Total Film: Harry Potter “Franchise of the Decade”


Dec 14, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

This week, Total Film magazine is releasing their newest issue with ten different covers as part of their special on best of the decade. Harry Potter will be featured on one of the covers (also here in our galleries) as “Franchise of the Decade.” Coming in at number 8, the cover says about Harry Potter: “From page to screen, how Harry Potter made movie magic. Plus, first word on the epic finale.” If anyone can get scans of the feature inside the magazine, please send them to [email protected]!

Also, thanks to our Order partner we know the magazine will also have a feature on Rupert dressed as one of his favorite film characters, Napoleon Dynamite.


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Avatar ImageNoble Birth Descending says: This is excellent. I'll have to pick up a copy!Avatar Imagetigerpatronus13 says: awesome!!! but #8 i really want to know what got the other slots!!Avatar ImageJessSnape says: 8th movie franchise of the decade?? I have to wonder what could possibly surpass HP!!Avatar ImageFifi says: Great! But whose before HP?Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I am pleased to see that it was included on this list but do believe too that it deserved to be ranked higher in comparison to some of the others.Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: Meh, Batman ans Star Trek higher than Harry? Seriously? Wasn't Star trek released this yea?Avatar ImageJeannine says: btw:: I said AWE! w-e-l-l LOL!!!Avatar ImageAll Was Well says: Number 8? How's that?Avatar Imagestarlesswinter says: Of course people on a Harry Potter fansite are going to say that their beloved franchise deserves to be #1. But I don't think the magazine is judging in terms of number of fans; they're most likely judging on quality. Really, if we're talking about quality of [i]films[/i] here (which does NOT mean "entertainment value" - it means "artistic value") then Lord of the Rings really does deserve to be at the top. Harry Potter only "wipes the floor with the other franchises" because it's had SIX films - the others haven't had as many - although it does earn points for being able to keep its box office earnings high. Really, though, does anyone think hardcore Harry Potter fans are going to stop seeing these films? No...if anything, this franchise has probably lost fans over the years. Outside the tightknit community I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say "Aren't these Harry Potter movies done yet?" I think it's ridiculous to say that there's some sort of favoritism going on with the editors of the magazine/website, as if it's a blatant fact that Jo and HP are the supreme beings of the artistic world. People have opinions that aren't always going to match with everyone else's, even if there are millions of fans of a particular franchise such as Harry Potter. Avatar ImageTyqwando416 says: I don't think it means 8th FRANCHISE of the decade, but 8th overall story of the decade, since all the other 9 are different categories, like superhero or epic or whatever else of the decade. Avatar ImageAll Was Well says: Actually, I must admit that Lord of the Rings deserves to be first. I know this is heresy, but they are my favorite movies.Avatar ImageKewlguy21 says: HP should have gotten higher; #8 wasnt even close HP has been around along time and could b at least #3 or #4Avatar ImagePotterWatcher8 says: It's just nice to make the list!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Great!!!Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: cool! harry/jk deserve it! i wish they'd of picked a different photo though...there are much better ones they could have chosen...Avatar ImageJeannine says: @sunlitdays..what are you talking about?lol!...the last HP film made almost as much monies as the first and altogether they have made over $5.5 billion dollars...My sister has never read any of th book and enjoys the films a lot....and sees everyone of them when they come out.Avatar Imagejustinthemighty says: Grrr... That's 'Casino,' not 'Casion' (which sounds like an alien or a new brand of batteries).Avatar ImageThio says: Nice! But the cover art is kind of weak...Avatar ImageSmitch says: It's awesome! Avatar ImageThio says: And I thank Justin the Mighty, for clearing things up!Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: can't wait to see rupert dressed as napolean. it will probably look a bit like alan a. allen!Avatar ImagexxIBelieveInNarglesxx says: Cool!:) but why #8? what is #1 then?Avatar ImageFifi says: Just found out. Lord of the Rings is 1st and Spider-Man is right before HP.Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: 8th. Not bad but should have gotton higher!!!Avatar ImagetheREALGinnyWeasley says: Umm HP definitely should have been #1....but LotR is pretty awesome...not as good as HP thoughAvatar Imagealicia00 says: cool but harry potter should have came in first thoughtAvatar Imagestevenk12468 says: Considering Harry Potter made more money than the first 7, you'd think it would have gotten higher. I can POSSIBLLY see LotR ranking number one, because they movies were brilliant, but Harry Potter should have gotten #2 at least. Avatar ImageRinny says: thank, Justin, for having eyes. :) And even if it was ranking, guys, I'm sorry, but you have to absolutely ridiculous and blind to think that LotR doesn't deserve to be first. Because LotR were actually really really good movies EVERY time. I hate to break it to you guys, but the harry potter films... they're only just now starting to be actually good quality films. The first two were kind of awful films. good stories, but bad films. I'm a fairly big fan and have been from almost the beginning, but I can barely