Rumor Alert: Half-Blood Prince Trailers and Posters oh My!


Jan 20, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Rumor Alert! Many reports are online, first brought to us by, stating that the full trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be attached to Inkheart in theaters this weekend. Please note, some are saying this will be a new trailer, however it is most likely (if true) that this will be the trailer released back at the end of November. Also, reports say is that we will see an official HBP movie poster within the next few weeks. WB does not comment on rumors such as this, so please keep all of this in the rumor category for now!

Thanks to Portkey and all who emailed!

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Avatar Image says: I can't wait for the official trailer -- to finally show up all the fan-made ones for what they are. A new trailer might be nice too.Avatar Image says: I can't wait for the poster, most likely it will focus on Harry and Dumbledore but perhaps it will have a small hint of snape on it since he is The Half Blood Prince.Avatar Image says: I'm really keen to see some posters. That's one thing I always look forward to with these movies. I wonder how long 'the next few weeks' is.Avatar Image says: A new trailer would be nice since we r still 6 months out from the release.....but whatev WB will do what they want.Avatar Image says: The next few weeks means "by the end of January" XDAvatar Image says: "I can’t wait for the official trailer — to finally show up all the fan-made ones for what they are." Posted by Hagiographer13 Oops! Should have been official POSTER! :DAvatar Image says: well I have solid proof (a warner alert) that we'll see a teaser poster by the end of january. We just have to be patient! xDAvatar Image says: why not a new trailer, a new trailer was already spotted in Japan wasn't it. (I still don't understand why I can't find it on youtube, you'd think someone would have put it online by now)Avatar Image says: Its about time that we get to see a poster! I don't think we will see a new preview until May or June. Its to early for a new preview. They don't want to show to much to early now do they? Avatar Image says: I think it is about time to see a new poster... a GOOD new poster... i don't want it to be like the ones that they have in all the sticker albums... they were pretty awful..Avatar Image says: A proper HBP poster would be awesome, I can't wait! It can go in my room to match my Something Wicked POA Theatrical Poster :DAvatar Image says: Well, i hope the HBP movie is well done. I wasn't thrilled with the OOTP film due to it being chopped and sped through. I mean I get to the Movies, sit down and were all done. I mean alot of key parts in the book were left out, and the battle at the department of Mysteries, Dumbledore vs Voldemort-were not right. I know it has to do with the screen writing-glad to see Steve Kloves back at the helm for HBP!Hopefully they extend and show some blood for once at the battle in Hogwarts and the Tower scenes. After the Prisoner of Azkaban--which is the best film in the series--the last two were mediocre--here's hoping.Avatar Image says: I really hope it's a new trailer, the one from japan? Anyway, I am also eager to see the first poster, I too always look forward to the hp posters, i liked the order of the phoenix one with voldermort, that was cool shame about the movie... stupid wb!Avatar Image says: I can't wait ... it just seems so long ago. I hate being a nay-sayer because I love Harry and the world Jo created...just so much has happened and ended...I think the hype is gone in a way. It's very sad for me.Avatar Image says: I agreeAvatar Image says: I was going to see Inkeheart anyway. But either way, its most likely not going to show in Canada. Probablt for Americans only, as usualAvatar Image says: I loved that fake poster of the silver doe glowing in the forest.....and now I can't find it in my files. Anyone have a link to it?Avatar Image says: I was going to see Inkheart anyways, so I'll get a bonus. :-D I'd LOVE to see a new poster and trailer soon. July just won't come fast enough. Avatar Image says: I don't want another trailer! We've had 3 already!! I don't have the will power to ignore any trailers, so please don't tempt me WB!Avatar Image says: Oh and by the way - Inkheart is a good film, so go and see it!Avatar Image says: TOO MANY PICTURES! TOO MANY TRAILERS! This is Goblet of Fire all over again. They're scared that the movie's going to be a flop (PoA didn't do too well, and the economy may stop people from spending big on movies this time around), so they're desperately pumping money into this to beef it up. I could make a decent slideshow of the entire movie, right now, with promotional images and trailer footage. No joke. Some people on YouTube already did that.Avatar Image says: Trailer or not, gonna go see Inkheart. Haven't read the books, but I have a close friend who has and says they're pretty cool. Can't