Live from the “Deathly Hallows: Part 1″ US Premiere in New York City


Nov 15, 2010

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The Harry Potter stars have begun to arrive at the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1″ US Premiere in New York City’s Alice Tully Hall. Leaky is on the red carpet ready to bring you exclusive footage!

Update: The live streamed coverage is now over, but stay close to Leaky for more images, videos and more from the red carpet to be uploaded throughout the evening.

7.22 pm ET: The actors all seem to have gone into the screening. Answering a question about why Radcliffe hadn’t gone the route of the arrogant child star stereotype, the Harry Potter actor said, “there are hundreds of thousands of actors who aren’t arrogant and you only hear about the ones who are.” Speaking to his excitement for more adult roles, Radcliffe said he was currently “playing a father and a widower [in The Woman in Black] but I do want to play my own age at some point.” Of his preparations for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Radcliffe said his dancing and singing lessons were going well and that “singing is something I am comfortable with, dancing… not so much!”
7:20 pm ET: Emma Watson’s dress is Calvin Klein.
7:17 pm ET: Lots of questions about the kisses this evening, Watson said Radcliffe was “a real gentleman” and of his comments about his kiss with Emma, Radcliffe chuckled and said, “I said this in an interview and I was so stupid to say it but ‘animal’ in the context that I was talking about it is purely complimentary”
7:16 pm ET
: Emma Watson: “I’m meant to be in school but I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”
7.12 pm ET: Rupert Grint: “never being invisible is pretty crazy”. Rupert wasn’t allowed to be in the room during the kiss scene with Emma and Dan because he kept laughing.
7.08 pm ET: Daniel Radcliffe on what he would tell himself 10 years ago: “The same advice my parents told me: don’t ever read the articles people write about you or watch the
interviews.” On hanging out with his co-stars post Potter: “We’re all going to be quite busy but I’ll be in the same country as Emma next year so no doubt we’ll be hanging out quite a bit”
7.07 pm ET: Hmmm… is that AVPM, AVPS and now, “Glee” star Darren Criss Leaky sees before us?
7.03 pm ET: Spotted on the red carpet: Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes.
6.58 pm ET: Daniel Radcliffe has arrived in the press area. Emma Watson is taking photos with Sarah Jessica Parker.
6.48 pm ET: Spotted on the red carpet: Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick!
6.46 pm ET: Daniel Radcliffe is yet to arrive.
6.44 pm ET: Emma Watson has arrived.
6.41 pm ET: Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort) arrives says he enjoys the films more and more because of the familiarity, of Voldemort”he’s all evil, 100%”. Fiennes says Harry Potter fans were definitely the “most vocal”. Also spotted on the red carpet: Liam Neeson! Rupert Grint, Tom Felton have also arrived already.

