Emma Watson Discusses Additional Scene to “Deathly Hallows: Part 1″ With SFX Magazine


Oct 17, 2010

Posted by Mel

Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) has spoken with SFX magazine about a scene added to the beginning of “Deathly Hallows: Part 1″ that was not in the book:

[Director] David Yates asked Steve Kloves to write this lovely scene
at the beginning of the movie which is not in the book, but which I feel
is very important for Hermione’s character. You see her wiping her
parents’ memories in order for her to start off on the adventure with
Ron and Harry. She knows that Voldemort could try to use her parents as a
device to get to her in some way, which means they might be in harm’s
way. So she wipes their memories so they forget she ever existed. All
the photos of her around the house disappear. It’s a really tough way
for the film to start but really important to see the sacrifices that
she has to make.

The upcoming issue of SFX will have a behind-the-scenes feature on “Deathly Hallows: Part 1.”

89 Responses to Emma Watson Discusses Additional Scene to “Deathly Hallows: Part 1″ With SFX Magazine

Avatar ImageGryffindor_Girl_xx says: Awesome x)Avatar ImageBrennaPotter says: So sad , but so cute ! :')Avatar ImagePetra says: I can't wait to see this... and November should really hurry up!!Avatar ImageKeaHellstorm says: I like the idea ^^ It's a great way to start. Man I cant wait D:Avatar ImageProfessor Skrewt says: Finally an additional scene that really enhances the story. JKR has Hermione tell about erasing her parents' memories of her, but Yates shows its happening.Avatar Imageafdh says: Really can't wait to see the film.Avatar Imagehermione198k says: Looking forward to seeing that seen, I hope it's done wellAvatar Imagehermione198k says: Looking forward to seeing that seen, I hope it's done wellAvatar Imageksddancer says: So touching. I'll probably cry but it will be a very nice start I think.Avatar Imagetealover says: It will be great, even for just a moment or two, to see Herione's life - perhaps glimpses inside her family'a home - outside of Hogwarts. Avatar ImageIceholic says: Well, it WAS in the book, it just wasn't told to us in the present. Great scene to "add" though, especially right in the beginning. It will definitely set the tone for the film. And as tealover said, it will be nice to have a glimpse of Hermione's life. Her parents and her house, I love these little details. Avatar ImageSauvium says: Normally, I'd be mad at Yates for adding scenes (like the Burrow burning down) but at least it's something that we know actually happened. And I'm kinda glad that there's some real focus on Hermione, up to this point everything has been pretty much about Harry (obviously) and Ron, nothing much about her. Avatar Imagekmac23va says: I wonder if they added this to give symmetry on screen for the three main characters. We definitely see Harry leave the Dursleys and Ron leave the Burrow, but this adds the dimension of Hermione leaving her home behind as well in a rite of passage of sorts. Now if only Rowling had told us what happened afterwards...did she leave her parents forgetting her forever?Avatar ImageSlytherinMalfoys says: it'll be a nice start, i can't wait for the movie !!!Avatar ImageDobbyWinkyKreacher says: technically, this was in the book. albeit in a very shortened way. Hermione mentioned to Harry and Ron that her parents now don't know they have a daughter and their dearest wish was to move to australia under new names as well. Avatar Imagebudgie says: Good thoughts.Avatar ImageDobbyWinkyKreacher says: @kmac...no, Hermione also told Harry and Ron she would (if they were successful) go to Australia and lift the charm from her parents. She wouldn't forget them. Very pleased to read that Harry leaving the Dursleys will be in the movie, and wonder if the dursleys leaving their home for protection will be there as well. @Sauvium, I'm usually gritting my teeth and feeling irritated at Yates, but technically....this scene was in the book, nice to see it expanded. Avatar Imageratorr2 says: This was part of the story so I don't mind them adding this to the movie. It's when they take out scenes to add things that where never part of the story that bothers me.Avatar Imagekbicprez says: I’m glad they’ve added this scene to the film. My one disappointment with the HP books is that JKR told us so little about Hermione’s home life. For one thing, I would love to have known how her parents reacted when they discovered Hermione was a witch. Being Hermione’s parents must have been very interesting to say the least. I’ve not been a fan of Yates’s HP work so far, but I think adding this scene was a good choice.Avatar ImageAlec wick says: Well it kinda was in the book just not explicitly shown, just explained but this way it's going to have a much bigger impact. I can't wait to see this it's going to be soo sadAvatar ImageTarana says: I don't mind that such a scene is added, either. As said, it is part of the story. My only objection is that it sounds like a heartbreaking scene. I might be in tears, even before the movie really kicks off ;o)Avatar Imagegreenfinch says: So glad this is in the movie. One thing in the books I've never really been fond of is the absence of Hermione's parents- we only see them briefly a couple times at Diagon Alley, and I think once at King's Cross.Avatar ImageRin68nyr says: That's a great scene to add in!Avatar Imageasfaloth12 says: Sounds like a sad scene, but a great addition to the film. I love it when they put in these great moments that develop characters beside Harry. It really fleshes the story out more L)Avatar ImageLost Northern says: well my favorite character is hermione i'm glad that there focus on her because we only see the life school of hermione not what look her house or her parents ( we see them but not very a lot)Avatar Imageigo2pigfarts says: This is great, I can't wait to see it. I wish November would hurry.Avatar ImageCatherine says: im actually glad that they are adding this seen, which feels weird to say but i am!Avatar Imagehalfbloodprincesss says: wow for once david yates put an extra scene in that IMPROVES the movie...i might die from the shock.Avatar Imagetaoist1 says: @Sauvium ROAR!? = DittoAvatar ImageDeona says: this will be so sad!!! can't wait though :) i'm glad that they have at least one scene that focuses on hermione cause she doesn't get nearly as much attention as ron or harry throughout the rest of the series.Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: That would be a very touchy start. Cant wait to see it on the screenAvatar Imageazaadpotter says: That would be a very touchy start. Cant wait to see it on the screenAvatar Imagejoeys_mommy says: I can't wait to see that Part!Avatar Imagelunatic_gry says: It will be a nice way to start the movie, i can't wait for see it in the cinema!Avatar Imagemagicmaniac says: kewlAvatar ImageGryffindor Lioness101 says: So sad, but this new scene just makes me want to see it more! Avatar ImageSiriuslyluvsHarryPotter says: awww! such a sad way for the movie to begin, but it will be interesting to see it. Avatar Imageworldstraveller says: I think is good doing this, though isn't in the book, because is important for those who don't read the books, understand what sacrifces she made to help harry to destroy the hocruxes, since she mentioned to harry. what she had to go through :(Avatar ImagePollytomat says: Well, it's not like the burning of the Barrow... I agree that this scene existed in the book or was supposed to exist. @kmac23va I think Jo told in some interview that Hermione found her parents after the Hogwarts Battle and returned them their memories. Emma has described this scene so many times that I already immagine every recap of it))) Can't wait to see it in the movie! :)Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: This scene should be very touching and heartbreaking to actually see. Since we only hear about it in the book, seeing her do this will show more of how much she loves her family and Harry and Ron. Avatar ImageScottMan says: I'm totally looking forward to that. I thought it might be more awesome if they were actually in Australia, on the beach or something, and her parents said "Hermione this was a great idea, Australia for our anniversary". Then Hermione smiles sadly... "Obliviate." They stare at her a moment, say "Excuse me, can I help you?" Hermione shakes her head and wanders away from the camera...a flock of seagulls fly across the camera, and she's gone. But photos disappearing is cool too. :)Avatar ImageSilvery Doe says: im so glad we will see this part in the movie. I don't think there's going to be a dry eye in the theatre!Avatar ImageBewareoftheNargles says: Great thing to add, I can't be bothered to properly echo what everyone else has said, about it being talked about in the book. Sure will be sad to see..Avatar ImageFGFG says: I don't know how I feel about it being at the very beginning of the movie. I don't know, I just don't want to see Hermione first. I want to see Harry at the Dursley's or something pivotal to the main plot, such as Narcissa and Bellatrix at Spinner's End. I hope they keep the scene at Malfoy Manor as the very beginning. It's not going to ruin the whole movie for me or anything if it is, I'm just being kind of nitpicky and "traditional". Other than that, I'm likin that their adding scenese like this that were only mentioned in the book Avatar ImageEmmaria says: awesome :-))Avatar ImageFastbak says: [quote]I don’t know how I feel about it being at the very beginning of the movie. I don’t know, I just don’t want to see Hermione first. I want to see Harry at the Dursley’s or something pivotal to the main plot, such as Narcissa and Bellatrix at Spinner’s End.[/quote]. It's supposed to be a montage of all three at the beginning, Harry, Ron and Hermione. The Dursleys leaving Privet Drive and Hermione obliviating her parents which were in the book and Ron outside the Burrow(seen in the Part 1 trailer). Avatar ImageHogwartsHP says: It's a good thing !