Open Thread: Tell Us What You Thought of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I!


Nov 19, 2010

Posted by Melissa Anelli

It’s out, and most of you have seen it by now (if the early box office numbers are any indication!) – so here’s where you get to tell us what you thought about the first half of the epic finale. Share your thoughts on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I, below!

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Avatar Imagematt_toeller420 says: hahah number one. The movie was Amazing, Epic and was true to the book. I can't wait for part two. Thrilling all the way Avatar ImageHokiePotter6 says: EPIC! Such a brooding intense buildup to the Grand Finale next summer. The trio is better than ever. Now my favorite of the series!Avatar Imagejedisakora says: I was a bit disappointed. They left out soooo many important things. No mention of Ariana, Regulas an after thought, no mention of Dumbledors shady past, where was the invisibility cloak, where was Dean, tonks mother and father, ect..... I did love love love Dobby. Him and his sneakers. *squee*. Mad they kinda of screwed up his burial. Dan Radcliff was also brilliant. He's such a good comedy actor. So in a way i'm half and half. I keep reminding myself that it's only half of the book. I love many parts of it, but some of it draggedAvatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: I loved it. But what happened to Lily's letter and the torn photo? Isn't that going to be important later? Still, very, very exciting. I thought Rhys Ifans was extremely touching as X Lovegood.Avatar ImageSindi says: I loved it! Its now my favorite!!!!!!!! :D I felt like it was true to the book, loved the tributes to hedwig and dobby :) The mudblood on Hermione's arm was great :D I didn't feel like any parts dragged... they got well into more than half of the book, and to tell you the truth, i wouldn't of cared if it dragged... We also kept hearing that it was a road movie.. didn't feel like it that much.. still lots of magic :) Oh and the scene where they kill the horcrux ( dont want to spoil just incase) was amazing! loved it! I felt like they kept most, like 98%, of the most important scenes :D Still sooo much I have to say about this movie :D Not disappointing at all! I don't know why some critics gave it a low review, then again what do they know. Must see, movie, and I really wouldn't mind it being longer :D Add me to talk about the movie! :D Avatar Imagesplinch says: This is the first Hp movie I was not going "aw man!" the whole time to, they did a great job, really. very dark and very true to the book with the exception of the needless dance number between harry and hermoine, could have done without that. The silver doe scene went off beautifully and the death of dobby made me just as sad as the book did. I was upset that wormtail was offed so casually. for the first time, they made a change that I liked, the death of Hedwig was much more proper than the book, died fighting. godrics hollow was a bit truncated but still actually good. overall this gets high marks from a usually cynical geek, well done guys. Avatar ImageDavidCrumm says: As a journalist, I've enjoyed and covered Potter for years. In our own reporting on the opening, our online magazine specializes in religion and diversity issues. Contrary to a lot of press reports, there's more friendly religious interest here than many press reports have acknowledged. Also today, we did a quick nationwide sweep of front pages looking for news of fan coverage at the openings. I attended a jam-packed opening in metro Detroit. Here's our story: Imagelindsaymarie223 says: AMAZING! I was a bit worried at first because of the past couple of movies..but this movie went way beyond my expectations! It was pretty much perfect. The acting was absolutely amazing! How those ministry workers pulled off facial expressions so well that you knew exactly which one was Ron and which one was Harry....brilliant. One thing I would have liked to see though..was Dudley shaking Harry's hand. It was a very pivotal moment for his character. Other than that, AMAZING!Avatar Imageblackhair says: I Loved it. Best in the series and perfect adaptation thats how i wanted the movie and i got exactly as that 2-Thumps up and 5/5 starts. I enjoyed every second of itAvatar ImageTriin says: love it, love it, LOVE IT ! no more's the best, the book and the movie. There weren't so many things different from books and I'm just sooo happy because of that. love it. truly well done!Avatar Imageeimrad says: Very Intense Movie. Can't wait for Part 2. Dan, Rupert, and Emma out did them selfs. So much emotion and passion. Thought they left some important things out like the portrait, pictures, and letters. Can't forget the Harry and Hermione kiss. That was crazy. Dobby and Hedwig died doing things heroic. Hopefully they show more abut Dumbledore's past in the next movie. Awesome Movie. Can't wait to see it again in IMAX. Avatar Imageblackhair says: Got to watch it once more atleastAvatar ImageILoveSeamus16 says: This is my absolute all time favorite movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was filmed so well and sticked to the book very very well. Dobby was AMAZING! Though they did leave off a couple of minor scenes i thought it was sooo good! this one was just so much more humorous than the past 6 and i loved that about it and it balnced out with the epic scenes very well. all around PERFECT movie!Avatar ImageNicci Weasley says: As always, they left out so much... Merlin's beard I'm glad they decided to do two movies! Imagine if they had done it in just one :-/ I have to watch again but I think that it was really good when you set aside the books and the brilliant things left out. And most of all the trio's acting was really good! And I cannot wait to see the second part!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: First of all, great idea Leaky! I loved the movie! True they left out some parts such as the in-depth Kreacher story, Lupin-Harry fight, and Wormtail killing himself, but they had to take some things out to make it great. The music was fantastic (listening to the soundtrack right now) and I love all of the jokes that they added in! I also really liked when Harry and Hermione were dancing around the tent, that was really cute. All of the actors were AMAZING as they always are! Thank you David Yates, David Heyman, Alexandre Desplat, Dan, Rupert, Emma and everyone else involved in making DH1 such a great movie!Avatar ImageZim-Zim says: I found the movie to be outstanding. True to the book like movie 6. But not too true, which I liked. They moved things around to better go with the plot and it flowed nicely for a movie. They did leave some things out which I think was fine, because it is a movie, and not a book. I'm sure those who dont read the book will understand whats happening and can piece it together. And I LOVED the fight scene at the Malfoys! The small tiny scene with Harry and Draco and the wands and then seeing in July the HUGE impact it will have on the final plot and final scene! Best parts were Dobby, the locket scene, 7 potters, i loved the new hedwig scene!, the snake scene was epic, and my favourite part was between Hermione and Harry and their dance. I nice light moment for a dark film.Avatar Imagelikeameteor says: I wasn't going "OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME!" the whole time [I felt as if the camping scenes were slow, but hey, that's how it is in the book, and they stayed true to it, so that's fine]. But I did love many different parts of it. I really need to watch it a second time to form a whole opinion on it, because the first time I watch these movies I'm always so preoccupied by the fact that they're ending. x____xAvatar Imagebooks_r_my_friends says: Omg i loved it!!!! Yeah there were a few parts left out but they made up for it in other areas. I was on pins and needles waiting for george to say he felt saint-like he reduced me to tears in the theater. All in all cant wait for the next oneAvatar Imagebionicpags says: NO Charlie WEASLEY ! VERY DISAPPOINTED! THAT MEANS NO CHARLIE AT THE BATTLE AND THE FAMILY WON"T BE TOGETHER FOR THE TWIN SENDOFF!!! DISAPPOINTED that THEY COULD NOT HAVE CAST ONE MORE PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageXy4Tonks says: I have to say that I have always loved all of these movies and this was the first one I can say I did not love. I agree with every one that it is really well acted and the film itself was good. However, I am so disappointed that so much was left out. The list is too long to name everything. I felt like if they were going to split this into two movies then they really should have done a better job of staying with the books.I mean I would have preferred they make these movies longer than leave out so much! This movie was way more for the follower of the movies not the fan of the books. So with a sad heart I cant give this movie any higher praise and for the first time I am disappointed. Avatar Imagecharvi says: loved the movie to the core...i deliberatley did not read the book again before watching it cause i have learnt book adaptations are generally mediocre but as far as i could recall frm the book the major stories of the book were there its jst that David Yates probably lost the invisibility cloak in this it comes back in part 2. some of the scenes in the ministry where they are walking freely w'o being noticed (after the ployjuice potion wore off) was ridiculous These are the only errors i feel. the best scene was with bathilda bagshot, as scary as in the book colud have been better had they stuck to the book but all in all. AWESOME Accio Part 2!! Accio Part 2!!Avatar Imagenhg92 says: I think they didn't kill Wormtail so they can use him later to correct a mistake done with the previous movies.Avatar ImagePumkin Pasty says: Best film so far. First I've come out of not deeply disappointed. Loved the sets, humour, improved acting, Bill, Xenophilius, but Dobby best of all. Didn't care for Fleur's "simple white wedding dress". Going again tomorrow. When will the DVD released. want to see Part 1, then Part 2 back to back next July.Avatar ImageUpToNoGood7 says: It was great. The Horcrux scene was so much better than I imagined it. And Bathilda Bagshot-- truly creepy! My theatre screamed at that. Oh and Neville! "He's not here, losers" Brilliant. I thought they did a good job trying to include all the important plot points such as the snitch and aberforth. I mean, they had a lot of ground to cover. The only change I really took issue with is Grindelwad selling Dumbledore out. But that's a small nitpick. I understand they can't include everything and so Kreacher's backstory gets shoved aside along with Voldemort's. It's disappointing, but to be expected. Yeah, overall I was very satisfied with the movie. They handled all the dark emotional moments so well. Hedwig, the graveyard, Xenophilius... And I wept for Dobby for the third time.Avatar Imagesydknee33 says: I loved it, of course they strayed from the whole story line a little, but I think they did a fantastic job keeping the story close. Overall I would give the movie a 96%. A+ I am extremely excited for the next one! Sydney RoseAvatar ImageViccy6 says: In Norway the premiere is today so I havent seen it yet! But we`we ordered tickets<33 Can`t wait :DAvatar ImageTraceymmm says: oh wow i loved it! Theres so much i loved i dont know where to begin! i found it odd that they didnt explain sirius's mirror but that was pretty much the only thing that bothered me! Rupert Grint was brilliant! as always. though i didnt like how they made Ron so eagar to kill the death eaters in the cafe. the torture scene was brilliant. Emma Watsons best scene. and all the one liners in it were funny and well placed. it was just awesome. i think i need to see it again. it will be great to watch part one and two together!Avatar ImageILoveSeamus16 says: ahhhhhhhh chill out im sure in the fight scene some little ginger is gonna pop out and be like "IM CHARLIE WEASLEY!" like they did with billAvatar ImageAgrippa1 says: Leaky was down last night or I would have posted then - I thought the film was brilliant! I'd been disappointed with Half-Blood Prince, but Yates was back on his Order of the Phoenix form - very moving, from the trio's powerful performances through creative flights like the way the Tale of the Three Brothers and the Deathly Hallows was retold - other cast members were great! Bellatrix was toned down and much more terrifying, Xenophilius Lovegood was touching and wonderful - Dobby's death and the burial were perfect. I was surprised not to get more of Dumbledore's story - saved for Part 2, perhaps? And they completely avoided explaining the shard of mirror, which I thought was a bit odd. But I thought the movie was cohesive and moving and fully captured the spirit of Book 7. Can't wait to see it again - and to see Part 2 next year!!Avatar ImageBech7Raven says: Really really really good! It was truly epic.. There were some things that they left out that I kinda wished they hadn't left out (like Kreacher's Tale and Krum at the wedding per example), I think it was alright because honestly they can't fit it all into 2 and a half hours and what they DID manage to fit into the film was AMAZING. Also I bow very VERY low to Dan, Rupert and especially Emma - they really outdid themselves in this one, their acting is siriusly stunning. I mean OH MY ROWLING Malfoy Manor with Bellatrix and Hermione I was shaking and crying so badly it was soooo scary! Anyways I could go on forever, but the point is I REALLY loved the film and I'm seeing it for the third time tonight and I can't wait! It is my favourite of the lot (until the last one comes out I would imagine). All I can say is; Dan, Emma, Rupert, David H and David Y and the rest of the amazing people who helped creating this magic - touché.Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: I presume that in Part 2 we are going to see Voldemort turning up at Malfoy Manor and throwing a Dark Lord-sized wobbler. Wormtail will die as part of that. (BTW the scene at Malfoy Manor near the start of the current film was brilliant. So terrifying, and Snape's face so full of hidden thoughts.) Avatar ImageHinkypunkmum says: Brilliant !!! I loved it !! And my absolute favorite scene was Harry and Hermione dancing. That was moving and poignant and really showed how close they were in friendship. It was completely within Harry's nature to try and cheer Hermione like that. I thought it a brillant addition. The animation of the Tale of the Three Brothers - wow ! Spot on perfect ! Hermione being tortured.....o.m.g. - I cried with her. She was amazing in that scene - simply amazing !! Well done Emma !! The Ministry , the wedding, Bathilda, Malfoy Manor Charity Burbage was chilling to the core.... I cannot say enough positive things about this film.. I will be going 2- 3 more times I am sure of that !!! Oh ! The Lovegoods !! Awesome. Avatar Imageda_member0808 says: New favorite movie!!! I LOVED it! It was very intense and emotional. Dan, Rupert and Emma gave fantastic performances. The Malfoy Manor torture scene was brilliant. Emma outdid herself in her performance. I loved that they took words directly from Deathly Hallows and put them in the script. It flowed well. Harry and Hermione's dance was so cute :D Can't wait to see it again!Avatar ImageBless_the_children says: I felt like they left out a lot to cut down on what they have to do in the next movie - leaving out Lily's letter and everything cuts down on what they have to film for the Prince's Tale, leaving out most of Dumbledore's shady past will shorten the scenes with Aberforth and in King's Cross. They left out so much, I didn't even realize we missed out on Ariana until reaing th comments just now! Oh well, they'll probably mention her in Part 2. Overall, I give this one three stars only for the plot, becuase a lot of things didn't make sense - like the shard of mirror, Hermione being mean to Kreacher, and doing the ending out of order. Voldemort isn't supposed to fin the Elder Wand until after Harry talks to Griphook and Ollivander, so I think they may have just cut those parts from the movie, or they are changing it so Harry never has a choice about pursuing Voldemort. However, I give this movie five stars for the acting. Dan, Emma, Rupert, and even Draco were so awesome I could hardly stand it. Btw - I will have nightmares forever becuase of Bathilda Bagshot. I literally could not look directly at the screen while she was on it. Oh, the horror!Avatar ImageBKool says: This is a great adaptation of the book so far! It was paced very well. Emma Watson is a true Brit thespian talent! She has always acted the best out of the trio, and she REALLY, REALLY shines in this. I know there were complaints before about how Hedwig dies but I thought it was effective. The Seven Potters chase scene was intense! George's ear was gnarly! The Ministry of Magic scene was executed nicely. It got the anxiousness of "OH CRAP! How are they going to do this?!" just right. Ron's SPLINCHING looked just how I imagined it when I read the book. The camping woods scenes were put together in a good flow without it lingering or feeling like that's ALL we saw in this movie. The SILVER DOE leading Harry to the sword was BEAUTIFUL! Voldermort's illusion to RON was WICKEDLY BRILLIANT! You guys weren't lying about that Harry/Hermione kiss! Oh and Harry and Hermione dancing was adorable! Even though I've always been a Ron/Hermione shipper, this was a nice way of messing with the idea of H/H. It SO could have easily happened! Emma Watson's torture scene was chilling. Like I said before Emma Watson has always been the best of the three and she just nails all of Hermione's emotional, physical angst and pain so naturally. If Emma Watson continues her acting career after she's done at Brown, mark my words, she WILL win an Academy Award within the next 5-10 years. Shoot, Emma can VERY realistically be a dark horse in this year's Academy Award nominations for Best Actress! Dobby's Death was heartbreaking even though I knew it was coming. Though I could swear his voice isn't quite the same as the other movies. Did the same actor do it? OVERALL, this is an A+ adaption of the book. It's bittersweet to want July to come sooner. But for now, Part 1 will definitely get multiple viewings from me! CHEERS!Avatar ImageBKool says: P.S. I LOVE THE ANIMATED THREE BROTHERS TALE!Avatar ImageUnnamedHufflepuff says: I thought it was great! they left out very little, and didn't overly butcher anything. Although I think they could have done a much better job with Kreachers scene. Ron`s monologue about the deluminator was funny. I love Rupert but he just can't act!Avatar Imagejerry_fanatic16 says: In general, I would say I loved the movie but for me, it wasn't my favorite among all the Potter movies. Things I loved: -I loved how they remained faithful to the book (most of the times and the changes they made were great and helped progressed the story). I also think they made good choices on what to add and what to cut out. -Great setting and great film locations. You can see how big of a production it is and they did not spare any expenses. - I loved how they decided to change how Hedwig died. Made it more meaningful and memorable than the book. - Everything was visually pleasing and if you look at every scene, you can see how much thought and detail was put in. - The trio have improved a lot in terms of acting (though there are still lots of room for improvement. More later). Okay now things I did not love: - The sountrack. am i the only one who thought it was kinda cheesy? The music was also anticlamactic especially during the action scenes (when they were chased by deatheaters, when they were in the ministry, and when they were chased by snatchers). - While I did say the trio improved in acting, there were definitely parts I felt that they were lacking. all through out they were just in a somber mood- I know that that was what they were going for but it dragged on too much. I didn't see enough anger or frustration from them, just somber. Noted especially when Hermione was being tortured (though I though Emma did brilliant in the scene). It didn't help that during emotional or climactic scenese I felt the soundrack sucked. - I hate that they kept using FADE OUT to break every scene. It didn't help make the story go smoothly, instead it made it feel like a narration. " Chapter 1: SCENE. Chapter 2: SCENE." This was one of my bggest complaint. Felt like the editing was all over the place and did not make the story tightly woven. I'm hoping to see it again and maybe my opinion will change a bit. Still bravo to all of them! This was movie was really made for "Potter fanatics" and not just casual movie-goers. This I appreciated so much because it made me remember JK Rowling's boo dedication- that the last book he dedicated also to all readers who stuck with Harry throughout the years. I fel the movie had the same sentiment and for that I am TRULY appreciative. Can't wait for the 2nd part!! Avatar ImageTraceymmm says: omg how could i forget to say how much i loved the tale of the three brothers and that they kept in Rons "midnight" bit! I did think i spotted the mirror on the floor in Harrys room so i guess that could just explain it away. and im guessing they will put the invisability cloak and stuff in the next film so theres time to explain it. I also forgot about the bit where Hermiones stood just behind her enchantments and the snatchers right next to it! I liked that. ahhh i really need to see it again!Avatar ImageZiad says: THE MOST PERFECT OF ALL MOVIES IN THE SERIES! WATCHED IT TWICE YESTRDAY! I JUST WAS ASTOUNDED AT HOW EVERY SINGLE PART OF IT WAS ENTERTAINING, I COULDNT GET BORED! THE CHASES, THE ACTION, THE SADNESS, THE AMAZING DECORATIONS! EVERYTHNG WAS SUPERB! THE PART WHERE HARRY AND HERMIONE DANCE WAS EASILY AMAZING! AND EMMA WATSON'S ACTING WAS JUST UNDESCRIBABLY! GOOD:p DAN'S ACTING IMPROVED DRAMAITCALLy! RON WAS GREAT AS USUAL! ALL IN ALL I ADORED IT:DAvatar ImagePotterParish says: TWO Things that made me reall uncomfortable 1) The Tortureing of Hermione. Overdone in the movie and it looked like Bellatrix was a Parent Being the crap out of her child. she is 17 in this movie hermione. Her screams made me uncomfortable...yikes....2)HARRY AND HERMIONE NAKED IN THE LOCKET WTF RON WHY ARE YOU IMAGINING THEM NAKED? BAH!!!! 15-20 seconds of silence in each transition. Not needed but very true to the book. Those are my only qualms very goodAvatar Imagegemdotcom says: I have just come home from watching it and I am still undecided. I think the opening was very beautiful, but as it carried on there were bits that just didn't fit. I'm really disappointed with the bit about Grindlewald. He would not have told Voldemort where the Elder Wand was. And Wormtail was meant to die. However, having said that, everything else I enjoyed. Without sounding sadistic the 'mudblood' on Hermione's arm was clever and different. And I enjoyed the scene with the locket, it really tipped Ron over the edge. It's just said that I have to wait until I'm 20 until I see the second part!Avatar Imagesonofravenclaw says: GOD IT WAS AMAZING!!i loved it i cried and i laughed i couldnt see anything wrong dobby was perfect, bonnies acting was a little better but thankfully she didnt have much lines (since HBP ive found her sounding more like she was just reading her lines out) i was almost in tears from hedwig which i didnt expect and i sobbed with dobby (which i did expect) the animation for the deathly hallows was incredible and theres so much more!!! gonna see it again tomorow xDAvatar Imageafdh says: I really enjoyed the movie,but still I think that the book is much better. I loved who they told the tale of the three brothers and Ron's evil side was awesome!In the begining of the movie Ron and Hermione where getting really close,but then when Ron starts going to much time without earing any news from his family,he turns so evil.And when we just walked away,AWESOME. But,I didn't really like the part when Harry and Hermione dance,because their happiness when they are in the middle of the dance looks so fake. But that was the only part I didn't like cause I loved the rest of them!Avatar Imagealexay says: They'll never be able to capture all the tiny nuances in the book but I did love the adaptation of it. It was brilliant and I really felt like I was on the same intense, crazy journey they were. I love the fact that the trio, especially Rupert and Emma, have really brought the characters to life!Avatar ImageHufflepuffSam says: Just finished writing