Followup: Brother of Padma Patil Actress Admits Assault


Dec 20, 2010

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In a followup to a story from July, Ashraf Azad has admitted attacking his sister, Afshan (Padma Patil) over her relationship with a Hindu man. The Guardian reports, “Ashraf,
28, from the Longsight district of Manchester, admitted one charge of
assault occasioning actual bodily harm as his trial was due to begin at
Manchester crown court.”

The Padma Patil actress ran out of the family home through a bedroom after her brother overheard Afshan talking on the phone to her boyfriend:

father was woken by his son shouting: “Sort out your daughter. She’s a
slag.” He continued to further assault her, in disputed Bengali,
shouting, “Just kill her.”

“The assault continued. There was a
discussion where she was being called a prostitute,” the prosecutor
said. Afshan Azad made a statement to police in which she said the
threats to kill her continued.

Reading from her police statement,
Vardon added: “My father began saying he would do it – a reference to
kill her – as he did not want his sons to have her blood on their hands
and he would do time for it.” He said then she began to feel “very

The newspaper states that Ashraf will be sentenced for the assault on 21st January 2011, following pre-sentence reports.

Afshan’s father, Abdul Azad, was found not guilty of making a threat to kill
his daughter and was bound over to keep the peace for 12
months. Ashraf Azad was also formally found not guilty of making the
death threat against his sister. Afshan gave some statements, but did not attend the trial:

[Afshan] gave a statement to the two
suspects’ lawyer, saying: “I dearly love my father and brother. The
proceedings have caused me no end of distress and if it goes ahead it
will make things much worse for me.”

She claimed she was not
fluent in Bengali and that the threats she had alleged were actually her
father saying “over my dead body” that she would be allowed to go out
with a Hindu man.

Read more at The Guardian website.

