PotterCast 210: Jingle This


Dec 08, 2009

Posted by EdwardTLC

A super-sized edition of PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast,
awaits you for our 210th episode of Potter news, discussion, and fun
including an indepth discussion of the brand new sneak preview for
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (high res video and screencaps
). In news, Sue also brings us up to date on such things as the
release of Jingle Spells 3, Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park
updates, the Half-Blood Prince
DVD features, and EW’s J. K. Rowling Entertainer of the Year award, as
well as discussion of the recently released Harry Potter and the
Half-Blood Prince
DVD as well as the two Ultimate Collector’s editions.
A MailBag segment follows where the PotterCasters turn to the
LiveStream audience for questions and comments about the Deathly Hallows preview
trailer and more. This extended PotterCast continues with a track by
track preview of our new Jingle Spells 3 CD. The drums bring us more
talk of the iPhone Harry Potter Spells application, The Favorite Place, and our own Sue Upton’s special note about her mother. On this subject, Sue wished to note the following:

From Sue: Please forgive this personal note, but as many of you know, I was unable to go on tour with PotterCast this summer as my family had to take priory. As you might have seen either on my Facebook or Twitter, earlier this month, my beloved mother lost her battle against ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) At the moment, frankly I am faltering quite a bit these days, but please know all the kind words support and condolences have meant so much to my entire family and truly so, it is very much appreciated. You can learn more about ALS at this link.

Thank you again, with much love,


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“Jingle This

RT: 99:50
Producer: John Noe
Editor: Michael Beckett

Also, special thanks to our ever-vigilant UStream Mods for monitoring the live PotterCast recordings.

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28 Responses to PotterCast 210: Jingle This

Avatar ImageAll Was Well says: Can't wait to listen!Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Can't wait to hear it... but will there be another little Avatar spoof special?? Ya'll got me hooked on watching the show now, so I would love more discussions on that if ever possible. Avatar Imagecosmo409 says: lots of love and thoughts for Sue! and what a delightfully potter-filled day!Avatar ImageBandersnatch says: Sending lots of warm thoughts your way, Sue. Hang in there.Avatar Imageinzainiac says: W00T! I've been waiting for this since last week!Avatar Imagexhandler says: Listening right now, when you're discussing that Crouch kept Moody alive because he'd die if he used polyjuice of a death person, that's wrong. It even says in the books, he keeps Moody alive so that he can interrogate him about his live AND get polyjuice for a whole year. The most probable thing is that you can use the polyjuice potion of a dead person but once the body degrades you can't get any new polyjuice.Avatar ImageCandyCane2304 says: @Sue sorry for your lost, I lost my mother in January so it'll be a year next month that's she's been gone from my life.Avatar Imagenddulac says: BTW - in real life, sub-zero water would be ICE! Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Can’t wait to listen! Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: Yes! New Pottercast! And is a loooong one! Downloading right now.Avatar ImageCatherine says: love PC!!!Avatar ImageSmitch says: "Jingle This"...Haha, I can only imagine. Must listen today, especially since I'm home sick! Avatar ImageNicci Weasley says: My condolences to you Sue. Many thoughts from here!Avatar ImageARION says: Very exciting!!!Avatar Imagekbicprez says: @Sue, I'm very sorry to hear about your Mom. You are a very special person to all of us Leaky fans. I'm sure your Mom was very special too.Avatar Imageapril_showers says: Love you, Sue. Really. *hugs* Avatar ImageRavenclaw98 says: Sue i am sooooo sorry about your Mum. You have been very support of us and kind so if your was Mother was anything like you am i am sure she was very speacil.Avatar Imagesessionka says: Sue... My sympathies... Hold onto the good memories...Avatar Imagesgtawesome says: I'm pretty sure the eyes at the beginning of preview are Aberforth Dumbledore's in the sliver of mirror. Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: yes! new pottercast! i've been looking forward to the new one...about to go and listen! Avatar Imagezoltan42 says: Nice having a new Pottercast. They're always good for when I go to the gym. But I have to ask: what ever happened to the Leakymug podcast from the HBP premiere? Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: EXCITING!Avatar Imagenox avis says: first ever pottercast loved it! gonna tune in next time for sure:) Avatar ImageApple says: Squee - my two favourite things merging - HP and Merlin! Yes John Hurt is the voice of the dragon in Merlin.Avatar ImageAnnaKat says: you keep talking them (H,H) about dancing at the wedding, but the movie clip makes it obvious its in the TENT, not at the wedding.Avatar ImagePollytomat says: My condolences, Sue. We all love you! Be strong!Avatar Imagejberry116 says: Great show, as usual! One thing, at around minute 24:03 when the conversation changed to the Deathly Hallows preview there was some music in the background that sounded like some excellent Wizard Rock, however I can't seem to figure out what song it was, though I know I've heard it. Anyone catch that and know what it was?Avatar ImageSaskiaM says: Just listened to it (bit late I know)... but... does anyone think that could have been Aberforth's eye? I don't think it was Grindelwald's.

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