Quidditch World Cup to be Broadcast Live on Net from Middlebury College


Oct 24, 2009

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Earlier this month, we told you that the third annual intercollegiate Quidditch World Cup would be taking place this weekend at Middlebury College in Vermont. There is exciting news for fans all over the world as word is the event will now be livestreamed on the net via this link on Sunday, October 25th from 9am -6pm Eastern. Muggles and Magical folks alike are invited to watch or head out to the event which will feature more than 20 collegiate teams in competition using the very popular (and very exciting) magical sport. The matches are free and open to the public. For more, be sure to check the Facebook page here, or the main website. Good luck to all in their quest for the Quidditch World Cup!

Thanks Emily!

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