§!Avatar ImageSmitch says: It was in the book, everyone, but only mentioned briefly. The story of how was missed by readers, as well as her private and devastating grief that she must have gone through in order to protect her parents. I think this will highlight the pure unselfishness of Hermoine's character, set the tone for the film, and just wow us all with such a dramatic and emotional scene that we previously weren't expecting! Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: That is going to be such a sad scene to watch. Avatar ImageEvilEmeric says: Aw, it'll be such a sad scene! But I still can't wait for the movie! November needs to hurry up and come!Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: I love this addition! It sounds like its going to be really emotional and have me crying straight away. I wish we knew more about Hermione's home life, her parents seem really sweet and caring, so i'm really glad we finally get a proper look at them and her home. BUT STEVE KLOVES DO NOT ADD ANYTHING ELSE!Avatar Imagebella vita says: Normally I hate when they add or change scenes, but I love that they added this scene. My favorite alteration they've made is the way they changed Hedwig's death to make it more meaningful.Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: That is an important scene! It will be very sad!Avatar ImageSindi says: Normally we would all be bothered but in this cause i can clearly see we are all happy :D Instead of hermione saying she wiped her parents' minds, like in the book, we now get to see it happen, i think its a great! addition to the story and the way it was done, with the portraits and all, sounds amazing! Cant wait! :D Avatar Imageroonwit says: I have no problem with them adding this scene, but it does sound like they are adjusting the plot a bit by not sending the parents to Australia. That is important because just making her parents forget doesn't protect them from Voldemort torturing them to make them tell what they know and trying to break the memory charm, whereas it should be much more difficult to find them in Australia (once Voldemort had access to Ministry and school records he could easily find out where they lived with Hermione). The other advantage of getting them to move away is that Voldemort and the Ministry are supposed to think that Hermione has gone abroad with her parents, and not in hiding with Harry.Avatar ImageHPandtheDA007 says: ahhh i'm gunna cry! I could never imagine doing that and then not being able to ever see them again. Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: OMR! Everyone go to Oclumencia, they have a loads of new photos! Heres a link for the translated website: http://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=pt&u=http://www.oclumencia.com.br/&ei=DJy4TIeFBJGUjAePz5XQDg&sa=X&oi=translate&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CCMQ7gEwAA&prev=/search%3Fq%3Doclumencia%26hl%3Den%26rlz%3D1R2SMSN_enAvatar ImageJustSayNoToNutbread says: This is amazing. I always loved when Hermione told Harry and Ron about this, so I can't wait to see it actually happen!Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: That is a good part to add. It adds to the emotional stability Harry, Ron and Hermione need to keep in order to fight off Voldemort. It's great that Yates added that part. It'll be a great part to look out for.Avatar Imagebooks_r_my_friends says: cant wait!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageRaytheforgottenWeasley says: I was tearing up just reading this! This, when I read it in the book, was I really really realized the sacrifices that Hermione and her parents have made over the years based on Hermione's faith in the mission (and her love for) Harry. Would I have done the same if my child as a teenager had done the same. I doubt it. I think at times that the very bravest people in the book series are the Granger parents as they have to put COMPLETE faith in their daughter AND realize that they cannot protect their daughter in any way except to do the memory wipe.....Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: can't wait to see this.Avatar ImageNicole says: I feel this could have been included in the book, but I understand it wasn't essential to the story to have it shown that way. However, if it HADN'T just been from Hermione's mouth, the scene would have been incredibly emotional, and I'm glad they have added it to the film adaptation. Personally, I'll probably bawl when I see it. In a good way.Avatar ImageI am totally awesome says: i think that its great they show this in the movie to actually explain how everything happens and the view into hermione`s home..i like how this movie seens to be exactly like the book from what i`ve seen so far...CANT WAIT!!!!! :DAvatar ImageForTheGreaterGood says: another scene not from the book! they should realize these things usually turn into a disaster! but, i dont know, maybe it will be good...?Avatar ImageGlowstick says: I know that Hermione really loved her parents and to erase their memory of her was a very mature and resolute act on her part. I will be touched to see the scene acted out.Avatar ImageHinkypunkmum says: # ForThe GreaterGood : JKR had Hermione explain all of this to Harry and Ron, so technically it truly was in the book. Did you read it ? This is