Radcliffe and Watson confirm “DH: Part 2″ Ending Reshoots


Nov 15, 2010

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HitFix has some new quotes from Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) confirming that they are re-shooting parts of the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2″ epilogue at Christmas:

“We are re-shooting some parts of it,” Radcliffe confirms. “It was an interesting one. I think we made it very hard on ourselves because we shot it at King’s Cross for real. And this time we’ll be shooting it at Leavesden on set. To have to rush that sequence and it’s an important sequence, is not something any of us want to do.” Radcliffe continued and reiterated, “It’s a train station and people actually needed to use that platform. We made it very hard on ourselves and we really want a slightly slower, more measured pace next time.”

Speaking at the “Deathly Hallows: Part 1″ World Premiere in London last week, Emma Watson described filming in a real station as “stressful”:

“I mean, you can imagine, we stopped trains when they said we could do the scene. I mean, we are special – we are ‘Harry Potter,’” Watson says in an intentionally sarcastic and light-hearted tone. “We only had two days to shoot it and we needed so much more time than that. We have reshoots at Christmas.”

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2″ is slated for release on the 15th July, 2011.

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Avatar ImageNatalie says: So,,,Harry Potter is not over for them yet.... That's nice to hear...:) :) :) Avatar Imageginnyrose says: but emma cut her hair mind you if it of last bit she would of done years later but dose this mean that the date change for part 2 ?Avatar ImageAstoria Lane says: Its nice to hear that they will have a little reunion in between the films release it really is quite wonderful to share time with the "family" they made on setAvatar ImageJenniferMalfoy says: This won't change the date for the release of part 2, will it? That is the only thing that I am worried about. After all, I want them to take as much time as they need, as long as it doesn't change the date :) Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Nice to hear that it's not "really" over yet. ;-) Glad to hear that they want to do this right in the end.Avatar ImageRosie016 says: Very surprised hearing this, but they gotta do what they gotta do!Avatar Imagejlo814 says: I really hope they redo the make up a bit... from the pictures we saw of them filming the first time, they made them look a lot older than they're supposed to be in the book. They're only supposed to be in their mid-30s when the epilogue takes place...Avatar Imagepotterific1891 says: I love that they are redoing it, but will Emma's new hair cut affect it in any way?Avatar ImageAvanelleWood says: I'm glad to hear that they are dedicated to getting the epilogue exactly right. I agree with jlo814-they made them too old looking for people who are only supposed to be in their mid-30's. Perhaps they will tone down the "ageing" a bit.Avatar Imagetiffuhtheninja says: Well, Emma wore a wig the first time they shot the Epilogue so she might just wear the same one she wore before. :)Avatar ImageTheGleek77 says: thats good but are they changing the date for part 2?Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: That sounds..., well i don't know what to think actually... They all said their goodbyes to the series and now they have to go back. Was the final scene that bad? I hope we get to see the difference in those scenes in the DVD extras.Avatar ImageJillxoxo says: Even with all of the excitement of last week and this week, this bit of news really made me smile. :) Three more days!!!Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak1010 says: yay! so this means that harry potter filming hasn't ended yet! :) they will be reunited again on set how awesome! 2 daysssss so excited!!Avatar ImageMaryMalfoy says: Nice to hear that they're that committed to the project :) Hopefully they'll make them look like people in their thirties this time, instead of their fifties. Avatar ImageEeyore says: "I really hope they redo the make up a bit… from the pictures we saw of them filming the first time, they made them look a lot older than they’re supposed to be in the book. They’re only supposed to be in their mid-30s when the epilogue takes place…" It's 19 years later, so that would make them 37. By the time I was 37 I didn't look like I did at 18. It's surprising how much you age in your 20s and especially your 30s. And remember, they led very stressful lives - that can age a person a lot. Avatar ImageVampiresSuck says: i'm glad that there taking the time to get it right...wondering what there going to do w/ emma's hair, and maybe they'll look more like there thirty not the ancient grandparents of whats supposed to be their kidsAvatar ImageSindi says: Its good to hear they are paying so much attention to detail :D Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Thats a surprise! I'm glad they are reshooting it though, so that it will be better!Avatar ImageSohumdore says: i like to hear that they are doing as much as they can to make it the best!Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: Sounds great that they're reshooting some of the shots, that just goes to show how much they care about Harry Potter.Avatar ImagePHONELADY says: IM SO EXCITED CANT WAIT FOR THE WEEKEND GOT MY MOVIE BAG READY!!!!Avatar Imagejoeys_mommy says: Awesome! Maybe they'll make Ron & Harry look better :P I know its silly but I always Pictured Middle-aged Ron with a beard, Probably Balding but definitly with a beard. Plus, he mentioned that he liked the Beard in DH when Hermione is transfiguring him for the break into Gringotts :PAvatar ImageMannaSea says: So glad they're taking the time to re-shoot something they weren't sure about! It's nice to know they're taking special care of these two films. :)Avatar ImageLaura Potter says: so great for them, now they get a little more time together :) hope the reshoot pays off, pleased their being so perfectionist, can't wait for the movie!!!! :)Avatar ImageBlutiful says: Well, they have enough reasons to re-shoot those scenes. I hope everything will work fine this time.Avatar Imagesgtawesome says: You know they should do is wait 19 years, THEN re-shoot it! and put out a new DVD :)Avatar ImagePotterParish says: Frist off Mugglenet.com was first to reveal this...You guys are way behind on this....Avatar Imagemagicmaniac says: so cool!!Avatar Imagejacket says: Yeah it's really nice to hear that it's not over yet.Avatar ImageAlexxxxx says: I'm glad they're doing right by the scene then, since it's the last thing we'll see. I hope they age them a little less with the make-up because from the pictures I saw they did look a bit older than what I'd expected.Avatar Imagecharissekin says: Good! They will be more relaxed. The film deserves that much.Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: Im surprised. but its ok as long as emmas hair reamains the sameAvatar ImageHarrypotterultrafan says: I mean, we are special - we are 'Harry Potter,' :P love it emma <3 :P

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