Putting Leaky Back into the Cauldron


Apr 02, 2010

Posted by EdwardTLC

As it’s now April 2nd, we should probably come clean: As awesome as Glee is, we could never abandon that bespectacled boy wizard named Harry Potter and are still very much hosting LeakyCon 2011 in Orlando, Florida from July 13-17. April Fools’ Day is Leaky’s traditional outlet for a day of well-mannered frivolity and, this year, Glee offered us the perfect soundtrack for the occasion.
April Fools’ Day may be over, but Glee fans need not be disappointed: the site is here to stay. The spoof has become the real Glee fan site, GleeCast.net. Glee returns to the air April 13th, and the site will be frequently updated with features as that day approaches.
All of Leaky’s events are the collaborative effort of a massive team of the most talented and dedicated people on the web. April Fools’ 2010 is no exception. Please join me in thanking:
John Noe and Nick Poulden, for creating and programming our GleekyNews.com page; Alex Robbin, for his technical contributions in creating GleekyCon.com; our Leaky Lounge Tech Admin Rudi Gerber, for turning our traditional Harry Potter Common Room into a Glee Classroom; and Mods Sandara, Abbey, and all those who took vigilant watch over the GleekyLounge today.
Creating a new genre of music would not have been possible without help from the Ministry of Magic’s Luke Conard and the Parselmouths’ Kristina Horner, who, together, form ALLCAPS; Matt Maggiacomo from the Whomping Willows; and Alex Carpenter from the Remus Lupins. Many, many thanks to you all!
Thanks also to Mr. Eastham’s twelfth period band class at Buckeye Valley High School and Gleeky Girls Emily Edwards, Hannah Brooks, Rachel Spain and Christine Kimble.
Last but certainly not least today would not have been possible had it not been for two people: Jordan Edwards and Devan Kestel. This awesome duo first conceived the idea of GleekyCon and helped design, edit, reedit, resize, upload, write, code, compose, film, debug, render, photoshop, and bring this event to life in innumerable and extraordinary ways.
Jordan works as the Lead Graphic Designer for LeakyCon 2011′s Media and Communications Team, while Devan is its Lead Technical Guru. Their work ethic is second to none and– let me tell you– if you liked what you saw today, just you wait till you see what they have in store for you for LeakyCon 2011. It is a true honor to call these two people my colleagues here at Leaky.
Time now for a steaming hot Triple Plenta Non-Fat Capp from Starbucks, for the real LeakyCon 2011 updates are on their way; stay close Leaky and LeakyCon.com for the latest!

