to see what they have in store for us in the movies. The HP series will always be alive as long as the fans keep it that way.Avatar Imagesuperman82 says: I agree its ending way to fast. Remember in the OOTP dvd we got a featurette about the HBP. I bet we'll get something something about DH on the HBP dvd.Avatar Imagepotterforpresident says: Yep, by the looks of it, they're definitely filming the epilogue. But still... can't help but cry... I mean... after Deathly Hallows Part 2 in 2011, what'll happen?? It's going to be really weird and sad not anticipating another Potter film in the coming years... yeah sure, HP will never be forgotten, but STILL. I don't even want to think of how much I'm going to cry as soon as the credits start rolling...Avatar Imagepinkmoosely says: Imagine how amazing it would be to say you were an extra in a HP film!!! All this news of filming finishing for certain actors is coming Waaaay to soon, its kind of the begining of the end :(Avatar ImagePetra says: photo from Millennium Bridge and HP ballons... It's so cool...Avatar Imagenevertickleasleepingdragon says: How sad!!! I can't believe it's all ending soon!Avatar ImageJane_Potter says: awwwww, I really don't want it to end!!!!! But I really want to see it on cinema!!!!! What's wrong with me?????????Avatar Imagesunlitdays says: i dont think its for the epilogue. i mean, the epilogue is just harry and dumbledore, not a hundred extra kids hanging around. if they decide to film it, that might be the scene where luna is kidnapped by death eaters off the train. we never actually got to see that scene in DH, it was just mentioned, but maybe theyre gonna include that in the movie which would be coolAvatar ImageDrome says: Those lucky ones...! :)Avatar ImageDrome says: ^the epilogue wasn't just Harry and Dumbledore, they were on Kings Cross-chapter-scene, or whatever, Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: lucky, lucky, lucky!!!!!!!!Avatar Imageskiving snackboxes says: It's NOT all coming to an end! there will still be cons and wrock to keep up going long into the future!Avatar Imageselene21 says: I was trying to figure out, in wich scene the would use the train, but I guess it makes sense they would use it in the epilogueAvatar ImageWON_TWO says: It must be cool to be included in the film as an extra... Imagine sitting in the theater and seeing yourself on the screen...Avatar ImageLadySidi says: ooo! Can't wait to see it! I wish I could be there.Avatar ImagePhoenix1946 says: Let me see, SS and CoS the Hogwarts Express arrived at a beautiful station labeled "Hogsmead". We haven't seen it in any movie since, even though we have seen a railway station near Hogwarts tightly surrounded by dense woods. Quidditch was introduced in SS and CoS and the uniforms for the game were established. Now, in HBP, there are new Quidditch uniforms heavily padded because "The children are getting older and the game is getting rougher." There have been older players in Quidditch all along and the uniforms didn't change as they grew older. In SS and CoS, the Hogwarts Castle has the look of age but also looks well cared-for. In PoA and later films the Castle has lost the luster and actually looks shabby. What makes a movie part of a series, is that the details from the early installments are faithfully carried through the series. For example: the Whomping Willow first appeared on the grounds inside the Castle. In PoA it is now outside the Castle Walls. Hagrid's Hut was just outside the Castle doors and the ground is nearly level. Then in PoA, it is way outside the Castle and down a steep slope. Well, enough ranting for today. I guess I have been spoiled by the excellent continuity of the "Lord of the Rings" series. They look like they are one continuous story because they were made by the same crew straight thru. Costumes, characters, SFX, all done well by the same artists and craftsmen and provide the needed continuity. The first two HP movies are that way. The rest aren't, with each change there have been new specialists putting their mark on the movie, continuity be hanged!Avatar Imageweasleygirl101 says: I would give ANYTHING to be them ! LuckyAvatar Imagestenojoz says: So upsetting! I can't believe it's coming to and end....I'm sure (at least hope) they'll be close to as fabulous as the books. But I guess I'll just still have to bide my time until the Scottish Book comes out. Avatar Imagejustanargle says: soo jealous of all the extras. :PAvatar ImageWulfricBrian says: It does not make sense to me that this filming could relate to the Epilogue, since that has to be at or look like King's Cross, and these are tiny stations in the Scottish highlands. But while DH book does not show us the train apart from that, the film makers will need to show something of what is happening at Hogwarts, stuff that the trio only hear by report at various stages. So as has been suggested, this could be a 1 September occasion, or relate to Luna's capture. What I do consider a really nice touch is that Rannoch station has long been identified in the fandom as the most Hogsmeade-like place on the planet. It is in the middle of nowhere - end of a long road - and therefore ideal for an unplottable magical village and school. Steve van der Ark used it in his talks, and subsequently in his book 'In Search of Harry Potter' (not the other book!). Not such an iconic view as Glenfinnan viaduct, but more faithful to Jo's vision of the place, and therefore more 'accurate' in movie terms; another good sign for 7 and 8. Incidentally, the view of the Express in HBP was filmed a little