Leaky’s Daily Quotedown to Deathly Hallows: 33 Days


Oct 18, 2010

Posted by EdwardTLC

There are now only 33 days left until “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I” hits theaters! We are posting a quote from the first half of the book every day in celebration and to give us a chance to discuss and ponder the final book as it goes to film. Here is a special double quote for the weekend!

“NO!” roared Ron, causing Harry to jump into the hedge and Hermione (nose buried in a book at the tent entrance) to scowl over at them. “Sorry,” said Ron, wrenching Harry back out of the brambles, “but the name’s been jinxed, Harry, that’s how they track people! Using his name breaks protective enchantments, it causes some kind of magical disturbance — it’s how they found us in Tottenham Court Road!”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, “Xenophilius Lovegood”

“Just — just to be clear,” he said. “You want to leave Tonks at her parents’ house and come away with us?”

“She’ll be perfectly safe there, they’ll look after her,” said Lupin. He spoke with a finality bordering on indifference. “Harry, I’m sure James would have wanted me to stick with you.”

“Well,” said Harry slowly, “I’m not. I’m pretty sure my father would have wanted to know why you aren’t sticking with your own kid, actually.”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, “The Bribe”

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Avatar Imagejillians642 says: I wonder which James would have actually preferred. I've always just taken Harry's word on it but has anyone really considered it, analyzing everything we know about James Potter? I'm not so sure that he would have chosen to stay with his kid; I suspect he felt frustrated in Godric's Hollow and would've preferred to be getting rid of Voldemort (looking at the big picture of saving his kid that way). Hmm ...Avatar ImageBless_the_children says: I think, in all honesty, James would have trusted Dumbledore, and Dumbledore wanted those three to go alone. In some ways, James would have wanted Harry to have the help, but he would have trusted the trio if he had met them. Lupin promised to be "bonded for life" to Tonks, and she deserved his love and protection. Something that always bothered me was the furry little problem of LUPIN BEING A WEREWOLF! I never understood how he expected to accompany them without causing problems with his dangerous transformation during the full moon. He couldn't be locked up becuase they only had a tent, and none of them knew how to make Wolfsbane. At the end of the day, I think Harry was right to stand up to him, even if he should have been kinder about it. Lupin needed to, as the movie-Ron put it "sort out his priorities." :)Avatar Imageminister kingsley says: i definitely think james would have reacted how harry did, he'd be pissed at his friend for leaving a child, he'd give him tough love and make sure he stayed with his familyAvatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: James would have sided with Harry, no question in my mind. He gave up his LIFE for there to be just a few more seconds to save his son. He was very young when he died, but he had matured well beyond how we saw him in the pensieve in book 5, otherwise Lily wouldn't have married him. I always thought hermione should have been able to do some sort of jinx that caused them to go temporarily mute or something if they tried to say "voldemort," sort of like the sneak pimples that she gave Marietta, but less permanent, or like moody's tongue-tie curse for snape. I know, must hermione do everything? Well, yeah, kinda...Avatar ImagePotterParish says: this is driving me nuts!!!! the midnight tickets still have not gone on sale yet but the day of at noon have so lame WB come on.......Avatar Imageafdh says: Poor Tonks :(Avatar Imagethundermountain7 says: potterparish same with me i need those tickets i am checking every day now.Avatar ImageCatherine says: Lupin....hmm, there is so much to say about his character. most of the time i like/love him and pity him for all that he goes through. However, it is times like these in the books that i get annoyed and frustrated with him...sometimes he just doesnt get it.Avatar ImageJK.jr. says: poor lupin. I felt so bad for him at this part and during Tonks and his romance. He must feel so guilty for something he can't help.Avatar ImageJK.jr. says: poor lupin. I felt so bad for him at this part and during Tonks and his romance. He must feel so guilty for something he can't help.Avatar ImageDumblebridge says: My heart bleeds for Lupin and Tonks :(Avatar Imagebudgie says: This was a definite opportunity to show the maturity of Harry, Lupin did need some tough love at this time, and Harry was able to provide it.Avatar Imagedevilskinn says: I like this poster, when they're running 8-> Avatar Imagedevilskinn says: I love Harry's reaction to Lupin's words!Avatar Imagehonigmuffin says: I get that Lupin's afraid of being a father, but thinking of leaving Tonks