my review for Sabretooth Movies... Absolutely love it!!! ImageLummoxtheGenius says: I appreciate how carefully they went over the important information. It was a nice buildup to the adrenaline pumping finale of the finale. I think we can nitpick all day about how certain scenes weren't done right but everyone interprets a piece in their own way. I can't fault David Yates for doing it the way he wanted to. I think he treated the first bulk of the book with respect and did it justice.Avatar ImageNess95 says: It is the best potter film ever. I already saw it on wednesday in German time. My favorite scene was definitely the torture scene at malfoy manor. I was shaking while hermione lay crying steaming and shaking under bellatrix. Well I hoped that there will be a bit more of torture but it was genius anyway. Leaky once posted that a lot of scenes were cut because they were to horrible; actually I hope that they will be on the special additional DVD. The tale of the tree brothers was very cool, too because that kind of cartoon never was in a potter film. But if totally fits into the film. I also liked the scenes which weren't in the book, like the scene on the piano or maybe the haircut ....... At last I want to say, that the actors were genius !!!! That film was sooo epic. I want to see it again!Avatar ImageEmmasquared says: I found the Hermione and Harry kiss really awkward...I don't think that that scene should have been so long. And naked?!! A little far... but i loved it other than that!!!! I also kinda wished that the Malfoy Manor fight went on longer than it did. :)Avatar ImageLiderc says: I honestly think the only thing I didn't like was that they showed the entire final scene in a trailer I saw in September... and that was a disastrous move, it made the ending so anticlimactic for me. I made a point of not watching any trailers after the one I saw in September, sadly for me that one had the entire final scene in it which ruined it for me when seeing it on the big screen. The other part was the beginning felt rushed, people were dying like flies and we had no emotion invested in them because they just happened in a flash(Moody,Hedwig, ect...)Avatar Imageshanz88 says: Very impressed, on the whole. One scene I wish was included was the whole Dursley farewell with Dudley. Much of everything else that was left out or changed, it would have been stupid to leave it in: like Kreacher's story... they never really made a big deal about Kreacher in the movies as they did in the books, so to make a big to-do about it would just seem strange. Same thing with Wormtail's death. In the books, Dumbledore did mention how Wormtail is basically indebted to Harry, but that wasn't ever a factor in the movies, so having his silver hand turn on him to kill him I think would also have had non-book readers going "huh?" The only other issue I have, and it's a very minor one, is the whole Taboo thing. You've got Lupin and Bill saying "Voldemort" with nothing resulting from it (though this might have been before the Ministry was infiltrated, can't remember), but then you have Harry saying "You-Know-Who" on his own accord, not when prompted by Ron. But then they showed how the Taboo worked with Xeno saying his name and the Death Eaters immediately showing up. A bit incongruous, but overall it doesn't seem like a big deal.Avatar Imagelpierich says: When do free elves wear rags. It would have been nice to see Dobby in socks or on off the hats that Hermione made. Plus what happen to shell cottage the hole part before V gets the wand is gone. How is Harry suppose to chose hocrux over hollows if they chose for him. Other then that I thought the movie was great I loved the hocrux scene and the tell of the three brothers. the acting was also and you can tell how they have grown over the years. Avatar Imagecozmic1978 says: It was great a few things weren't in it from the books like Remus and Harry in Grimmauld Place but the Dobby bit was both funny and heartbreaking. Going to go and see it again today.Avatar ImageLizzary says: I was really disappointed, they left out so many important things and everything they 'explained' they didn't do very well at all. I felt like they just touched on everything and it had no effect. I really thought they could have just finished the rest of it in one film because this one was so choppy. They had over 2 hours to do half of the book & they could have done SOOO MUCH. I felt like they were more worried about when the split of the two movies would be as opposed to making it enjoyable to watch. On the other hand. Dan Radcliffe, Emma and Rupert did a fantastic job. The Dobby's death was incredible (not the death its self, the scene of course). The destroying of the locket was fantastic as well as the silver doe. Avatar Imageeruanna317 says: I'm glad I went into not having read the book recently, because as a result I wasn't thinking so much about what they left out but just focusing on the sheer brilliance of what they did. I thought the trio were so great in this movie; we finally get the chance to focus on them as characters instead of cutting so much of that stuff to fit plot like other movies. Draco was fantastic too - I love how his character changes throughout the stories, and I think Tom is doing a great job with him. I was so thrilled with what they did for the Tale of Three Brothers. It was refreshingly new and yet it fit within context. There were some things I missed. I was sad they didn't take time with Kreacher's transformation after Harry shows him kindness. And much of Dumbledore's past only crops up when you need to know something for a plot point (I hope they show more of his story in film 2). But on the whole, I was so impressed. I think it leaves all other Potter films in the dust!Avatar ImageLizzary says: Oh yes, I forgot, my biggest complaint was how they didn't even focus on Harry's sadness when Hedwig died, it was like "oh hey! my best friend away from school just got killed...oh well" and they were all "oh madeye is dead" lets move on...and HE LEFT MAD EYE MOODY'S EYEBALL ON UNBRIDGES DOOR!!! THEY EVEN DID A CLOSE UP OF IT AND EVERYTHING!!! -why invest the money into the shot of the eye if you have no purpose of explaining or doing anything with it...?Avatar ImageLizzary says: Oh yes, I forgot, my biggest complaint was how they didn't even focus on Harry's sadness when Hedwig died, it was like "oh hey! my best friend away from school just got killed...oh well" and they were all "oh madeye is dead" lets move on...and HE LEFT MAD EYE MOODY'S EYEBALL ON UNBRIDGES DOOR!!! THEY EVEN DID A CLOSE UP OF IT AND EVERYTHING!!! -why invest the money into the shot of the eye if you have no purpose of explaining or doing anything with it...?Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: This movie really was an EPIC WIN! For me, they stayed very true to the book with a few little new things added here and there (but I expect that, and they were a nice touch). There were brilliant scenes, perfect lines, and the acting on everybody's part has improved SO MUCH! The Ministry of Magic scene was my favorite.. great acting there! Also the Bathilda Bagshot scene at Godric's Hollow was super creepy! I was on the edge of my seat! The relationships of the trio were wonderful to see and Dobby returning was so sweet... his death made me cry like a baby. :( I give Yates, Barron, Heyman, and JK Rowling herself 2 big thumbs up on this one! 5/5 stars for sure! :)Avatar ImageTheGleek77 says: I found it was really good! But I do wish they had included the part with Lily's letter...but when Bellatrix wrote Mudblood on Hermione's are I thought that was good, and the horcrux part was very well done! They couldn't have left it at a better spot! :) Can't wait till part 2!!!! :DAvatar ImageJenniferMalfoy says: I was really happy with the way this turned out. A little disappointing there wasn't more of a good-bye with the Dursley's, but I'll let that slide. I'm hoping a few of the other things will come to light in the second half (maybe it's in a different order?) Overall, very well done and I was very happy with. Possibly my most favorite. Avatar Imagehpfan89 says: Even though they did leave out a few parts this one is by far the BEST!! I'm SO glad they let Joe be a producer because I feel like they did an awesome job following the book as much as possible! WHAT ABOUT THE HORCRUX SCENE????? That was epic!Avatar Imagecarrgirl53 says: Enjoyed the movie ... held my attention and the 2+ hrs went by really quickly! Acting was great! Always disappointed in what was left out of the movies but if you want details, go to the books! I did really feel like it was only half a movie and would have been glad to sit another 2 1/2 hours to watch Part II ... it was frustrating to leave the theater without having the ending ... but I am so glad they did not try to condense the whole book into one 2-hour movie!Avatar Imagehpfan89 says: Oh yeah, and I pretty sure that I cried more for Dobby and Hedwig than I did when Dumbledore and Sirius died combined!Avatar ImageStoreyann says: I loved it, but at the same time, I am a little nervous. In the books Harry is much more informed at this point about what he is looking for. I am not sure how they are going to tie that in. Is he just going to see Helga Hufflepuff's cup and say" That would make an excellent Horcrux..." But I am trying to look at the movie on it's own instead of based on the books...and it was by far for me the best movie so far! I loved the scene with Dobby's death. I loved the dance with Harry and Hermione, I loved Ron!!!!! Avatar ImageH.P.2009 says: The filming of it was GREAT, all the shots looked so clear and amazing. Of course they left out many bits of the book. but we have to remember the movies are their own entity in a way. IT was Hilarious George walking in on Harry and Ginny... things that bothed me..not everyone should be able to see the thestrials... Hedwig should not have been killed the way she was in the book... and how do we just aparate right into the hands of snatchers? Over all Loved The movie!! Avatar ImageLoonyJennyLovegood says: Begining made my cry ... like first 30 seconds intp the film where Hermione has her parent's forget her. Hermione and Harry kiss was just... proper full on. :PAvatar Imagenellythemarrow says: I was a little disappointed, not because of what they left out, but because of how much there was in, really. The camping bit made the pacing go quite slowly. They could have livened it up with shots of the doings at Hogwarts, which would have been a good addition on what was shown in the book. The scene where Death Eaters search the trains was good (go Neville!) and I would have loved to see more. They shouldn't have shown the mirror without any sort of explanation, either. And Harry's visions were difficult to see. Grimmauld Place felt like an odd pitstop. But the action sequences were brilliant! The funny parts were great, too. Fred and George were on top form. It was wonderful to see so much magic, some of it really interesting looking. The start with Hermione wiping her parents' memories was so touchingly done. I adored the animated Tale Of The Three Brothers, too. That looked utterly incredible. The dark bits like Bathilda Bagshot and Hermione being tortured were done very well. The finding of the sword of Gryffindor and the locket Horcrux's last fight were tense and exciting. Tom Felton and Alan Rickman were great in the short scenes they had. As always Luna Lovegood stole every single scene she was in, too. So yeah, when it was good it was amazingly, brillianty fantastic. There could just have been something to liven up parts where it dragged a little in the middle. Then I might have come out of the cinema with more of a bounce in my step, rather than wishing it could have been just a little bit better.Avatar ImageHeavenly_Horcrux says: I LOVED it! By far the best movie adaption. The only problems I had with it was some of the relationships. My theater apparently were a bunch of non-readers and when Hermione turned away after she and Harry danced, they all screamed about how he was rejected. It did seem a little like Harry was trying to start something with Hermione, and he didn't say anything to Ron about them being like siblings after the locket. Ginny almost seems like an afterthought, like they just wanted to stick her in there to justify their eventual marriage. When one of my friends googled spoilers, he was shocked to find out they got married. He thought she would be another little relationship like Cho. But those are my two only complaints :DAvatar ImageMaiBrunholm says: I thought it was very good, I was positively surprised! Of cause there was things I would have loved to see in the movie which they left out, but that's how it is, I guess. I really loved how they had illustrated the tale of the three brothers! It was amazingly done. But I did miss Luna's room a lot, I really had been looking forward to see the drawings.Avatar ImageMaggiedM says: The movie was fantastic, I thought it would be as bad as last one, but this was so cool & they didn't try to make it funny. I really can't believe I could see it on the realese I thought it would be more than full but as I skip school that day there were only 10 or 12 people. I can't wait for the 2nd Part's realese. I'm so EXCITED!!!!! :DAvatar Imagebigwrocker says: Loved it! it was epic, plenty of action, never boring or cheesy. even managed to make me jump during godric's hollow fight. still have a lot to explain in part 2. can't wait!Avatar ImageIssa says: this movie was by far my favorite so far. Dobby's death sence mad be break down. The Godric's Hallow graveyard sence was fanatically done and so moving. Not very fond of DeSplatt's music in the movie wasn't classic HP so not my favorite sound track. Sad that they left out the Lupin and harry confrunation(sp?) sence since it left out the intro of Tonk's being preggers. But all around a great and fanatic movie.Avatar ImageJoelle Granger says: I loved the torturing scene but I was waiting for Ron to say: Leave her! Take me! so that was kind of disappointing I loved when Ron destroyed the locket the fake Harry and Hermione got a better kissing scene than Harry and Ginny All in all it was pretty goodAvatar Imagehermionejean15 says: I loved it! There were only a couple of points that I feel could of been changed. 1. Harry and Hermione kissing without clothes...come on, really? 2. Wished line about Hermione crying for weeks after Ron left was put in. Only movie that I wasn't really disappionted with, compared to the wonderful books.Avatar ImagejohnNoefan83 says: First I will say what dissapointed me. No Kreacher's tale. I thought Snape had a bit too much emotion in Malfoy Mannor. Anyone could see he was torn. And too much naked Harry. I LOVED everything else. I was shaking and openly weeping at Dobby's death. And OMG for Emma on the tourture scene. My hair was standing up. That might have scarred me a bit. I was planning on taking my daughter on Sunday, but she's now not allowed to see it. She's only 5 and that Bathilda scene will have her screaming in the theater. The Three Brother's tale was beautifully done. I wish they would have established Harry's cloak as a Hallow though. And poor Alfie. His entire role was cut from the film. Why the Black man? I know because it wasn't important. That was probably the easiest cut. The absolute best part was Rupert. He looked insane before he left. He looks like a grown man. It's so weird. Can't wait for part 2.Avatar Imagebeewell says: The movie was AWESOME! I do understand that they can't be exact from the book (some of the things left out hopefully will be explained in the next part). Rupert Grint was great...the different expressions he uses makes the parts seem so more real. Emma's torture scene was not what I expected but I did like that Bellatrix carved "Mudblood" on her we know why the screams were so realistic! Daniel Radcliff did an excellent job...his emotions were with Harry all the way! Over all , the trio did a great job and the director pulled out everything to give us what we wanted. A film that was almost 100% true to the book and the graphics in this film were wonderful! Just finished seeing it and am going back later after homework to see it again.Avatar ImageLost Northern says: well the sensual scene was well very sensual XD its very cool now i'm have that kind of feeling of empty in ma heart you know we all live and grow up with harry and now its like if we going at is dead its sadAvatar Imagesnapefan12 says: I have not seen it yet, but I'm very excited to!! I usually wait a week or two after the opening so it's not quite as crazy.Avatar ImageHinkypunkmum says: Reading all of the " complaints " in some comments sounds more like people wanting " their " favorite part in. No one - I repeat - no -one could have included everything and satisfied everyone. It is simply not possible. As always, people tend to forget this is an adaptation, one persons interpretation, and it will never match or satisfy everyones expectations. I think many people forget that Auntie Muriel explained a lot at the wedding, along with Doge,about Dumblrdore and perhaps the loud popcorn munching made that slip out of memory.... ;-) I thought Rupert was at his best in this performance, the fight in the tent was basically word for word from the book !! Yes, some scenes were quite intense but they needed to be. This is no longer Harry, Hermione and Ron from Sorcerer's Stone boys and girls. David Yates is playing the full nine innings here and the story demanded it. The pacing was spot on, the acting the best I've seen and if I want ALL the details, I'll read the book for the 7th time if I want. David Yates said he wasn't going to waste time explaining what everything meant, if you never read the book and were confused on some things, i.e. the mirror or Voldemorts name Taboo , well, tough for you....sorry, but there is a ton of ground to cover. I thought it was excellent.Avatar ImageClaire Lafleur says: Amazing!!!!! They stayed so true to the book and in crhonologicall order. Obviously I missed Lily's letter, Remus trying to join them, Harry saving sll those muggle borns and most of all kreachers tale... But when I sat back and thought about it, Kreacher at least, will be made up for. As long as they have him leading the house elfs in battle, I'll be fine. Loved the midnight permier it was my first and it was increadable. There was a gruop of people dressed as Voldemort and his Horcruxes. Fantastic!!!!!!! I also thought it was brilliant thatt they didn't hold anything back. they didn't seem to have any limits.. exeptf for maybe Sirius's pin-up muggle girl posters.... then again it wouldn't have fit very well with the movie sirius. As always Rupert was hilarious, luna was .... LUNA, Loved it when Ginny asked harry to sip up her dress... such a ginny move. I cried and laughed soooo much. Avatar Imagemeggers-evans-potter says: deahtly hallows: part one (LLLLLLLL) the only movie that has made me ... cry, scream, cover my eyes, jump off my seat, sigh, gasp, fall in love and smile the entire time all in the span of two hours ! i loved it , it was beautiful and the characters get better and better ! i only wish that everyone else like the weasleys, remus, tonks, bill, fleur all had larger parts than they do in the movies !Avatar ImageSohumdore says: Well done to the book and SO HAPPY that is was WONDERFUL! DIdn not disappoint! Awsome acting (especially Emma Watson)! Great!Avatar Imagetheatregirl25 says: First impressions: I really liked the movie. The trio were amazing. Especially Rupert. I loved the additions of Rys Ifans. He is great as Xeno. Negative first, Did they totally forget that they had an invisibility cloak? I wish they included Lily's letter. The backstory on Dumbledore was left out. I wonder if that is going to be added in the next movie. The broken mirror, I know what it is, but people who never read the books are going to wonder what is up with the mirror. Positives: Loved the way they told the Tale of the 3 brothers, the scene in MoM was great, loved the added dancing scene, really cute. The twins, are fantastic as per usual. Rupert was crazy good in this movie, as was Emma and Dan. I went to a Advanced Screening and durring the last five minutes, right durring Dobby's dying speech the projector broke. It took all the mojo out of the scene and out of the theatre. All in all, 4 stars!!!! Avatar Imagethundermountain7 says: i saw the midnight and i am still only able to say that it was good and i loved the movie is still sinking in for me. I my theater in Wayne, nj this boys ran down the two isles and started firing curses at each other it was so funny i loved it. Avatar Imageblackpadfoot says: I really enjoyed it! It was fantastically done and really quite hilarious. I wasn't expecting there to be so many fun one-liners. As always I had a few problems with omissions: Dudley's big scene in Dursley's Departing, Lily's letter, Lupin's little angsty moment in Grimmauld Place, and then finally Wormtail's death. These were all great and very deep parts of the movie that for some reason they felt the need to cut. But that's a pretty short list, which I'm happy about. The friendship bond was shown more than ever in this film. And Ron and Hermione's relationship is adorable! I love it all and I am so glad I went to the premiere!Avatar Image62obsessedwHP says: Okay, yes, they left things out, and of course I am going to be really picky and say that it was MRS WEASLEY who said "How are you feeling, Georgie?" not Fred, because would Fred EVER call George "Georgie?" And of course there were a million other things but all in all I think it is the most true to the books, like the book it is very dark but with just enough comedy to keep you going. The theatre I was in was great, everyone was excited but COMPLETELY SILENT, except for two parts: when it started, and when Dobby gave his "Dobby has no master!" speech. I truly, honestly was sobbing my heart out, and it was such a great tribute and Dobby is my hero...Hedwig was great too...etc, etc. The biggest things are, it is the most true to the books and Dobby's scene is the best in the series so far.Avatar Image62obsessedwHP says: Oh, and I forgot to say: Invisibility Cloak, WHERE DID YOU GO????????Avatar Imagelilbitfeisty says: PAY NO ATTENTION TO POOR REVIEWS: you can certainly tell who has read the book and who hasn't. Remember how much they loved GOF? Praise to the director/producer for staying close to cannon. Best HP movie yet.Avatar ImageRosie W says: It was amazing! So funny at times, but I was crying my eyes out when Dobby died....and Hedwig....:'( I don't know how I'm going to cope with the next one!Avatar ImageRosie W says: ☆☆☆☆☆ (5 stars) Avatar ImageRosie W says: ☆☆☆☆☆ (5 stars)Avatar Imageratorr2 says: Best one so far! Going back to watch it again tomorrow. So glad the did it in 2 parts. Loved the telling of the Three Brothers. I find that I enjoy the movie much if I don't read the book just before watching the movie. If I read the book first then I spend the whole time thinking about what was missing from the movie. An extra 30 seconds of the Dursleys explaining why they were leaving would've been nice and I wanted to see Luna's room as it was described in the book.Avatar Imagebellatrix15101 says: Oh. My. Gosh. I literally just got back like an hour ago and I'm still a stunned mess. That was, by far, the best Harry Potter movie ever. They kept super true to the book and the little things they did tweak worked fine. And oh my gosh, the scene they added at the beginning with Hermione and her parents! That was killer. I have to say this movie was Emma's best performance ever. The scene at Bathilda's house was dreadfully perfect. With the flies and.... ugh, I can't even go on, it creeps me out. And Bellatrix is one EVIL woman. I mean, I already knew that, but somehow, seeing her torture Hermione on the big screen instead of just in my head was twenty times worse. I should probably stop talking now before I make my post a foot long...... I'll just sum up by saying I LOVED IT!Avatar Imagejacket says: Really really amazing they did a great job with Dobby's death scene and the deathly Hallows reading by hermione was really great! The whole theater was crying by the end of the movie and I also cried at the begining when Hermione Erased her parents memories and when they were in godrics hollow infront of the Potters grave. lots of people had great costumes!Avatar ImageAbbyLovegood says: They did leave a lot out! INCLUDING THE RAT'S FART LINE! THAT IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES! Thank goodness they included holey; I WOULD'VE CRIED IF THEY'D LEFT IT OUT!!!! But i REALLY enjoyed it... I MEAN I LOVED THIS MOVIE MORE THAN ANY OTHER!. I just wish the actual filming had been better, it was a little shaky, and things went too fast. but the animation of the three brothers tale was SUPER COOL! All in all, THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE IN THE HISTORY OF AWESOMENESS AND YOU ALL NEED TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so thankful i got to see the midnight show! and the fact that there were LOADS of other hp fans made me feel nice; i'm one of the only ones at my school. stinks. at least i get hp stuff my classmates dont want! :) SEE THIS MOVIE! I CANT WAIT FOR DH PART 2 AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageHPJOSIAHHP says: Emma Watsons acting gave me chills in Malfoy Manor!!! THE MOVIE WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!Avatar Imageemilyyyyyyy says: The opening "Obliviate" scene with Hermione was really intense for me... even if it was right at the beginning, I wanted to cry. And then again when Ron asked her to obliviate the death eater... :\Avatar Imagedarradiggory says: It was a great movie. I loved the harry hermione dance scene, it was sooo funny and sweet. I loved all of their performances, they did a really great job. I was dissapointed about harry not finding lily's letter. Speaking of Lily(Caution Spoiler): did anyone else get spooked when harry had the flash back and saw lily dead on the floor in Godrics Hallow? The Hermione tourture scene was amazing I was really impressed with Emma.Poor Dobby.:(Avatar ImagePotionsMaster7 says: This truly was my favorite of the movies so far, but did anyone catch that hermione grieving her parents became almost a recurring theme? Avatar Imagecenyt says: Ok,, by now you guys have over 90 posts, so I'm pretty sure you've covered everything (i just read the first page). So here are my thoughts: LOVED IT! Of course I think they left out all the Dumbledore's past. Lily's letter and photo, Harry recovering Madeye's eye, the inscription in Dobby's grave,,, and I still had hopes for Dumbledore's burial. But still, I loved it! My faves: Dobby's sneakers and Hedwig's death. Also, I was nearly crying (very nearly) on Dobby;s death. I didn't remember it was so sad.... or maybe it was me, because I had this feeling of culmination since the opening scenes.Avatar ImageGiant Fairy says: I never was a fan of Rupert, but in DH he was adorably Ron! I loved Hedwig s way ,Hermiones obliviate really touched me and I also loved the Dancing in the Tent scene,because it really pointed out Harry s and Hermiones relationship.I ll be in a Munich cinema with friends next week to see it for the second time, ear,earAvatar ImageLegacyLady says: The performances were fantastic & the movie was heart poundingly perfect!!Avatar Imageemilyyyyyyy says: Also, when Harry and Ron are watching Hermione's famous flame-in-a-jar... Harry: Engorgio! *fire blazes towards tent roof* Harry: REDUCIO! lmao. Amazing comic relief right there. p.s. - the wizard radio sort of set me on edge too, like Harry... the sound is unnerving.Avatar Imagetjerriam says: I loved it.