Winners of Albus Severus Meets Peeves Contest Announced


Oct 10, 2009

Posted by EdwardTLC

Last month, our Contest Crew brought you the Albus Severus Meets Peeves Contest which asked you to create an original 500-word or less story about the young Albus Severus Potter meeting Peeves, the Hogwarts poltergeist, for the first time. After receiving many splendid entries, the winner of this contest has now been chosen. The winners are:

The first place winner of this contest will receive a custom made wand from from Wizard Wood Wands. Each winner will receive MyLeaky points for their efforts.

Congratulations to all!

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Avatar ImageFloridianFlounder95 says: Yay for Kate! :D I knew you could do it! :) Congrats to everyone else as well! :)Avatar ImageScribbled says: Those stories were great, and congrats to those of you who won!Avatar Imageharrypotter_123 says: Congratulations Kate!! :)Avatar Imagepotterforpresident says: Congratulations! :))Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Congrats to the winners! Great stories! :)Avatar Imageginevrapotter07 says: Congratulations! Great stories! :) I wish I knew too. At least I could've tried. haha.Avatar ImageLuce_depp says: awesome stories!Avatar ImageSigourney1990 says: Congrats Kate! should have entered myself :) oh well, there's always the next one...Avatar Imagekiwimci says: I liked the 2nd one the bestAvatar Imageweasleygirl101 says: Congratulations to the winners ! They were all really good stories !Avatar ImageHermioneRon4ever says: Only read Kate's so far... Wow, it was great! Congratulations! I loved the end :)Avatar ImageLisbry says: Congratulations, your stories were great! Avatar Image42sk8ter says: awesome stories! congrats! :)Avatar Image42sk8ter says: awesome stories! congrats! :)Avatar ImageCatherine says: congrats! awesome stories! they were really well done, it flet like reading the next generation of Potter! :)Avatar ImageHBPFan says: Just loved them! they were all really good! But can I say, the one that won the 1st prize was VERY good indeed!!Avatar ImageMoose_Starr says: Congratulations to all the winners. The stories really are awesome. My personal favorite is the third place entry, it made me laugh (in a good way).Avatar ImageWingardium Leviosa says: Congratulations, I love them! :-)Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: Congratulations to the winners!Avatar ImageShinyPineapple says: dang i cant believe that i forgot to enter!!!Avatar Imagefriendofblob says: I hope they do something like this agian, they were excellent peices of writing.Avatar Imagealpaca-girl says: Great Job! I love the stories :o)Avatar Imagestenojoz says: Great stories! Congratulations to all of you!Avatar Imageflowerchild says: congrats ppls !Avatar ImageBrosia23 says: Congrats to everyone!Avatar ImageBrosia23 says: Hurray for the next gen stories.Avatar ImageFifi says: Kate, that's really good, well done! Avatar Imagespiritbound says: They are awesome. Congratulations to Kate :DAvatar Imageloony_luvgood says: yay kate!!!Avatar ImageLadySidi says: So awesome! Congrats, everyone! :)Avatar Imagesairah says: Congrats! great stories, all of you!Avatar Imagesairah says: Congrats! great stories, all of you!Avatar Imagesairah says: Congrats! great stories, all of you!Avatar ImagevampressISap0tter says: Congrats! :) Wish i had entered..:) Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Congrats to KatetheKeeper!!!! But they were all really good, so congrats to everyone!Avatar ImageKhephran says: i entered, but due to the 500 words restriction i was unable to build a background and put peeves in there very well. these people are quite skilled and congrats, hopefully i'll win next time...Avatar ImageNicci Weasley says: Congrats!Avatar Imagejayrkreisler says: congrats to all...Avatar ImageJane_Potter says: Congratulations to the winners!!Avatar Imagesimos says: Gongratulations!Avatar ImageProsophules says: Congrats!Avatar ImageIloveDobby says: Congragulations. (: I just read the stories-they're reeally good. x]Avatar ImageKatetheKeeper says: Congrats to the other winners! And thanks for all the compliments, guys. =]Avatar Imagehumbert0 says: Congrats to the winners and to the other participants!!! Good job! =)Avatar ImageLulubelleI says: good job, everyone! Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Nicely done indeed...Avatar Imagemagicmaniac says: congrats!Guys if you go to the website link you can make your own one kinda of cheap.Avatar ImageNoble Birth Descending says: Congratulations! Avatar Imagevandy says: kate , you totally deserve it..... loved the ending....Avatar Imagehermionenluna TZS ROAR! says: congratulations to you all!Avatar ImageBrosia23 says: Congrats to all the entrants!Avatar ImageProfKnight says: great stories guys latelyAvatar Imagemuggle118 says: great storiesAvatar ImageFresca says: Congratulations to the winners. This was a fun contest!Avatar ImageWendelin the Weird says: Great stories! Congratulations! :)Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: I love the ending of KatetheKeeper's story!!!!!!!Avatar ImagePhoenix1946 says: All three are excellent, I'm glad I didn't have to make the choice. Congratulations!Avatar ImageRodiniusBlack says: Well done Kate, i absolutly loved it. Oh Scorpious is so gorgeous <3Avatar Imagealicia00 says: the winner story was relly goodAvatar ImageSybilT says: Great stories! Congratulations to all tbe talented winners.Avatar ImageHmrc5 says: Nice stories! The First Place is really cool... Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter friends? Good to think of it, but I don't know it'll work... But I love the idea! ;)Avatar ImageSophiaMalfoy says: congratzz!!Avatar ImageRowling Stones says: ooh those are awesome i liked the 3rd one best and then the 2nd and then the 1st congrats guysAvatar Imagesmilemichael says: Congratulations!!Avatar Imageeamonnteh says: Congratulations! Such awesome stories!Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: :)Avatar ImageSpook says: All these stories are brilliant. I just wanted them to keep going and tell us what happened next. Thanks for these. Congratulations to all.Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: Congratulations! Wonderful, just wonderful!Avatar Imagepfowlerp says: Congratulations, your stories were terrific!!!Avatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: Congrats to the winners! Fantastic stories!!Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: Mine was rubbish. I need to try!!! Well done guys!! Gonna try the pumpkin competition.Avatar Imagewing says: hahahahahahaAvatar ImageSmitch says: Congrats, Kate! Avatar Imagewing says: hahahahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahahahaAvatar Imagehprocks2700 says: congratulations!

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