for good? Quite stupid.Avatar Imageeccentricalice says: I think James would have taken Harry's side, for reasons said above, especially the point that Bless_the_children made.Avatar ImageA Chocolate Frog says: I think that at one time, James would have thought Lupin should go with the Trio just for the adventure and glory of it all. After Harry was born, though, I think his mind would have changed. abandonedboyjon makes a very good point about James giving up his life to save his son -- and his wife.Avatar ImageDawna says: I believe Harry is right. His father died protecting his son, James would not have forgiven Lupin lightly for walking out on his own. But Lupin is just scared. I believe he truly loves Tonks, and he believes he is doing what is best for her & their child. But in the end, look how happy he is when Teddy is born, and how he knows Harry was right.Avatar ImageJillxoxo says: Ah, two quotes that remind us how wreckless and thoughtless Harry could sometimes be to his friends. His use of Voldemort's name was a bit careless in light of their situation and what was at risk. But, I always found his comments to Lupin to be especially cruel because, despite Lupin's flawed thinking, he was trying to help. The link between these two quotes is that Harry tended to be somewhat myopic when it came to Voldemort. He had trouble seeing that everyone's future was at stake, not just his. Of course, he did also have Voldemort in his head to further cloud his judgement... Avatar Imagetaoist1 says: I hate that Tonks and Lupin die. Poor Teddy.Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: Sad lupin. i never wanted him to die.Avatar Imagedilysroot says: that was a really good wondering Jillians642. James had a different relationship to Lupin than Harry, being more of an equal, which is partly why Harry's remarks are so scandalizing, Lupin being the one who taught him how to make a patronus, a friend of his father, sort of like an uncle/mentor. Still he did a huge favor to Lupin. Telling truth can hurt, get you into trouble and sometimes your friends too. The taboo on Voldemort's name was another example of that, but more than anything it was a great literary gimmic, how else to transport the trio into the mansion, rescue Luna and Olivander and get the wand from Draco that was the true master of the elder wand. Its tricks like that that make me so amazed at JKR. think maybe she IS a witch?Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: I wonder if JKR was beginning to get feedback by the time she was writing Book 7 that Lupin was just a little too perfect to be believable, and feeling like she needed to give him some ethical flaw. Up to this scene I think that he really does come off as the most morally unambiguous 'good' adult in the saga. He is so unfailingly thoughtful and compassionate. But because he has some self-esteem issues, it seems believable that he would be able to compartmentalize his feelings for Tonks and push her away on account of his lurking belief that he doesn't really 'deserve' to be loved. And like Sirius, he misses James's friendship so much that he is able to do some transference of that to Harry - which doesn't make him 'bad,' just human. I think JKR did a good job of making Lupin more multidimensional with this plot thread, even if the reader, like Harry, wants to give him a whack upside the head for even considering leaving his pregnant wife. Then she brings it full circle by having Lupin bond so instantly and so powerfully with Teddy once he is born. Anybody who has ever had a baby can tell you how real that force can be: When you have a kid, EVERYTHING changes (unless you're a complete narcissistic idiot). And Lupin's finally getting smacked with the happy stick makes it all the more heartbreaking that JKR found it necessary to sacrifice both Lupin and Tonks to make her final point about Voldemort destroying families. A perfect happy ending to the saga wouldn't haved worked, but for my money the wreckage of this family's well-earned, long-delayed potential fulfillment was one of the hardest 'truths' to take in the whole series.Avatar ImageHarrypotterultrafan says: i think that Harry was a bit unfair to Lupin here, but Lupin was stupid to want to leave his own kid and the love of his life:/Avatar Imagepfowlerp says: @ PotterParish & thundermountain7*Roar* go to, http://www.fandango.com/harrypotterandthedeathlyhallows:parti_109947/movieoverview Just under the Movie title there's a place to input your zipcode to lookup movie times at cinemas in your area. Even though the tickets aren't for sale yet, it will give you an option to send you an email when the tickets become available (after searching for the ticket sales).Avatar Imagez999993 says: I'm pretty sure James would have sided w/ Harry. I mean, he gave up his life for him. Wasn't James like the "leader" of their little group? I would think that Lupin would follow suit and stick w/ his kid.Avatar ImageLonewolf_ says: I felt sad for Lupin here, but