Fan Feature: A Gingerbread Office for Dumbledore


Dec 14, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

During the holidays we often see many types of gingerbread houses as decorations, however today we thought you might enjoy a fun look at another gingerbread creation, Harry Potter style. Thanks much to TLC reader Brittany who made this very cool gingerbread Dumbledore’s office, complete with Sorting Hat, Fawkes and Dumbledore himself (closeups here and here). You can see over 140 photos of the entire process here in our galleries. Brittany said that it took her 16 days of many steps to complete the project (some 80 hours total out of those days) and noted it is 100% edible, save for the wooden base. The books (seen here) are actual book titles found from the series or songs written by Wizard rock group the Ministry of Magic, with the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling on the top shelf. The 16 year old says this creation was in competition and won First place in the 6th-12th grade category. Congratulations Brittany!

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Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Wow! Congrats it looks great!!! FIRST!!! Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Isn't that cute!Avatar ImageRAzzLe says: That is talent!Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: Wow this is amazing!!!! I would never eat that even though it looks so tasty!!!!!Avatar ImageEilynn says: A very talented piece of work. It's really amazing. Congratulations !!!!Avatar ImageLadySidi says: That's amazing!Avatar ImageRavenclaw98 says: wow looks wonderful.Avatar ImageLucida says: Wow, I want cookies now...Avatar Imagedaharja says: Wow! That looks delicious, but I would want to preserve it forever.Avatar Imagesunlitdays says: that is so unbelievbally awesome. POINTS!Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: Awesome! Congratulations on winning!Avatar ImageGanduean-Vampiress says: WOW! a gingerbread office, and can you just imagine the look on Albus' face if he were to find out about the harry potter series? i think he'd get a kick out of the whole thingAvatar ImageJadeDanielle says: That's amazing. Fantastic job!Avatar Imagebutterbeer bottle says: WOW! I can only imagine how hard it would have been to construct this! It looks amazing! And delicious, but I wouldn't at all want to eat it because of how great it looks!Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: wow this is excellent!Avatar Imagehermionenluna says: great job!Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: fawkes is really brilliant. and dumbledore...haha i cant help thinking he looks like santa. perhaps red wasnt the best choice for his hat...however, outstanding job overall. i can't make one of those milk-carton gingerbread houses without it falling over!Avatar ImageLunaLupinTonks says:! merlin's beard I want that.Avatar Imageexpelliarmus9 says: haha, awesome! Avatar Imageleigia says: I enjoyed looking at edible art, even though I wonder if it's possible to even eat them when they look so very beautiful.Avatar ImageFifi says: Yum! And congratulations! It looks brilliant!Avatar Imagemoony_lupin says: What a talented piece of work and yummy to boot!Avatar Imagepotterversefan says: I wish I was talented, Great Job!!Avatar ImageGraymayne says: Wonderful idea, painstakingly crafted with great attention to detail! Well done, Brittany, thank you for sharing your work with us.Avatar Imagehalfbloodprincesss says: that is amazingggAvatar ImageHellenPotter127 says: It is wonderfull! I love it! Great job!Avatar ImageAll Was Well says: Wow! That's incredible! Nice job, Brittany!Avatar ImageZephyrFool says: Speechless, I am. Doesn't happen often.Avatar ImageShinyPineapple says: That's fantastic!!! Amazing job, Brittany! :DAvatar Imagejenge says: Wow that's amazing!! Great Job!!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: What an impress feat to construct this entire beauty! Well done.Avatar ImageDiamondWings says: AWESOME!!!Avatar ImageSmitch says: Awesome stuff! Avatar Imagejenbabe705 says: Wow that is amazing!! Building a normal gingerbread house is incredibly hard so I give her huge props for making something so complicated! It looks perfect!Avatar Imageaj_ellybean says: Now that, my friends, is some serious patience and fan dedication! Well done!Avatar Imagehewy says: What an amazingly talented young lady!! Is she aspiring to be a pastry chef? That is an awsome piece of work!!!Avatar ImageLauraKeaton says: that is awesome. it looks way too good to eat.Avatar ImageFigment says: Wow, very cool. You are very talented Brittany!Avatar Imagehermionerules1844 says: That's just amazing! I wish I was that creative.Avatar Imagebeewell says: Congrats! Looks great and very tasty. She did a great job!Avatar Imagealicia00 says: wow its cuteAvatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: That is AMAZING!!! Super cool! :)Avatar ImageAmy Darlene says: Amazing!!!!! Avatar ImageTheHeirOfSlytherin2 says: I wonder if good ol' Dumby's head tastes good...? Ha ha! Great job!Avatar Imageharrygetsme says: oh wow, this is so cool!Avatar Imagenox avis says: WOW! well done. looks too good to eat Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Wow how many hours did that take?Avatar ImageSwizzle says: Wow that's cool!Avatar Imagesiena says: Congratulations, Brittany - this is fantastic stuff !! What a talent you are ! I can't even get a poundcake look nice ...Avatar ImageJTEL99 says: How cute! Amazing job, Brittany! :o)Avatar Imagejfoot says: I can not beleive someone made dumbeldoors office out of gingerbread.Avatar ImageLittle Light says: =D

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