Letter to Teddy Lupin Contest

Apr 01, 2010

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Letter to Teddy Lupin Contest

We are always interested in contest ideas that our
readers might have and we regularly use them. The idea for this contest
was submitted to our
Brainstorming for Ideas thread by rowena_r.

didn’t want you to die’ Harry said. These words came without his
volition. “Any of you. I’m sorry –“
He addressed Lupin more than
any of them, beseeching him.
“– right after you’d had your son . . .
Remus, I’m sorry –“
“I am sorry too’ said Lupin. “Sorry I will
never know him . . . but he will know why I died and I hope he will
understand. I was trying to make a world in which he could live a
happier life.”

Scholastic pub. DH pg. 700

bringing a child into the world in the middle of a war. A war with no
definite front line, but where your enemy is in control and assails any
opposition with swift brutality in public space and private home alike;
one that is waged both under cover and in open, graphic view. Your son
is only a few weeks old with the most significant battle yet in a
horrible war almost upon you and there is every likelihood you won’t
return home to him.

Suppose Lupin recalled Molly’s fears for
her family which were revealed during her trouble with the boggart in
Grimauld Place (Order of the Phoenix) and he remarked to Tonks that he
now understood how she felt. Suppose also that one of them then
suggested they write letters to their son to be given to him if one or
both of them were killed. Consider your thoughts were you in Remus or
Tonks’ place knowing Harry would have cherished a letter like that from
James or Lily. What would you say if you had the chance to put words on
parchment to be presented to Teddy eleven years later just as he begins
his magical education?

In 500 words or less writing as either
Remus or Tonks compose a letter to Teddy Lupin to be given to him on the
occasion of his eleventh birthday.

General Guidelines:

  • Anyone
    13 years of age and over may enter the contest, including staff members
    who are not involved in the judging process.
  • One entry per
  • 500 word limit.
  • All submissions must be the
    original work of the contestant. Any entries found to contain the work
    of another author will be disqualified.
  • All decisions by the
    judges are final.
  • All entries must meet PG-13 standards of
    decency and good taste.
  • The first place winner will receive a
    custom made wand donated by Wizard
    Wood Wands
    and 200 MyLeaky points.
  • Please refer to our FAQ if you are not sure of something.
  • If
    you have any questions not answered on the FAQ, or would like to discuss this Contest, please
    come to the Contest Corner Forum of The Leaky Lounge.
  • All
    submissions must be e-mailed to [email protected] by
    11:59 pm (EDT) on 30 April, with “Letter to Teddy Lupin” in the subject
    line of the e-mail.
  • Please copy-paste your story into the body
    of the e-mail and include a name to be used for authorship (real name or
    Leaky Lounge name).
  • The judges will be looking for creative,
    interesting and cannon correct entries that are well written. You may
    find the “tips and hints” located below the FAQ helpful.

you rowena_r for suggesting this contest!

UPDATE: The winners have been picked! You can read the entries by clicking on a winner’s name.

First Place: moonyschick
Second Place: MalfoyDiva
Third Place: BriannaWazHere
Honorable Mention: RavenclawDancer
Honorable Mention: hakusonlygirl

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