get through the first two films. I usually end up fast forwarding a lot. I can sit and watch all three extended editions of LotR in a glorious 12 hour marathon and never feel that same kind of pain. Why? because LotR is probably *the* best book-to-movie translation. Mainly because peter jackson made it his life for so long, and the entire cast and crew for 3+ years (yes, i know HP has been filming for 10 something years, but not with the same consistency as LotR). And it's not a crime to think that. You can be an HP fan and LotR fans and a narnia fan and a star trek fan and whatever else you want to be (even twilight... you know, if you *really* want to...) all at the same time. In fact, it makes more sense. harry potter is not the end all be all, *especially* in movie world. And I will say, in response to whoever said that more people are not watching them than watching them, after HBP movie came out, I had several friends decide it was time to finally read the books (hallelujah!) and have really fallen in love with the series now. So I do still think the movies are drawing in new fans, especially as the qualities of the films has improved over time.Avatar ImageJeannine says: HP is the number 1 franchise of all time....even it some people don't thnk the quality is as good as someof these othrs it shoud still have gotten #2 ....before of the Franchise!'s rediculoious..AWE!WELL! JKR didn't eve make #1 inEW list so there has to be somekind of favortisum somewhere on behaold of these magazines.Avatar Imagebeewell says: I think that this is great! Recognition of this kind is great for the franchise as well as JK Rowling. All HP fans are going to want to have their favorite wizard as #1 (including me) but there are others that are just as great in various categories. As for the picture, I think it was a great choice.Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: sorry for the double-post - at first i wasn't too bothered, but even if you set money aside, HP is still the number 1 franchise, having spanned the decade and retained its core original cast. monetarily, it wipes the floor with other franchises. what other franchise has such a great box office average? it aint easy.Avatar Imagesgreeter8888 says: What 8 franchises could possibly be above Harry Potter? (I mean I could see maybe 3 franchises, but 8?)Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: hooray! :DAvatar Imagestarfishes16 says: Meh... Lord of the Rings is a bit too confusing for me... I think I was too little when I saw it to get it. I don't know. Harry Potter (more specifically Hogwarts) has had this homey feeling about which I love (the first film being my favorite). I'm excited to hear what this anoucment is and I laughed when they said that mr. Grint is gonna dress up like Napoleon Dynamite ("Gosh.").Avatar ImageDiamondWings says: really cool!Avatar ImageDiamondWings says: why is always the GoF picture?? o.O XDAvatar ImageWON_TWO says: When will they be building "Lord Of The Rings World" in Orlando???Avatar Imagesunlitdays says: i think theyre not categorizing "best franchises" per say. theyre talking about the franchises that made the most money, and presumably that makes them the best. im very curious to know how many neutral harry potter fans see the movies anymore, cuz if i were them, i probably wouldve stopped around movie three. its just got to be too confusing you know? they try hard and ppl whove probably read the books maybe once each can limp along, but a non harry potter fan cannot simply plop down on the couch and watch the films. get what im trying to say here? its just proving the sheer amount of harry potter fans who go to the movies still, because i think the harry potter viewers are now strictly fans. i dont think anybody who doesnt follow the books are watching the movies anymore.Avatar Imagesunlitdays says: so, rounding up (getting off track as i often do) i think this is a pretty solid choice. i wouldve moved it up to like say, maybe 5th or something, but not hating on the choiceAvatar Imagewrightrox says: coolAvatar Imagekingdomkey1121 says: Should've been #1...Avatar ImageElderwand103 says: Awesome. Gotta keep my eye out so I can buy it!Avatar ImagePotterGeekFreak says: Harry looks possessed in that picture. Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Lord of the Rings definitely deserves to be #1 honestly. But HP shoudl have been at like #5 I would say... definitely above Spider-Man and James Bond in my opinion. But congrats to HP anyways!Avatar Imageexpelliarmus9 says: brillent! Avatar Imagenine9isfine says: Oh stop being biased guys, be happy it made the list, the films above it are better films. Just because you love HP it doesn't mean you need to be biased to the point of being delusional. I love HP. And I don't think the films deserve to be on the list.Avatar Imagejustinthemighty says: +agrees with Tyqwando416+ Allow this sleepy Slytherin (boo... hiss?) to clear up confusion. Harry Potter IS the Franchise of the Decade. If you check out the Total Film website, it doesn't appear that they're ranked cover to cover. It looks as though each cover is highlighting a different category altogether. So Harry Potter isn't the 8th franchise; it's the 8th cover in the series. Even the text below the images on the site lists them as such: "Epic of the Decade" (LOTR) and "Blockbuster of the Decade" (Dark Knight) and "Superhero of the Decade" (Spiderman) and so forth. When it comes to franchise success, it actually IS about quantity. Otherwise, anything that has a sequel would be considered a franchise, which isn't the case. A franchise has come to mean several related films that are commercial successes. "Casino Royale" lends evidence to this, as I don't think anyone would consider the three Bond films made this decade