Emma Thompson to Return as Trelawney in “Deathly Hallows” Film?


Mar 22, 2010

Posted by EdwardTLC

An interesting bit of information has been published in the the April issue of Tatler magazine, regarding the possible return of actress Emma Thompson as the character of Professor Trelawney in the final “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” film. An interview with Celemence Posey, who portrays the character of Fluer in the Harry Potter films, contains a brief mention of Ms. Thompson when Miss Posey relates her feelings on recognizing people she admires. The magazine, scans from which can be found here care of Clemence-Posey.org, says:

“But in Paris, she adds, ‘the French are too snob’ to admit to recognising anyone. ‘And I’m proud of that!’ So proud that when Emma Thompson — a heroine of hers — was in make-up for Harry Potter the other day and she felt a goosepimply ‘Aaaah!’, she ‘didn’t say anything. Because I’m French! I won’t admit it!’”

As readers will recall, Emma Thompson has stated she will not be retuning for the “Deathly Hallows” films. Official confirmation has yet to come from WB regarding this casting rumor.
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Avatar Image[email protected] says: I hope she'd be at DH. It would be really nice if we're going to see all the characters again especially that it would be the second to the last of HP movies. But I still hope its not.Avatar ImageMadam Snape says: I'd love to see Emma Thompson back for DH as Professor Trelawney!!! She's so brilliant!!! And it's an important caracter for the plot, and I guess she should indeed play her part in the battle against Voldemort. That would be awsome...Avatar ImageHPHealer says: I want this to be true!Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: I hope she's back too. I mean her character is important in revealing that she made the prophecy of Harry long ago and confessed it to Dumbledore. So I hope she has come back! Avatar ImageDrome says: Emma, please come back! o_oAvatar ImagewayneNtampa says: Hard to imagine anyone else in the role.Avatar Imageemdash84 says: please please please please!!! let it be true!!!!Avatar Imagedeadtree says: oh, I hope so! That would be awesome. Avatar Imageccking says: I absolutely hope so!! If it's not Emma, NOBODY can do it! nobody else can fit that role in the first place, and especially not after she already set the standard for it. She is so incredible, I really really want her to be in the last one!Avatar ImageDawna says: Come back & throw a few crystal balls at Death Eaters, Emma!Avatar ImageHorcruxNoctus says: I hope this is true she is brilliant!Avatar ImageNoz says: It's CLEMENCE POESY (french word for poetry, but with a "Y" instead of "IE"). And FLEUR (means flower in english), by the way. Avatar ImageMissHagrid says: I absolutely love the part in the book where Trelawney is throwing crystal balls at the Death Eaters. I remember reading that the first time and thinking, "hey, she finally found a good use for those crystal balls!" I do hope that scene ends up in the movie. Avatar Imagejoelface says: OMG! I was just telling my mum the other day about how she wasn't going to be in DH and now she might be!!!! So excited. Would've been amazing if we didn't know about it till she turned up though!Avatar Imagelurking_llama says: It would be great it she was in the film but after she made she a big deal of announcing that she wouldn't be in it I would be quite surprised if it turned out that she actually was (it would, of course, be a very pleasant one!). Perhaps the filming schedules originally clash between DH2 and Nanny McPhee (which I think is such a cute film).Avatar ImageCatherine says: OMG! i hope so!!!!!!!Avatar ImageMistic Willow says: WOW that's great, she played her role very well as Professor Trelawney, and I was looking forward to seeing her throw one of those crystal balls down on top of the Werewolf Firir Grayback's head!!!! that scene is going to be quite funny indeed!!! lolAvatar Imagenwrosey says: Maybe she's going to have a larger role and they wanted it to be a surpriseAvatar ImageScarStruck says: Ooooh she must come back!!!!!! She's so fabulous!!!Avatar ImageAtticus says: I just want to see her chucking crystal balls at Death Eaters. That would make my day.Avatar ImageThio says: Talking with Miroca (she is here on MyLeaky), we realised that this could be good news to the Snape memories scene. They could use Trelawney to show Snape hearing her predicting Harry's prophecy to Dumbledore... then show Snape giving the information to Voldemort... and, finally, justify why he felt guilty enough about Lily to help Dumbledore. They need to explain Snapes motives somehow... and Emma Thompson being in the movie could point to a solution.Avatar ImageWant to be a Weasley says: Wow, interesting bit of news!Avatar ImageAll Was Well says: Yay! That would be awesome!Avatar ImageLoveTomRiddle says: He he. You spelt Clemence like "Celemence" he he. Sorry, I had to point that out. I really hope she's going to return because she said she wasn't because she was doing Nanny McPhee. GO EMMA THOMPSON why doesn't she look like Trelawny? She looks much better as she is without the HP makeup!Avatar ImageBellatrixGranger says: Really hope she will be in itAvatar Imageizziewitch says: Actually, I don't care if she's in DH--it's such a small bit--it was far more important, I think, for her to be in HBP telling Harry about Snape overhearing the prophecy. And, of course, she wasn't (thanks WB).Avatar ImageNargles18 says: I hope she'll be in the movie! I can't imagine anyone else playing Trelawney...Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: i hope shes in thereAvatar ImageCaracticus says: If she is in there at all, if it's not for more than "I've got more for those who want them" or whatever, I think it will just be a jarring distraction in the battle scene especially if the movies are supposed to be entertaining for people who haven't read the books, or even seen all the films. I think it would be great to run little clips of the characters destinies over the end credits, but you don't need new footage for that.Avatar ImageA Chocolate Frog says: I hope she is back. I was so looking forward to seeing Professor Trelawney throwing crystal balls at Death Eaters!Avatar Imagegingerr_kat says: I love Professor Trelawney in the films. She does such a good job and it would be great if she was in a little bit of the battle scenes.Avatar Imagepotterforpresident says: I hope this is true. I really can't see anyone else playing Professor Trelawney.Avatar ImageMoose_Starr says: At the risk of repeating what pretty much everyone has said already, I sure hope that it's true and she will return for DH. Emma Thompson *is* Trelawney, I cant imagine anyone else starring as her instead of Emma Thompson so, I sure hope that she will come back for DH.Avatar Imageclever-ravenclaw says: i hope she comes backAvatar Imagekiwimci says: I'm not so sure about this. Just sounds like the journalist has paraphrased her, they could have met on GOF... but wait a minute! Thompson wasn't in GOF... hmmm interesting!Avatar ImageFilmGirl27 says: I hope this is true. She was awesome as Trelawney. :)Avatar Imagealicia00 says: yeahAvatar ImageFresca says: I too loved the scene in the book where Trelawney is hurling crystla balls at Death Eaters! It would be a shame if they don't have her character inthe final scenes.Avatar ImageMarielebone says: Yay! I hope she's back! I love her.Avatar Imagenellythemarrow says: Yeah, let's see Emma Thomson weilding magic 8 balls at Death Eaters! But I think it's unlikely she's coming back.Avatar ImageWendelin the Weird says: Great news! I hope it’s true. I love her as an actor, it would be really nice to see her in Deathly Hallows!Avatar ImageRavenclaw98 says: I hope she comes back i thought she was wonderful in the PoA.Avatar ImageLucida says: Really hope she came back!Avatar ImageToNkS_rip says: i wish she will. shes absolutely perfect for prof trelawney!!!Avatar Imageevb615 says: No Emma don't leave!! It wouldn't be Harry Potter without you!!!!!!!Avatar ImageTotal-Eclipse014 says: It would be amazing if she was in the deathly hallows! Shes an amazing actress and plays Trelawney perfectly! I hope she does come back Avatar ImageWimsey says: As Trelawney has no role in this story, why would Thompson waste her time on this? There is no mention on any of Emma's pages that she's doing this, and she should have been filming Nanny McPhee when this was happening. I wonder if something got lost in translation here....Avatar Imagesilver_lining says: Hope it's true! Would like to see as many as possible back.Avatar Imageac434 says: I knew that Emma T had conflicts with her schedule, what I was hoping was that a small film and make-up crew would go to her and have her film her small scene of her lobbing Crystal Balls at the Death Eaters, they can edit that into the battle scene.Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: yes!!!!!!!!!!! i was thinking about this the other day! This is brilliant news. THROW THOSE CYRSTAL BALLS SYBILL BABY!!!!!!!! :)Avatar Imagebellaohbella says: oh even thouh i think trwlawney is absoluetly nuts emaa was very good as her and i hope she comes backAvatar Imagemaimiaa says: it'd be so cool if she did! :DAvatar Imagekatherine102678 says: Even if she returns, which I hope, her role won't be too large.Avatar ImageJoeWorthy says: PPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEE let this be true!!!!!!!!! It would be absolutely amazing to have Trelawney back for the final battle and Emma Thompson is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I truly hope that she actually is returning to reprise her role as Professor Trelawney. Nothing would afford more joy than finding comfort in the fact she will resume her role as this character and deposit crystal balls on antagonists' heads.Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: This is weird. First she says she won't come back and now she filmed her scene(s)? I hope it is true.Avatar ImageRhiannon7 says: This would be excellent! Emma was great as Tralawney. I was so upset when she said she was "too busy". I hope this report is true and that she had a change of heart.Avatar ImagetheREALGinnyWeasley says: Ahh!!! I reallllllllly hope that she decides to come back!!! She's perfect!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Hopefully she is!!Avatar Imagechrissyweasley99 says: I hope that it's true! She did such a great job in the other shows.Avatar ImageLove is the greatest magic says: I do hope she is in it, it would be a nice goodbye to all the characters to see them in the final battle fighting once more. Avatar Imagehewy says: I really hope she does come back. Really want to see her throwing crystal balls off the balcony at the bad guys. She is so right for the part and really made it her own.Avatar ImageI love my Spectra Specs says: I hope she comes back for Deathly Hallows, she was an amazing Trelawny in the other films!Avatar ImageNoz says: It would be great if you could correct the mistakes in the article, pointed at earlier in the comments... Avatar Imageda_member0808 says: Oh please let this be true!! I really want to see her shine in DH. Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: It would be great if she was in the Deathly Hallows! I wonder if she will.........Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: I hope its true! Please come back you were prefect playing her. Avatar Imagetaoist1 says: She was amazing in Prisoner of Azkaban. Glad they are including her part in final movies.Avatar Image7Pirates says: that is so coolAvatar ImageSmitch says: Hmm. I hate to go completely against the grain, but I'm not a huge fan of Emma Thompson. I agree that she is talented, and the moment in Hogwart's square when Umbridge tried to give her the boot was quite impressive, but, I just don't dig her vibe, really. Something about her rubs me the wrong way. Don't know what it is. Avatar Imagebettb says: Count me among those who wish she would be back, even tho Trelawney's part in DH is next to meaningless (altho I think she conks Greyback with one of her crystal balls, which is never a bad thing). Just the reappearance of each of these original cast members is going to be a pleasure.Avatar ImageMiss Freewind says: I do wish Thompson is in the DH because I love the scenes involving Trelawney (in all the books/movies). However, I dislike Thompson because of her attitude. As terrible as it is, I am kind of 50/50 on if I want this to be true.Avatar ImageMiss Freewind says: Noz- Pointing out misspellings in the article once is okay (good even so they can correct it), but making a second comment about is just obnoxious and rude. Sheesh! Why are you eager to prove you "better" than someone else?Avatar ImageMiss Freewind says: Sorry. Left out the word "are" in the last sentence.Avatar Imageharrygetsme says: oh i hope she returns for the DH! she's such a brilliant and funny actress!Avatar Imagecghambright says: I bet this is true. Why wouldn't she return? This is the last film and her part is so small. I really hope this news is true. Avatar ImagePollytomat says: This rumor has to bee true)))Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: I hope she comes back for DH, that would be really great. I just saw her in 'Last Chance Harvey' and loved her!Avatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: I wish it's true!!!Avatar Imagealegria35 says: if this is true, it would be cool...Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: Whoa! I hope she is in it! Do you think they'll do a prophesy flashback?Avatar ImageHP_crazy says: I hope she'll be back.I have to admit,she is my least favorite character but she's an important character as she was the one who made the prophecy. Avatar ImageTassana Burrfoot says: Ooo. Wouldn't that be great if is true? Though, I have no idea why Posey would lie about something like that. Unless, of course, she meant during her time on the GoF set, and not DH...Avatar Imagedreampotter says: I can't wait to see the crystal balls fly!Avatar ImageLittle Light says: Let this be true!Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: Oooh!! Hope she does!Avatar ImageJillxoxo says: Thompson's prior announcement suggested that it was her choice to abandon the role of Trelawney in favor of her own personal project. For that reason, I too am rather 50/50 on the possibility of her return, though I do expect that I will enjoy her work if she does.Avatar ImageHPTwilightGirl says: I hope she does!! Her character would help tie everything up nicely, since she was the one to start it all.Avatar Imagelttlmsravnclaw07 says: Good becasue she is so great!Avatar ImageLisa96 says: I would love her to come back! Her role is such an important one and I don't think anyone could play it better! She is a terrific actress!! Come back! everyone wants you to! :D Avatar ImageLisa96 says: I would love her to come back! Her role is such an important one and I don't think anyone could play it better! She is a terrific actress!! Come back! everyone wants you to! :D Avatar Imagewhyalltheglitter says: I am sooo happy! She does a great job and Trewlany wouldn't be as good without her!!!!!!! Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: I really hope the scheduling conflict that kept her from returning has been resolved and that this story really is true. Avatar Imagemoglet says: They have confirmation of this story on Mugglenet linking to an interview Emma Thompson did regarding Nanny McPhee, she did 2 days work on DH apparently.Avatar Imagemarchpink13 says: She is a great actress! I wish her nothing but happiness! She is wonderful! I am sure everyone is happy to work with her! :]Avatar ImageDiamondWings says: cool news!Avatar Imageleigia says: Ah, a very nice rumor. Maybe it's just a cameo and not a part. Nevertheless, if she showed, it would be very nice indeed.Avatar Imagemoglet says: It is not a rumour anymore, she IS in it, as I said in my previous post, they have the news on Mugglenet. There's a link to an interview she did for Newsround in the UK. I've watched the interview there is absolutely no doubt about it at all! Squeeeee!Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: please please please please!!! let it be true!!!! Avatar ImageWulfricBrian says: Thanks moglet. I've just watched the Newsround clip, and from what she says I think the 'not being in the film' only ever applied to Half Blood Prince - where they may have written a part and had to cut it - and not to DH; she talks as is there was never any doubt about it. She had finished maling the new Nanny McPhee before they needed her. And she also reminds us that her sister Sophie is also in DH (as Mafalda Hopkirk) "and my next-door neighbour" - no idea who that is!!Avatar Imagerumble_roar says: AAHHH! I hope Thompson returns! She was the original Trelawney!!!! I like her as Trelawney too, she is quite good at it.Avatar ImageLoveTomRiddle says: Awesome! How could she pass on the idea in the first place?Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: I would love to see her in Deathly Hallows because I would love to see everybody one last time! I don't remember seeing her in Half-Blood Prince, do you?

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