Deathly Hallows Casting: Teddy Lupin and Young Sirius Black Cast for “Deathly Hallows” Films


Jun 25, 2010

Posted by EdwardTLC

The talent agency of A&J Management has updated the online resume of actor Luke Newberry to note that he will be portraying the role of Teddy Lupin in the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” film. During filming of the Epilogue sequence last month in London, Mr. Newberry can be seen entering the set for the film. Images from this bit of filming can be found in our galleries here. In addition to this, word has come online that the young actor Rohan Gotobed is said to be playing the role Young Sirius Black in the second part of the “Deathly Hallows” film.
“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I” is set for release November 19, while “Part II” will arrive in theaters July 15, 2011.

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Avatar Imagehalfbloodprincesss says: first! yay! and i'm so excited we will be seeing teddy lupin!!Avatar Imageccking says: who's playing baby teddy ??!!!Avatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: cool.. the guy playing teddy looks like a girl in the face thoughAvatar Imagehermy007 says: i could see that kid playing young sirius.. nice find by warner brothers..Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Teddy Lupin thats wonderful!! =D But I'm blanking...why do we need a younge Sirius? I dont remember that in the book.Avatar Imagekiri says: beceause remember? there are like a bajillion flashbacks that are major, they cant just overlook them. theyll need a younger siriusAvatar ImageOddRavenclaw222 says: It's going to be really cool seeing my favorite moments from the book like Teddy being outed at King's Cross lol!Avatar Imagemoonyschick says: I'm so happy that Teddy will be in the movie. He looks really good, actually. At least now we know they aren't cutting out that whole subplot. Avatar ImageOddRavenclaw222 says: @Gryffindor1991 lol and true *fist bump*Avatar ImageIceholic says: Rohan, GO TO BED! hahahaAvatar Imagekatielilly says: Maybe they need a young Sirius for Snape's memories! When him and Lily are on the Hogwarts expressAvatar ImageIceholic says: I didn't know that Gotobed kid, but after some googling I agree he does look like someone from Rohan. His parents got that one right... Enough with the name jokes... Some site says he'll only have a speaking role. Check it here: Good thing I'm re-reading DH, because I can't, for the life of me, remember where a young Sirius appears... Shame on me :(Avatar ImageIceholic says: Oh that's right katie lilly, I forgot the train memories were on DH!Avatar ImageLuce_depp says: wow i love the guy playing teddy...but i hope his hair is coloured not red....Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: The casting for both is awesome to me! Especially the guy playing Teddy.... OMG! Looks just like him in my book! :)Avatar Imagedobby_rocks says: He looks ok I hope they at least have his hair a different color like blue that would be cool.Avatar Imagebadger666 says: Hmmm...but what about young Snape and Lily? Any casting news on that? I mean young Snape is a lot more important than young Sirius.Avatar Imagejenge says: @badger666: That's exactly what I thought when I saw this! Although I must say I like the look of young Sirius.Avatar ImagesupporterofSPEW says: They also need a young Sirius for the scene where Harry is walking to sacrifice himself and he uses the resurrection stone. In the book it says that Sirius was younger than when Harry knew him. Avatar ImagesupporterofSPEW says: Okay... I take that back. I just saw the picture and that is WAY younger than what I thought they meant. Avatar Imagemagicmaniac says: awesomeAvatar ImageInformal says: Sirius in “The Prince’s Tale”: ‘Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I’d leave, wouldn’t you?’ James asked the boy lounging on the seats opposite him, and with a jolt, Harry realized that it was Sirius. Sirius did not smile. ‘My whole family have been in Slytherin,’ he said. ‘Blimey,’ said James, ‘and I thought you seemed all right!’ Sirius grinned. ‘Maybe I’ll break the tradition. Where are you heading, if you’ve got the choice?’ James lifted an invisible sword. ‘“Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart!” Like my dad.’ Snape made a small, disparaging noise. James turned on him. ‘Got a problem with that?’ ‘No,’ said Snape, though his slight sneer said otherwise. ‘If you’d rather be brawny than brainy—’ ‘Where’re you hoping to go, seeing as you’re neither?’ interjected Sirius. James roared with laughter. Lily sat up, rather flushed, and looked from James to Sirius in dislike. ‘Come on, Severus, let’s find another compartment.’ “Oooooo ...” James and Sirius imitated her lofty voice; James tried to trip Snape as he passed. ‘See ya, Snivellus!’ a voice called, as the compartment door slammed. . . And the scene dissolved once more ... J,K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (London, 2007), p. 539.Avatar ImageFilmGirl27 says: Rohan, GO TO BED! Lol! :P But siriusly (siriusly, LOL) this is fantastic casting! Rohan looks so much like Gary Oldman, he's perfect! And Teddy looks okay. I hope he isn't ginger in the film, he looks alot like a Weasley.Avatar ImageIloveDobby says: The guy playing teddy looks kind of like lupin to me,coolAvatar ImageDeliaDee says: I can absolutely see Rohan Gotobed (you've gotta love that name) as Young Sirius sitting on the train with the soon-to-be-Marauders and young Sevvie and Lils. I really like Luke Newberry as well but if they don't give him turquoise hair, I'm going to sue. :)Avatar ImageAndreaB09 says: Im so excited! Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Draco look really good as old people :P Hopefully {by the looks of it} their kids look awesome too!Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: Wow - this is so awesome. The young Sirius .. purrr.Avatar Imagehar1020 says: I can definitely see Rohan playing the young Sirius... he looks just like him!Avatar ImageMatea says: both look cute! I wish Teddy was pink or purple! :DAvatar Imagechanngalambeatrice says: Young Sirius seems quite naughty.. really very Sirius-ish. :)Avatar Imagebellaohbella says: awwweee Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: That sounds cool.......but let's see if their acting skills are worthy.Avatar ImageMoose_Starr says: Yeah it sure is exciting news and, it's great that they're casting more characters in this movie. It will be cool tho when we get some pics of Snape and, DD and GG. I am real excited for the trailer now.Avatar ImagePaintTheSky says: @supporterofSPEW they won't be casting another Sirius for the 'Forest Again' scene, Gary Oldman was cast for that part, and rightfully so imo.Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: way to get in there for the last 2 minutes guysAvatar Imagedehonestiss says: I LOVE the guy playing Teddy. Almost dead on if you ask me. But I think that the kid playing young Sirius Black is a bit to young for anything they would need him for...Avatar Imagejaclyngirl713 says: They look pretty good for the part, though I don't really know much about their acting abilities. But, if they're cast, they must be prety good. I have high hopes.Avatar Imagejacket says: They both look pretty good! especially Luke Newberry as Teddy he looks great!Avatar ImageKaitousblackwings says: Little Sirius Black is pretty adorable!!! Is this for the Prince's Tale chapter? Can't wait!!! XDDDDDAvatar ImageBriannaWazHere says: What part is Sirius looking like 7 years old? I don't remember, but Teddy looks awesome, looks a lot like Remus *tear*Avatar ImageFresca says: They need a young Sirius for the scene where Harry goes to his death to meet Voldemort in the Forest. I am so glad that Teddy Lupin will be int he movie!Avatar ImageWolfyWizard says: im so excited to hear about these castings!Avatar ImageWolfyWizard says: im so excited to hear about these castings!Avatar Imagejedisakora says: Ya SiriusAvatar ImageGryffindor Cutie says: How very exciting! I'm confident the casting will be perfect! It always is!Avatar Imagemuggle..andproudofit says: hope they're good actors! ....young Sirius looks like I pictured him to look in the PT chapter .....and " Teddy " looks like a combo of Tonks and Lupin....kind of scary...Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: What I'd like to see is a scene on the platform where Teddy kisses Victoire and his hair changes color radically to indicate his, shall we say, enthusiasm. Not difficult to achieve with a little CG magic!Avatar Imagenwrosey says: Who's going to play Ressurection Stone Sirius? Gary Oldman??Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: Good to hear Teddy is cast.Avatar ImageWitJess says: Who's playing teenage Sirius; S'gunna be pretty hard; he's suppose to be very good looking right ?Avatar ImageWitJess says: Who's playing teenage Sirius; S'gunna be pretty hard; he's suppose to be very good looking right ?Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Definitely looks how I pictured Sirius!Avatar ImageScarStruck says: Hmmmmm I like it!!!♥ Hehehehehe eeeeeeeeepAvatar Imageultraviolet says: have they made the 8th film yet or are they waiting til the 7th is released xAvatar Imagewebknight18 says: Aren't Harry and Ron supposed to 36 in the scene at Kings cross? The make up makes them look as if they are 50. Who looks so old at 36?Avatar Imagewebknight18 says: @Abbiedelacour The filming for part 1and 2 has been completed. If you watch the trailer you can see some scenes that are obviously from the 8th film. Since they can't release both at once. They are going to release the 7th first, and then release the 8th in 2011 after doing some post production work.Avatar ImageTheWaiter says: I was wondering who are they going to have as an young Lilly Evans and a young Severus Snape ?Avatar ImageTheWaiter says: I thought so too @webknight18 ! They looked like they were 50. I hope its better when the movie comes though. .Avatar ImageTheWaiter says: I hope those who is going to play ressurection : Sirius is Gary Oldman, and I bet that David Thewlis is still Remus, of course. Avatar ImageLeper says: This kid looks really excellent for young Sirius.Avatar Imagepotterfan4lyfe says: ughh the kid playing minnie padfoot looks like my sisters boyfriend when he was younger *shivers* eh at least that is kinda how i imagined him.......Avatar Imagehewy says: The kids look good! Am sure they will do a great job!!!!Avatar Imagehp931 says: Yeah Teddy!! Not how I imadgended him. WB better die his hair blue!!!!

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