an actual franchise unto themselves. The franchise there would be the 22 (released) Bond films collectively, which are really a bunch of mini-franchises in one big franchise. :-p But only 3 of them are from this decade, so the overall number doesn't really matter anyway. Same goes for "Star Trek" as well. I am a sci-fi dork and I love all the Star Trek films, but there aren't enough post-2000 Star Trek flicks to really constitute the Franchise of the Decade (and this year's flick is the only super successful one in recent years). And then there's "Shaun of the Dead" to deal with. Very... not a franchise. Which makes it quite obvious that each cover is a different category. To recap: Harry Potter: Franchise of the Decade LOTR: Epic of the Decade Dark Knight: Blockbuster of the Decade Spiderman: Superhero of the Decade Star Trek: Sci-Fi Flick of the Decade Casion Royale: Reboot of the Decade Sin City: Coolest Film of the Decade Shaun of the Dead: Comedy of the Decade Donnie Darko: Cult Film of the Decade There Will Be Blood: Best Film of the Decade So... you know... poof? [Wall of text over. :)]Avatar ImageThio says: And I thank Justin the Mighty, for clearing things up!Avatar ImageFigment says: I'm not surprised it made the list, but I would think it would be higher.Avatar Imageharrygetsme says: well duh ;)Avatar ImageToNkS_rip says: oooo. cool. i wish they put a better photo on the cover though. and i know it has 2 b harry, but draco would be much, much better. i know, i know - just a silly in-love-with-draco girl. whatever. say what you want...Avatar ImageRinny says: hmm... i wrote a comment in response to this, and it never showed up- sad day. basically, I just wanted to say 1. thanks, Justin, for being able to read and clearing that up. 2. Even if it was a ranking system, I don't care how big of an HP fan you are, LotR by far deserves to be number one in any such film competition. This is not heresy in anyway, and it's a little embarrassing to see that some people might actually think that. There is nothing wrong with being fans of multiple series (i myself am a huge fan of LotR, narnia, harry potter, i'm not as big on star trek but i enjoy it. i don't like twilight, but you know, as long as you don't try to say that twilight is a better book than HP, we can still be friends...). And I'm sorry, the Harry Potter movies in the grand scheme of films aren't that good. LotR, on the other hand, truly are all amazing films. That's not to say that I don't enjoy HP movies for what they are, and they have definitely improved a lot with each film, but there is no comparison with something like LotR, which is arguably one of the best book to movie translation ever made. Also, to whoever commented on the HP franchise losing fans, I wanted to reply that actually, after the HBP movie, I have had several friends finally decide they wanted to read the books (hallelujah!) and who have become much more into the series than they ever were before. Again, with the moves getting better, I do think it still retains the power to draw in new fans. So while it may be loosing people in some areas, I do think that by and by from what I've seen, it's still gaining fans.Avatar Imagejustinthemighty says: Thanks, Thio and Rinny. :) And your comment did show up, Rinny. But it's on a different page. (I had the same issue yesterday. A follow-up comment regarding a typo ended up on an earlier comment page. Rather wonky.)Avatar ImageRinny says: huh, that is really weird. well now everyone can rush to analyze how i rephrase myself when i'm having to repeat what i already once said. hah.Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: Cool... but EMPIRE COPYCATS!!!!!!Avatar Imageleigia says: It seemed like people aren't really reading the bio below the covers. HP is the FRANCHISE of the decade, but it came in at number eight. Lord of the Rings is number one because it's the EPIC of the decade while Star Trek is SCI FI of the decade. Nevertheless, it's sad that the COMEDY of the decade (Shaun of the Dead) is ahead of the FRANCHISE (HP).Avatar Imagejonfrog says: thats cool, i wonder whats number 1 Avatar Imagejustinthemighty says: +strangles leigia+ I've covered this. And Rinny worked her magic on this too. They're ranked by category. The covers aren't ranked 1 through 10. They're simply numbered 1 through 10, with the top of each category getting a respective cover. Now you're re-confusing people! Slytherin attack!!! +more strangling+Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: Harry, you'll always be #1 to me!Avatar Imageinferi_shark_blood says: Of course it was "Franchise of the Decade", how could it not?Avatar ImageZephyrFool says: Amazing! Strange picture, though.Avatar Imagestarwarshippie says: I just looked at the top 10 it is so lame. Okay I'll give them Lord of the Rings for number one--I personally didn't care for them but that's just me. But Batman and James Bond as 2 and 3. Batman Begins was a good movie but the Dark knight wasn't great. James Bond sucked James Bond has always sucked it's just a bunch of showy action with bad puns and comercials mixed in. Harry Potter has two movies in the top 5 hightest grossing movies of all time, 4 in the top 10 and all in the top 25. That makes it the true Franchise of the Decade.Avatar Imagepfowlerp says: Congrats to HP, although I feel it should have been ranked better!!Avatar ImageLoveTomRiddle says: I'm not surprised that HP made the list, but 8th? 7 - Spiderman (Umm Okay) 6 - Shaun of the Dead (WHAT THE HECK IS THAT) 5 - Sin City (WHAT THE HECK?) 4 - Star Trek (WHAT THE HECK?) 3 - Casino Royale (not a surprise but 3rd?) 2 - The Dark Knight (not a surprise) 1 - Lord of the Rings (not a surprise)Avatar ImageLittle Light says: YEAHHHHH!

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