67 Responses to Putting Leaky Back into the Cauldron

Avatar Imageparryotter687 says: FIRST COMMENT!!! OH MY GAWD !! GREAT TO SEE MYLEAKY BACK EVEN THOUGH IT WAS UNDER THE VEIL ALL THE TIME!! WHICH TIME DOES LEAKY FOLLOW THOUGH??Avatar ImageZhiyal says: I am so glad you're back - you gave me quite a fright yesterday, it took several minutes of panic and scanning the Glee website before I realized that it's April fools day! Good opportunity to thank you for your great work though - love my leaky! Avatar ImageButterMeer says: MYLEAKY! I LOVE YOU! Wow, even though I knew it was april fools day, i still got scared..Avatar ImageSnapeS says: i knew it's april fools' joke! it sort of scared me though. hadn't been to TLC for sometime and suddenly when i'm there BOOM it turned to Gleeky! it scared me for like ten mins then i realised.... HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY! :):):)Avatar ImagegaylebathanHP says: ah!! April fool's day joke.. Haha gah, that scared me so much! Believe it or not, ended up crying! I forgot yesterday was april 1 :))))Avatar Imagelazykitty says: I reconized it as an April Fool's prank right away, but I still enjoyed it! (btw, love the graphic!)Avatar ImageJane_Potter says: I'm happy that it was just a joke!!!Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: I freaked out at first before I remembered it was April Fool's Day. Great job to everyone here on MyLeaky you'd have made Fred and George very proud indeed. :)Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Btw a lot of Harry Potter sites did prank this yesterday like mugglenet and HPFF but none were as good as Gleeky. :DAvatar Imagenealiezealbie says: right when i saw gleeky i remembered it was april fools day, but i am very happy to know the real leaky is back and running! 24 hours is much too long to go without tlc! :O i was quite at a loss. occasionally i clicked my bookmark tab intending to check news, before i remembered leaky had been taken over. glad you are back tlc!!! :)Avatar Imageelys_hphg says: The first time I saw Gleeky Cauldron I thought my computer wasn't at the right state and I really can't understand cause here in our country we don't celebrate April Fools Day (but I've heard of it). Thank God I remembered it because other sites also says that it's April Fools Day but yeah, it fooled me...Avatar Imagejasmineflower27 says: THANK GOD YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!! i had believed and gone totally outraged until i read the comments and found out it was the April Fool's day joke :) i was SO relieved then ;) but awesome joke, totally got me. Fred and George would be so proud :DAvatar ImageTotal-Eclipse014 says: You got me! I was freaked out until looked at the comments and realized it was April fools day :L I think may have tweeted in protest. Avatar ImageCatAlly says: Gleeky was great. I was really wondering what you would be doing this year. Is there any way of seeing April Fools pranks from past years, like the Memerson joke? The Lounge has all the related threads for every prank, but I'm sure we would all like to see the original jokes again.Avatar ImageLittle Light says: THANK THE GODS, YOU'RE BACK!! I got so worried!! I though Glee just hacked into The Leaky Cauldron and claimed the site as theirs!! And then my sister just reminded me about April Fool's Day. You gits!! I was so worried!! Nice prank though. =DAvatar Imagejoelface says: This was my favourite prank you guys have ever done. So funny! And so much effort! Well done!!! AND you guys got featured on HuffingtonPost and are ranked #2 of the best pranks of the year!!!!!Avatar ImageToNkS_rip says: i forgot it was april fools yesterday (as usual) and it really scared me. then i realised, i laughed, and then it started 2 piss me off. glad leaky's back and normalAvatar ImageFilmGirl27 says: I completely freaked out. LOL! But then I looked at my calendar and noticed.Avatar ImageDawna says: You definitely got me, too! But it is STILL showing up when I hit my favorites :(Avatar Imagecoolbeans3131 says: Great prank! And I'm so happy it's a real site!!! I LOVE Glee. Avatar ImageBookworm Jen says: Thank you to everyone who put so much work into the Gleeky fun yesterday! I always look forward to April Fool's Day at Leaky because the effort put into the pranks is consistently amazing. And I'm excited to hear that you really are doing a Glee site; I'll definitely be visiting often. Thanks again!Avatar ImageButterfly_Boy says: Thank you to everybody who made the Gleesite! It was funny. Fred and George will be proud of it. Everyone is very clever :-) However, I'm happy to have Leaky back to stay. Don't stop believing :-) Avatar Imagesakuranbo07 says: I miss you Leaky! It was all good fun to find GleekyCon 2011 all over this site! No wonder why I was having trouble accessing MyLeaky!Avatar ImageMr. Stratford says: Glee is truly awful. Glad I missed the 'joke'.Avatar Imagesilver_lining says: What were the prank you pulled last year? Seem to recall it was something good then too.Avatar Image29puppy104 says: I had a feeling it was a prank. but i still freaked out! thank goodness you guys are back.Avatar ImageKimmyBlair says: Jordan and Devan rock my world. You guys contributed SO MUCH to this great event!!! Also Edward... you rock my world!Avatar Imageinspired_by_you says: LOL finally! :) good to see the hole in the cauldron back! x) but shu vs. sue was hilarious! can't wait for Glee!!Avatar Imagelurking_llama says: I love the tradition of HP sites participating in April Fool's Day, it certaily gave me a good laugh and made the day that little bit better! I came on here yesterday looking specifically for the joke and, as always, I was not disappointed! Of course, as awesome as Glee is, it is great to have leaky back to normal. :-)Avatar ImageBookNookKara says: lol it was really creative and a great combination of entertainment. Not sure if Glee has been around long enough yet to be as epic as HP though ;o)Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: i thought it looked super legit but its no leakymugAvatar ImageLoveTomRiddle says: OMG! This was the best/worst April Fools day ever! I thought my life was ruined when HPFF turned into a "family site" I almost cried. MuggleNet really ticked me off with the five fake news post. JKR's pen and priority really set me off. :P I was so confused with Gleeky :PAvatar ImageCatherine says: that was hilarious! nice job leaky!Avatar