Rupert Grint Rolling Stone’s Hot Sidekick of 2009


May 28, 2009

Posted by EdwardTLC

A new feature on Rolling Stone Magazine includes actor Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) as part of their list of 2009 Hot List. Dubbing Mr. Grint their ‘Hot Sidekick,’ the magazine profiles the young actor who notes that the Harry Potter experience has “been exactly half of my life.” He goes on to say of the experience: “It has been
really weird. I feel like I’ve completely changed really quickly. I
was going to a regular school, and then suddenly I did this
audition on a whim and then ” well, it just sort of
Rolling Stone goes on to talk of Mr. Grint’s upcoming projects, as well as of the fan base Mr. Grint has cultivated during the past ten years. The full article can be found right here.

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Avatar ImageAJWC1 says: I usually don't like to think of the word sidekick when thinking of Rupert or Ron. HOWEVER, it's Rolling freakin' Stone magazine, they can do what they want. And yes, Rupert is Hot!!! Avatar ImageJTEL99 says: He's finally grown up, hasn't he? Although I can still see that cute little 11 year old in there somewhere, lol.Avatar Imagetubaturtle says: At least Rupert's FINALLY getting some recognition!! I mean, I like all three of them a lot, but poor Rupert's always pushed to the side. So I'm happy that Rupert's finally getting some recognition.Avatar ImageDolemite says: He's got flaming red hair so he must be hot.Avatar Imagehpluver88 says: So amazing to see him getting this type of recognition! And I love his quote about feeling like he's still 16. lol!Avatar Imagebudgie says: Congratulations!Avatar Imagelinnie95 says: Cool. Good for him!!Avatar ImageLady of the Lake says: I can't believe it's already been 10 years. I'm so old...Avatar ImageMary11_hplvr4l says: lol Dolmete :) I love how they're recognizing my future husband *cough* :DDAvatar ImagegaylebathanHP says: Congratulations Rupert!Avatar ImageZhandarq says: I've always been one of those who falls for the "sidekick," myself. We all love and support the hero, but the hero could never be the hero without his or her loyal and stalwart sidekick's help. And the sidekick always has a personality quirk that makes him or her irresistible, in my opinion. Do you need any further proof?: Who did Hermione, the best and brightest witch of her generation, choose?! 'Nuff said. Case closed. Cheers, y'all!Avatar ImageJcoons says: Yayy!!!!!Avatar Imagebutterbeer bottle says: Yay for Rupert! As much as I don't like him being known as the 'sidekick', I'm glad he's being noticed. And to make it even better it's in Rolling Stone, a magazine which I happen to love.Avatar ImageLuce_depp says: Congrats ron/rupert!Avatar ImagePrisoner Of Azkaban says: well done to Rupert :DAvatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Good for him!Avatar Imageboona says: I am soo happy that people/mags are giving more recognition to Rupert this time around because he definitely deserves it =] And he is a total hottie tooAvatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: Ron is the best character EVER(well and hermione:D)! and rupert grint is the best ron EVER!! that article was soooo funny!! My friends go: ewww, rupert grint is ugly! so im like nooooooo!! how can they thikn that? he plays RON!!!! dude and he is smokin' :D . To me he isnt the side-kick. because harry wouldnt be harry without his friends, its why I prefer calling them the trio, because they are all main characters.... even though their names arent in the name of the book series.Avatar Imagevandy says: Go Rupert!!! He deserves the recognition.. Although I just don't like the word "sidekick".... Avatar ImageFresca says: Rupert is veyr inciteful for a young person. Hope all good things come his way!Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: I thinlk Rupert has great comedic timing - his looks, his reactions to Harry or Hermoine - I think he's a great side-kick and a talent in his own rightAvatar ImageMaestra2 says: Wow! A new category - HOT sidekick?? Hey, first!Avatar Imageericaeeks says: Nice article :) They spelled "showed" wrong.. haha (Avatar Imagesnapelover1 says: Ron Rocks!!! He's a cutie and Hell of an actor...rock on RUPERTAvatar Imagemaimiaa says: hooray for Rupert! <3Avatar ImagePotterFan-Man says: He's a great actor. He's come a long way since the first movie.Avatar ImageLucilla says: Yea for Rupert! Even tho every time I see him I say, look there's Ron!Avatar Imageplacebowiz says: pretty cool...for a blood traitorAvatar Imageugurbocegi says: I'd really like to see Cherry Bomb. I think he is a great actor.Avatar Imageoldenoughtoknowbetter says: Our little Rupert is all grown up!! Great articleAvatar ImageMary11_hplvr4l says: I don't mind him not growing up though lol 16 is a good age to be @ for 5 years..mostly