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Avatar ImageWinkyxx says: FIRST =] go potter! <3Avatar ImageAnna Luiza says: Awww Daniel was so cute trying to speak wih everyone!!!! Though I still think Darren is waaay better then him, Darren Criss I love you!!!!!! Oh and I´m not sure, I think I don´t like Daniel´s hair cut.Avatar ImageMatea says: Dan in his best suit ever!Avatar Imagekira902k says: Nuuuu leakkyyyyyyy. Why did you spoil this for me? :( I did NOT know there was a kiss between harry/hermione. :( I know it's my fault for being on this website, but but butttttt. ahh. i just had to share my despair. Avatar Imagekira902k says: Nuuuu leakkyyyyyyy. Why did you spoil this for me? :( I did NOT know there was a kiss between harry/hermione. :( I know it's my fault for being on this website, but but butttttt. ahh. i just had to share my despair. Avatar Imagekbicprez says: I thought the MTV coverage was very good. First time I've seen Darren Criss. He was very funny. MTV didn’t get to interview too many people, but they did get the trio, Tom, Fiennes, and Yates. I loved Rupert’s interview. The MTV guy asked him about looking so much older for the epilogue and Rupert said it was from living with Hermione. I LOL’ed.Avatar Imagejeannemcl says: Hey, Anna Luiza and KB Prez, what is a Darren Criss? I've never heard of that before.Avatar ImageJillxoxo says: NY had none of the magic and glamour of the London premiere and the AP and MTV livestreams were less than impressive. :( On the plus side, at least the stars were able to escape the cold.Avatar Imagejeannemcl says: Oh, I see. Darren Criss is a Gleek. That's why I'd never heard of him. I don't watch that show.Avatar Imagetinagin says: Kira, it's part of the scene in the Silver Doe chapter after Ron rescues Harry from the ice cold water when he was trying to get the Sword of Griffindor. Before destroying Slytherin's locket, it trys to taunt Ron with images of Hermione and Harry kissing. It's not a spoiler.Avatar ImageSindi says: Watching :D Avatar Imagemiss molly says: Very disappointed with MTV and the other “news” live streams. Leaky you did better last year with your laptop them these sites did. The press always ask the same questions over and over again by people who have no idea about HP. I also read that the fan did not get to meet the stars and that only Tom went to sign autographs with the fans. Of course I don’t blame the actors just a poorly organized event maybe? Anyone know if this is true? I really think they need to do the next one in LA. NYC won’t stop traffic so the fans are on one side of the road and the press on the other. LA closes off the roads and the fans seem to be able to get closer to the stars than in NYC. Plus I think the trio need to get stars of the walk of fame next year :) Avatar Imagecrikeyhunter says: OK- just got back from the son and I were second behind the barrier..Rupert passed right in front of us -signed like 2 things and kept going..great to be so close but no autograph. Dan showed up and signed more than Rupert...again -great to be so close but no autograph. I am embarrassed for my city of NY. If you compare the two Premiers London blew us away. We didn't have any lights in the streets, no videoscreens with trailers and clips, no music, an ugly white plastic tent over the red carpet, no chance to see any stars......they didn't even close off the street to traffic! Buses, cabs and regular cars went by while the stars were being dropped off--who then proceeded into the ugly white bubble -Emma did not walk the line like Rupert and Dan....why? I'm glad my son was starstruck b/c they were 2 feet in front of him but overall it was extremely disappointing if you went, stood for hours with very little in return. Still a big fan and can't wait for Friday though :)Avatar Imagecrikeyhunter says: Oh -and a shout out to our new friend Cassandra! We forgot to come back and say goodbye! Avatar Imagegaminette says: Hey Miss Molly -- you heard right. The event (such as it was) was a real disappointment as far as seeing the actors in person. I feel so bad for the people who were lined up since 7 sunday night. Hope they at least got to see *something*! But I got to see Tom. Yay.Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: This is cool! Wish I was there!Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: coolAvatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: This is cool!Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: This is cool!Avatar ImageWanqqu says: I have seen live few of Harry Potter stars but not the tree Daniel, Emma or Rubert! I want see! ;*) Avatar ImageAnna Luiza says: Wait, Darren Criss went to the premiere?? I didn´t get to see that, I´m brazilian!! Oh and for who asked, yes, Darren is a gleek now but before he played Harry in youtube´s hit A Very Potter Musical, you wanna check it out if you´re a real fan!!Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: AwesomeAvatar Imagesidnandragin says: Oh NY was such a disappointment! WB rep should be shot for such a crappy job! Fans were so let down & at this time, tis the wrong time to do us a disservice as they did. Rupert & Emma were a gem. they came out after all the fans had practically left & signed & took pictures. I was the lucky one. I do hope that they plan on two openings in the states next year. One in LA & one in NY that way we can say goodbye properly. WHAT A DISaPPOINTMENT... ZIEGFELD next year! Someone from WB better hear. I think there were a couple of people looking for the bum that organized this shamble. Every coverage blew. I guess what they are telling me is that i may have to go to London for the premiere & wait in the rain!Avatar ImageSiriuslySmitten says: I was slam at the front of one of the barriers. Sorely disappointed that everyone was ushered so quickly into the press tent. I truly cried, I was that disappointed. My friend came from TX and we then drove from NC to be there and were broken hearted. Glad we stuck around though - shortly after they announced all the cast had gone in to see the film, much of the crowd left, then Rupert and Emma came out to sign autographs. Missed Emma, she was rushed through so fast we couldn't catch her. Was able to meet Rupert and get a pic with him - but his security rushed him as well. He is so kind and sweet, and I honestly feel that if it weren't for his security guards, he would spend time with every single person there. We waited. And waited. And waited. And Dan did not come back out. Security told us the movie had started around 8:30 and that if he was going to come out, it would be after the 2.5 hour film. Well...after having been there since before dawn in the freezing cold, inhaling exhaust fumes (I'm now quite sick), hungry....with no promise that he'd be out - we gave up and went back to our hotel. Don't know whether he did or didn't come out - but I will say this. I ran into a very little girl - about 8ish I'd say - and she was crying so hard you could barely understand her. She was crying that she hated him, that she hated Harry Potter and would never watch another film again. My heart broke for this little girl. I know the publicists and what not are responsible for how things are run - but this premiere - that little girl - the whole thing tore me apart inside. I won't deny it made me cry.

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