ImageGreenLightening says: I'd just like to give a BIG THANKS to everyone who helped pull this off, particularly to Edward who forgot to thank himself in the post! It was so much fun to work on this prank, and I hope that everyone will enjoy the stuff we have in store for LeakyCon 2011 even more than they did "GleekyCon". LOL.Avatar ImagetheREALGinnyWeasley says: that scared me so much yesterdayAvatar ImagetheREALGinnyWeasley says: that scared me so much yesterdayAvatar ImageAgrippa1 says: I loved the Gleeky site yesterday! Perfect April Fools joke! I hit Leaky first thing in the morning to see what you were doing this year. Are Jordan and Devan in Ravenclaw? The bright yellow made me think of the Lovegoods, and Ravenclaw's blue and yellow. And I'm with CatAlly - I'd love to see the April Fools pranks from past years again. Anyway - thanks for the great laugh, and for the salute to Glee, which I love!Avatar ImageNutsAboutHarry says: Well I for one didn't think it was very funny AT ALL! Shooting someone in the head would have been funnier! :(Avatar Imagepansysbella says: OMGOSH I WAS TOTALLY FREAKED OUT I WAS IN PANICK I CALLED MY FRIEND ASKING WHAT WAS GOING ON I WAS SOOO SCARED I WOULD NOT SEE LEAKY ANYMORE!!!! anyway it was a nice prank it's de first time i got fooled in april fool's day~nice one~Avatar ImageMoose_Starr says: Well I thought it was siriusly funny. A huge standing o to everyone that worked on Gleeky, it was just awesome. I think I'm a tekkie genius if I can manage to connect to the internet. So, thanks you guys for a great prank that would be worthy of Fred and George.Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: Whoa that was scary for a second...............If Leaky was gone then my whole connection to the Harry Potter world would be gone! I can't live without Harry Potter, my life depends on it! Though........that was a great pranks. Scared the living daylights out of me.Avatar ImageGooch says: i thought i was imagining something. i am so happy it is back to normal, but i do like glee.Avatar Imagephoenixes are in ravenclaw says: Last year I was freaking out over "hooter" and was so mad that Leaky changed their format because I couldn't figure it out. I never did know it was an April Fool's joke until about September when the past April Fool's jokes on the podcast. I was prepared this year and literally laughed out loud when I got to my homepage... :)Avatar ImageFifi says: I'm soo happy Leaky is back!!!!! :DAvatar Imagedebspurg says: Very good! But I was ready to call my internet service provider and raise the roof! hahaha! Whew!Avatar ImageLadySidi says: Glad you're back! :DAvatar ImageDirectorbeme says: STARS ABOVE!!!! A little bit of me( a big bit of me) died when I saw Gleeky News...Then I looked at the date and took back any harsh words towards Glee. HaHa. Happy April Fool's Day...I am no longer boycotting Glee. Major respect towards those involved in the prank. =P Avatar Imagecrushonlupin says: I didn't fall for the joke but I still liked it. Very clever and cute! You guys crack me up!Avatar Imagejacket says: Hahah! I thought I was on the wrong site yesterday! I kept thinking "where did leaky go? what's happening?" It was very entertaining though!Avatar ImageEmmaline10248 says: OMG i was so freaked out and mad that some one had changed it. it didnt even come to mind that it was April 1 lol nive prank though Avatar ImageJillxoxo says: Thank heaven you're back, 'cause Gleeky was freaky! Great job, you wacky pranksters. :)Avatar ImageI love my Spectra Specs says: THANK YOU everyone at Leaky, for the amazing April Fool's joke, it was hillairous! But I'm still SOOOOO glad that Leaky's back now :)Avatar Imageunopoo65 says: that was so cool though i was scared at fist but then i started cracking upAvatar ImageScarStruck says: Do you have ANY idea how scared I was when I got on here and it said GLEEY.COM!? I was hyperventilating!!!!! I repmembered it was April Fool's day later but OMG I was sooooooooooo freaked out. That was an awesooooooooooome prank but ahhhhhhhh! =DAvatar Imagepotterfan4lyfe says: OH MY GOSH!!!! you guys scared the hell out of me yesterday I was begging that it was just a prank and thank god for that =]Avatar ImageDobbyWinkyKreacher says: glad that's over. can't stand glee. I forgot about aprils fools day...Avatar ImageRowling Stones says: awesome!!!!!!! best prank ever and a great way to celebrate the twins b-day, i loved it although i'm so glad to have potter and leaky backAvatar Imagesunlitdays says: haha that was so funny it just killed me. thankfully i remembered it was april fools before i logged in because previous years i forgot and got all freaked out. but thankfully i remembered. leaky you are so darn cool :)Avatar Imagealicia00 says: haha coool' Avatar Imageleigia says: I knew it was April Fools day, but I was majorly ticked off. I was very tempted to just abandon your website for good and stick with another Harry Potter website. In fact, I'm still tempted. The other site also did several April Fools joke via posts that looked semi-real, but it was funny while this one wasn't. I didn't laugh at all at the gleeky concept, just upset and annoyed.Avatar ImageAndygirl14 says: I freaked out when I saw the Glee site, I Love Glee too but Harry Potter is my life and I started thinking "I have to listen to mugglecast now! and use their site and no more random Dawlish stuff!!" and i was really devistated but then I read some comments and like hit myself... It was April Fools Day.. I felt realyyy dumb.. But relieved. and then the next day i got on and then i saw the tab say "Harry Potter news, boo..." and SMILED =}Avatar Imagelevi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: i missed it :\ i probably would have flipped a bit,,,even tho i love glee Avatar Imagelevi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: i missed it :\ i probably would have flipped a bit,,,even tho i love glee Avatar ImageAlice Weasley says: It was a great prank, for not only do I love HP and Leaky, I love Glee too!!!! Happy April Fools guys :DAvatar ImageNot Slytherin says: Hilarious prank -- well done, everyone! :o)Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I am upset that I missed the joke! It sounds like it truly succeeded in terrifying this fandom for a moment!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Woo, had me there for a second!

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