Tom Felton Talks Superheroes, Narnia, Jack Sparrow and Being Draco


Nov 16, 2010

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Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) has given a new interview to Metro US in which he discusses how Draco would match up against other film superheroes from the Narnia children to Jack Sparrow. Quotage:

What’s the best thing about playing someone evil?
It’s so nice to play someone so well written, and someone that’s so different from Tom. Draco’s not an evil child at all, quite a soft sweetheart really. He’s a victim of circumstances and a victim of terrible parenting. He was the most evil when he was young, as he’s grown older and in this film he’s grown a conscience for the first time.

How about the kids from Narnia?
They’re pretty tame. They’ve got no hope. It wouldn’t even get physical. It would be merely verbal ” he would spit out a few distasteful remarks and they’d run off back into the wardrobe.

You can read the full interview at this link.

24 Responses to Tom Felton Talks Superheroes, Narnia, Jack Sparrow and Being Draco

Avatar ImageSindi says: hahaha Tom is a very awesome person :D Good Interview Avatar ImageGinnyweasley21 says: ya lol Avatar ImageGinnyPotter88 says: Haha Toms so cool!! =] love the bit about Narnia!Avatar Imagejillians642 says: I love the comment about his popularity with the "under-7s". Hilarious!Avatar Image29puppy104 says: Lol, Tom makes me laugh all the time. Even when you're Draco. :PAvatar Image29puppy104 says: ***he'sAvatar Imagezeitgeber says: Yeeeaah, noooo..."soft sweetheart" is not how I'd describe someone like Draco, no matter what his home life. XD And none of the Narnia children let anyone run roughshod over them, either. *shrugs* Good actor for Draco, but not too psyched about this interview, it comes off as rather uninformed. Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: Tom's a good actor - a future if he pursues itAvatar Imagebudgie says: Good interview.Avatar Imagespelljinxcursehexcharm says: LOL I can just imagine little 6 year olds running away from him. But what is it with the "soft sweetheart" and "Draco's not really evil at all"?Avatar Imagegreenfinch says: Love this, love him.Avatar Imageeccentricalice says: I love Tom's sense of humour, the bit about the wardrobe is hilariousAvatar Imagechanngalambeatrice says: I don't like his haircut or his beard.Avatar Imagebrujahqueen says: I love how candid he is about his characterAvatar Imageazaadpotter says: I just love him as Draco. The perfect fitAvatar ImageRoni says: Great interview! Love Tom <3 the bit about Jack Sparrow was hilarious hahaaAvatar ImageViccy6 says: Tom is perfect for playing Draco :DAvatar ImageRACHermione2794 says: LOVE the Narnia remark, **tweeting**Avatar Imagebellatrix15101 says: Haha, oh Tom. He really *gets* Draco. Although I have to admit, as hilarious as his Narnia remark is, I think Draco might get a bit more of a reaction from the Pevinsies........ especially the movie version of them, haha! Peter (or at least in Prince Caspian) would *probably* get in a bit of an argument with Draco!Avatar Imagegaminette says: AHAHAHAHAHA!! Tom rules! <333Avatar Imagejoeys_mommy says: Tom is funny, you have to give him credit...and I always thought he played Draco to perfection. But my Fav is still Alan Rickman :P Less then 24 hours!!!!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: He knows his character so well!Avatar Imagehewy says: Tom is just too cute for words and such a beautiful person on the inside!Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: "and they’d run off back into the wardrobe. ' Lmao!

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