Footage from Deathly Hallows Premieres at ShoWest, includes Voldemort confrontation

Mar 19, 2010

Posted by: Melissa Anelli

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Multiple reports have surfaced tonight that Warner Bros. scored a big hit with trade show attendees by showing unfinished scenes from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at this year’s ShoWest, an important movie industry exhibition.


One report notes that footage showed Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), bloodied from battle and “visibly terrified,” walking into the woods to meet Voldemort, who taunts him with, “The boy who lived, come to die.”

saw little bits of everything, from the seven Harry Potters escaping
from the Dursleys house (totally surreal) to the attack at Bill and
Fleur’s wedding to the escape from Gringotts on the pale dragon and
even Hogwarts on fire. With unfinished effects it’s hard to really say
how it all looks, though some of the most effective moments were the
simplest — Ron and Harry’s fight in the tent, Harry visiting his
parents’ graves, running away from the Snatchers in the woods, Harry
defiantly telling Voldemort that he stays alive “because I have
something worth fighting for.”

Another notes:

Other bits of footage were Harry, Ron and Hermione in the forest
fighting as Ron tells Harry that since he already lost his family his
pain isn’t as important (or something like that). We also saw tons of
pre-viz mixed in with shot footage like Harry flying with Hagrid and
Voldemort chasing him with other Death Eaters. I also saw a scene of
all the Harry’s from the beginning of the book. Other bits were the
kids in London walking around, Bill Nighy as Rufus Scrimgeour, Harry
and Ginny kissing, and so much more. Some of the footage looked like
done and some was very rough.

The only thing I knew for certain after
watching the footage was the movie is going to be amazing and I am so
happy the last book is in two parts.

The trailer ended with the info of when the movies are getting released and how they’re both in 3D. Which is awesome.

FirstShowing also notes that the Quidditch area burns down. More as it comes!

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