(simula naman umpisa hanggang sa huli palagi kong mamahalin ang pilikulang ito.).The acting was absolutely amazing. this one was just so much more humorous than the past 6 movies.I have to watch again and cannot wait to see the second part! The part I most hated was the scene Ron and Harry argued and the part Hedwig died..(pero nakatulong ito ng malaki kay Harry)..I like the sign of the deathly hallows and the necklace of the father of Luna..Avatar ImageIndia is land of the Phoenix says: Well, lets see, the film was quite good, showing all the action(sky battle,ministry,wedding,godric's hollow,destroying the locket). The emotions between the trio was SPLENDIDLY presented. Dobby was absolutely lovable. And "The Three Brothers Tale" in animation-awesome. Again, on the other hand, they left out Ariana, details of Dumbledore-Grindelwald relationship(it was just shown in a moment as the letter and Grindelwald's photo in Rita Skeetar's book). Most important to the story : THEY LEFT OUT LILY'S TORN LETTER. So all in all, it would receive A(Acceptable) from me.Avatar ImageTraceymmm says: ohh and i really liked the tingling horcrux noise! really liked that they used it again and i think they used it really well! i think it will really help out those people who havent read the books. nice and simple but wonderfully affective! still cant get over Rupert and Emmas performances in this! planning to go again on wednesday. i do feel really sad that its almost over though! Avatar ImageLeadbelly says: Nick Cave in HP, fantasticAvatar ImageEmma_Weasley says: I cannot even begin to describe to you how much I cried. Firstly, I saw it twice today, once at 12am, and then again at 11am. It was EPIC. The very beginning when Hermione wipes her parents memories and she disappears from the pictures was very... It was great. I loved it. It was very heartbreaking though. I dislike how they skimmed over Mad Eye's death.... Tom Felton rocked, Emma rocked. Ron leaving was very heartbreaking. Dobby's death was done really well. Bellatrix is so... EVIL.. :) Avatar ImagePrincess Leia says: I just can't wait to see it again! It was so well done, I thought and I have nothing but great things to say about it!Avatar ImageMatea says: This is probably going to be long. I always have loads to tell when it comes to a new Potter film. And I'll do it in 2 parts as well :D PART 1- DISLIKE Did I like it? Yes,I did. I'm not dissapointed but I expected more on emotional level. And the biggest problem with that was the soundtrack. If the music isn't right, the scene will suffer. Almost each composition in strong emotional scenes didn't work out. It just didn't express those emotions. I'm really sad about it. Music was better in action scenes but again, it felt so fake,so ordinary. The whole soundtrack DID NOT express the feelings of the scenes. I started with the things I didn't like so I'll continue. I really miss the Dursleys. They didn't deserve this kind of ending. I miss Dudley/Harry. The mirror. Dumbledore's story. Voldmort in his first scene-yeah,wtf was that? He smiles, walks around, actually shows his (let's call them) emotions. Where is dull Voldmort from the book? Expressionless, like he doesn't care? That was a huge mistake in his characterisation. No Krum/Hermione/Ron? One minute of that would work so much better than few things they added; Ron's gesture after the attack in the cafe and R/H playing the piano. Kreacher's tale :( !!! nothing about the story of R.A.B. the H/H dance scene was completely unnecessary. It turned out that Harry wants something with Hermione (Ginny who?true love?what's that?) and then Hermione turned him down because she loves Ron. It was cute for only one reason- in fact, it represented Dan,Emma and their friendship and saying goodbye to all of this. But Harry/Hermione-thumb down. Why is the beginning of the film almost the same as in the 6th? Flashes,the same music and sounds-completely the same thing. Where is your imagination? And only one more thing :D somebody already mentioned it. What's up with the editing? Fade out.scene.fade out. It really seems like they did it in five minutes. All in all, the biggest flaw is the soundtrack. This story is so emotional and the scenes were perfect( acting and visual) but the music totally ruined it. Why is it just good when it had the potential to be THE BEST!? Avatar Imagekams11 says: it was the best compared to the previous six. they added just about everything and i satisfied with it. it was only at the end did i forget about lupin in grimmauld place but i guess lupin might come in the second part...but still it's pretty awesome!Avatar Imageentoptic says: I can't believe how much they stuck to the was awesome. If they had split every book into two movies (or at least had an extended dvd version) the others would have been so much better. I'm happy that Dobby was in the movie, but the scene with Harry burying him would be weird if you didn't read the books. You wouldn't understand why Harry cares about Dobby so much.Avatar Imageshayshay says: Loved Petunia in the car, so much emotion! Wish we could have had some more PotterwatchAvatar ImageIndia is land of the Phoenix says: And I forgot to mention in last post : a ridiculous break in continuity between the films : THEY DIDN'T SHOW WHO GAVE HARRY THAT MIRROR !Avatar ImageRavenclaw98 says: I thought it was wonderful and terrible all at the same time. the left some things out but they way they changed it was charming and funny. The horcux scene with the kissing harry and hermione frigthened me and i was very distubed. I loved the scence where Harry and hermione danced i though it was adorable adn showed their brother sister realtionship wonderfully. And my all time fav. charcter comeback was dobby with his cheeky comments and loyal friendship.Avatar Imageanything4you says: I think it was great, liked it a lot. however, why so funny? Why did they have to make so many scens, that needed to be serious, all happy and making people laugh? It took away so much of the darkness and seriousness that is in the book. Plus they gave my possibly favourite line exchange "perhaps dumbledore knew i'd leave you guys - no, he knew you'd want to come back" to Ron only, which totally ruined it! And, the time Harry has spent knowing about Hallows in the film is sooo short that the hallows aren't trally going to matter at all :/ It feells like they got the plot, but a lot of the character building/showing elements have been left out sadly. Dobby was WONDERFUL though, absoluteley ADORABLE! <3Avatar Imageronlvr44 says: i thought it was amazingly brilliant and very true to the books. I guess the critics havent read the books because it is crazy they gave it 2 1/2 stars.Avatar Imagepigwey says: they did leave out so much..but the details they put into it were so good. i loved how they visualized The Tale of the Three Brothers, really put the story into perspective. I did think that the movie took too long towards the end and considering that they only destroyed ONE horcrux in this movie...the next one is going to be longer. i loved this movie though generally, and i would go see it again!and i wouldn't miss the second one for the world(:Avatar Imagerosepug says: Those kids have REALLY learned to act. But the dancing in the tent after Ron left? Please. Harry's Voldy visions were confusing, I missed the blasted house being a place the wiz. world used to memorialize the Potters, why didn't Ron freak out during Hermione's torture, and no Tonks family, no Lily letter/ torn picture... All in all, I had a blast... but...Avatar ImageMatea says: damn, I forgot to mention the burial as DISLIKE. in the sand!? no "here lies Dobby, a free elf" ? he deserved it! oops! remembered one more thing haha, I miss Lupin! his fight with Harry, unborn Teddy and all that. okay,enough with the negative. I cried 2 times - Hedwig's and Dobby's death. when they died,I had these flashback from the books and movies,some funny quotes and happenings. aww. rest in piece my dear friends! PART 2 – LIKES Each and every scene was AMAZING! Well done! My favs: 7 Potters,so funny and interesting! The chase-amazing effects! Silver doe and the Locket(my favourite chapter in the book) – it was bloody brilliant! Harry’s stuggle in the lake and Ron’s fight with the locket. WOW! Ministry was really intense,mixture of fun stuff and mortal danger. Then my next fav chapter- Godric’s hollow. OMG- Bathilda! That creepy old bat! And Nagini. They got both just right and it was amazing! The graveyard was sad, but something was missing. It turned out they were just a STOP point. Malfoys – that chapter is really intense but it really wasn’t in the movie. It was too clear that they will be saved. No dead Wormtail! Too bad because his death has a meaning! One of my favorite parts in the movie- The Tale of Three Brothers. WOW! It is the most amazing new thing in Potter series! The way it was told and visualized- PREFECT! I’m in love with it! :D Acting – I’m thrilled! Trio gave their best, Emma is so bloody perfect in the last 2 movies. But I still think Rupert is the best one. He has the most perfect natural timing. I’m really pleased with Xeno and Mundungus. Brillaint! We see a completely new Lucius in this one and may I say, Jason Isaacs, you are wonderful! A bit irritated with Fleur’s English that sounds English and not French. I absolutely love Dobby and Kreacher! Their parts are hilarious! What I really loved- the book was there. All chapters(except Kreacher’s tale) were there, for the first time, many quotes from the book and no bigger changes. At last! And the last thing, what I find very interesting, is that I had a feeling I’m watching a TV series. One chapter/one episode. It didn’t feel like a film. And that’s because, for the first time,it follows the book, the story. We don’t have the beginning, climax and end. We have all this interesting pieces of the story one by one. And it keeps to continue. Weird film,eh? But I really loved it and expect even better part 2! Btw. I’ve seen it 2 times :) Avatar Imageshayshay says: Also loved loved loved the polyjuiced trio!Avatar Imagefloridianhp says: I loved it. the opening was AMAZING. whish though they showed dudley saying that he wasnt a waste of space but they wouldt have time for that. i really liked the movie they didnt skip anything. the only probelm i dint like is the movie went by fast. like some sences just went by fast but i under stand that they have to make the movie short cuz they cant fit all that in and idnt feel right. and it didnt have the harry potter feeling.Avatar Imagefloridianhp says: I loved it. the opening was AMAZING. whish though they showed dudley saying that he wasnt a waste of space but they wouldt have time for that. i really liked the movie they didnt skip anything. the only probelm i dint like is the movie went by fast. like some sences just went by fast but i under stand that they have to make the movie short cuz they cant fit all that in and idnt feel right. and it didnt have the harry potter feeling.Avatar Imagefloridianhp says: oh i was extremaly upset that they didnt show lilys letter. whenthey skipped that part i freaked out. oh and also in Godrics Hollow they didnt show how harrys partents died after nagini attaced. that would have been intersting. og LOVED when hermione was tell the stories after the botheres.Avatar ImageThe Hufflepuff Giraffe says: Wow, so I guess I'm going to have to be the one to break the trend... I didn't like the movie. I feel horrible about not liking it, especially because everyone else seems to have loved it, but I just didn't enjoy it the way I thought I would. I thought the whole thing was full of awkward moments (I remember hating the script in general, though I don't remember specific dialogue/story issues right now), and in general, very slow/delayed responses of the characters (I guess the chase scenes never seemed realistic & didn't really engage me). I felt like a bunch of moments that shouldn't have been funny were made out to be funny. I did a lot of wincing. The characters kind of annoyed me. I never felt like I was engaged the way I was meant to be. I feel absolutely horrible now. I guess I'm just really disappointed. Though, to be fair, my excitement about the movie - after being completely psyched all day before seeing it - dropped about when we sat down in the theatre. The atmosphere wasn't great, either (very small theatre + drunk teenagers yelling + sitting near the front and having to practically lie back on the seat). Normally after first seeing an HP movie I feel all glowy/gushing with excitement, you know? DH didn't do that for me. I'm really hoping that'll change. Maybe I was just tired/in a weird mood. Dobby and Luna were brilliant, however. And I loved the bit at the beginning when Harry revisited the closet under the stairs, because it brought up that nostalgia that makes me want to cry. Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: I thought that this film was very very close to what i saw in my head. I'll start with the things that made me disappointed/cringe - naked hermione: it made me feel very uncomfortable watching Harry and Hermione feasting on eachother topless. They are 17 and it just didn't seem needed. - animated beedle: that cartoon story of the three brothers made me want to scream. i hated it so bad. it took away the feel for the movie, made wizards seem unreal and stupid. It was too tim burton. - choppy: harry's visions were so choppy, and my friend who hadn't read the books was lost at and i had to explain. - mad-eye: mad-eye, who? oh... did he die? sucks... ah well. Include the firewhisky and i won't complain.... to mad-eye! - wormtail: at least kill him off and don't insult Jo's choice to have him dead. - polyjuice: they really did hype that up. bits looked really cheap. like a press of a "fade from ron to harry face" button. - snatchers: i loved the idea of you say "Voldemort" and the snatchers appear. but Hermione's perfume? really? - no mentions of my faves: i loved little things like Lily's letter, Hermione putting Ron under the invisibilty cloak and showing Harry to save Xeno, and Tonk's pregnacy was nothing but a wink to the book readers who would only know to make the conection (oh and btw, wait till you here the news) OOOOH we know your pregnant, but the non-readers don't. readers, explain! Now for things i did love and made me actually love this film adaptation - Dobby: oh Dobby. You little cutie. he was animated very well and i think he was perfect, from "Dobby didn't mean to kill, just cause serious harm" - I SOBBED when he died. And Steve Kloves last words for him made me cry even harder "Dobby, is a happy elf" - say no more. you had me at Dobby. - Hermione's torture: this scene was amazing. my favourite by far. the image of Bellatrix pinning poor Hermione to the floor and Emma's acting! oh my gosh, she was CHILLING. i cried here too, i regret to say. - Dance: although i felt a bit uncomfortable when Dan was moving like he was and taking the locket off Hermione, i thought it was cute. And much needed. - Godric's Hollow: this scene would of been perfect if it hadn't been for that stupid stumble into that random child's bedroom. Just gave it an element of comedy, which it really wasn't. - GORY: i loved the pure disgusting feeling to the film. Bathilda, "mudblood", "nagini, dinner" - that murder Charity Burbage scene was pretty naughty. Showed Voldemort at his absolute worst. YES! :) - Hermione's Parents: wait.... Hermione has parents?! It was nice to finally see them get a mention. it shows the sacrifise that Hermione + Ron take for Harry. - Luna: just... Luna. (I'd say her Dad too, but i wasn't concerntrating i was too busy screaming into my fists at the stupid cartoon) - Hermione + Ron: cuties. little things like "always the tone of surprise" and whiping blood away from Hermione's chin. - most scenes were very close to the ones i imagined in my head. the feel and look to them at least. Overall i came out feeling very positive about it and it left me DYING to see the next one.Avatar Imagebacbetz says: By far the best movie of the series. Acting was perfect. Will be seeing it again and again!!!!!Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: oh yeah! and the little things like going back to the toy horses and men in the cupboard under the stairs made me want to cry! i felt so much closure :( - i could almost here vernon saying "no more mail through THIS letter box"Avatar ImageHermione_Granger_Weasley says: It is my favorite. Deathly Hallows has it all, the deaths, the magic, the jokes, and the kisses. It was great, amazing, fantastic, and epic. The only things that I have to complain about is the Dursleys being almost left out and the letter from Lily. But they can introduce the letter later. They are good at that!!Avatar ImageSaracaBrownaca says: It was absolutely amazing! Of course, I was extremely tired and will have to go see it again but it is the best one by far! I have to say Ruperts acting was beyond brilliant, its amazing how talented he is. Also, Emma was an amazing actor in this film the scene with Helena was probably one of my favorites and it was so breath taking ( in a good/bad way ) And of course Dan played his role perfect! Overall I thought they did a great job of telling the story and I loved how they portrayed the Deathly Hallows when Emma read it! The only complaint I have is that I wish they would have had that emotional scene between Harry and Dudley and it would have been spot on for me! Still, this will defiantly always (until July ;) ) be my favorite one!Avatar ImageSaracaBrownaca says: Oh and also I LOVED LOVED LOVED the scene when Harry and Hermione danced, it was beautiful! I also loved Dobby! :)Avatar Imagewizardingwheezes says: I thought that it covered everything necessary to still fulfill the plot. It was faithful to the book in everything it included. And I felt so many different emotions- the actors really have matured and showed so much deep emotion and feeling that really moved me. In one word, EPIC. will I see it again, multiple times? yes. all round incredible success.Avatar ImageTrendHater73 says: I really liked it. Didn't re-read the book, because I wanted to go in with my blurry memories and not feel upset. However, I did keep waiting for things that didn't happen. That is ok though, because I still loved it. This is by far the best so far. It looked and felt how I pictured it when reading. Though the scene in Godric's Hallow was missing the statue of the Potters, I still very much loved it and again the look and feel matched how I pictured it when reading. Bathilda was horrifying! The silver doe scene was PERFECT and the monsterous thing inside the locket was ten times more shocking than I imagined. I actually gasped when it opened. I was sad that we didn't get to spend more time at Grimauld Place with Kreacher. Also sad that the fight with Lupin didn't make it. AND, I was a little put off with how the part with Wormtail was handled. But, I figure there is good reason and am staying positive. Can't wait for Part 2! Yay!Avatar ImageFlora Lovegood says: It was excellent! Great performances, photography, direction...BUT why why why change certain things? The Invisibility Cloak is one of the Hallows! It was the Trio's main defense while on the run, yet they seem to have forgotten it exists? Also, on behalf of teh Dean Thomas Appreciators Society (just made taht up) I have to say WTF? And, I admit I was looking forward to teh Dursleys' last scene. Their little bit did not satisfy me, no closure. THough I did start crying as soon as they showed Hermione in her room. *Sob* I think we could all break down the differences for ages, but overall I enjoyed immensely (except for the three projector fails we had at my theater >:( Is it July yet?Avatar Imagedoughboy6390 says: Loved it! Loved loved loved it! They did justice to Dobby, his death was so sad! I locoed the destruction of the locket scene. This was my favorite by far! My only complaint is the lack of explanation of the mirror and the lack of explanation about why the horocruxs might be Hogwarts founders objects. Over than that true to the book and absolutely amazing! Avatar Imageschwanna says: I thought the movie was fantastic! Dobby was definitely my favorite part of the whole thing. My two major problems with it though are one, for those in the world that haven't read the books, they would have absolutely no idea where the broken mirror piece came from! My other problem is, and I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but unlike all the movies beforehand, there was no variation on Hedwig's theme! As a band geek, it kind of bothered me...Avatar Imagebettey77 says: I was not very smart re-reading the book and finishing it the day before the movie came out. I am a bit surprised that so many peole are so happy with it. I felt that so much was not placed correctly. The pace of the movie in some parts were way to long and had nothing to do with any real information that was needed. The fact that there was no invisibility cloak changed almost all of the scenes. The ministry scene was way off. I HATE that Bellatrix carved mudblood into Hermiones arm there was absolutely no reason for her not to use the cruciatus curse. So many other parts just lost their importants. The locket was not described to be so big. I have never been able to be okay with the fact that death eaters can fly because truly only Voldemort and Snape can fly without any help. What about Lilys letter, Pettigrews moment of remourse, the relationship built with Kreacher, Rons family going