New “DH: Part 1″ Clip of Trio in Malfoy Manor, New Interviews and Behind the Scenes with Harry Potter Actors


Nov 06, 2010

Posted by Mel

A new clip has been released from “Deathly Hallows: Part 1″ which shows the Trio fighting in Malfoy Manor. The clip contains spoilers for the movie and you can see it here in our Video Galleries.

As readers may recall, yesterday we told you of a clip of the Trio fighting Death Eaters in a London cafe. We now have that clip to watch here in our Video Galleries.

Additionally, we have some new video interviews with some of the Harry Potter actors. Matt Lewis (Neville Longbottom) and Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) were recently in Finland and were asked about some of their Harry Potter related memories there. Part one of the interview is here and part two of the interview can be seen here.

Finally, we have a behind the scenes special from Holland’s RT4 network. This special, apart from showing the actors shooting scenes, has interviews which take place shortly after the last days of filming and addresses the feelings of Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley), and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) on the end of the series. You can see this video here.

Many thanks to Maria!

51 Responses to New “DH: Part 1″ Clip of Trio in Malfoy Manor, New Interviews and Behind the Scenes with Harry Potter Actors

Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: Okay, no more clips for me! I never do that, but I feel more spoiled than 5 years ago with GoF.Avatar ImageDumblebridge says: Poor Hermione!Avatar ImageDumblebridge says: Warning! The RT4 clip contains masses of film not yet seen! Love it!Avatar ImageAussie Ragdoll says: Oh my goodness! Lucius looks like he's taking part in Movember!Avatar Imagehpfan89 says: Oh my goodness that was freaking awesome!!! I cannot wait! 12 days!Avatar Imagefalkowska says: Theyre both incredible - cant wait!!Avatar ImageNicole says: After going to the past four premieres, having seen and enjoyed all the available footage beforehand, this is the first time I've felt I have to tell myself "Stop!" With less than two weeks to go, this is way more than I need to see already!!! I love it, but it's just too much! I really should have waited to see the cafe and the sword scenes...Avatar Imagetrumpetgirly says: me too... i really need to stop. the movie is almost here I need to contain myself and stop looking at theseAvatar Imagebudgie says: I have been visiting with friends and planning a Harry Potter party in Council Bluffs, Iowa.Avatar ImageNorian says: Okay, Enough, Can we please stop getting clips that are going to entice us. WB, please stop releasing so much of the film this close to the opening date. You are really starting to ruin the affect of surprise for many of us. At this point, I do not have to see the film, because it has all been given to use before hand. I am not watching this or any other clip that comes out from now on, this is becoming ridiculous. Avatar ImageLiderc says: I have to agree, I don't think I can ever remember them releasing so much of a HP film before hand. I haven't watched a new clip in a month, because the few I did watch really spoiled some very cool parts of the film. Advertise, don't show the movie lol.Avatar ImageNorian says: I agree Liderc, this is becoming out of hand. Avatar Imageconnief says: The cafe clip just shows once again they bungle the book and take off making it their way again. The last movies were flat out disappointing in the major cuts and senseless additions. Does anyone notice - they are fighting in plain view of the glass windows to the street? Hermione tells the waitress to 'leave'. Is it so hard to shoot in a shady looking place that's private? This sort of thing spoils it for me. The books are so good! I just hoped to see more of staying 'true' to them. HP1 was the closest to the book in both spirit and events.Avatar Imageashim_gryffindor says: hmmm.... I'm debating on whether I should see this or not....Avatar Imageparryotter687 says: Pleaseeee Pleaseee stop giving out any more clips!!! I cant stop myself from watching those, and now I am counting whats left for me to see ... and wait for which all scenes - dark lord ascending, seven potters, will, wedding, tottenham court road, ministry of magic, godric's hollow, bathilda's secret, xeno lovegood, malfoy manor, the taking of the elder wand ... all are OUT! That leaves me with - Regulus Story, Goblin's Revenge, Silver Doe and the Deathly Hallows story!! No More we pray you!!Avatar Imageparryotter687 says: And I don't understand David Yates' problem with tinkering with every small stuff. when did Harry and Ginny kiss and were caught by George?? Whats the point of unnecessary scenes when you can use that time in bettering the originals or adding relevant left out scenes. Its ok you dont show the Polyjuice effect on Harry in the Wedding, and that on Harry and Hermione in the graveyard, but that doesn't mean you show a last fight between Harry and Voldy in an empty Hogwarts ..where are the battlers surrounding?? Wasn't there supposed to be a dialogue with Harry and Voldy moving in a loop, measuring each other?? Yeahh.. the movie looks so spectacular than the others...but couldn't you just not let your material in, in place of JKR's. It wouldn't have hurt to stick to most of JKR's dialogue's. They have been etched in our hearts. How can we induce some different feelings into the characters with separate dialogues. The part about Harry leaving Burrow, and Ron alone trying to stop him - where did that pop from? Avatar Imageparryotter687 says: Can anyone confirm me if Goblin's Revenge chapter has been retained in the movie??Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: Guys, don't be mad at WB for releasing stuff, that's their marketing scheme and it is very similar to the ones they've used before, and it works. If you don't want to see the clip, center yourself and DON'T CLICK.Avatar Imagemuggleborn525 says: Thanks for the clip, but I'm not going to see it. I wouldn't mind looking at screencaps from the clip. That would make it somewhat less spoilerish. Avatar ImageYodatheHobbit says: Seriously people. Take some personal responsibility. And stop over complaining! It is your fault for watching these clips. Take some blame! It's OK to. There is no more footage released than is always released for any big budget internationally released movie. Any film fan could tell you that! People say the same thing every year, "They're releasing too much!" but it is exactly the same amount. Where are people's heads? Don't people have memories or do they just reset after a year? For Lord of the Rings Return of the King they released like 12 clips during the last 3 weeks before release. That was seven years ago. connief. You're "complaints" are just pathetic. You would never like any film version of Harry Potter. Why aren't you complaining about Hagrid asking a Muggle "What are you lookin at?" in HP1? T This is not JK Rowlings material. It was never supposed to be. It is a condensed version with the same information given. I just can't comprehend you mind here. Don't you understand how selfish and illogical what your complaining about is? That no one else be allowed the have any creative input on the films but Jo. You already have the book. GET OVER IT sourav! Watch Masterpiece Theater and see how boring and dull most of their exact book to film translations are. Avatar ImageSindi says: Its soooooooo tempting to watch this clips, but no more for me! Avatar ImageFastbak says: For those who want to see it there's a higher quality video of the "Malfoy Manor" clip it's at: Imagechanngalambeatrice says: One Word: A-W-E-S-O-M-E.Avatar Imagechikitcorpuzvesterbaek says: @YodatheHobbit: Totally agree. We have to differentiate the books from the movies. There are worse book-to-film versions out there. As for spoilers, well I have read the books, I can't be more spoiled than that. @Sourav: There was a part in Deathly Hallows, nearly just after Harry arrived at the Burrows when he wanted to leave - that is where the Ron-Harry scene may have come from.Avatar ImageCDR says: GREAT!!!Avatar Imageivyneel says: I am excited to see the film and I do love the films but I agree that they should stay truer to the books. Avatar Imageivyneel says: I understand that there's creative license but I guess it's more of an excitement to see my favourite scenes played out in film or anticipate those scenes. Either way, both films and books are different and it is hard to translate books to visual medium. However, it's still interesting and as Potter fan, I still want to see the movie. Totally agree with chikitcorpuzvesterbaek. Hope I spelled that right!Avatar Imagechikitcorpuzvesterbaek says: @charmslovesSirius: Yes you did - it is a mouthful!Avatar ImagelittleL says: Ugh, how predictably sexist is that remark "a beautiful woman" to Emma's "it's made me who I am". As if that is the most important aspect to a woman, rather than her talent or brain. >:(Avatar Imageparryotter687 says: yeah..I am trying to understand! But I still feel the Potter franchise should release a longer uncut 4hr version like the Lord of the Rings did. That can be done.. and yes ... the Deathly Hallows movie looks close to book than any other past Potter movies.Avatar ImageNatalie says: No thanks!!! What's with the clips WB? We are going to watch this film anyway! It'd be better if you hadn't given us the whole thing already!Avatar Imagehousemusicbori says: it was cool! but yep you have to stop too many spoiler videos!Avatar Imagelunalovegoodfan says: The second part of the interview with Evana and Matthew does not play through for me:( Did anyone else have this? I like how it is Harry's instinct which spots the Death Eater:)Avatar ImageMaryMalfoy says: I wish they would stop posting clips. I'm too weak to resist watching them, and I'm only ruining the movie for myself. Gaah. Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: That was awesome! But seriously Leaky! You should stop feeding our curiousity! Let's wait for the final movie to come out! But either way that was a great clip! Dobby's hanging there...........HA!Avatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: Ah,they are spoiling me..can't stop myself from watching them! But this one is AWESOME,I must say!Avatar ImagePhlegm De La Coeur says: not going to do it....13 days I will avoid these clips like spattergroitAvatar Imageblackhair says: @Yodathehobit and Chik. I agree with your reasons and i always like new experimentation books cannot be totally adapted into films there has to be some tinkling done in order for creativity *and for true book fans who oppose some changes(in HP all the changes) i remember fans where quite upset about how HP did end like it jumped directly 19 years ahead leaving far too many unanswered queries. Which have not been answered as yet. So please stop criticizing the studios and enjoy or at-least try to. *And for fans crying foul about WB releasing too many videos well that's business and its a way to attract newer audience, like me(i was not HP follower until Prisoner of Azkaban was released in theatre)Avatar Imagebrujahqueen says: That ws fantastic I can't wait for the movieAvatar ImageFastbak says: The Facebook link for the HD Malfoy Manor clip doesn't work. There's another HQ version at: Imagebella vita says: I agree with everyone else. They're going WAY overboard on the clips! Even worse than usual. NEVER have I ever refused to watch any footage we've been given prior to release, but DH is my favorite book and I can't stand to see it ruined by having already seen almost the entire movie in clips! The worst part is that they're not even bothering to release only smaller less important scenes! All of the clips they're releasing are from the most highly anticipated scenes! Its horrible and spoiling the movie for those of us who want to be at least somewhat surprised despite already knowing what happens! Its just so hard to keep your resolve when its scenes like this, but I plan to hold out on my no clips policy until the midnight screening. This is the worst yet in my opinion because I never thought they would release anything from Malfoy Manor before the movie comes out and I didn't want them to either! Its such a huge pivotal scene and shouldn't spoiled ahead of time by clips! PLEASE STOP WB!Avatar Imagepunkedup88 says: GUYS, it's your choice! You can choose whether to watch or not too. If you do, you have no right to complain to the company when it's your own fault. While I agree that it's very much like GOF's advertising, but this time you can be ready. I haven't seen any clips aside from the first 3 or 4. I learned from my mistakes from GOF's time to NOT look. It's take self control. Besides, it's just a movie. If you've read the books, then you know what's going to happen.Avatar ImageScottMan says: I love the clips, love getting advance warning on changes and such. Honestly I like seeing different interpretations of the stories. If they were all spot-on I think they'd be boring. The interviews were fun to watch as always, and oh my Evanna looked loooovely! Sigh!Avatar ImageSpook says: While it may be our choice or not to watch these on line, I agree with most, there are too many clips being posted and spoiling it not just for those who have read the books, but also for those who may not have read them or seen previous movies. Where is the anticipation and the surprise of what we might see? I love seeing them too, but it is becoming way over the top. Yes build the anticipation, but it would be nice too for the actors to be critically acclaimed for what is new and exciting and for all of us to be able to say "wow" at the end of the film, not "oh yeah saw that in the clips." Love the interviews though.Avatar Imagecaomoyl says: GO DOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DAvatar ImageHermione1097 says: I was watching this one trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and I have almost memorised it!!! Lol, I can't wait for the movie to come out!!! My dad is taking me to the midnight showing at 12:02 am!!!! AAAHHH!!!Avatar Imagepfowlerp says: I too am not going to watch anymore clips... I've watched all up to this point except for the 7 Potters "Full" scene. The positive side to seeing these clips is most of them are'nt good quality (not that I've seen). The Malfoy Manor scene was fantastic, I loved Dobby's entrance!!! The good part about this clip is it doesn't include Hermione being tortured which is the scene I'm looking forward to the most. From now on it's just interviews for me until I see the movie on opening night... I can't wait!!!Avatar ImageMistic Willow says: SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!! THIS SCENE IS GOING TO BE SO COOL!!!!Avatar ImageHasrionaOrganisation says: Does anyone else feel...well I guess, judging by your comments, that you do...that they've given out too many clips about this film? To be honest, I'd think most of us would still watch this film even if they'd given us absolutely nothing! Of course, it's nice to see the odd trailer and the odd TV Spot in the adverts in the X Factor, but I think they should tone it out a bit and stop spoling the film for those of us who don't want to be spoiled!Avatar ImageHasrionaOrganisation says: But still, this scene is absolutely awesome, I imagined the cafe to look just like that.Avatar ImageGuppy says: I’m still enjoying the clips but I should stop watching them. I give in to temptation too easily! I’d like to leave SOMETHING unspoiled for the midnight showing! I did think the café scene was odd. Hermione merely telling the waitress to leave was awkward, even by HP “movie” standards.

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