Free Holiday Wizard Music! Merry Christmas!


Nov 28, 2010

Posted by Melissa Anelli

For this year’s Jingle Spells charity compilation, we gave our readers the option of sending in entries to “win” a slot on the album. We got a fantastic response, 25 quality wizard rock songs from which it was nearly impossible to choose. As promised, the ones that didn’t make it onto Jingle Spells 4 (which you can buy now so what are you waiting for?) are available by clicking and saving the file in this link!
They are:

1. Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs – Christmas at Hogwarts

2. Room of Whateva – My Dream

3. Secondhand Magic Supplies – Christmas in the Castle

4. The Sweetwater All-Stars – Mistletoe, Dancing, and Enchanted Ceilings

5. Shauna Burns – Yule Ball Night

6. Horrible Fiction – Happy Christmas

7. Ninen 3/4 – Firebolt for Christmas

8. Phoenix Song – Wonder As I Wander

9. Bellaryn Slythertrix – Bellatrix’s Lament


Remember, you can get your Jingle Spells 4 (which is being called the best one yet) – or combine a JS4 with a LeakyCon Live CD for a deep discount – at the store here!

21 Responses to Free Holiday Wizard Music! Merry Christmas!

Avatar Imagepotterhead360 says: when will JS4 be on itunes?Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Going to get it soon! So excited! FIRST!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Kidding! Second!Avatar Imagesilverkacy says: It looks sooo coolAvatar ImageDeliaDee says: Anyone else having a problem with the link? I'd love to download the songs but I can't get to the link.Avatar ImageSindi says: nice :D i like the cover of the cd :D Avatar Imageeruanna317 says: Awesome! There are a lot of talented folks out there!Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: thats cool. thanksAvatar ImageiLoveDolores says: well done everyone :)Avatar ImageTarsieS says: Love them, Thanks Leaky for a great bonus!Avatar ImageBread says: Thanks Leaky!!!Avatar ImageBread says: Hey if anyone liked Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs you can like them on facebook from this link!/pages/Hungry-Hungry-Hippogriffs/121768341221338Avatar Imageashim_gryffindor says: Awesome!Avatar ImageZiadM says: THANKS!!Avatar Imagehufflepuff62 says: i just downloaded the songs and i love them! sooo goodAvatar ImageHelenaHogwarts says: that is so great and generous! you briliant ladies and gentlemen spread the festive cheer spectacularly. Dobby would be proud!!!!Avatar ImagejohnNoefan83 says: I haven't heard it yet from the download, but the Bellarin Slythertrix song sound quality is horrible becaue I don't yet know how to use my computer. Sorry. Once I figure it out (and get a better mic) I'll re-record it and put a better quality version out on Facebook or something.Avatar Image9em says: I cant wait to buy it! I love jingle spells!!!!!!! :) !!!!!!!!Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: Thanks!Avatar ImageAsria says: These songs sound good! Looking forward to listen to them more closely ;)Avatar ImageSlySound says: Awesome! JS4 should have been two disc!

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