into hiding at Bill and Fleurs, the Lovegood scene was completely wrong, the staue in Godrics Hollow. Wow I could go on and on. It was a good movie for a movie in itself and as the books got more complicated the movies have to leave things out. Whats imprtant to me in the book doesnt match up to what someone else might think is important. I guess I am also just sad that this is all going to end very soon. Avatar Imageksddancer says: They did leave a lot out but they did include a lot too. I thought some thugs they should not have changed like when Bellatrix tortures Hermione and the Snatchers. Those were some of the most intense parts. I also feel that the explaination of te hallows would've helped but I guess they are reasoning that most people have read the deathly hallows which would be a safe assumption :D. I also really missed with a bunch of my heart the emotional scene with kreacher but then again there was so much to fit in. I loved the movie! Te cliff hanger ending was just what they needed to get people to come for the next. It was very in tense emotional and let's admit it, humorous!!! With George in the kitchen when Harry and Ginny kiss was just amazing!!!!!! And when Harry and hermione dance!!!!!! Sometimes you just can't buy moments like that. I loved the movie and cannot wait for more! Only getting two hours of sleep and knowing I won't get any more sleep the next night for vacation is coming for me as surely as the chuddley cannons will finish the bottom of this years league that it was well worth it and memories worthwhile thatcan never be given away or replaced. Thank you so much Jo, Emma, Dan, and Rupert you have changed the lifes if millions.Avatar Imagerotfang07 says: I had a schizophrenic experience as on the same day I saw it at a very ordinary cinema and at an IMAX. The first experience was flat, ten people in the cinema, sound not so hot, and I gave the film at best a B. Then later I saw it at an IMAX and the sound was perfect, the cinematography the best ever, the acting was off the wall as you could see every subtle mood change, often within a scene lasting no more than a few seconds (e.g. Snape's reaction to Charity Burbage). So I came away thinking it was a borderline masterpiece!! Still, there are obvious failings. The soundtrack is average, being both generic and derivative, and the screenplay barely merited a B. Thank God Emma and Evanna constantly changed their lines repeatedly telling the media they had been supplied by Kloves with things their characters would never say and in any case were never in the books. After 7 attempts Kloves has yet to get it right. Desplat is just a weak less voluble version of Williams. But, and this is a huge but, the cast surpasses itself and the cinematography is easily the best yet. I cannot think of a weak performance, from the smallest character to the ones we all love, they were all superb. Emma and Dan's performances just don't come across in anything like the same way on an ordinary screen. In IMAX the subtleties are mind blowing. The dance scene with Emma and Dan changes mood from second to second. And, after 7 flipping failed attempts Kloves allows Rupert to be three dimensional, and the real Ron. But the final film will be a disaster if the IMAX experience will be exclusively in 3D, which simply gives 50% of people a headache, so we'll be deprived of seeing the brilliance and subtlety of the acting on the big screen without suffering double vision and various levels of migraine. Sigh: the tyranny of commercial fashion and 3D!! But, for Part 1, if you can get to an IMAX this is the best film of the series to date. Avatar Imageryanotease says: I really, really wish the goodbye with Dudley was included. I noticed someone else's comment about the scuffle with Nagini and him getting thrown into the blue room - I'm pretty sure that was Harry's old room but not 100%. Weren't they next door neighbors? I'm pretty sure they were.Avatar Imageryanotease says: I really, really wish the goodbye with Dudley was included. I noticed someone else's comment about the scuffle with Nagini and him getting thrown into the blue room - I'm pretty sure that was Harry's old room but not 100%. Weren't they next door neighbors? I'm pretty sure they were.Avatar ImageEmmaline10248 says: it was a good movie. you could tell they left somethings out but many where just minor detials. if there was something huge then pardon i am still sufuring form lack of sleep we didnt go to bed till about four four thirty. any way at the end of the movie all i could really do was think oh my god. it was such a shock to see the seventh movie i was so num....i am going to watch it again but lol i still cant get over dobby i mean all around me i could hear people sobing. and when he is deffending harry in the manor it was so cute and sad.i liked the extra lines they gave him as well. for example when luna says "When ever your ready sir." to dobby when he is about to aporate dobby looks at harry and says "sir?? i like this one," i mean he was so happy and peaceful and when they bring in mundugs (creature and dobby) they have the two on him creature hanging around his neck and dobby on his leg. and creature pocking him in the leg with a fork. it was amazing. but they didnt show creature when he is nicer and happier. any way again all i can think right now is oh my god it just doesnt seem real its like i just had a really strange dream. monday for me is going to be black monday where i moron the comeing end of harry potter. (SOB) but my sister brought up a good point what is going to happen to the leaky and everything the leaky is connceted to???i mean the leaky has become a part of my life and its all so strange. well good night.(i need some sleep)Avatar Imageterieb says: Just got home from seeing it and am still processing it, but first impression- Best. One. Ever. I was disappointed about some of the bits they left out (especially at Godric's Hollow) but the extras (Hermione wiping her parents' memories, the dancing in the tent) were really well done. Going to see it again tomorrow so I'll be able to be a little more objective.Avatar Imagehermione198k says: Amazing! I've always not been that happy with the movies because they haven't been as true to the book as I would have liked. They did leave out a lot, but DH1 was the truest to the book and my favourite. I loved the acting, they were all so wonderful. They really brought out Harry, Ron and Hermione's characters. I was really happy to see that Ron was a proper man and not just an all goofy boy this time. I loved Emma's acting at Malfoy Manor. I also loved Dobby. When it ended I really didn't feel like it was the end. It's only when I see the second part that I know the whole story will have ended. Avatar Imagepotterfan4lyfe says: The whole ride home all I said was THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Siriusly! Dan, Rupert, and Emma were brilliant and it was so true to books! Its probably the first one that Yates didnt screw up! I loved everything (except for the part that the people around me wouldnt SHUT UP) XD XD I cant WAIT for Part 2!!! I might go see it again next week! XD XD I cant describe how epic and perfect this movie was. Deffs my favorite movie now(:Avatar ImageLemonFaerie says: Epic, amazing film, by far the closest to the book since SS/PS and COS. The performances were utterly amazing! Harry, Hermione, Ron, Snape, Lucius, Draco, Bellatrix, MadEye, everyone. Voldemort was, to me, even more chilling while striding along, acting as the CEO of his little band. Xeno was spot on, perfect casting. Hermione's torture scene raised the hairs on my arms, Emma was amazing, and I loved that they mixed it up to have Bellatrix carve "mudblood" on her arm, showing the DE's have plenty of tricks up their sleeves, not just the Cruciatus, and Bellatrix especially likes to get creative with her torture techniques. It was inspired. Other faves: Hermione Obliviating her parents was so emotional. Likewise Harry revisiting his cupboard. The Seven Potters scene was brilliant, I wish we could have seen even more of it. The animation of The Three Brothers was genius and so well done. I really liked that they showed Neville and the others on the train so they at least had a moment in this film to remind us that while the trio is on the run, the rest of the wizarding world is still having to carry on in their new world order. The Ministry stuff was fantastic, the three actors the trio Polyjuice into really got their mannerisms down to make us believe they were actually the trio in disguise. Harry and Hermione's dance was beautiful, so emotional and touching, I love the way it highlighted their deep friendship. The locket scene and Bathilda's house... OMG! Incredible. I think having Harry and Hermione topless for that very aggressive kiss was exactly the right decision, it was meant to be Voldemort's soul really torturing Ron, and wow, did it ever! Harry and Ron's fight scene was explosive and raw, perfectly acted. The depth of the trio's relationship was explored and covered much better here than it has been recently. I loved the soundtrack, which was a pleasant surprise because I really wanted John Williams back for this one. I found Nicholas Hooper's score in OoTP really annoying and overbearing. He was better in HBP, but I was glad he wasn't coming back. I think Desplat did a great job, his score is moving and moody and conveys the emotions without overpowering the scene or, worse, drowning out the dialogue like some composers. I've had issues with Yates as a director (I can't stand OoTP, which is tied with DH for my two favorite books; I thought he did much better with HBP, but I was worried about DH), but he nailed it with this one, at least for the book fans. This movie was absolutely made with us in mind. Movie-only people like my DS were lost (even knowing as much as he does from listening to me and our kids), but to them I say: read the books! I give it 5/5 stars and a huge, enthusiastic A+. Having said that, I do have a few quibbles. Most are minor, but I do think still speak to either Kloves &/or Yates not deeply understanding the subtext of certain actions/dialogue the way they should. For example, Harry would never in a billion years have left Mad Eye's eye on Umbridge's office door. Why show it there if he's not going to take it? Hedwig's death scene in the movie is quite possibly the only time someone will hear me say the movie did it better than the book, I always hated the way she was just stuck silently in her cage ignoring Harry the last time she would ever see him, then struck down. Coming back to save him shows her love, loyalty and heroism, which matches Harry's, and was a much more emotional scene, worthy of her role in Harry's life. But then... almost NO reaction from Harry over her death! Just that her coming back to protect him was what gave Harry away to the DE's. Then almost no reaction over Mad Eye's death. That was handled fairly quickly in the book, too, but I would have liked a little more for both of their sakes. Also, when Hagrid and Harry show up at the Burrow to discover no one else is back yet, Molly's response to knowing almost the ENTIRE rest of her family is still unaccounted for out there somewhere and being chased by DE's? "Well, at least you two are safe." HUH? Yes, she held it together pretty well in the book, too, but we knew from Harry's observation of her facial expressions and actions that there was a lot more going on under the surface with her while they waited for the others, and we just didn't get that in the movie. I wish that they would have had Wormtail's death the way it is in the book, but I can let that go, and I'm not worried about Dobby's grave marker, because I am certain we will see it with his proper epitaph in part 2, quite possibly as the opening scene, picking up that film right where this one left off. So, even though that "disliked" section looks big, each particular item is not a super huge deal, just would have been nice for them to handle a bit better, but compared to past movies, they hardly even rate enough to discuss. I am still thoroughly happy with this movie! The biggies, though: I hated, HATED the way Harry, and especially Ron, had no reaction whatsoever to Hermione's screams as she was being tortured in Malfoy manor. Ron should have been going absolutely ballistic! It strongly recalled one of my biggest complaints from OoTP, the scene at the end of the Ministry when Harry was being possessed and basically dying in front of their eyes and Ron and Hermione and the rest, who should not have been in that scene to begin with, all just stood there staring at him like a mildly interesting creature. (Don't even get me started on the cutting short of Sirius's death scene.) It was almost enough to completely ruin that entire segment, if Emma's acting hadn't been strong enough to compensate for their complete lack of reaction. Oh, and Luna being so willing to just up and leave them with Dobby? Didn't make her look at all heroic, as we know she is. In the book, she at least protested that she wanted to stay and help. I also really wish we would have gotten the story behind Regulus and Kreacher's heroic actions in the cave and the retrieval of the real Horcrux. The worst one, I think, is that they had Voldemort retrieve Dumbledore's wand before Harry made the conscious CHOICE to go after the Horcruxes, not the Hallows. That was the defining moment in his character arc! Okay, maybe with everything that has been left out throughout the films it would have been hard to visually convey just why that was such a big deal, but still. Looking at the above, it appears I had a lot of complaints with the film, and I really didn't. I think it was brilliant, aside from a few very minor quibbles, the best yet for sure, and should make the book fans extremely happy. It gives me great hope for part 2 being even more amazingly epic, just the perfect way to end the series. I can't wait, and I can't wait to go see DH part 1 again!Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: okay, overall, AMAZING. it's hard to compare this film to previous HP films because the approach was so different. this is a completely different animal. i think eventually i'll just have to say PoA is my favorite of 1-6, and DH is DH, just crazy amazing. the acting was superb, though i did wish some of the moments were given more time to breathe. i could have dealt with this movie being a good 20 minutes longer. i think an extended edition is essential here - unrated - put more of the hermione torture, ron getting beaten up by snatchers, anything else that was too gory. because what we saw was so good, i just can't get enough, and you know it was all gold, so here's hoping the WB gives up the goods soon. i thought dan, rupert, and emma all gave extremely credible performances - they made it so real. rupert FINALLY was given enough to do, i appreciated that from kloves. you know, i'm a casual twilight fan and what i've appreciated from their movies is that sometimes they just rely on you to have read the book. and you know, they're extremely successful, it doesn't make them lose business, it just makes them get bad reviews. this movie seems to be getting criticism for some of these moments, but really, screw the general audience, i say. i know where harry got sirius' mirror, so that's all that matters to me. my favorite parts were: emma as hermione-riddle when she was taunting ron and generally the locket scene (though i thought harry was too mad at ron when he said "why did you come back then?" and no hug?), ron's return speech (it was corny, but i didnt care!), harry and hermione dancing (this was directly in line with jo's comments about their time alone, the "charged moments," it was very canon to me. i LOVED how you could see her just deflate at the end, because she was still so overcome with her sadness). generally, ron and hermione was great, i really felt like they were a huge subplot in the movie and i appreciated the time they were given. rupert and emma's chemistry was awesome. things that may always irk me: ron not yelling for hermione at malfoy manor (i thought the scene could have used it, it really would have fit), hermione not knowing how long the polyjuice would last (really?), and the dumbledore backstory...well, i hope its in Part II, seemed weird, because they set it up with Doge and Muriel at the wedding, but it never played out. anyway, 5/5 stars, two thumbs up, definitely a fresh tomato.Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: i almost forgot - mary cattermole kissing ron and hermione reacting - that was hilarious!Avatar Imagehp fan girl says: My daughter and I went to the midnight showing and then another one at noon today. Twice in 12 hours and loved it. I thought the movie was fabulous! It kept so many things straight out of the books, and even when it deviated, it kept the true spirit of what really happened. I cried when Hedwig and Dobby died, just like I do when seeing Cedric, Sirius and Dumbledore die. There are some very funny lines that are unique to the movie, not from the books. Tiana and will be quoting from the movie for some time now. At the theater, Tiana was doing some dueling with other kids/young adults, and was the reigning champion. Good job Tiana. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the movie. Tiana decided she wanted to do a HP marathon, so now I have my extended edition in the DVD player, about half way through SS currently. My how they have all grown up.Avatar ImageMeggie the Goose says: Wow, everyone is leaving such long comments Anyway IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!! Everything made me cry, can't wait for pt 2!Avatar Imagehermione198k says: Amazing! I’ve always not been that happy with the movies because they haven’t been as true to the book as I would have liked. They did leave out a lot, but DH1 was the truest to the book and my favourite. I loved the acting, they were all so wonderful. They really brought out Harry, Ron and Hermione’s characters. I was really happy to see that Ron was a proper man and not just an all goofy boy this time. I loved Emma’s acting at Malfoy Manor. The Harry Hermione dance was sweet. I was worried that it would give some H/Hr hints but when I saw it seemed something really sweet that a younger brother would do for his elder sister just to make her laugh when she was sad. Ron and Hermione's chemistry was great. And the non-romantic chemistry of Harry and Hermione was one of the things I liked most. in the sixth movie I though that there was too much chemistry between Harry and Hermione and I was worried that it would be the same in this one. But this time it was perfect. I loved the way the Tale of the Three Brothers was shown. I was wondering how they would show it but I never expected something like this. I was a little disappointed that there was no real Dursley's departing scene and we didn't get to see Dumbledore's past and Harry's parents getting killed through Voldermort's eyes. I also wish Ron's reaction a Malfoy Manor had been what it was like in the book. I loved most of the dialogue but some of it was a little strange. Voldermort first line, in which he talks to Snape, he seems so polite and out pof character. Maybe I missed some sarcasm there but don't really think so.Plus the line about the polyjuice potion. Isn't it always supposed to last one hour? When it ended I really didn't feel like it was the end of the movie. For me, the second part won't be the a different movie, it'll just be a continuation of the same movie, that I can't wait to see!Avatar Imagelunawannabe says: Overall, I really liked it. I didn't walk out of the theatre completely satisfied, but I tend to be picky. But I did really enjoy it. However, something I really didn't like was at Xenophilius's house, the Trio just runs away when the Death Eaters come, leaving Xenophilius and most importantly Luna, the girl who would risk her life for a random name simply because he's important to Harry, with absolutely no lifeline. The scene with Hermione thinking fast and letting them see Harry was so wonderful in the books, because that's when the fact that they're Gryffindors truly shines. In the movie, they scamper, with no thought of Luna. And how hard could that've been to film? One line. Oh, and one missed plot point, the Invisability Cloak (I won't talk about it's absence, though they have GOT to bring it it! Before Malfoy Manor Harry already suspects he has two of the Hallows) Another small problem I had was with the random humour thrown in intense moments. With Fred/George's bit in the beginning about Goblin piss (can we get a cheer for Mad-Eye in this movie? Please?)that worked, it was in character and worked nicely. But with Dobby's "Seriously injure" comment, all it did was spoil a really intense scene, when the audience is supposed to be worrying about the Trio's lives. I wasn't all too impressed with Dobby as a whole, or his death scene. He just made speeches, and with Dobby less is more, a simple "Harry Potter" might've got me crying. And I so wanted to cry; I sobbed buckets in the book. One last bit, I wasn't all too impressed with the Horcrux destroying scene. I did like how Harry and Hermione's lines were right from the book, but Riddle was basically a tar ball. It just wasn't scary. A silky smooth, oily, snakelike Riddle with traces of Voldie could've been amazing. There was some amazing acting, though. I think the guy who plays Lucius was spot on, and he looked amazing in this movie; all roughed up from Azkaban. What little we saw of Snape was wonderful. The Trio was consistantly good. Umbridge, as always, made me want to attack her. And Mad-Eye!!!!!!! Just so very much like the book. It was great. I liked the amount of respect they seemed to have for the books, with so many lines taken straight out of it. So overall, a good movie. Isn't it funny how movies turn out well if they follow the book closely? ;)Avatar ImageErinM says: I did love it, that's a fact. However, I agree with some other comments regarding specific scenes that were left out. I would have loved to see the handshake between Dudley and Harry...that would have been a better end to Harry's experiences with the Dursleys. Other than that and a few small others, I really felt that this was rather true to the book, the acting was great and I pulled my Kleenex out of my pocket as many times as expected! Avatar Imagejwkinneyjr says: The movie was wonderful! I liked the pacing and action of the film better than I did the book itself. I don't know if I would have liked it as well if I hadn't read the book, though, since the book is so rich in information and detail. I was pretty much unimpressed by the Desplat soundtrack. It seemed artificial. Sort of standard-issue action-movie music only vaguely related to the extraordinary events being pictured on the screen. A disappointment.Avatar ImageOdetteMalfoy says: Loved it. No, I adored it. The most amazing movie I have ever seen. I'm going to end up bawling like a baby at DH2.Avatar ImageTarsieS says: Just got back. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Rickman had the perfect "I can't show emotion, I can't acknowledge her presence" look to his face. Narcissa was great, loved the silver doe scene and the killing of the Horcrux. I still don't like the tomb. DL was great in all his scenes. Cried for Dobby and Hedwig - preferred this version of Hedwig to JKR's. No offense, but when I read the book I kept thinking "Why was she in the cage? Why didn't he let her fly free?" So this makes more sense. Nagini was perfect. Ok, so is Wormtail dead or not? Cause frankly, it isn't clear in the film. Will obviously have to watch again. ;-)Avatar Imagebrewinales says: Flat out wonderful! We had a ball. July isn't that far awayAvatar Imagereduxpertliz says: I loved it, which is huge for me since I've had issues with the last few movies. I know that there were a few loose ends and that they left some stuff out and I am left wondering how they are going to explain a few things. However, I still loved it! Even though it was so late and I was so very tired all I wanted to do was watch it again! That is something that I haven't wanted to do with an HP film in a long time. All I know was when I saw Dumbledore's Tomb I knew it was the end and all I felt was sad that there wasn't anymore. I wanted more! July can't come soon enough. Avatar Imagecubman987 says: I LOVED this movie, I think its the best one yet. Obviously a few things were left out, but not nearly as many things as were left out in the last movie that this one kind of had to take care of. Only thing really missing was the painting of Phineas Nigellus.....I'm wondering how Snape knew where they were...maybe the mirror or somehow tailing Ron? I'm sure they'll explain it. Can't wait for the next one!!!Avatar ImageFreakonature00 says: DH Part I was a brilliant adaptation that was both true to the book and rich with its own originality. The pacing of it was great too. But of course, there were a few loose ends and stuff that were changed/left out but that's unavoidable and will always happen with adaptations. Nonetheless, great movie! The best out of the series of movies for me. The actors, especially the trio, did an amazing job. It's like the 'movie versions' of Harry, Ron and Hermione got killed and replaced with the 'book versions'. They've improved so much as actors. Now let's wait till part II is out and hope it's as good, if not better, than this one! Cheers!Avatar Imagecharissekin says: This movie has been offered to the kids that grew up with the series, with a very "adult" thread through it. Lots of relationship ups and downs. Lots of doubt and questioning. It is bleak in that the problem with Voldemort is now affecting everyone, no one is safe, no one can be trusted. The three must stick together. Good place to stop. I went to a late-night session and was so wound up that it took ages to sleep after wards. Floods of sympathy for Hedwig, Moody and Dobby. Well done. Avatar Imagesagegrey says: Hermione removing her parents memories and herself from their existence was extremely moving and that was my $11 American well spent before the initial credits. Therefore...The best movie since Sorcerer's Stone and the best acted period. Big problem: the review in my local paper criticized Bonnie for her "lack of chemistry" and "Robo" personna...How would we know what kind of chemistry they have? WE DON'T SEE THEM TOGETHER! How many lines has Bonnie had in all the films to date? 50? Less? Made especially tragic and wasteful based on the fact the the movie BRILLIANTLY dispenses with the lame fake breakup that clouds the end of HBP and early DH books. And so much could have been done in one small change; When Kingsley's Patronus arrives at the wedding and the Death Eaters attck, instead of Lupin, have Ginny (with a brief second a silence..a look of sadness, longing and understanding) say "go"...So much more poignant. About the missing canon? Wormtail? Who cares? The Taboo? ehhh, it's implied, but not followed up. Harry and Hermione's friendship dance was not nearly as lame as I had expected. The Dumbledore backstory beyond the Grindewold angle is WORTHLESS. Remember, much of that story in the book pertains to Harry and Dumbledore's relationship in the books, not in the movie, where it's far less relevant. They're going to have to hit the horcux/hallow conundrum pretty hard and fast come July, though, or it'll get sloppy.Avatar Imageblackhair says: For those who r criticizing the movie i feel sorry for them. As its an adaptation it was expected that things would change and they have not drastically changed the plot. Abt Dudley's change of heart it means nothing to the plot after what he has done no wonder J.K didn't mentioned him in the epilogue. Kreacher's tale was there in the movie, he told the trio that Master Regulus told Kreacher to destroy the evil object basically that was what in the book expect it was dragged on. People complaining abt Lily's letter its gonna be there in Part2 Snape's Memory. the trio's camping was not dragged it was exactly as in the book if they tried to alter it u people would again cry foul that there was so much frustration building up in the book because trio were not able to get anything sorted. And they also explained why Trio would not be able to move places because of Ron been Splinched. Abt Dobby's death was more honorable then the book in the book it was an accidental death but in the movie they showed him as getting killed while attempting to protect Harry which is the best way to honor Hedwig. And now abt riddle-Harry/Hermione kiss well it was supposed to be passionate which it was playing with Ron's mind and attempting to escape getting destroyed. Abt Harry/Hermione getting closer because they dance well i feel the allegation as pathetic because Harry was just trying to cheer Hermione u. As any good friend will do when your best friend is depressed. Hermione knows pretty well that Harry is head over heels with Ginny like wise Harry knows abt Ron and Hermione been head over heels. Now Mad-Eye's death well it was abrupt which we all know in the book it was just the same. And i will simply cannot understand why people would criticize it again after reading my post. Avatar Imageblackhair says: How could i forget abt Grindewal well he was in prison because of Dumbledore and obviously he would be saying to Voldemort abt Albus being in possession of the wand. Aunt Muriel and Doge have already spoken abt Dumbledore's past at the wedding so i cannot understand u people complaining I would tell u people one thing plz watch it again and i hope ur doubts would clear may be with the excitement of everything u have missed those moments I wontedly bought seprate tickets for my friends so that i could enjoy without having to answer there questions and thoose whispers of nearby Avatar Imagezeitgeber says: Overall good, but parts of it felt very stilted, or just off. My biggest issue was actually with Voldemort. Great lead into Malfoy Manor, but Voldemort was a total flop for me. "Severus! I was beginning to fear you had lost your way! We saved you a seat!" all said with a smile, is a lot less creepy (or creepy in an entirely different way) than the scene I read in the book. Voldemort came off as almost charming and just plain silly, and the death eater meeting felt like a tupperware party before Charity's presence was finally explained. Avatar Imagesidnandragin says: I'm torn. If I didnt read the books I would think it was a great piece, but sadly I did read them. A lot of important information was taken out and substituted & you can tell that there storylines they introduced that had no business being in there. What happened to polyjuice Harry at the wedding? what happened to the birthday kiss? why were harry & hermione dancing, it had no point being in there? the kiss was a laugh, two pigeons pecking each other. Rupert out did himself. i think aside from Dobby, he stole the movie! Imagine if they had a decent screenplay that demonstrated what a wonderous character Ron really is! What a family the Weasley's, Dumbledore's history etc. It could have been better. Good but not that good.Avatar ImageJooooooolz says: I think it was really good (I've seen it twice already) and I think most of it was pretty true to the book excvept a few things they missed out like exaplining Dumbeldore's murky past and explaining who Grindelwald even was (non-fans would have no idea) and Ariana's story and they didn't explain about the piece of Sirius' mirror (like I'm sure we all understood it but loads of othee people wouldn't) and I think that scenes like Dudley shaking Harry's hand and Kreacher coming to respect, even come to like the trio and them him, were very powerful parts of the books that I would have liked to see in the movie. I undertsand however that it is a movie and they can't include everything. I really like Dobby and his death was pretty perfect and Emma's performance when Hermione was being tortured was great. In fact the whole of the Malfoy Manor part was really good (and that goes for the Death Eater meeting at the beginning - I loved how Voldemort snapped the fancy handle bit of Lucius' wand and how Charity Burbage pleaded Snape to help her)), the only part of the Malfoy Manor bit I didn't like was how Pettigrew didn't strangle himself though I guess it wouldn't make much sense and would have taken loads of precious time). Ahahah I loved Xeno he was great and Luna was too as always (oh and the animated scene of the Three Brothers was really awesome though I think they should have just read the story straight from The Tales of Beedle the Bard because that story isn't long). When Ron leaves was great but when he came back and was talking about hearing Hermione's voice was cheesy but still alright and when he destroyes the locket is really cool and well done too. Harry diving for the sword and being strangled by the locket was good as well. I could just keep going on and on but I won't, I pretty much loved it though it's not my favourite it was still incredible. Oh and I love the Harry / Hermione bonding scenes like when they were dancing and when they were in the graveyard looking at James and Lilly's graves - these just showed how close of a friendship Harry and Hermione have and how much they care about each other.Avatar Imagecrolmac1 says: saw it on the 1st night. I was pretty happy with the film, as I thought the magic was more naturaly present, as opposed to other versions, and the naural eccentricity of the wizards more faithfull to the book ( I always found that the preceding films were too reminiscent of victorian novels in their colours and clothing than weird wizard version of life, except for prisoner of azkaban, thank you cuaron) . I have one very big problem with the movie: in the book, all this roaming around of the trio had one big point: learning about the hallows, thinking about them, and eventually having harry decide to follow the right path, and not the easy one. He decided willingly to not run after the hallows, to get the horcruxes ie do what is right, not what is 'easy'...I think I recall jo saying that this was very important... did they miss the message , writing a very difficult synoptical scenario? When will they mention No2 hallow, the cloak?I'm on tenterhooks waiting for the next one!!Avatar Imagejcbswenson says: i've seen the movie twice so far and i think it's by far the best of the movies yet. everything about it was superb. i finally felt like the trio were harry, ron, and hermione, not dan, rupert, and emma. the special effects were beyond fantastic, there was no obvious bad cg. they dealt with the deaths with respect especially dobby's, i think at the midnight showing everyone in the theatre was at the very least sniffling if not sobbing like i was. i can't wait to see the next movie, i feel like they will really do the finale of the series justice. Avatar Imageginlu says: What a brilliant and amazing film! They really did try to remain faithful to the book this time. Even though the books will always be better to me, the films have been pretty good. The musical score, sets, and acting were wonderful. Rupert was amazing as usual, and Dan was spectacular! Emma was good too. I loved the scene in the tent where Ron and Harry fight. It was very emotional. There are only two scenes that I really did not like. The first was the Harry/Hermione dance. It was very ooc for Harry to do that and it just felt out of place and weird. The second has the Harry/Hermione kiss in the locket scene. I understand that it had to set off a strong reaction in Ron but I think it was overdone and drawn out. The kiss was too long and the whole naked part was just odd. They should've done the scene exactly the way it appears in the book. Also it would have been great to see more Harry/Ginny scenes. Perhaps they could have had the chance to talk more. Aside from that I really enjoyed and loved this movie!!! Avatar Imageblackhair says: I just don't understand why Ariana is so important in this film and so is the Dudley?? They have nothing to do with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. They don't play any crucial role in the trio's hunt for the horcruxes is there? Is the Dudley change of heart gonna help Harry hunt down horcruxes or is the Dumbledore's past gonna help Harry. And now abt Elder wand if u missed it Harry has seen that Voldemort has questioned Gindrewald abt the wand and where it is. Harry saw it before Snatchers got hold of him he was abt to tell Hermione when they got him. this happened when Hermione hit Harry with Stinging curse and he fell and its only then he saw Voldemort questioning Ginderwald.Avatar Imageblackhair says: Harry did dance with Hermione to cheer her up because he needed her to think abt where the possible location for horcruxes would be and not let her get depressed abt Ron's departure and keep crying. He was a friend who was trying to help his friend out of depression. And if u think its questionable then u don't have any good friends who are gonna help u when u would b depressedAvatar Imageblackhair says: If the only think u see in HP film is disappointment then my suggestions to them is to stop watching them. If u can't appreciate a good work of art then plz don't criticize it!!! Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: it's okay to criticize the film. it would be unhealthy to say we liked everything just because it's HP. these are adaptations, change is inherent, but fans reserve the right to disagree about what changes are made. we have that right as the people who bought the books, watched the movies, and made the franchise what it is today.Avatar Imageblackhair says: I posted it very clearly that don't watch it to only criticize it watch it with a big heart and remember that there are gonna be some changes and they have not drastically changed any thing form the book they where minute changes. What was most important in Kreacher's tale was Mundugus had stolen the locket and it was there.Avatar Imagemu99le says: Just saw it...I have to be honest, I never liked Yates' adaptation cos he seems to have a wrong idea on what scenes can be added/enhanced and what can be left out. This time is no exception: for example, the additional scene of Hermione modifying her parents' memories is heartbreaking and I like it very much, but PLEASE, if he can show that, why can't he spare a few more minutes to show the Dursley's parting with Harry in its entirety and Ron's ghoul???? As a result, we're left with the impression that the Dursleys are mindless muggles with no hearts, and that Ron doesn't seem to sacrifice as much as Hermione in order to follow Harry. It seems to me that Yates never considers the Dursleys as important part in Harry's life and merely a story accessory. I surely would've been much happier if he'd shown how Dudley finally comes to appreciate Harry or how Snape cried over Lily's picture instead of spending pointless minutes showing Harry and Hermione dancing. That said, this time he got quite a few things right, probably due to the fact that the movie is divided into 2 and so he had more time to show more scenes from the book. My favorite scenes are Ron/Harry fight and Malfoy Manor (though I think Dobby's jokes and "free elf" speech are kinda waste of time). The plot is not only gripping but also emotional, and the trio has outdone themselves (particularly Emma). It's the best of the last 3 installments helmed by Yates though it doesn't catch me the way PoA did. I like it enough to want to see it again (only watched 5 and 6 once) and I'll give it 7/10.Avatar Imagevandy says: I have nothing to complain against the movie..Everything from casting, cinematography and CGI to screenplay was fantastic...It's the best HP movie ever! Likes: 1. The obliviate scene poignant ...An innovative idea indeed. 2. Snape's entry.For a moment it was like watching Hans Gruber from Die Hard.Alan was so majestic. 3. Perfect casting. Scabior was so scary...and the guy who played Reg Cattermole nailed it..I saw rupert in him. 4. The tale of three brothers scene. It was mind blowing. 5. Voldemort's wand(well,lucius') being broken and how he's screaming in mid air among all the cable towers. 6. and many more. Well i can't think of any dislikes now :)Avatar Imagevandy says: I have nothing to complain against the movie..Everything from casting, cinematography and CGI to screenplay was fantastic...It's the best HP movie ever! Likes: 1. The obliviate scene poignant ...An innovative idea indeed. 2. Snape's entry.For a moment it was like watching Hans Gruber from Die Hard.Alan was so majestic. 3. Perfect casting. Scabior was so scary...and the guy who played Reg Cattermole nailed it..I saw rupert in him. 4. The tale of three brothers scene. It was mind blowing. 5. Voldemort's wand(well,lucius') being broken and how he's screaming in mid air among all the cable towers. 6. and many more. Well i can't think of any dislikes now :)Avatar Imageblackhair says: Got to wait till this Wednesday for second screening since all the shows are booked in my city Gosh this is frustating dunno what to doAvatar ImageLaura Potter says: seeing it tomorrow, soooo excitedddddd :)Avatar Image01ginny01 says: I saw the movie last night and thought it was awesome! Its the first movie that they did not add a lot of crap that was not in the book. The trio's acting was also amazing, especially Emma Watson. The only thing that bothered me was that it was a bit too dark, but that was how the book was, so can't really complain. I'm just so glad it came out here in South Africa the same time as the rest of the world, I would not have been able to wait till next Friday. Avatar Imagemoondragon15 says: I really loved the movie and it was really epic! saw it twice this week and it was all worth it. Avatar ImageStoenk says: i thought it was very good. the horcrux svene is my favorite. I kinda liked the dancing scene even though it wasn't in the book. But i thought Hermione could've been a bit angrier when ron came back. I liked Dobby's shoes :-).Avatar Imagekmac23va says: While Rupert Grint is good as the comedic sidekick, he was really good with the dark looks and anger leading up to Ron's departure. It was good to see him stretch more and get treated in a serious fashion...up to now, it's really been the Harry and Hermione show, featuring Ron. (Interviews are the same in press junkets...Tom Felton is getting as much if not more US press appearances than Rupert, and Dan and Emma are all over the place.) Also, they need to sign Emma Watson up for a villain role, her line delivery in the horcrux scene ("what are -you- compared to -him-?") was intense. Oh, and she -was- an animal...I know it was a worst fear type thing, but it put the Harry/Ginny kiss to shame! Also thanks to the producers for taking out the "sister"'ll have the epilogue, OBHWF folks, give us H/Hr fans the bones of the dance scene and the horcrux kiss that don't miss. :) Extra kudos to the script and Emma for continuing to give Ron dirty looks for awhile after he the book it seems like all is forgiven quickly. And another nice touch was Bellatrix carving "mudblood" into Hermione's arm. One, it gives her something akin to Harry's blood quill carving (though in the movies I know all of the DA used it, including Hermione). Two, it was an allusion to the Nazi concentration camps and the tattoos the Jews would be forced to wear, since that's how they treated the muggleborn. And three, since Hermione was in a state that she couldn't cry, the blood "weeped" from the wound for her. Nice touches. Loved the Dobby death scene, but again it would've had more impact if he'd been seen in the movieverse since COS. I think that's why he got more exposition on "Dobby is free" and such, because we had no reason to understand why this character is still so devoted to Harry after five years of absence. I'm glad they were able to give Luna some time in this movie, though I'm sure a lot of folks will be cheesed off that she got more screen time than Ginny (and Neville). Nothing personal, but Ginny's been a non-entity in the most of the movies, and you should've known she'd be a non-entity in this movie. They did the kiss at the Burrow, though in a slightly different context from the book, but after the wedding Ginny's invisible until the trio get back to Hogwarts. McGonagall doesn't even appear in this movie at all, nor does Flitwick, and we're about 2/3 through the book (basically at the start of chapter 24, of 36 plus epilogue). Finally, one big plus change...Hedwig is released by Harry and not carried all cooped up, she attacks a Death Eater to defend Harry, and dies in noble battle rather than "oops, I dropped my owl." I'm so glad Kloves changed that one...honestly, JKR should've written the scene that way from the start.Avatar Imageblackhair says: @kmac23va i completely agree with u. I liked how they portrayed Hedwig.She did while fighting for her friend which was what i would have liked in the book rather than a stray spell getting her killed. But i disagree with u over Harry/Hermione issue, s i too personally believed that Harry n Hermione will end up together untill book4 but in OOTP i was getting the hunch that Harry would fall for Ginny and Ron will win over Hermione, in book6 it was confirmed by J.K thats what gonna happen. The reason why i got the hunch was Hermione was too bossy and more of disciplined and rule follower but Harry would be happier with some one who is more like him adventures and daring which was the qualities in Ginny. If u have seen how Ginny convinced Harry in OOTP that by staying away from his friend is not gonna help anyone he needs them just like how his friends needs him.And in DA class when Harry thought them how to produce a patronus Ginny managed it but Hermione didn't as powerrfull as Harry's. And Ginny was 4th Year then and Harry knew to counter the patronus charm u need the most powerful memory Avatar ImageVoodooPadfoot says: It was generally great - I'm glad it's got a lot darker, I was worried they were going to dumb it down for the children in the audience - but then they forget that the "children" who grew up with the HP trio are now all the same age as them! So yeah, I truly enjoyed it, however I felt that they cut out too much - but they always will. They needed more of the other characters and I wanted to see Mad-Eye's death, as it was, it was so immediate that I didn't enjoy that. My main concern is that Harry never really disarmed Draco and therefore I'm confused as to how the story is going to arc with the Elder Wand's rightful owner still being Draco, not harry. xAvatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: In case no one's answered these yet (sorry if they have and I've missed it: @PotterParish (p. 3) Ron's 17 years old. He probably thinks about naked people quite a lot. I really liked the way that scene was done, btw. @johnNoefan38 (p. 5), the Black guy is Kingsley Shacklebolt. He's pretty important in the books too!Avatar Imagemttdebinder says: I thoroughly enjoyed the acting and the way each scene was shot, but was dismayed that David Yates still hasn't figured out how to tell a story on film rather than shooting a bunch of individual scenes and sticking them together to create the impression that something is happening.Avatar ImageLoopy_Slytherin says: I was actually disappointed, I thougth it would be way better. I had seen the trailers and thought that it was going to be full of action (making those parts better than the book) and that since it was going to be made into two parts they weren't going to cut out so much. And the things they did cut out I didn't find too bad, but what I really didn't like was how they changed conversations. People saying what they're not supposed to say (for example, Grindelwald) And there are people who are supposed to die, that don't!!! I'm still going to give it another chance and I'm going to go see it today again.... Let's see if it's any better... Avatar ImageLaura Potter says: Reading all the comments, now so excited about seeing it :) sort of prepared myself for what's been cut out, cos I didn't want to be too focussed on that. Conflicted over whether the Hermione and Harry dance is gonna be good or bad. Suppose if it looks comforting I'd say it was a good decision, but nothing more than that, cos it would get SO confusing. Harry is with Ginny, even though he has left her to keep her safe. And I'm glad she doesn't appear much, cos Bonnie has never done her character justice. There is NEVER any chemistry :( So glad about what people are saying Hedwig's death is like- wanted something heroic for her, although understand JK's decision to have her in a cage, cos it kept Harry in disguise, cos all the toys were in cages- would've been a bit of a giveaway. Also liking the fact the film hasn't been simplified and fully explained for those who haven't read the books. By this point in a franchise, it should rely on people to be fully involved and true fans, and honour people who have put the effort in, not make films for those who probably only came along for something to do. Thank youuuuu WB! The anticipation is KILLING me, why is tomorrow so far away? :( :(Avatar Imagevandy says: So weird that Dobby didn't wear any socks.. only those shoes.. but he was so cute in that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: @schwanna (p. 9) There is a brief variation on Hedwig's theme. (I'm listening to the soundtrack now). @bettey77 (p. 9) isn't it also hinted that Lily could fly without (much) help - in the swing scene, 'The Prince's Tale'. I have always wondered whether it was she who taught Snape, not Voldemort. But of course in the film they have to give Death Eaters a distinctive way of travelling, and it works rather well.Avatar ImageFGFG says: I've really got to see it a second time, for a final judgment for me, but so far: I liked it. It exceeded expectations. The first two films have always been my favorites. This one might be my third favorite. It's very true to the book. Jo, being a producer, I think probably had a lot to do with it. I really loved Helena Bonham Carter and Rupert Grint, as I always do. They were, IMO, the best. Julie Walters also made an impression, despite how little she was shown. I've never seen Emma Watson as a good actress, but in this film I'd rank her as in my top 5. The torturing scene was excellent. I can remember reading that and thinking "Emma Watson will not be able to pull this off," but she did and it was amazing. I look forward to seeing her in part 2. Now, that I'm finished with the stuff the mind blew me, here's a summary of the movie, IMO. The Good: DOBBY!! :') RIP Riddle-HHR Kiss, it was a bit like Bellatrix, hot, but so evil. It felt wrong watching it.  