Videos: Dan Radcliffe’s Bucket List, and Extra Footage of Dan Radcliffe’s Appearance on QI


Dec 30, 2010

Posted by Mel

We have a few new videos featuring Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter), one of which is from MTV and which has Radcliffe discussing his bucket list. You can watch that video here or below.

We also have some extra footage from Radcliffe’s appearance on the quiz show QI, which can be seen with the originally aired footage here and here and here or”margin: 0px; padding: 4px; width: 500px; text-align: center; font-family: Verdana,sans-serif; “>The SevenMTV Shows

16 Responses to Videos: Dan Radcliffe’s Bucket List, and Extra Footage of Dan Radcliffe’s Appearance on QI

Avatar ImageBless_the_children says: This quiz show was painfully funny - Dan was the smartest one there, which made me very happy. Bucket list was funny as well - rollerblading with dolphins sounds quite fun!Avatar Imagejessyginny says: I would love to read Dan´s book if he ever writes one, that would be really cool if he did! And I love the quiz show videos, really funny! And yeah agree, Dan was the best one! Go Dan!:)Avatar Imagejessyginny says: Yaaay Dan won, go Dan!:D Oh what I love this quiz show!Avatar Imagejessyginny says: AHHH DAN!!!!!:O What did he do to poor Dan?!Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: FunnyAvatar Imageazaadpotter says: funnyAvatar ImageNoble Birth Descending says: Blah ha ha, Harry/Dan did pay attention in History of Magic!!!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Haha! Awesome!Avatar ImageHalfbloodPrince08 says: I had already seen it... are both funAvatar ImageNoble Birth Descending says: Worth the 45 minutes!!Avatar Imagebudgie says: Fun.Avatar Imagekchar says: What was the seventhon his bucket list? I couldn't make it out. I heard count to seven... but that doesn't make sense. This man is genius.Avatar Imagedevilskinn says: OMG.... I haven't checked the news page for weeks :-s Have to get on to some reading :-pAvatar Imagedevilskinn says: I love QI... That is so great that they invited Dan :D Definitely a must-see episode ;)Avatar ImageButterfly_Boy says: QI is fabulous, and this episode was very funny. Stephen Fry wore a fez; fezes are cool! Dan was very good, though the end was shocking :-DAvatar Imagedevilskinn says: Alan going: "Look at how popular it is, look at the crowd" ... and no one in the stands =))

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