J. K. Rowling Reading at White House Easter Egg Roll Today


Apr 05, 2010

Posted by EdwardTLC

J. K. Rowling’s reading has commenced, please see the above post for complete coverage.
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Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling is set to read today as part of the Annual White House Easter Egg Roll at 1:30pm – 1:45pm EST and again from 2:00pm – 2:15pm EST. As Leaky first reported last week, the author will be reading from her first novel, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, at the largest public event held in Washington DC each year, is set to host 30,000 from each of the fifty states. Live streaming coverage of the event can be watched right here on Leaky, or via www.whitehouse.gov/live.

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Avatar ImageFifi says: FIRST! I'm watching it now!!! So excited! :DAvatar ImageJillxoxo says: Oooh, live stream! Thanks, Leaky!Avatar ImageCatherine says: Thank you leaky! cant wait to see Jo!Avatar Imagedreampotter says: I wish I could go, too. I happen to work with someone who will be attending. I hope she has fun.Avatar ImageCarinaPotter says: Can't wait to watch! Thanks to Leaky!Avatar Image29puppy104 says: That's so awesome! I live near D.C. it's like 45 minutes away. I wish I could go.Avatar Image29puppy104 says: That's so awesome! I live near D.C. it's like 45 minutes away. I wish I could go.Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: EEK! That's fantastic! Thanks a bunch Leaky! Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: I wonder if they will air it live, sadly I can't go..........I live in CanadaAvatar ImageMarielebone says: So exciting! The cast of Glee were just tweeting that they met her.Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: yet another missed chance for me to meet Jo:(Avatar ImageDlcohm7 says: Yeah! Thanks Leaky! This will definetly make my day! So excited to see JO! And to hear her read from book 1.:)Avatar ImageScarStruck says: Yayayayay livestream!! Thankyou!! =DAvatar ImageGryffindor51 says: Forget work! J.K. comes first in my "book" :-)Avatar Imagemagicmaniac says: kewl. but wats with justin bieber i hate him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageGryffindor51 says: woo break-it down Michelle Obama...you dance way better than your hubby :-DAvatar ImageScarStruck says: Ok I officialey love Justin Beiber even though his singing kinda sucks <3 =DAvatar Imagefloridianhp says: cool, thanks Avatar ImageLexitheAuror says: I can't see anything either at whitehouse.gov/live or hereAvatar ImageCarinaPotter says: "Yes, I wrote this book." So cute!Avatar ImageDrome says: Oh, lovely! :)Avatar Imagejreineke3 says: She is just so wonderful!Avatar ImageLucida says: Really enjoyed watching this! JKR is so sweet, I love her. How do 5 year olds know about Twitter? O.oAvatar ImageToNkS_rip says: COOOL. iv just caught on to the end of that.Avatar ImageScarStruck says: Hahahaha "Did you write that!?" LOL Oh my god I do love her soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much she is absolutley fabulous!!! Hahaha house elves are creepy.Hahaha that made me think of Sue!! Everytime the livestream froze my mom and i like freaked out!! Oh my god writing writing writing yayayayayayay! Hahah "yes I have been forced to tweet twice in my life" and so she writes "i am still writing" ooooh she is so fantastic!!!!!!Eeeeep this was sooo great!! Ooooh I love the ways she expresses the characters voices to it's just...totally epic!!! Oh my god love her! Hahahaha =) <3333Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: hahahaha :) she is so adorable. "and the boy asked 'whats your favorite color?' and by the time he asked the tenth 'whats your favorite...' question, the teachers said 'be quiet billy!' " I LOVE JO! Avatar ImageCatherine says: hey can you guys put it up in the leaky galleries after she's done reading because its not working for me!Avatar ImageFGFG says: Haha! The children were adorable! But I do wish there were some der children asking a bit smarter questions! Maybe we'll get dome good questions in the next round! :D I love Jo! Avatar ImageScarStruck says: * FGFG I know right!! I mean I know they're just kids but still...their questions were um not um very good. =) Eeeep!!Avatar ImageFGFG says: Haha! The children were adorable! But I do wish there were some older children asking a bit smarter questions! Maybe we'll get dome good questions in the next round! If not, oh well I just love that were hearing more from Jo! :D I love Jo! Avatar Imagejacket says: Can't wait to watch! thanks Leaky!Avatar ImageScarStruck says: Grrrr I can't tell if the questions are any better this time round because it keeps freezing =( Ahh weel the teeny weeny bits I can hear are cool! =DAvatar ImageFilmGirl27 says: Wow that was awesome! And live! :D Thanks Leaky! Avatar ImageKellyAnn says: I only just caught the last bit but ayay! what a nice post-birthday treat!Avatar ImageEgor says: She said red head instead of ginger.Avatar ImageDlcohm7 says: Oh WOW! I love watching and hearing her read Harry. I cried when they were asking her the simple questions,we have heard it over and over, but it never gets boring.'Why does Harry have that scar?',etc.And of course she can't answer it being it might give it away for those who haven't read. HP7 her fav book,she misses Dumbledore the most.And loved writing about Snape. I would agree with all of that! Leaky please have both videos on here! I didn't get to see the first part,they had it on the wrong page,and you couldn't go to where she was. Please! Love you Jo! :)Avatar ImageSmitch says: Cool! Avatar Imagedillypoo says: I love how Jo patiently answers the same questions over and over again when a new child asks it. She is wonderful!Avatar Imagehewy says: Here's hoping that Leaky will have this on line for those of us not able to watch live.Avatar ImageLucia Meadows says: Aww, I love story time so much! That one little blonde girl with the ball cap in the front waited very patiently for her turn.Avatar ImageCarol Carvalho says: I can't believe I 've missed it! ....... :( Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I am upset that I missed it but have bookmarked the video for later viewing!Avatar ImageEmmaline10248 says: amazingAvatar ImageParkinsonpansy says: Why was i not informed j.k would be at the easter egg roll at the white house!!Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: Ugh I hate that it's now working for me =( Lucky kids.Avatar ImagePotterGeekFreak says: I was in D.C that day!! And I was right around the corner, but I couldn't go!!! Avatar ImageRosie016 says: Just watched this, it was great to hear the story through J.K. Rowling's voice!Avatar Imagelevi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: really nice :] i think reading HP out loud diminishes world suck by default...Avatar Imagesidnandragin says: I love that someone asked the question about the movies & her books. Too bad she lied right in the faces of the children.Avatar Imagealicia00 says: cool wowAvatar ImageLittle Light says: Jo is so cool.

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