We Love the Weasleys and Other High Res Photos from OotP

Oct 25, 2009

Posted by: SueTLC

OotP Film

The high res photos from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix continue to trickle out, as there are more online today. We love the Weasleys, especially this photo of the delightful Julie Walters and Mark Williams as Molly and Arthur Weasley. Also notable is this of rehearsals for the aftermath of the lightening struck tower, as the various cast (and notice the double for Hagrid) bundle up against the cold and listen out to director Yates. Others which you can see at this link include several of the wonderful Dame Maggie Smith as a worried Professor McGonagall, Jason Issacs as Lucius, the Burrow set, Evanna Lynch, Richard Griffiths (Vernon) and more. Enjoy!

Thanks much to Oclumencia!

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