A Review: Harry Potter Wall Art

Dec 05, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Editor’s Review: As a parent for years I had hoped they would
produce quality Harry Potter decals like so many others already on the
market to have for a bedroom, or now to help decorate a rec room, Harry
Potter style. Just recently I had the chance to take a closer look at a
piece from this collection first hand, this gorgeous cut out of Hogwarts Castle,
and can report that indeed these are high quality decals, well worth
the wait and a good investment if you are willing to go for the larger

To begin with, the decal has a different feel to it, more
like a thin fabric than any sort of plastic decal I’ve used before, and
found it did work well on two different surfaces with no residue, paint
or anything left clinging to the surface after removing. Also, true to
their word, I discovered you can indeed remove these decals and wiggle
about as demonstrated in the company video, and then use again with
relative ease.

In all honesty, the cutout Hogwarts Castle is
probably one of the harder pieces in the collection to display given
the many delicate towers and turrets of the castle (sometimes quite
small but its the detail that makes it so much better), thus I was
extra careful when removing the decal from the backing paper. This
process took a while to make sure all went up straight and without
bubbles, and in fairness the company recommends for larger pieces that
you might consider a helper. In the end, with a ruler
and a bit of patience, I must say it was well worth the effort as I now
have a wonderful image of Hogwarts aglow in my room, far better than
anything I might have printed off the internet, a very nice addition to the room!

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Avatar ImageNoz says: Hey there ^^ it would be nice to have a pic of the decal on its wall. It's probably what the first link of the review is about, but it's not working (url not fully entered)... Thank you for the review though, we can only hope that France is added to the destinations one day.... :-)Avatar Imagemarymackie says: How expensive are they?Avatar ImageCarinaPotter says: Nice! Thanks for the review; I wanted to get one of them, but was unsure how durable the decal was and how it would look. Advertisements can be so misleading. So, anyway, thanks!Avatar ImageThe Hufflepuff Giraffe says: Cool! Thanks, Sue! I really want a Hufflepuff crest. :) And, @marymackie, you can get different images & sizes, but they generally start around $15. Check everything out here: http://www.harrypotterwallart.com/ Avatar ImageMudblood_and_proud says: (sigh) i miss sue!!!!!

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