The twins!!! I'm really, excited for Fred's death. Well, no, I'm not but I'm excited for the twins acting. Their always hilarious and James' was great being a bit more emotional, so I'm excited for Oliver's acting with Fred's death. Bonnie Wright. She's so lovely. I look forward go more of Ginny in part 2. Matt Lewis. "Hey, losers!" EPIC BAMF. He's going to do Neville's BAMF-ness justice in part 2. Evanna Lynch. Is there any surprise here? She's also just absolutely lovely.  Rhys Ifans. Tom Felton Animated Beedle. The Bad: Daniel Radcliffe's acting he was by NO means terrible, but he was no where near as good as he's been in the past films. There were some scenes where I kind of had a flash back to the first film and it felt very awkward, in the first film it was cute, but not so much now. Remus and Tonks, it has nothing to do with David or Natalia, but I really hope Teddy's going to be in part 2. A lot of Dumbledore's storyline was missing. The Harry/Ron hug and conversation in The Silver Doe scene was missing!!! It was one of my favorite things in the book, and it's missing! :O How is Ron supposed to know it's all platonic now?!? If I had just seen what Harry saw, I'd just at least be like "Um, no it's not like that..." But let's just leave audiences hanging like it's a Twilight film. Andromeda Tonks. I wanted to see all of the Black sisters. Charlie Weasley, I wanted to see all of the Weasleys.  Lily's  letter. Shell Cottage. Harry being all whiny about Ron listening to Potterwatch...honestly, that's so OOC. Harry care's just as much as Ron and would probably ask for updates if that's how it happens in the book. Things that I thought were going to leave an impression, but didn't: H/G kiss!!! This was adorable. But it wasn't supposed to be adorable. It was supposed to be hot and passionate. I understood with HBP what they did making everything adorable, but one of them might die!!!! The most memorable thing about that scene, I thought was George's "Morning." I can only hope the third time truly is the charm in part 2.  H/HR Dance. With all the hype. If you're a R/HR shipper, don't worry it's a platonic dance that's sort of awkwardly placed in the films, that seemed much more like a Dan/Emma scene than H/HR scene and it wasn't very memorable. If you're an H/HR shipper, then don't worry, it was cute and adorable.   And those are my thoughts. :-) Avatar ImageMichelleypie says: Okay, I am VERY picky with the movies and I hate when they leave things out, but even I thought that this was the BEST adaptation that they've ever done. For the first time after seeing all six movies, I felt that the acting was spot on and the screenplay captured all of the essential elements of the plot. Of course, as a book fan, I would have liked to see more on Dumbledore's past, but I have a feeling we'll get that in the next one. And, as a Ron and Hermione fan, I as REALLY unhappy that they didn't show Ron shouting for Hermione in Malfoy Manor, but they had an improved chemistry overall in this one, and he WAS the first to run and disarm Bellatrix, so it cooled my blood a little bit. :) The highlights for me?? The animation scene - brilliant. I loved it visually and I thought it was a very creative addition to the film. The acting. I really feel like the trio did their very best in this movie, and I've previously felt that they've overacted. There is such a contrast between Daniel Radcliffe's forced, "When I find him, I'm gonna kill him" in the Prisoner of Azkaban and his far more real, angsty "It's done!" in this one after Hermione broke his wand. I feel like they were far better representations of their characters. There were lots more, but, overall, I think this one is my favorite of all of the films so far and I really can't wait to see what they do with part 2. Avatar ImageBonacord says: I saw HP & The Deathly Hallows and I didn´t like it at all. Why you split a movie in two parts and make a lot of mistakes. Why you change so bad the original dialogues and events......I am disappointed. I expected more. Better adaptation.Avatar ImageMaryMalfoy says: I loved, loved loved it. But I was slightly disappointed. They left out so much detail (Kreacher's Tale, Potterwatch, the Ghoul, how the Snatchers came and a whole lot else). But it was very emotional, and I thought they portrayed Ron's jealously and his ultimate departure quite well. Also, they bits of humor that they did incorporate were spot on. Also, every Dobby moment was perfect. I loved that they had him help capture Mundungus. I loved Bill and Fleur's wedding, and the little moment they shared when the Death Eater's came. Also, them breaking into the Ministry was perfect. And, despite how much I thought I would hate the Harry/Hermione dance scene, I actually did love it. It was tender and sweet, and really portrayed their friendship very well. All in all , the movie was quite good. I'm so excited, yet sad for Part 2. Avatar Imagephoenixes are in ravenclaw says: I thought it was amazing. It was very true to the book, but there were three things that really upset me that they left out. One, I wish they would've kept in more of the wedding, but I understand why they cut it out. Even though it wouldn't have made sense because of omitting SPEW, but I was upset that they cut out Kreacher's tale. I also am upset that they said that the sword was missing and not a fake and that they didn't even talk to Griphook. I can see how that can work though. My favorite part in the movie was The Tale of the Three Brothers. That was so unexpected for me and it was brilliantly shot. I also loved the Malfoy Manor part. It was so well filmed, and when Dobby came in, I sobbed. Favorite line: "You tried to kill me." "Not kill. Just mame or seriously injure." and. "Mornin'" All in all best in the series!Avatar Imagelee harrington says: I was delighted with DH Part 1. And I *hated* the last two films, to the point where I was nervous about seeing this one and potentially getting thrown into a rage....Yates and Kloves had taken far too many liberties in 5 and 6, as we know. I think the filmmakers finally listened to the fans! There was a sensitivity to the books in this film and an attention to detail that I had not seen to date. Some of the choices the director made were brilliant. (Showing Ron's and Hermione's hands almost touching in the first night at Grimmauld Place scene, for instance). It seems as though the filmmakers wanted to make sure that they kept the emotional arena of the film truly authentic--to make up for any liberties they took with dialogue or plot. This was the most grounded HP film I have seen to date. The settings were lush (made me think of Sports Illustrated swimsuit settings) and the costumes were superb (ie Doge's and the Lovegood's wedding robes!). Emma looked great in all her little Horcrux-hunting ensembles (note to self: pair lavender gloves with chunky knit scarf, a nip-waisted tweed jacket, and a clear lip gloss. to obliterate giant snakes) The acting was also brilliant (except Bill Nighy. I love him, but in this film he seemed awkward and he was thrown into this part at the last minute without having had time to learn his lines, or inhabit the character). Anyway, the rest of the acting was just delightful to watch. I am glad the filmmakers gave the characters a chance to breathe, and react, and have emotions. I think this is what helped ground the film as well. I saw the premiere in NYC...always a rockin' good time. Biggest applause went to: Ron killing horcrux; Dobby announcing: "Of course! I'm an elf!"; and Harry taking off clothes. There was a huge "Ooooh" when we saw Riddle Harry and Riddle Hermione--naked!--making out Also an OOOh when we met Bill Weasley. Total BABE! Everyone groaned when Harry asked Hermione to dance in the tent after Ron left. (Who's idea was that?) One audience member drawled, in a Southern accent, "What the hell?" and we all burst out laughing. Tears were shed at Godric's Hollow cemetery, and when Hedwig died, and when Dobby died. The audience members at this show ranged in age from 8 - 80. All of us, crying over an elf. It was BEAUTIFUL! I look forward to attending Part II in NYC with The Group That Shall Not Be Named! Avatar ImageLoonyMaddie3 says: Ok, so I was worried that I would be disappointed, but I can honestly say, I was incredibly SUPER DUPER happy when I was walking out of the theater for the first time! Any movie that can make me cry four times is a great movie! I look forward for July 15 when I get to see more of Neville, Luna, and Ginny!Avatar ImageC_B_Mia says: After the horrible sixth movie, I was worried this movie would be a failure. BOY AM I GLAD I WAS WRONG! I loved this movie. If they hadn't messed up the sizth movie by leaving out so much, they could've made it a bit better. Yet, it was still AMAZING! It stayed true to the book.... the few changes were good twists. For example, the dancing scene between Harry and Hermione was really sweet and they pulled it off. Second, I liked how Bellatrix carved "mud blood" into hermione's arm. I LOVED how they did the story about THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. IT was really creative! It was a funny movie, but it made the dark parts much more serious.And, of course, DOBBY WAS SO SWEET! The cliff hanger was OK. But I don't know how it could have been better. All in all, I put my hands together! Great JOB! Avatar ImageC_B_Mia says: Guess what Guess What Guess what!!!!! PART TWO COMES OUT ON MY 15th BIRTHDAY!!! EXACTLY!!!!Avatar Imagesueml says: I thought it was excellent! Of course I was disappointed with some eliminated scenes, but it was already 2.5 hours long, what else could they do? Everyone has really thoughtful comments. The dance? - I liked it, don't know why. All of the trio's acting was really good, but I have to throw some love to Dan after reading all of the Emma and Rupert comments. His acting was so subtle and understated in portraying Harry's angst, worry, fear and bravery. I thought he did an outstanding job. Harry's hotheaded, and Dan did those scenes well, but for the most part he's comtemplative and determined and Dan was spot on. He didn't have the big blow-out scenes, so I think his acting was overlooked. He was brilliant as Harry in this one.Avatar ImageVeronica_21 says: Loved every minute of it! It was one amazing movie experience! The film is simply gorgeous and the ending was perfect! My favorite was when Hermione read the tale of the three brothers. I was completely enthralled with the way they tell the story. I also like the 7 Potters scene (hilarious) and of course the kiss between Harry and Ginny, which was so unlike the book (I would have really like to see it on film!) but since they added George on it, it came out really funny as well. So if part1 is already that good then I can't imagine what the finale would be like. 2011 can't come soon enough! Absolutely looking forward to part 2!!!Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: @ Lee Harrington, I thought Bill Nighy seemed awkward and nervous because the character he was playing was awkward and nervous! Scrimgeour was having to make a speech to reassure people that all was well when he jolly well knew that it wasn't. He was trying for the Churchill touch, but couldn't quite do it.Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: @blackhair- everyone on here is a superfan though, they did watch it with an open heart...Avatar ImagetaystarHP says: This was an amazing movie. I was very pleased with the fact that almsot everything down to the detail was all from the book. The humor was amazing and all the fred and george lines made me die in my seat. I even thought when the trio were entering the Ministry with the potion it was so funny how awkward they were. When George was lying on the couch with a bandaged up ear, the holey joke was there! It made me picture it exactly the way it was in the book. I have nothing but good reviews for it but the dobby parts should have been longer. But I cried when he dies. 100% honesty here. :') RIP DobbyAvatar Imagelee harrington says: Point well taken, Valeria-Johanna. Thanks. I think that for me I read Scrimgeour, in the book, as more of an aggressor--one of those politicians who struts and bullies. And certainly in the reading-of-will scene in the book, Scrimgerour was a clear antagonist. I guess the filmmakers wanted to set a different tone? Thanks for the Churchhill reference :)Avatar Imagekatielilly says: This was the first movie I didn't leave feeling disappointed. There were some parts I was upset they took out but in the end it didn't matter because it *felt* like the book! All the other movies turned me off a bit because it didn't feel like the book. This one blew me away because it was like seeing the book I've had in my head this whole time come to life in front of me. Finally! The acting was better than every. Emma Watson is truly brilliant. There were moments when I gasped because she finally nailed the Hermione I have always pictured. Dobby was so sweet and his death was heart-wrenching. The look on his face when he realized he has a knife in his chest made by stomach drop. Basically from Malfoy Manor till the end of the movie I was bawling. I've seen it twice now and Im going again with my sister in about an hour :) I am so happy with this movie and I can't wait for part 2! Just think guys, how awesome will it be when we have both DVDs and we can watch both parts. 5 hours of pure bliss. Avatar ImageBriannaWazHere says: The movies was freaking badass!!!! I LOVE it!! They stayed true to the book, the stuff they added i didn't find stupid. They left out a few things I would have liked to see, but of course that's bound to happen. My FAVORITE scenes were 1) the silver doe scene, It was perfect, and Rupert Grint was a great actor! 2) Dobby's death, I was crying so they did it right. 3) Mudblood being carved into Hermione's arm. It made the torture much more personal. 4) Hedwig went out like a pimpAvatar ImageHufflepuffKiwi says: They did leave out a ton, but I think that the overall movie was phenomenal and those scenes were not necessarily needed. The movie just was so awesome. And I think it is wise to remember that this is only part one, and I am sure they will go into more detail about Dumbledore in the next movie. Lily's letter should have been in there I think though. I think this movie was past my expectations and definitely a must see! :)Avatar ImageRowling Stones says: First Reaction: very impressed, although it didn't exactly follow the book, i enjoyed it for what it was, not what it wasn't. Despite the film being very dark they still managed to make me laugh quite a few times as was everyone else in the theatre (i loved when george came in with the toothbrush in his ear :D). The acting was great and i think they did the action very well. Some of my friends who haven't read the books but have seen all the films were confused durring parts, such as the snatcher scene, but i understood all of it. I wish they had ended the film with Dobby's burial instead of the white tomb, but i understand they wanted to get viewers excited about the next one. I don't think it dragged at all and can't wait to see part 2 in July!!!!!! This has got to be my new favorite. Avatar Imageorganbrett says: Before I comment on the movie, I want to let everyone know that 1 way to relive it is through this website: On their homepage right now are over 200 photos of DH1. Some are premiere photos, but many (probably over 100) are from the movie. I was surprised that a few are from DH2 (like the albino dragon in Gringotts, the enchantments breaking over Hogwarts, V & H dueling at Hogwarts, Hogwarts destroyed & on fire). I came to the HP Universe late in the scene. I have a good friend with children, when they were little they invited me & a friend to go see this movie (SS) that meant a lot to them on the day it premiered. Since then I have watched every film the day it was released. This was the first time they offered a Midnight showing in a town not too far from me - I knew I had to buy advance tickets & arrive well before the time slot to get a good seat. This theatre just upgraded to a larger screen (about half the size of an IMAX). 1-1/2 years ago I was recovering from major back surgery #2 & decided to get & read all of the books (incl. FB,QA & TBB). I am very glad I did, now I'm an even bigger fan! My mistake was reading book #7 a few weeks ago. I will not make the same mistake before Part 2. I left the film feeling a bit dissapointed because of the way they presented some things. I really missed the Kreacher turnabout when Harry gave him the other locket. Can you just imagine him smiling and cooking dinner for them every night?! I didn't mind the way Hedwig dies, felt more appropriate. I did also miss Dudley saying goodbye because he thought Harry was going with them. Leaving Mad Eye's Eyeball in Dolores's office is Unforgivible! There were many things I really did like & I'll have to go see it again. I loved Hermione's scene with her parents. This started me with a few tears right off. I know R&H's hands almost touching at GP was in the book. I loved the piano scene, I was more receptive to this & the dancing than I was to that added fight scene in HBP. That one made me mad. WTF? I thought the kiss between H&H was so OOC when I first heard about it. Now I know its context, it was right on the money for what would come out of a Horcrux incl. the spiders. Feed on Ron's fears! Half nude made it more effective. EW gave it a A- & the worst review I've read was in Newsweek, titled, "Deathy Hallows, try Deadly Boring", he wished it would die already. It really makes me want to write a letter to the magazine & tell off the writer. You can just tell he has NEVER read the books. I would want a reviewer more like EW has, who admits to being sad that the movies are coming to an end. Overall I'd say 4 out of 5 stars. Avatar Imagemollyollyoxenfree8 says: Sooooooo good! I loved it. It is definately the best one yet. They did change a few things, but most were good changes. The only thing I wish was ther was the argument between Harry and Remus at Grimmauld Place. That would have been good. Now I can't wait for the second half. Which is kind of an odd thing to say since so many die in that half. It'll still be good though!Avatar Imagechikitcorpuzvesterbaek says: LOVED IT! Avatar Imagerotfang07 says: It gets better with each viewing. Saw it again in a decent cinema instead of the rubbish one on Tottenham Court Road. It doesn't need IMAX as I felt before, it just needs a good print/copy and a decent sound system. This is easily the best film yet, and Desplat does have some wonderful moments, I should have pointed out the music to the Ministry of Magic scenes was amazing. He's much more subtle than Williams but I think Yates made sure of that. Eduardo Serra is a genius, and Yates is not far behind. Even Kloves very occasionally rises to a B+ from his usual B-. This just gets better and better with each viewing. And Daniel and Emma are off-the-wall brilliant. The acting is just so so so good. Seeing it at the IMAX just made me weep it was so ravishing. Return trip already planned. Big thank you to all involved. Just amazing. This is a masterpiece even with the clodding Kloves's contribution. He wants shooting for the flatulent lines he gave Dobby. Unadulterated sentimental dross. But who cares when the rest is just so brilliant?!Avatar ImageJ.E.T. says: DH1 was fantastic!! two or three areas could have been more in depth, the wedding scene, the lovegood scene, and the scene where Harry digs Dobby's grave. Tonks mother and father left out completly. That being said all and all I loved the movie. 