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Avatar ImageWant to be a Weasley says: I hope for all of their sakes that this family gets things straightened out. I truly hope these threats were not made against her. My thoughts go out to her and her family.Avatar ImageBech7Raven says: Oh I feel so bad for her =( Hope everything is gonna be alright, because that is so scary! (Hey, I'm first!)Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: wow. i thought my family was messed up... :/ i hope this gets cleared up properly and that their family can be a family again. this is such a depressing story. :/Avatar Imagekiwimci says: Really hope the Azad's can sort everything out. I feel awful that Afshan feels the need to retract her statements to keep her family intact. Nothing more terrible that not feeling safe in your own home. Hope everything works out for the best and my wishes go out to herAvatar ImageCatherine says: I hope everything turns out for the best--either way there is a consequence (if the charges go through or they don't; the family will have a lot of tension for a while)! i hope she is alright!Avatar ImageExpectoPatronum512 says: Oh dear!! I hope she will be alright <3Avatar Imagespelljinxcursehexcharm says: Wow that is confusing... I hope she's alright.Avatar Imageeccentricalice says: I hope that she is alright, and can find the strength to fall in love with somebody she loves instead of somebody she shares a religion with, regardless of her family's issues.Avatar ImageSecretlyAWizard says: That's terrible. That is just so terrible. I feel so bad for her.Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: How awful! That is just terrible!Avatar ImageWinkyxx says: thats horrible! =[ i hope shes ok now. thats kind of a messed up family no offense.... =[ hope at least she was in the final h.p. movie.. that would probably make her happier wouldn't it?Avatar ImageMaryMalfoy says: That really is terrible. I hope she's okay. Avatar ImageFresca says: I sure hope she isn't covering up for her brother/father. SHe deserves to live in peace and make her own choices of a boyfriend. Avatar ImageLeper says: Such a shame.Avatar ImageMissHermione says: thats awful! I hope the whole thing gets straightened out! I feel so awful for her!Avatar Imagesilverkacy says: so sad. thats a messed up family. i hope she is okay. that breaks my heartAvatar Imagehogwartslionchaser says: Awful tht things like this happen to nice people lik her. i honestly hope she can live in safety and happiness soon.Avatar Imageksddancer says: She is very lucky. It is truley awful for it to happen to her. She should stick up for herself and stay strong. I wish her luck and peace forever.Avatar ImageHarryPotter-Jk.Rowling says: That is confusing! All the best to her family. Hopefully they'll get things straightened out.Avatar ImageKayWeasley says: Poor girl.Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: That's awful. Hope the things are set straight quickly. She is grown enough to make her own choices.Avatar Imagej@m says: As Islam spreads in Europe, this kind of stuff happens every day. It's already quite common all over Europe, only other victims are not as famous as she is.Avatar ImageRedbeard says: wouldn't it be more logical that she's a Hindu?Avatar Imagebooks_r_my_friends says: wow....this is awful anfd i hope it all gets straitened out it seems amazing all this because the man doesnt share her religion Avatar ImageRedbeard says: Oh, I see now.. Well, not that long ago, Christians still did the same thing. Hopefully it's just a matter of time before the Islam goes the same way. Not that poor Afshan is really helped with that thought..Avatar ImageBless_the_children says: I will never understand responding to your own child like this. Is this love? It seems like they are trying to turn her into Juliet.Avatar Imagedobby_rocks says: She’s lucky she is a live some of this cultures are very barbaric. That a man would rather kill his daughter just so there was no blood on his sons hands. Very sad to see her covering for them which I am sure she is doing because that’s just the way of this culture they stick by their family fully even if they are doing wrong. This is not the first case of a Indian woman being abused/threaten death by males in her family. Avatar Imageldeb says: Religion and culture aside, I just hope she knows that the entire Harry Potter community is behind her. Avatar ImageHazza P says: How awful! Shocking! :O I pray that she's ok. Avatar Imagedcrazmo says: I understand that domestic abuse and this kind of shortsighted ethnic prejudice can't be swept under the rug...but does this story really belong on Leaky? I mean, does all things Harry Potter really mean ALL things Harry Potter? Avatar ImageRedbeard says: yesAvatar ImageBara says: What a frightening situation. I hope that it can be resolved as quickly & painlessly as possible.Avatar ImageTanderule says: Omg! That's terrible. Avatar Imagenimbus2010 says: i hope everything turns out ok, and that the whole thing gets resolved fast. this must be so hard for them all.Avatar ImageOh Neville says: How very sad. Hope things work out for all concerned. Avatar ImageSirius B says: of course she is not safe in her home - Muslim's practice "Honor Killing" of their daughters that stray and have relationships with non-Muslims.Avatar ImageStider says: I have to agree with dcrazmo {ROAR} on this. What is a story like this doing on leaky? It's bad enough that this happened to that girl at her own home. Now someone has to spread the ugly facts all over the internet. Just because other so called journalist want to put that girls private problems out there doesn't mean the leaky site has to do the same. It is none of our business. And I'm sure she has it hard enough as it is without our noses poking in her private life! Keep these stories off the leaky site!Avatar ImageDeanie says: All thing Potter means exactly that. Not all things potter except articles that are depressing or that might make some uncomfortable. Leaky has taken on an awsome and awful responsibility. I am proud they do not shirk this responsibility. While I do hope this poor child and her family can get past this and that she can date and marry who she wants, regardless of religion, I fear that Sirius B is right. She is not now, or in the forseeable future safe, especially at home.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Sadly, the ONLY way she will be safe, (the idiots in the government are dolts and ass covering fools!) will be to take some of the money she has made from the films, and hire professionals to 'sort out' her father & brother!Avatar ImageStider says: I'm not saying the article shouldn't be put on the site because it's depressing or that it might make us uncomfortable, I'm saying it shouldn't be on here because it intrudes into the privacy of the actress involved. It's nice to know that leaky is reporting all things about Potter, but with this article they've crossed a line. It's hard enough for her to have those problems at home. It's even harder that the press has to spread around the story to the public. We have no business knowing about any of the actors private life. If the actress involved would like to tell her story to the public, that's her choice. And if she wants everyone to know and spout their opinions about her private problems, then by all means, let her do that. But for the press to do this, and with them leaky too, that's just despicable! Once again, it's none of our business. This is not a comment where I note my discomfort, this is about the interests of the actress herself!Avatar Imageabena says: That is a very sad story i hope that the family can unite again and get over this so that she Can feel safe at home again. As for the stupid comment from Sirius B. Does that mean that if a christian man kills his wife (and some times their children) in murder of passion, that all westerners practice this form of violence As a matter of culture. That is extreme generelysing. Avatar ImageMuggle100 says: I can't believe her brother/father would do that to her! It is a terrible and terrifying thing to happen i bet. My best to you Afshan! I hope you are OK. Let Courage and loyalty be with you! P.S. Please,i know you are probably not but,DON'T stickup for your brother or father.

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