a brilliant way to let viewers know just how much Hermione has sacrificed. She is an integral part of the trio and I love the additional focus on her. It also highlights exactly why she was sorted into Gryffindor instead of Ravenclaw ; her courage and bravery is evenly matched with her intelligence.Avatar ImageBeckster235 says: Itll be a sad but good start to the movie. It was tech. mentioned in the book, but itll be cool to see it played out. A necessary scene i think.Avatar Image2tal says: Hermione is so important to the entire series. Pickup any one of the books and she is there providing knowledge or direction. Her instincts are almost always spot on. Very impressive character drawing by JK!!Avatar ImageGinnyPotter88 says: I love the idea of showing Hermione doing this...it would make it all seem much more real. =]Avatar ImageFilthyMudblood___ says: I love it! I can't wait to see this. I think it's a really good idea that they've added this scene, because I'd love to see a bit of Hermione's life at home and it's also easier for those who haven't read the books to understand what's going on. I just want it to be November already.Avatar ImageEeyore says: I don't normally like added scenes, but this totally makes sense. In the book, Hermione tells Harry that she modified her parents' memories so they would be safe, so this fits. And it's the kind of scene that will set the tone for the movie. Sounds like a good choice. I remember with POA, my favorite scene was the one on the bridge where Lupin talks to Harry about his parents. It wasn't in the book, but it always felt like it should have been.Avatar Imagekatherine102678 says: Definitely sounds like an interesting scene....Technically the scene was mentioned in the book, but not a lot of details were given. I think it will be good for the movie.Avatar ImageAbiDumbledore says: It was a good thing to actually show =) I just shows how much Ron and Hermione sacrifice. Love the trio!Avatar Imagehonigmuffin says: It's good they show this particular scene. Finally something really Hermione-centric! :)Avatar ImageDawna says: I think its a good add-in. Hermione tells Harry she did this, but we will get to see it. I wonder if they go to Australia?Avatar ImageJillxoxo says: Well, technically, it was in the book. We just didn't get to see it because Harry wasn't there to witness the details. But still, I'm glad they created a scene to reveal Hermione's situation. It makes me wonder, though, if she had any support from the wizarding community at such a difficult moment or did she have to sort out and make the decision on her own? Avatar ImageStoreyann says: I am actually excited to see this scene. Usually adding things makes me a little annoyed, but this seems like it will fit so much better then the burning burrow into the storyline. Avatar ImageHarrypotterultrafan says: i can't wait to see this in the film. I know that Emma Watson will do it proud. GO EMMA!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DAvatar ImageForTheGreaterGood says: Yeah, I can see how this would be a good scene. But, I really don't trust David Yates with anything. I think maybe it would be better if they just mentioned it, like in the book.Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: what a happy thoughtAvatar Imagevespasian68967 says: If the scene enhances the story, I won't mind it so much. I mean, the addition of the story of Lily's fish gift to Slughorn was excellent. But usually I don't like additional scenes as evidenced by the Burrow scene in HBP & pretty much everything in Jackson's LOTR films.Avatar Imagelilylunaginerva says: I was mad at first when I saw that Steve Kloves was writing another scene, but when I read what the scene was... Finally they add a scene enhances the story and doesn't distract from it. I couldn't be happier about it!Avatar ImageFastbak says: I honestly don't have a problem with the Burrow scene in HBP. People say they "added a scene" but I look at it more they took the Death Eaters attacking Hogwarts at the end of the book and put it in the middle and setting it at the Burrow.Avatar Imagemystiqueminx says: i dont think that scene is so important enough to start the film....Avatar ImageJustSayNoToNutbread says: People keep commenting "Technically, it was in the book because Hermione mentioned it." I think everyone reading this page ALREADY KNOWS that Hermione mentioned it. The article states that there's a SCENE added that wasn't in the book. This scene was not in the book, so why the "Technically..."?Avatar ImageJillxoxo says: @ Nutty: Because the scene at least builds on information in the book, as apposed to the opening coffee shop scene added to HBP, which absolutely flies in the face of what takes place in the book. Technically speaking.:)Avatar ImageJustSayNoToNutbread says: I get that the information was in the book, but the SCENE wasn't, which was what the article said in the first place.Avatar Imagemoglet says: Well I've seen the film, and believe me this scene was beautifully done and extremely moving, i had tears in my eyes as I watched it.

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