4.9 out 0f 5 stars Avatar ImageNimbus-X says: I thought it was the best one yet! I really liked how they showed the tale of the three brothers and Dobby's death was so sad. :(Avatar ImageLupinAscending says: I enjoyed it a lot. The trio was great: particularly Emma when she erased her parents' memories. So sad. The animated telling of the Tale of Three Brothers was terrific. Yes, they left out a lot, but they also left in a lot. The only serious flaw I saw was the sudden, unexplained appearance of Sirius's mirror. And I'd have like a longer good-bye with the Dursleys.Avatar Imagenolegrad2001 says: I liked the movie, but sooooo much of the important stuff was left out. It was very frustrating, I felt like they were racing through the book in an effort to get it all out there, but they were getting only some of the main points without the background info we need. And so many things were changed like Hedwig participating in the battle, and Harry not disguised at the Wedding. There was too much missing to mention. And what was with the dance between Harry and Hermoine? It was probably supposed to be him comforting her, but it seemed to me like he wanted to be with her, or atleast that was the way he acted it. For a second there I thought they were going to start making out. Overall I liked it. The music was excellent, the acting was good (Great job Rupert!), and the ending was fantastic. They definately picked a good place to end it.Avatar ImageGinnyweasley187 says: All the cast is always very good but in this one Emma Watson just blew me away. Her reactions, face movements, all her emotions were just...real. Out of everything the things that I loved the most were probably little things funny parts like the Harry and Hermione dance and Harry/Ginny kiss with George interrupting them.Avatar Imagejoeys_mommy says: I loved it! I went to the Harry Potte Adventure at AMC and was so impressed with DH. It was almost perfectly true to the book. I was even impressed with the dancing scenen between Harry and Hermione because you could see that she still missed Ron desperatly. My Fav part was the locket scene and the scene with Harry and Ginny :)Avatar Imagetruester says: I loved it. It is my second favorite movie, first is Prisoner of Azkaban. Ahh Gary Oldman. I learned from the first movie to separate it from the books. I enjoy them separately but equally the same. Loved how they did center on the trio and their emotions. I can't wait for the last movie but feel melancholic at the same time.Avatar Imagehermygrakhs94 says: SUCH A GREAT MOVIE!!! The way the film progressed was SO COOL!!! There were a few inaccuracies, but other than that, RONNIE WAS A SWEETHEART!!! AND I WAS SO SAD TO SEE DOBBY DIE!!! May he rest in peace.Avatar Imagenarglesohmy says: I think overall it was good... I mean, there was a lot of stuff they could have kept from the book, but it was brilliant nonetheless. Could have used a little less hand-held camera action moments, though. Sadly, I believe that I cred more for Dobby than Sirius and Dumbledore combined. His death scene was beautifully done, and I cried from when they arrived on the beach to the very end. Like, bawled. If this is any indication of the next film, I'm not sure I'll be walking out of there alive.Avatar Imageroflravenclaw says: I've seen it twice already and I loved it! It's so close to the book! I wish they hadn't changed how Dobby looked though. Also they missed the whole part where Harry gave Kreacher the locket. And when they were flying away with the 7 potters, once again it was right in sight of every muggle imaginable! but those are the three main things i didn't like about it, which is really good considering I usually have more complaints. I'm sure JK Rowling being the producer had a big effect to the closeness to the book. It was just amazing! My favorite scene was Harry and hermione dancing cause it just showed how long it had been since they'd had a good laugh. The creepiest scene in all the Harry Potter movies I would have to say was the Bathilda Bagshot scene. Totally weirded me out!Avatar Imagebook_addict247 says: It was without a doubt the best yet, almost perfect, they hardly left anything out as far as I could see! Ravenclaw FTC!!Avatar Imagefinley says: Although the first four have grown on me, this is the first time I have actually thought while watching a HP film on release - OMG this is sooooo good!!!! I guess thats what happens when you turn it into 2 films - scenes were given time unlike in OOTP which little more than a series of clips. Cant wait see it again - anyone know when the dvd is out?Avatar Imagetaotaod says: [url=]buy MI-5 Spook Seasons 1-9 DVD Boxset here![/url] Avatar Imagetaotaod says: [url=]buy MI-5 Spook Seasons 1-9 DVD Boxset here![/url] Avatar Imagetaotaod says: hi!Avatar ImageLemonFaerie says: I just returned from seeing it a second time. At the midnight release, I was so emotionally overwhelmed, and the atmosphere in the theater was so excited and charged that I knew I had missed some things, and there were some tiny things that bothered me (page 10.) I knew I needed to see it again and really absorb it before I could say for sure or not if it is now my favorite of the films. Tonight, I am ecstatic to report that DH part 1 *IS* absolutely my ultimate favorite out of the seven movies we have so far (and I can't freakin' wait for part 2!!!) Even the small items that bothered me a bit at the midnight release just dissolved as if they never existed, this film is absolutely beautiful from the first moment to the last. I'm so over-the-top happy with the fabulous job everyone did on this one. I can't wait to see it a third time (tomorrow!) and waiting now for DH part 2 is going to be torture! Wouldn't it be cool if they changed the release date again, only this time made it EARLIER? How about a Memorial Day opening, WB??? I know, I know, that would mess with LeakyCon's schedule, but I'd be happy to arrange an HP movie marathon to make up for it during LeakyCon just to know we could have the final one that much sooner... ;)Avatar Imagepolyjusposhun says: I loved it and will see it again (and again). Kind of disapointed in the soundtrack though - nothing really memorable from it. I think it is epic fail not to have John Williams finish this up. The composer (Desplat) wrote a bunch of incidental music, but nothing really gripping. Could not really easily find any of the themes established by multiple other composers besides Wililams. The Bathilda Bagshot segment seemed appropriate, but still just kind of lacking. I know Desplat did the soundtrack for New Moon as well, and I had the same reaction to that - kind of flat and uninspired. All the important scenes in that New Moon were filled in with music by other people. Kind of worried about the Battle of Hogwarts scenes to come. Maybe need to see it again to improve my opinion. : )Avatar ImageKayWeasley says: Cried a lot with my kids. Disappointed by the things missing. Trying to figure out how in the world they're suppose to know what the next horcrux is? Was completely undone by the Harry Hermione Kiss. It was uncomfortable for me to watch. Movie was still great! Will see again and again.Avatar ImageKayWeasley says: Cried a lot with my kids. Disappointed by the things missing. Trying to figure out how in the world they're suppose to know what the next horcrux is? Was completely undone by the Harry Hermione Kiss. It was uncomfortable for me to watch. Movie was still great! Will see again and again.Avatar Imageashim_gryffindor says: Perfect would be the word to describe the movie. The acting by the trio was AMAZING, they've all become brilliant at their parts. Made me feel nostalgic about the first time I watched these guys! I loved the movie, they were true to the book, and I cannot wait for DH2!!!!!!!! I'm gonna watch it again BTW ^^Avatar Imageashim_gryffindor says: I bet all of you can recognise this bit: "Hey!" *Then Hermione becomes enraged...*Avatar Imageashim_gryffindor says: Well, now that DH2 is over the summer hols, I bet DH2 will certainly surpass any record holder. Harry Potter is the best!!!!!!Avatar Imagecunningham7 says: I saw it twice this weekend, loved it the first time, Really , Really loved it the second!Avatar Imagehermione97 says: I thought the movie was very well made. The feeling from the book was transferred to the movie in a really good way. I'm really excited about the upcoming movie, can't wait!!!!!Avatar Imageeccentricalice says: Amazing movie, I saw it 3 times on the opening day and loved every minute. All of the vitally important bits kept in, a few bits I'd liked to have seen missed out, but much less than usual thanks to the genius idea of splitting the films. I will go see this movie multiple times, and definitely cannot wait to see Part 2!Avatar ImageMaryMalfoy says: I forgot one thing :D I loved this tiny little added detail. When Harry is about to depart from Privet Drive, he goes an stands in his cupboard for a little bit. And in there, he sees the little action figure things that he was playing with in Philosopher's Stone. That was so sad. It made me cry :( I loved that they payed attention to a small detail like this, that they had incorporated in to the first movie. But I was extremely disappointed that they cut out the Dursley's departure. Avatar Image719gh47 says: Hated it. Left too much out, as usual. Dreading pt2.Avatar Imagehes21 says: i overall loved the movie. i have read the books multiple times and deathly hallows the most out of all of them. i think they highlighted the key events beautifully although i wish they focuses more on kreacher, moodys eye, harrys rage with dumbledore and more of harrys obsession with hallows vs horcruxes. other than those parts, i was amazed with the movie. even though it was not a part of the book, harry and hermiones dancing scene was breath taking, i cried. it really demonstrated how much harry cares about his friends, how much hermione loves ron and how if they wanted it could have been harry and hermione very easily. dobby was amazing. i thought every scene he was in was amazing. it was a wonderful movie and im so excited for the second part.Avatar Imagesnunkiebrian says: Well that was a very good film indeed. I liked how it was so true to the film and even though i knew it was going to be a sad dark film, Ron came along and put his humour in to lighten the tension which was very good. I loved the silver doe part, it's my favourite in the book and my favourite in the film. I wished we had seen Luna's room and also the graffiti plague outside Harry's Parents house would haven been nice aswell but thats just me nit picking. I could have easily sat and watched the rest of it. My sister said she was annoyed it was just getting going but isn't that the point? I can't wait for part 2 now, roll on July 2011!!!Avatar Imageeloise.woo says: i thought it was awsome. the best out of all so far . when the snake jumped up i screamed so loud the whole cinema laughed at me embarresing. it follow's the books quite well but the bit with dudley was a shame they missed that out. dobby and hedwig so sad , cried when dobby died i love this filmmmmmmm !!!!!!! cant wait to see the second part !!!!!! :) Avatar Imagemjkalldaway says: I saw the movie in IMAX, and it was phenomonal. It was so well done with so much details to the wandlore that it made it one of my favorite movies. Dobby was hilarious, the scenes with Bellatrix were frightening, and the camera angles were so hard to read that it was amazing. I could have done without the scene with Hermione and Harry dancing, but I understand what David Yates was trying to get through. There were obviously some parts that they left out, but I'm so glad they made two movies. After watching the first one, I realize that it would have been impossible to fit all of the Deathly Hallows into one movie. Overall, fantastic movie. I can't wait to watch part 2Avatar ImageJillxoxo says: I loved it and thought it was brilliantly done on all levels! Overall, I felt Yates and Kloves made good choices in how they presented the scenes and the story changes they had to make. (I loved that they made Hedwig a hero by having Harry set him free only to have him come to Harry’s aid.) They maintained the story’s integrity and kept things moving at a brisk pace, though I did wonder if it was easy to follow for those who had not read the book. There were moments that I had hoped would be a little less brief, such as the Dursleys departing Privet Drive, but it worked well the way they presented it. (Fiona Shaw’s name was listed in the credits, but did she even appear in the scene?) I do think they should have spent a few more minutes on the destruction of the locket scene, especially to allow Harry to give Ron the “she’s like my sister” and “she cried for a week” speech, because that moment in the book always felt so pivotal to me. Speaking of crying, I did. A lot. I teared up even before the opening title (Hermione leaving home) and then at every character death. Even the patronus at the wedding made me cry! One of my favorite acting nuances was the look in Snape’s eyes when he first enters the Death Eaters meeting (and again when Charity Burbage pleads for his help). Alan Rickman is always great, but here he is truly phenomenal. Jason Isaac also did a great job as the worn and humiliated Lucius, trembling as he hands over his wand. I loved Dan’s subtle comedy in portraying the Seven Potters and also thought the actors who portrayed the polyjuiced Trio at the Ministry did a great job. I do hope that Part 1 will be in theatres when Part 2 is released because I can’t wait to watch them back to back! Avatar ImageRavenclawZombie says: Meh. A little disappointed. :/ They left out so much! And they changed some things slightly. Some for the better, but some were just so pointless. *sigh* But overall, I thought it was okay. I didn't get bored throughout the whole films, and it was touching here and there. I was hoping the Dobby scene would be sadder though. I bawled my eyes out reading Dobby's death but watching it.. eh not so much. I did like how they took some lines straight out of the book. Like George's saint-like joke. <3Avatar ImageRavenclawZombie says: P.S. Did anyone else just LOVE that snake? xDAvatar ImageExpectoPatronum512 says: it was incredible. I cried about nine times, squealed at every Fred and George moment, bawled my eyes out once, and laughed about 100000 times! Well done, well done. I am so proud of the people who made this possible-- and of the actors who brought the characters to life. I truly applaud them all! Cannot wait for part 2-- it will be just as thrilling as the first.Avatar ImageL. Ravenclaw says: if i say that the book and the movie were the same sotry line the whole film, every one would agree with me. It was so good in details and stuf. A joy to the eye. Just loved the tale of the three brothers ;)Avatar Imagearlo says: Wow- It just went by soo quickly. Only checked my watch once and that was because I needed to use the ladies... (Cruel to make the prelude to the last scene all that water!) Seriously, they left out so much that I feel kind of let down, on the other hand it was two and a half hours of intense cinema. Most of the scenes felt way too rushed, could have had a little less Hermione's family and a little more Dursleys and too much Dobby and not enough Draco at the manor. Xeno Lovegood was great and their house was fantastic, but I would have liked to see Luna's room... etc A few more seconds of various important scenes and a few less of H&H dancing (cute, but...) Ron was great, Hermione spot on but Harry seemed a bit OOC. Hope they re- release it just before part two so we can remember it. .Avatar ImagePatronumMaxima says: Loved it as a whole. Favorite part was Hermione wiping her parents' memories. One major grievance: Dumbledore's reputation isn't tarnished much in the movie (unlike the book). His relationship with Grindelwald is never questioned nor are his questionable ethical opinions on "the greater good". Maybe that will be addressed in part II with a broader exposition of what's in Skeeter's book? All in all though, chilling throughout, had me on the edge of my seat quite a few times and was surprisingly upbeat (expected a lot more dead time). Can't wait for part 2!Avatar ImageShostak says: Deathly Hallows Part 1 was everything I thought it would be. The only thing I did not like was when they encountered Nagini and Voldemort didn't come. Other than that, I cannot wait for part 2. It was an emotional, action pack movie and was brilliantly made.Avatar Imageshi suisen says: first time very satisfied in a Harry Potter movie in a long long time... the movie stayed true to the book, with some parts left out, which was inevitable... fav scenes: the 7 Potter scene, the Ministry scene, the silver doe scene, the scene when Ron returned, the part where they tell the story of the Deathly Hallow is cleverly done.. and the most touching part is Dobby's death... I was about to cry but then my friend might have made fun of me so I tried to stop myself... All in all, a great film in my opinion, can't wait for part 2 :)Avatar Imageworldstraveller says: true there were things left out, just some, but not MANY, is true we don't mind if was longer, but that's usually from fans of the books, remember there is fans of the movies(who usually don't feel like reading but prefer follow the story from the movies), so I think they made this movie the way they did for both sides, it would be selfish if was just for the fans of the books, instead of the series(wether just the movies or books or both) if you see from this perspective I think the movie is really amazing and outstanding. And put all the important things on screen is very hard, so they did in the general way and since is a movie in 2 parts, somehow gonna connect to another anyways. I loved all of it in the movie, specially how they told and expressed the tale of the tree brothers, it was amazing...the art and movement style for the tale it was incredible. Dobby, I cried as much I did in the book T-T it was much better than I expected, I tend being careful when comes the movies, I started after the huge disappointment I had in the 3rd movie (at that time I loved the 1st 2 movies, and the 3rd book was my favorite so I had very high expectations, you know what happens when you have it...). so yeah I loved the movie very much 8D, not sure as the best, I need to see the part 2 1st to be sure xDDAvatar ImageFigment says: Excellent movie! I'm an avid book fan and I enjoyed what they were able to do because the DH was split into two movies. To be honest I think they should have done that for OotP and HBP as well. The atmosphere of the movie was perfect. I don't think Dobby's death scene could have been any sadder. Avatar ImageluvmeHBprince says: Incredible. Aside from having a 7 hour movie, I think it's hard to see how they could have done better. The kids have grown into these parts so well and are blossoming into great actors. Part 2 is going to be beyond epic. I cannot WAIT to see all the stuff with Snape and the huge battle at Hogwart's :DAvatar Imagebonica says: Like Goblet of Fire, HP7 Pt I had so much possibility to be great movie and it was a dissappointment because they left out parts that to me ought not have been taken out. The music, please I apologize to you Mr. Desplat, but I wonder if you were asked to do the music at the last minute, because the music had no heart and did not carry the movie at all. Here is what I loved about the movie - all the actors were incredible! -comedic timing great! -Bathilda Bagshot and poor Burgage character great -Hedwig change to try to protect Harry so moving -the destruction of locket Horcrux good -Dobby what I didn't like of left out, or changed (WHY?) -Music (sorry Mr. Desplat) - changed that Harry commanded Kreacher to come before him. your scene not cool! -left out Kreacher's tale. this to me was an important part of the book and his change of heart towards Harry, Hermoine & Ron -Hermoine taking out Phineas's portrait from her bag, I think important. -when Nagini comes out of Bathilda's body, we ought to have heard in Harry's mind Nagini telling Voldermort he's in Godric's Hollow and another failed attemtp to get Harry. This really turned me off that it was left out! Why!!!!! what a cool climax that would have been -ought not to have left out Ron warning Harry not to say Voldermort's name -left out Harry telling Ron that Hermoine is like her sister -being found because by accident one of them say Voldemort's name & then the rest of the sequence is good leading up to bringing them to the Malfoy mansion -Pettigrew not dying. suggestion to end Part I with Fenrir catching and bring the trio to Malfoy's mansion. keeping true to the book when Dobby really shows up Why did they make 2 parts if not to be true to the book? Such a dissapointment. It was a disservice to JK Rowling's final book that ties in everything so well. I respect cathing the essence of a movie which I understood in 1/2 blood. Lets hope part II will be better, although I really can't see that. Avatar ImageLauraKeaton says: I didn't have a chance to see it until today, and it was awesome. The movie didn't seem to drag at all. In fact, when it ended I was kind of like "it's been two hours, really?" The director and screenwriter did a great job of lightening a rather dark movie with some very comedic parts. The whole theater was cracking up at the beginning when George comes into the kitchen while Harry and Ginny are kissing. And the part where Ron kills the horcrux was amazing. I was sad that they didn't include a headstone for dobby, since I thought that was the most touching part of his death in the book. I can't wait for the next movie. It's going to be epic, even though I know I am going to sob through most of it.Avatar Imagecandypotter says: i love it accio part 2 accio part 2Avatar Imagepamelitaluisa says: The opening scenes of Hermione obliviating (is that a verb?) herself from her parents' memories and the eyes welled up and I was riveted for the next 2.5 hours!Avatar Imagel-u-n-a says: It was a really great movie!!!!!!!!! I liked how the showed the story of the three brothers and the polyjuiced harry scene was really fun. Can't wait for the second part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagestarsmiling says: I watched the movie in IMAX once it was released on the 19th. The audiences all started clapping hands when it began. Overall, I think DH Part I has done a brilliant job setting up for next summer's grand finale of the HP epic. The movie leaves the dark forces growing powerful as ever and sets the hope of the wizard world, Harry, Hermione and Ron, running for their lives all the time. It has left out so many suspense and momentum scenes from the novel that I feel the last HP film must be exceptionally good to end the epic without disappointing millions of HP fans worldwide. However, what the director David Yates did differently than the past six movies was that he made me feel the wizard world was not always fantastic and fun (No Hogwarts scenes, no Quidditch, no classroom pranks). Besides flying and magic, people in that world also have to risk their lives fighting against the evil, which is so different yet so similar to our own world. As to the central trio, they were already extraordinary as young people who shouldered the mission to destroy Lord Voldemort. The director, on the other hand, revealed the subtle, sensitive and vulnerable aspects that are common to most young people’s mentality at their age. Now it makes me want to see the second half of DH, more badly than ever. Avatar ImageErin Lovegood says: I loved the movie! I don't understand, however, this notion of not reading the book right before the movie so as to be happy. I reread the series every time there is a new movie/book and I've never had problem separating them. Am I weird?Avatar ImageFastbak says: I love how when Yaxley was chasing the Trio in the Ministry he wasn't even running! He was just walking fast while casting spells and that made him so much more scarier!Avatar ImageEeyore says: I absolutely loved it. I barely moved during the movie - usually I fidget a lot trying to get more comfortable. But not this time. There are a few thing I would like to have seen included, such as Kreacher's Tale and Hermione and Harry discussing what was written on the two tombstones in Godric's Hollow. I also wanted to see the statue/memorial and the sign posted on the Potter's house. But those are really minor quibbles. I don't normally like it when they add things, but this time the added things were excellent. Seeing Hermione protecting and leaving her parents was profound. Dobby coming back with Kreacher was a brilliant way to reintroduce him, as was his speech at Malfoy Manor. The scene at Shell Cottage makes me cry every time I think of it. The acting by everyone was fantastic; the camping was just right. It gave us that feeling that they were alone, lost, without direction. And the Silver Doe - wow! Spot on!Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: @Jillxoxo I so agree with you about Alan Rickman. How can he convey so much with just the look in his eyes?Avatar Imagealtanna says: While there were things left out that disappointed me, I know I had a big smile on my face when I left the theater. Deathly Hallows is my favorite book, so my emotional investment and expectations for this movie were overwhelming. I saw it in IMAX, and was on the edge of my seat throughout most of the movie. My roommate, who is not the fan I am, but who cares enough to take me (I am handicapped and can't go alone) said he only heard me whisper "no" once during the entire film. I guess that's a good thing. :-) I loved this movie -- and was so glad to see Jo listed as a producer. You did good, Jo!!!! Much love -- DebAvatar Imageroby_boh says: This movie will become probably my second favourite of the whole series, after "Prisoner of Azkaban"! It was positively close to the book, expect some inevitable changes or omitted parts (like Wormtail's death and things about Dumledore's past that could have been introduced since now maybe) I adored every snape's scene ..well, they're few but all very good and the scenes at Malfoy Manor were just perfect! Now I just hope they'll make a great finale..can't wait to see it, really :)Avatar Imageroby_boh says: oops..I mean "except" not "expect" :PAvatar Imageblockaderunner says: It was okay. I feel Yates crew went with the assumuption that the viewer has read the books. The mirror for example. Personally, I missed not seeing Harry finding the picture and letter from his mom, Luna's room, and most importantly Harry's growing delussion of Dumbledore with his mini breakdown after Godric's Hallow.