further across the moore from Rannoch station. Avatar ImageHorcruxalej says: those schools are so lucky what i wouldnt give to even have the chance to be in one of the movie but as there is only two left that chance is small.. sadAvatar Imagemugglemom4 says: How awesome for them!!!!Avatar Imagemoony_lupin says: If only I was twelve years younger and went to school in the Scottish Highlands. I'm gonna miss seeing the Hogwarts Express!Avatar ImageWingardium Leviosa says: Oh no it's almost over! But I wish I could have been one of those extras... :-( Avatar Imagealegria35 says: cool... I think all of the characters will have almost the same filming days since all of them will be at the battle of hogwarts scene....Avatar Imagehumbert0 says: Going to Hogwarts would be cool xDAvatar ImageBlatcher914 says: Oh the intrigue! I hope we get more news and photos in the coming weeks about what exactly they filmed.Avatar ImageFifi says: It makes me sad just knowing HP is going to end... : [Avatar ImageLyndsey says: I'd have been an extra anyday! ^_^ Avatar Imagehalfbloodprincesss says: i hope it's the epilogue!!! i'm pretty sure that the train isn't mentioned until the epilogue...i'm so excited for Deathly Hallows!!!!!!Avatar Imagethundermountain7 says: i can't wait. apirl that is a long time that means they have a lot to = more in the movieAvatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I wish I could have been one of the extras! That said, I do wonder what scene they were filming...Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: The end is too close. It felt like yesterday that I first saw PS. *cries* I wish I could relive all this again!Avatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: sooo cooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagemjkalldaway says: I'd really want to be an extra... my sister's friend in 6th grade was an extra in the movie "Grown Ups" starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock this summer in MAAvatar Imagemjkalldaway says: I'd really want to be an extra... my sister's friend in 6th grade was an extra in the movie "Grown Ups" starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock this summer in MAAvatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: I can't believe it's all started to end.... but in my mind, the world will live on! :) It's cool to hear about Jason still filming though.Avatar ImageIloveDobby says: i want to go to that school :PAvatar Imagemuggle118 says: i think its funny that the actors say when all the films are done they wont know what to do that it will be weird with out harry pottter. But i think it will be weird for us fans as well not haveing a movie to look forward to or anything.Avatar ImageRodiniusBlack says: I wish i was from the UK Lucky kids. Avatar ImageMosu says: awsome ive always wanted to be an extra in hp ♥Avatar Imageizziewitch says: I really hate it when they seem to be adding new scenes because I'm sure that means they're cutting out something else from the book.Avatar ImageRavenclaw98 says: sobbb i wish i lived in the EUROPE!Avatar ImageBeckster235 says: that would have been soooo cool to be an extra i dont want harry to end : ( the ending of the books was sad enoughAvatar Imagemewthree says: looks like i will not be able to get in the film. i heard that they only hire brits at harry potter world. just maybe?Avatar Imagewrightrox says: wish i were in the UK, what an honor it would be to be even an extra in a HP movie, but the sad part is that it's drawing to an end.....and i'm not handling that situation very well.....i still feel this was a 10 book series, at least 10 !!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageProfKnight says: I wish I could have been there, it sounds like loads of fun.Avatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: Great!!! Yeah,even if the final part of the DH comes out, HARRY POTTER WILL LIVE FOREVER!!!! I wish I could have been one of the extras in the film....*sighs*....Avatar Imagemadman1277 says: Man thats awesome, i wish i could be an extra... Awesome for the people who are thoughAvatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: omg that would have beeeeeen soooooooo awesum :) i wish i go to that school =D i would be practically peeing myself with excitement =D :)Avatar says: I'd love to be one of the extras... lucky students (:Avatar Imagegemini_black says: Great! but sad...Avatar Imagemagicmaniac says: I DON'T WANT IT TO END!!!!!Sob sob least the 7th is in 2 parts.Avatar ImageBoyWithALightningScar says: Aw, so this is the filming of the epilogue then?Avatar Imagedanaskeeter says: I can't wait to see these movies!!! I plan to be at the midnight showings of both. When is Leaky going to start the countdown clock to the next one?Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: This is sad, The end of the Harry Potter films is going nearAvatar Imagewing says: -.,-Avatar Imagewing says: -.,-Avatar Imagewing says: -.,-Avatar Imagewing says: -.,-Avatar Imagewing says: -.,-Avatar Imagewing says: -.,-Avatar Imagewing says: -.,-Avatar Imagewing says: hahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahaAvatar Imageginevrapotter07 says: I hope that's the epilogue scene. I'm so excited to know who's gonna play the Potter and Weasley siblings; but that's all. I don't want the HP franchise to end. I wish Mrs. Jo makes another book. :( sigh. Ok, I want to see the last movie as soon as possible, but I don't want the films to end? What other stupid options do I have? *shakes head in dismay*

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