CNN: Harry Potter Actors Reflect, Look Forward to Life Post Deathly Hallows


Dec 09, 2009

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HP Cast

CNN has a new article online today where cast members reflect back on the beginning of their time with the Harry Potter series as well as life post Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Of interest are comments from Dan Radcliffe who spoke about that first day for filming of Sorcerer’s Stone: “It was September 29, 2000,” Daniel Radcliffe, now 20, told CNN with
a hint of nostalgia about his first day on set in Goathland railway
station in northern England. “Me, Emma [Watson], and Rupert
[Grint] had all traveled up that day in a minibus, and we sat on the
back seat — which was undoubtedly my influence — pretending that we
were DJs on a radio station.”

Tom Felton also spoke of his early days, saying “I’ll never forget walking through those amazing doors for the first
time, as we have done many a time since,” Tom Felton, who plays Harry
Potter baddie Draco Malfoy, told CNN. “I also remember
auditioning here. The crazy thing about the audition was that, at my
very first audition — when they had thousands of kids in, day in day
out — Emma Watson was standing next to me and we did it together. And
I came back in two weeks and she had been cast!”

As for what happens when the final scene is done in the final Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Rupert Grint told CNN: “Before this film you never really thought about it ending, you kind
of just thought it was going to go on for ever. It’s going to be quite
a moment I think because my whole childhood is really in this place,”
said 21-year-old Rupert Grint, who has spent the last decade playing
Harry Potter’s loyal friend Ron Weasley.

But Grint quickly goes
to stress that he is ready to leave Hogwarts’ gates behind him and move
on to new ventures — this time without the help of magic potions. “I
think I’m ready to move on and get out into the real world and see what
it’s like.”

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