I still think that the things Harry said was right. Harry was really stupid when he said Voldemort's name later though. Why couldn't he just shut up?:PAvatar ImageJessSnape says: I love Lupin but I was not happy with his behavior after Teddy was born. He was scared, but with his family was where he was needed far more than the Trio needed him. I am so proud that Harry was able to see that.Avatar Imagelpierich says: I think James would have went with the trio. Why wait for V to come to you when you can go to him. the letter stated that James could not go out scene Dumbledore had his invisible cloak, which means he might have already been out and about. I also never believed that Dumbledore wanted Harry to go on alone after his death. I know it had to be a very well keep secrete but, one or two close allies would not hurt. I always felt that harry was playing up the hero card at this point in the book. they said their self that sometimes they where in over their heads.Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: things would have gone so much smoother if harry had let him comeAvatar ImageYodatheHobbit says: Are you guys at leaky ever going to change the photos in the countdown clock to Deathly Hallows photos? They still are from HBP and OOTP. I mean, we're getting pretty close now! Hehe.Avatar ImageTraceymmm says: i like the first quote. i hope that gets put in the film. Hedgings are alwats good for a laugh!Avatar Imageksddancer says: Very nice quotes. Lupin came to his senses at least.Avatar Imagemystiqueminx says: Ron was right all the time,, Too bad they didnt pay much atentionAvatar ImageExpectoPatronum512 says: love these quotes <3Avatar ImageSohumdore says: I NEED THOSE TICKETS TOO POTTERPARISH! And I agree now that I think about it Lupin was thinking a little too irrationally. His furry little problem would have been a big issue. He also shouldn't have thought to leave Tonks, but I see what he is thinking. He was in a way 'forced' into the marriage, proven by the end of the 6th book. He wanted some adventure before he went into marriage. He just wasn't ready. I'm not mad at him at all.Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: It was so sad when Lupin and Harry got into that fight! But it was for the better, still, I get very sad every time I read it!Avatar Imagedumbledork31 says: Less than 32 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am working on posting countdowns all around my house =P Can't wait!!!!!Avatar ImageSindi says: Hard times.... Anyways 33 Days left! :D Avatar ImageGryffindor Lioness101 says: Harry's right! Lupin shouldn't abandon his family like that! I'm positive James would have reacted to Lupins suggestion the same way Harry did. I mean he faught for Harry and Lily to his death. I Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: It was totally horrible that Voldemort's name became jinxed. I loved the part where Harry provoked Remus into going back to Tonks and Teddy. That was the best thing to do!Avatar ImageEvilEmeric says: I think that Harry was completely right in doing what he did -- Lupin is scared of being a father, because 1) He is afraid that, as a werewolf, he might hurt Tonks. 2) His child will be a werewolf like him. Also, I just love the connection JK Rowling creates between this book and the first. While it isn't mentioned (I don't think) exactly in this book, Harry calls the search for the 3 Deathly Hallows a "quest". Im not sure if it was intentional or not, but (considering that the owner of the Hallows was originally Death, and whoever owns them will be master of death), this idea can be connected to Dumbledore's quotation in the first book. "After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure." (297) This may mean that Dumbledore inteaded Harry to find out about the Deathly Hallows from the very beginning (after all he did return the first part of it [the invisibility cloak] to him in that same book). Just something to think about!Avatar ImageGinnyPotter88 says: I also wonder how Lupin could've possibly imagined going on the journey with them with his wee werewolf problem and all...Avatar ImageLuna1616 says: haha i love those quotes its funny how Harry reacts to what people say Avatar ImageLuna1616 says: the first quotes ok but i still think the second one is just plain HILARIOUS!Avatar Imagejoeys_mommy says: I Love Love Love the second Quote, I think its fantastic that Harry was so hard on him. Because he's right, Parents shouldn't leave their children if they don't have to.Avatar Imagemaddison says: I think that Harry was right but he shouldn't have gotten so angry at Lupin but if that were me I would've too. I also think that Lupin was scared for Tonks and the baby (Teddy). I was so horrified when I first read that paragraph with ron telling Harry to not say Voldemorts name because Harry was so used to saying it he might not have been able to stop himself , that was made clear to me later !!

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