wait to see the poster,Avatar Image says: Great! The one movie I wasn't planning on seeing and they finally decide to show the trailer in theaters. They should have shown it a long time ago, and they lied when they said that they would show it for about three other movies.:(Avatar Image says: Yeah, that is disappointing. Oh, well. At least they're going to be showing it now.Avatar Image says: Sure we already have 4 trailers (if we have to include the one with the logo and Dumbledore speaking. lol.) but this will most likely will be the last one. Besides... it kinda makes sense. I mean... they start filming DH in nearly two weeks, don't they? I'm sure they want to finish the promotional stuff for HBP right now so they can spend quality time on the filming. Is it safe to assume the next trailer will be the same one that was just released in Japan??Avatar Image says: I really expected a poster back in November during the holiday movie rush. I hope it's good. I'll be disappointed if it's just another "Harry pointing his wand" poster, though the past two films have had strong teaser posters, so we'll see.Avatar Image says: I really expected a poster back in November during the holiday movie rush. I hope it's good. I'll be disappointed if it's just another "Harry pointing his wand" poster, though the past two films have had strong teaser posters, so we'll see.Avatar Image says: Sweet! I'm seeing that movie. I hope it's the new trailer but I'll be happy to see the old one too. They are always more exciting to see on the big screen!Avatar Image says: Yes! I've been wondering about when the poster would come out. And squeee for the trailer! :)Avatar Image says: was any1 else suddenly hit with a case of deja vu? REMEMBER: 1st, there was a rumor about a trailer during prince caspian and then there was going to be 1 for the mummy 3, but instead the release date got pushed back 6 months!!! i just cant believe any more rumors. but im going to inkheart anyway. it was an amazing book. i just hope they dont butcher the movie.Avatar Image says: MY DAUGHTER SAW THE TRAILER WHEN SHE WHEN TO SEE TWILIGHT LAST WEEKEND IN COLORADO. SHE SAID IT'S LOOKS AWESOME !!!!!Avatar Image says: Zulu Firebolt... I think you're going to be sorely disappointed.Avatar Image says: Deborah, I think your daughter is referring to the most recent HBP trailer -- which debuted with "Twilight" last November in theaters and online.Avatar Image says: You're right Tracy. We're must right on the edge of how much you can stretch a hype. We will all wait for the HBP. We have no choice. But while waiting, I just shake my head and have a bitt... not so nice thought about WB and money. Please no more trailers with new stuff. Otherwise the bag will be somewhat empty come july.Avatar Image says: oh dear. I wanted to write "We must be right on the edge" in my previous post. Avatar Image says: idk not 100% sure if i want another tralier.... i mean weve seen so much!!!!! im jsut afraid that when july finally rolls around we will have seen so much already! ya know? *sigh* either way ill watch the tralier and wish for moreAvatar Image says: Whhouu.... I can't wait to see the poster... I have waited for so long.. I really have no more patience... :sAvatar Image says: how cool!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Chances of rumors being true increase when you're talking about a rumor of a preview being on a movie released by the same company as Inkheart is. As far as I can tell though, the one that is supposed to be with Inkheart is the third one.Avatar Image says: NOOOOOOOOO !!!! All the stills look amazing but i need to see the trailer or i'll go nuts !! Hopefullly it's true that there is a trailer out there and that we will be able to see it soon !! I'm totally hiped up !! Avatar Image says: I was going to see Inkheart, anyway. I really hope that it's a new trailer. I loved the 2nd trailer, but was dissappointed with the 1st and 3rd...especially the 1st...Avatar Image says: Yes, guys!!! That is true!!! I went 3 weeks ago to the cinema and before the movie started HBP trailer was shown!!!!!!! It was FABULOUS!!!! It was a bit different from the others and some new clips from the movie were in!!!! I was THRILLED while I was seeing it!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: WHY!! WHY!! MUST WE BE TEASED SO OFTEN!!Avatar Image says: Does anyone know when we'll get to see the Japanese trailer?Avatar Image says: Snape!!! Snape!!! Snape!!! This is your movie!!! P.S. I love you...R.I.P...Avatar Image says: I saw Inkheart last night and the trailer was the one shown before Twilight in November. At least they are getting it out. I can't wait to see the poster. Will definatly have to keep checking in for it.Avatar ImageYodatheHobbit says: I work at a movie theater and was told by one of my managers that we'll get the poster for Half Blood Prince tomorrow(02/02/09)! If I see it there I'll try to get a picture of it.

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