David Heyman Confirms Ultimate Collectors Harry Potter DVD Set Due


Jul 09, 2009

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Exciting news just now from the ongoing press conference before the NYC premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. As tweeted by our own Melissa Anelli live from the conference @leaky, producer David Heyman confirmed the long hoped- for DVD collectors set. During the press conference which also has new remarks from screenwriter Steve Kloves, Melissa reports as follows: “Heyman: there will be the ultimate collector’s edition, worry not” Other notable quotes:
Heyman: in blu Ray, actors go around to departments and talk with them
Also in Blu Ray, slughorn montageHeyman on splitting of DH: “the studio was very happy with our decision, let’s not kid ourselves “
Heyman: kloves called the other say and said ‘I think we can do three!’
Stating again what he told first told TLC last September: Heyman: Kreacher will be in the seventh film
Heyman: I don’t know what the MPA were thinking (re PG rating)
Kloves: there’s only so much freight the movie can carry.. We have long discussions at times (re exposition)
Kloves: I try to do the impossible initially and put everything in the script… They help with some of the heavy liftting
Kloves: the first day I met Jo… She said to me I know the movies can’t be the books; what’s important to me is the characters.
Kloves: I try not to be too slavishly connected to the books when it defeats the drama of cinema
Kloves: dark is easier than light (as a writer)

Director David Yates echos comments posted earlier here on TLC about the first part of DH being a road movie and the second part being more operatic.
Yates: first DH is a ‘road movie’… Like three refugees being pursued by death eaters
Yates: second DH a big opera, very epic

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