cuz I am 16...but stillAvatar ImagegaylebathanHP says: congratulatons rupert!Avatar ImageTheDeathlyHallows07 says: I think it is great he is being recognized...he deserves it. However, "sidekick" isnt the correct term for Ron's role in the series. When i think of sidekicks, Robin comes to mind. Sidekicks pretty much just tag along and help out when needed, like Robin did for Batman. Robin wasnt Batmans best friend, he didnt have equal say in things, and frankly i really was always under the impression Batman didnt really think of Robin as an "equal partner" Ron WAS Harry's best friend. Ron DID have equal say in matters along with Hermione, and they thought of each other as "equal partners" Ron Weasley is NOT a sidekick, far from it. If i had to coin a term id say "partners-in-crime" and lets not forget Hermione, they were the Trio, they are the main characters as someone has already said. Yes ultimately Harry is the main hero, but they both had a part in him being a hero. There are a couple times in the books, not sure where, that Ron IS called Harry Potter's "sidekick" however, that i can think of, they all were said by Snape in a sarcastic manner, and maybe even once by Fudge, but again it was said in sarcasm. sorry i'll get off my soapbox, i just cringe when Ron is referred as Harry's sidekick. Avatar ImageTheDeathlyHallows07 says: Milhouse is another sidekick that comes to mind, many times Bart just sees him as a means to an end, not always seeing him as a true friend. Granted many episodes that isnt the case, but more often than not (and i watch the Simpsons alot) the former is the case.Avatar Imagefrancaise3 says: Go Rupert! He definitely deserves the title! :) Avatar Imagesnunkiebrian says: Well Rupert is my favourite of the trio so this is great that he is getting some much recognition. Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: It's about time! :D Congrats Rupert! You ARE hot :)Avatar ImageBonnie Radcliffe says: Those Rolling Stone guys know what they're talking about ;-)Avatar ImageSilvergale says: Congrats Rupert! :DAvatar ImageChromate says: Congrats! Avatar ImageErinM says: Well...we all knew that didn't we?Avatar Imageavrenim says: congrats to rupert! great article too. i just remembered the new issue of rolling stone came in the mail today. i'll have to go get it and read it.. again!Avatar ImageDanielaNC says: Nice job Rupert!Avatar ImageMuggle-Born-Witch says: Yay! I feel he isn't in the papers and articles enough! Good for him!Avatar ImageFresca says: Rupert is veyr inciteful for a young person. Hope all good things come his way!Avatar Imagejenbabe705 says: Whoo! I always knew he was a hottie!Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: Great! I feel this is just the beginning of the recognition we will see for Rupert in the coming months ! :)Avatar Imagemoony-heart-tonks says: wow!great!:DAvatar Imageiloveyouxxholley says: he looks grownup now. so cute when he was 11 and he looks hot nowAvatar Imageiloveyouxxholley says: sorry. i commented twice by accidentAvatar Imagecghambright says: SEXY!! I love Rupert! I can't wait to see him in Cherrybomb, Wild Target, and of course...HBP! :DAvatar ImageWON_TWO says: Way to go!Avatar Imagesupergirlinfrance says: Love him !!!!! Avatar Imagebadger666 says: Yay Ron! Good to see Ron getting some recognition.Avatar Imageiconshero says: coolioAvatar Imagemuzic823 says: I've always thought of him as a goofy, but cute sidekick. Not really sexy, but that's just me. Way to go Rupert! :)Avatar ImageWingardium Leviosa says: Congrats to him!Avatar ImageDanielleD says: :) i don't care if he feels 16 still, he is just amazing! Avatar Imageiloveyouxxholley says: he looks grownup now. so cute when he was 11 and he looks hot nowAvatar Imagecghambright says: SEXY!! I love Rupert! I can't wait to see him in Cherrybomb, Wild Target, and of course...HBP! :DAvatar ImageCatherine says: he's not really a 'sidekick' i wouldnt choose that word--but yeah! go Rupert!Avatar Imagevicky granger says: Woohoo ! Yeah he is ! Although I don't agree with "sidekick" ... But who cares, Rolling Stone magazine ! Avatar ImageKC Nox says: good job rupert!Avatar ImageOnlyOneShallLive says: Rupert/Ron deserves this recognition cuz without him Harry would have been lost. He is definitely a hottie too :)Avatar ImageR-for-H says: Congrats Rupert!! xAvatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: Congratulations to him on securing this, well, what do we call it..."honor." :PAvatar ImageBrosia23 says: Love Ron, love Rupert, don't know that he is "hot" perse. He is adorable, he is funny, he is goofy, he is a good friend, he is a bad student, but he is always there for Harry when needed. And he is great at Wizard Chess, so at least he is better than our hero at something. Harry needs that to keep him grounded.

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