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: In less than three days, I already watched it twice. That's how much I liked it! It was amazing. The part when the locket opens up was pretty much how I imagined it, it was simply great. I still have one doubt and I haven't had the chance to check with the book, so, if anyone clears this up for me would be greatful: After the locket part, why did Ron say they still had THREE more horcruxes to find? Aren't there FOUR more? - Without counting Harry, of course...Avatar Imagefilmalicia says: I saw "HP7 - Pt. 1" yesterday and can't wait to see it again. My hearing isn't what it once was so I need to watch again to catch what I didn't catch first time around. Very well done film, and it ended exactly where I thought they would break, at Shell Cottage. For me, the major disappointment was that Dudley didn't shake Harry's hand. However, since Draco Malfoy has clearly grown a conscience, perhaps they thought there was only room for one reformed sinner in the movie. Emma Watson shone in the strongest acting she has ever done in the movies. Everyone was good, though I was sad to say goodbye to Mad Eye Moody, Hedwig, and Dobby. Pt. 2 will be much harder. This series has been remarkable. The movies are as good as they could possibly be, and that is saying something.Avatar Imagefilmalicia says: Vane-Ale, I was counting up horcruxes as well. Voldemort split his soul into 7 pieces. One piece is still in his body. So they only have 3 more horcruxes to destroy. Avatar Imagefilmalicia says: Vane-Ale, I was counting up horcruxes as well. Voldemort split his soul into 7 pieces. One piece is still in his body. So they only have 3 more horcruxes to destroy. Avatar Imagehpaddikt says: I thought the movie was brilliant. There were just a couple of things that ate at me. For one, since Harry is #1 Undesirable, why did they not have Harry using the Invisibility Cloak in the movie? Those of us who have read the book know that Harry didn't order a Cappuccino in that little cafe, nor did Harry and Hermione walk freely through Godric's Hollow. Secondly, when they remove Harry from the Dursley Residence, Hagrid was to take Harry to Tonk's parents house and then use a portkey to the burrow. I wish they had made room in the movie where Harry finds the letter and half the picture of him on his little flying broom. I know, I know that books are always so much more detailed then the movies. I still loved it and plan on seeing it again and again. Next time, I'm watching it in 3D.....CAN'T WAIT!!!Avatar Imagehpaddikt says: Guess I should have also mentioned that Harry didn't use a Polyjuice potion to turn into Cousin Barny for the wedding. Oh well, still thought the movie was fantastic and it was worth the wait!Avatar ImageFastbak says: I think all the changes like you described were to make the story simpler. Also they're not going to spend money to build a new set like Tonk's mom's house when they could just have used the Burrow!Avatar Imagescarletti1 says: I went to go see the movie yesterday, and I have to say that I was really pleased with it. I've read/listened to these books so many times that I feel like I genuinely know them by the back of my hand. A lot of the missing details were driving me crazy, like the lack of invisibility cloak, no Lupin/Harry confrontation, Ron not calling out Hermione's name when she was being tortured, the Dursley send off (though the look on Petunia's face was impressive), no Phinneas Nigeallus... I could go on for hours... but that wasn't the most important part to me. Every movie had missing details, and I feel like it would be unfair to just nitpick the movie to death because I didn't have my favorite moments in there. To respond to those who were wondering about Pettigrew's death, I think if they had had Pettigrew kill himself as was in the books, it might have made it a rated R film. (Siriusly, that's some dark stuff!) That being said, I really tried to go in with an open mind, and I really tried to be spoiler free for the movie so that I could enjoy it as it was. Honestly though, I really think Yates did a really great job with the movie over all. There were some details in there that just made my heart happy like the holey-ear jokes and Ron and Hermione's hands barely touching each other. It was so nice seeing them, but I felt like the movie worked cohesively together. I think the main point of this movie was to show the listlessness, the struggle to find the horcruxes, to see them go all along the countryside. Man. Ihere were some BEAUTIFUL shots... just beautiful! :) As I was watching the movie, I really felt like everyone made an effort to balance what was missing in the movies and stay true to the tone of the book. I've always liked Yates, despite some major changes made, and I think he really made an effort to bring a beautiful subtlety to the movie's story. I know a lot will probably disagree, but i think he really did a fine job with it. I think it's so important to say I LOVED the trio's acting! Oh my gosh! They've blossomed so much as actors. I was really proud of Emma's performance. I've always be slightly disappointed with her acting before, but I think she's really come into her own, and I think she did a tremendous job. Her crying during the torture scene was so realistic. I feel like Rupert really got to play a Ron who had a lot to give. Rupert did such a great job showing Ron's jealousy and how his efforts to make up.... I was so pleased for him that he got to play the Ron we love so much. And he was brilliant doing it too! And as for Dan, I think he's fine-tuned his subtlety as an actor... there wasn't a lot of over acting, and he performed Harry's sensitivity and vulnerability just as well as he did the dark action hero stuff. :) For the most part I really liked what they added to the movie. I think each thing they added had a purpose in the film. I was really unprepared for Hermione's modification of her parents memories and then leaving with only her little purple bag. Somehow the lack of things she was carrying impressed upon me how big of a deal it was. Harry and Hermione's dance was a little awkward at the beginning, but I think when two friends care about each other they would do something like that for one another. I think that awkwardness had it's place as well. I reaaaaalllyyy enjoyed the animation for the Three Brothers, though I think if it had been traditional animation that would have made it even better than computer animation. Also: I love how much Dobby was in the movie. Having him follow Kreature and bring in Mundungus reminded me of the 6th book, so I felt like it was balanced out some. :) I know they were trying to make up for the lack of Dobby in all the other movies, but I don't really care. He had some genius lines, and his death was done very well. I also agree with people that Hedwig's death was done beautifully. Harry's lack of reaction, I think was simply being in the chase. Anyway, this is ridiculously long. I loved it all the same though, and certainly plan on seeing it again--two or three times at least. :P Avatar ImageNekoWormwood says: The movie was great but they left so much out! I was especially bothered that they left out most of Kreacher's Tale. They didn't even begin to explain why Regulus took the horcrux and Harry didn't give Kreacher the locket like he was supposed to! I was also upset that they left out Dudley telling Harry that he wasn't a waste of space. I mean, it would have taken about thirty seconds. I really don't think it had to be cut. All together though I think it was a pretty good movie. It was probably my favorite so far.Avatar Imagechikitcorpuzvesterbaek says: @scarletti: You speak on my behalf! All the things you mentioned are spot on. I cried when Hermione erased her parents' memories of her - so subtle, but so strong a scene. Avatar Imagescarletti1 says: @chikitcorpuzvesterbaek oh my gosh I know! It was so incredibly powerful! I was very overwhelmed with the emotion that I felt. Reading about it was so powerful, but visually, it just made me see how horrifying it would be to have to do that. And then seeing the images of hermione disappear... I didn't cry, but I was so close. Just writing about it makes me hold my breath! HahaAvatar ImageAlizehed says: I loved it, and I'm not sure if this has already been said, because I haven't read through all 19 pages, but the only nitpick I have is with the way Ron and Harry acted following the destruction of the Horcrux. That was an extremely emotional moment for Ron in the book, and I was looking forward to seeing Rupert reach that in the film. Instead, it was kind of a "well...that was awkward, Harry, wasn't it?" kind of moment, which took away from the gravity of what the Horcruxes really were and how important it was to destroy them. But overall, I was pretty happy with the movie.Avatar ImageAnna Luiza says: The movie was INCREDIBLE, but since I liked almost everything on it, I´ll have to talk about the one thing that only I seem to have HATED: THE TORTURE SCENE!!! It was terrible, people, they ruined my favourite part!!!Were they afraid to scare the children??? Cos since I read Emma´s interview saying she screamed a lot, I was excited, but it was like 2 screams, and Luna just kept talking like no one was screming! And Ron wasn´t even like HERMIONE, HERMIONE!! That was unacceptable. Also, Wormtail should´ve DIED!!!!But besides that, a wonderful movie, the best yet!!!Avatar ImageTrina_RG says: The most amazing film ever made!!!! I loved every second of it! Better than i could ever have imagined! It's going to win so many awards that they absolutely deserve!!!!! The trio was spectacular, it felt like i was reading their emotion right out of the book!!!! I couldn't stop crying though, like from the second it went to the trio's good-bye segment (thought that was brilliant by the way! "Obliviate!") and all the way to the end. I'm so happy these movies are ending the way they deserve, the way we deserve! Looking forward to more Dumbledore (hopefully!!) though!! Can't wait until it comes out on DVD so i can watch it over and over again!!!Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: Oh! Right! Thanks filmalicia!!! I don't know what else I was counting... So, the horcruxes still missing are the cup, the diadem and Nagini, isn't it? Voldemort has the 7th part and Harry was the unplanned 8th... Thanks a lot!!!!! Since I didn't have the book on hand the doubt was revolving in my head.Avatar Imageworldstraveller says: there is also one more thing I forgot to mention, there is only 2 things, that I found really important and should be added in the movie and that was when Ron warned Harry not to say his name and tell the reasons so the audience could understand why when suddenly say Voldemort, death eaters/snatchers appeared and in bathilda bagshot - the memories between him and Voldemort, Harry parents's death scene of the book. rest of it I expected "summaries" of the scenes, but they did a great job on doing it and in a spectacular way, so yeah I loved the movie. true is a pity the scripture of dobby, I think the dobby speech before transporting them was a way to compensate the off-screen Dobby scripture, so I was very fine with it.Avatar ImageAlice Weasley says: They left out a couple of things I was hoping to see but overall I thought they did a fantastic job and I loved it so much!!! Definitely going back. The silver doe scene, which was my favorite part of the book, was amazing!!!! Sqeee :)Avatar Imagedaniae says: I loved it... still I will need to see it again. I was always thinking of what they left behind. At the end I was like, men, they left important things out, but thinking afterwards whatever they left it was ok. If not the plot would not move along with fluency. I loved how the snitch kept following Harry, as if it meant to tell him or give him something anytime expected. The scene in which Ron is mad w Harry and Hermione was great. he was so sarcastic and Harry and Hermione so lost. Also, the dancing scene was great. It was a very good way to show to those unfortunate people that have not read the books that Harry and Hermione are just good friends. Still, I missed that same line in which Harry said to Ron, after he killed the horcrux, that Hermione was only his sister. Another thing I missed: the invisibility cloak and their discussion of it after the explanation of the deathly hollows- which was fantastic in the movie-. It is so important to understand why the deathly hollows are imp: because is Harry's ascendance. Anyways, it may be part of the next movie -at least I wish. It was great and it was an awesome start for the ending. I can't wait for next summer!!Avatar Imageaval says: Loved it easily the best! BEST : ministry of magic, the 3 brothers story, and dobby's death(sooo sad :( ) WORST : that stupid scene where harry and hermionie dance Avatar ImageFawkes1706 says: I thought the movie was brilliant, the special effects were awesome and the sets were amazing, especially out inn the countryside. Seeing it twice made me notice many lines I didn't quite hear in the excitement of the first viewing, like Ron saying "wicked sneakers" to dobby and hermione asking ron if he'd like to read the 3 brothers story instead! There were some really funny scenes among the action. The scenes in the ministry, malfoy manor and in the tent were great. I think Emma Watson did a really fantastic job with Hermione in this one, the torture scene and wiping parents memory was hard to watch, Hermione is the hero of this film! The baddies were great as well, alan rickman as snape is the greatest, the malfoys and bellatrix were so well played. Bathilda Bagshot was perfect, that scene was so exciting! I have however felt quite melancholy and a little depressed after seeing Hallows, much like reading it I guess, 6 months to wait! But the two films allow for much more detail, it's good. I reckon they could have ended with the trio not so beaten, that image of dobby standing on the beach will stay with me forever. I can't wait till Part 2, especially the gringotts scene with Hermione as Bellatrix!Avatar Imagejeannemcl says: Incredible!! Except they didn't do the scene where... or the scene in which...or the part about...!! Get the picture? Based on the book. Based on the book. Not the book. Based on the book.Avatar Imagestrife19 says: I super love it!! the best harry potter yet.. there's no boring scene.. i was like not blinking while watching the whole movie.. hahaha! congratulations to whole HP cast and crew.. they really did a great job.. my favorite scenes were the dance and the "evil kiss".. hermione was so hot there.. it made me scream at the cinema.. :D finally a D/E H/Hr moment! so awesome!! and the fight scenes were really intense.. aaaah! i just can't get over it. can't wait to watch it again.. on IMAX!!!:DAvatar Imagemoonysmusician says: Loved the Tale of the Three Brothers as well. Sobbed the whole movie at little things, like when they left Dolohov on the ground, since if they killed him Remus might be alive...... Wish Wormtail would've died. It would've taken TWO. SECONDS. Loved the doe scene. The locket horcrux was great. The transitions were very abrupt, but I'm not complaining since it means more content. Did everyone jump at Nagini striking out at Godric's Hollow? O.O Overall...I'll have to see it a few more times before I decide how it ranks. Avatar ImageThe Gryffindor Fox says: FINALLY saw the film today and I have to say I thought it was pretty good! I expected to hate the dancing scene between Harry and Hermione but it was so sweetly done, I actually liked it. Just for a moment, I became a Harry/Hermione shipper, but not for long! Dobby was amazing, wish we could have seen more of him in previous films. Hermione's torture scene was gruesomely brilliant. The scene of her wiping her parents' memories was very poignant. The seven Potters scene was hilarious! The Tale of the Three Brothers was superb, a beautiful bit of animation. That's the good, now the bad: would have liked to have seen the argument at Grimmauld Place with Lupin, more stuff about Dumbledore and the conversation between Harry and Ron, when Harry tells him Hermione is like a sister. Did anyone else laugh when Luna said, "Harry doesn't want to talk to us, he's just too polite to say so?" I love Luna so much! Like moonysmusician said, I think a second viewing will be required before I can decide how it compares to my favourite, Prisoner of Azkaban.Avatar ImageThe Gryffindor Fox says: And they actually gave Ron some lines this time! Wooooo!Avatar Image2tal says: Greetings! The actors work and the mood and cinematography were good. However there were significant departures from the written tale, in spirit and fact, that left the storytelling, which is what makes a good movie into a great one, behind.Avatar Imagejillians642 says: I enjoyed the movie, and I enjoyed reading the comments (all 20 pages!). My remaining question: why did they put in a scene of dead Dumbledore falling through the air? What was that about? It seemed completely out of place and irrelevant. I mean, if you didn't know that Dumbledore died in the last movie, what on earth are you doing at this one? And they're going to remind you of that fact in about two seconds with newspaper headlines anyway. So, anyone know what that was doing in there?Avatar Imagebonica says: I totally agree that this movie was an adaptation, however, some changes I mentioned were minor. All throughout ALL HP movies Harry said Voldemorts name. I think it would have been obvious to continue that thread. That would not have extended the movie at all. I am glad a grand majority loved the film, but I will remain that this will be my least fave movie, but again, more of a let down. People around me also express the same concerns as me and my friends. The movie was rushed and choppy. Yates likes too much excitement. That would have been possible and include JK Rowlings creative mind. I heard somewhere that Yates wanted to not have Kreacher in "Order"..and JK said, I wouldn't do that if I were you... Priz of Azkaban did not follow the book completely and yet it remains my fave movie because it was on the spot on the parts that were important. I'm a big fan of Lord of the Rings, Pete Jackson did a wonderful job of adaptation. He did a lot of changes but respected the essence of the movie and took in regard the readers. I love Yates, but I wonder what happened here??? I'm soooo dissapointed. To all you who reminds the disappointed it is just an adaptation, please also remember that these people would have happy with a compromise if the movie would have flowed and followed the important points.Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: The movie was excellent though i confess myself to be a bit disappointed. It was really interesting and bit funny too. I loved the ministry sequence. The starting as well as the ending were really touching. I almost cried when Hermione's pictures fade away from their family photos and the scene where she's tortured by bellatrix.Avatar Imageolliered says: I thought it was great! they left out a few parts (as always) but they did stick to most of the book. As soon as it ended I thought: "I can't wait till part 2 in July"Avatar ImageSpook says: Only just got to see the movie after a week. Too crowded. Really loved the movie and thought the actors really showed strain and tension of living on the road. Have read heaps of comments which I was always find interesting. Wormtail should have died like in the book, where as it seem like he was just stunned. Scene changes were a bit abrupt, would have liked to see the scene where Harry confronted Lupin about leaving his family to join them, no explanation or link with the mirror and no explanation of how the doe got there ..... i.e. the portrait from Grimmauld Place that was in the book. Despite some of the stuff that was missed, the movie was great. They never get it all and I guess they can't. Liked everyone's comments. Nice to read other points of view. Have to go and the movie again. Agree with Bonica there are some inconsistencies from movie to movie.Avatar Imageoldpotter says: The Dursley's leaving without a fight but still fine, though I would have liked to see Detilus Digle in this one. The fight in the air with Hagrid doing some mean motorcycle driving was cool. Landing at the Burrow instead of introducing Ted and Andromeda Tonks was ok, I guess. Ron's lines to Harry before the wedding was absolutely great (Bravo Rupert!). The parts with the trio at Grimauld Place was good. They didn't seem to have ANY preparation before going to the ministry in the movie, but I guess that's what it amounted to in the book as well. How the snatchers found them in the woods was a good movie adaptation imho, but they didn't mention using Voldemort's name is a jinx in any part of the movie (had to know the book to get that one). The Malfoys were all great in their roles, but the "thing" with dropping Wormtail in the cellar was sloppy and disappointing. Dobby's death was very sad, and hit me just like it did in the book; when Harry said they had to bury him, but not with magic. The part with Xeno Lovegood was pretty good. The way Harry got the locket from Umbridge was another good movie adaptation, but why did Runkorn have to walk like he'd had a stroke, or something? Harry getting used to the larger body, I guess. I really liked this movie; but just like the book, it was very different from Harry's other journeys. No more Hogwarts, or train. No more broom or Hedwig... It's all been stripped away to define Harry's next big chapter in life, which is kind of strange, whether in the book or the movie.Avatar ImageWant to be a Weasley says: I honestly will have to see the movie again before I can give a true answer to my feelings about this movie. I did not have the best experience in the theater, so I think that has soured my take on DH a little. If I don't make it back to a different theater soon, I know that I will be pre-ordering my DVD as soon as I possibly can!Avatar Imagejasmineflower27 says: I went to see it yesterday with my mother, brother, 3 of my cousins and a family friend. my mom still hasn't read DH (in the middle of HBP) so she was like 'what the hell is going on?!'. my brother and 2 of my cousins (who haven't read the books) thought it was really boring although they liked Dobby's death scene (R.I.P) and the tale of the three brothers. When my mom was about to cry during Dobby's death she and my brother looked at me and laughed since i was practically crying my heart out :( but they still thought it was a moving scene which is rare from my brother since he normally doesn't get effected by anything! i was disappointed with the Malfoy Manor part since in the book it's much more daunting and terrifying and WORMTAIL KILLS HIMSELF, THEY DON'T STUN HIM FROM BEHIND!!! i thought if that scene was written more like the book, it would have been MUCH better, with Ron screaming out Hermione's name and crying, that was a really moving chapter and they just ruined it! :(( before the break, it was really slow but then it caught up and the pace of things became much more faster and much less boring. LOVED everyone's acting. Rupert especially was AMAZING during the fight!!! during the whole movie actually!!! and Dan has really outdone himself, i could really see that he put his best into this one. Emma was also amazing! :D and i LOVED Xenophilius, he was SO AMAZING!!! although i'm still really bummed out about the stuff they left out and how much stuff was left unexplained :(( but all in all, the movie wasn't at all bad, i think it's the perfect beginning to the even more perfect (i hope) ending. Now part 2 is what i'm REALLY looking forward too!!!!!!!! :D:D:D Avatar Imagemasterbinglezee says: I went to see it on the 19th with my best friend, her mom, and my little brother, but haven't gotten around to posting about it until now (obviously). Like most of you, I really liked the movie. And I was proud of Dan and Emma because their acting was less than spectacular up til about the sixth movie. Go back and watch Goblet of Fire, that will refresh your memory! Anyway, they've definitely improved and you can see it. I am really disappointed by a few things. I'll just say the ones that are beyond the critical plot points. 1 - Not having the scene with Dudley. Since the Dursleys have appeared in so many of the movies, it would have provided closure even to people who haven't read the books. That part was great in the books, too. 2 - I seem to be one of the only people who are bothered by this, but Scabior saying Greyback's lines seemed pointless! Greyback was one of the things I was most excited about in this, because what we did see of him in the sixth one was good and his voice is just awesome. Nothing against Scabior, but Greyback's supposed to be the creep that says things to and about Hermione, as leader of the Snatchers. 3 - Dean!!!!! I like that Dean's part in the book better expresses what people who can't prove their blood status have to do. In a Hogwarts student perspective, unlike the Ministry workers. 4 - Dobby. His scene was drawn out, and the fact that I have always found him annoying probably plays into this, but I thought that was a bit much.Avatar ImageG.Weasley says: When Nagini showed up I was said "oh crap!" so loudly the whole theatre heard me and they started laughing and then when Ron's arm was nearly separated from his arm I was like "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!" Everyone just cracked up at that.Avatar ImageTanderule says: Great movie in all. I was especially tearful when Dobby died. It was a depressing moment. I found that one of my favorite scenes was when Harry and Hermione were dancing. It was a nice way to lighten up the moment. I think that a very sad and terrible moment was when Hedwig flew to Harry to protect him and she got A.Ked. If they were aiming for Harry, they are very stupid. Anyways, I cried a little. That owl meant the world to me. She made me relize that my favorite animal was then and now is forever an owl. 1991-1997. R.I.P. Hedwig. You will not be forgotten.

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