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Feb 11, 2010

Posted by John Admin

This month our non-Harry Potter book club, Jo’s Book Nook, is reading Persuasion by Jane Austen. All MyLeaky members are welcome to take part in the discussions, quizzes and more! Whether you’re reading Persuasion for the first or the seventeenth time, talk with fellow members about film adaptations, favourite characters, alternative endings and so on right here on the Leaky Lounge.

Austen’s 1818 novel was published one year after the author’s death. Anne Elliot is 27 and unmarried, motherless, overlooked by her father and subject to her older sister Elizabeth’s schemes. It is soon revealed that at the age of 19, Anne was forced to reject her fiancé, Frederick Wentworth, as he was deemed too poor to be part of the Elliot family. Persuasion follows Anne as she re-encounters a significantly wealthier Wentworth who has never truly forgiven her. J.K. Rowling has described Jane Austen as “the pinnacle to which all other authors aspire.”

Happy reading!

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Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: Jane austen is definately an awesome writerAvatar ImageMoose_Starr says: I love reading and discussing books in Jo's Book Nook. I hadnt read Persuasion previously (or seen any of the TV or movie adaptations) and, I only started reading it a few days ago but, I hope to be able to join the discussion soon :)Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Never read it! Sounds good!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I wish I could participate but am afraid that school will prevent me from so doing! I hope everyone else enjoys the conversation over this book, however.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Nook is a funny word...

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