GMTV Visits Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Talks to Radcliffe, Grint


Jun 18, 2010

Posted by John Admin

The first clips from GMTV‘s tour of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter have surfaced on the programme’s website. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) spoke to GMTV presenter Ross King in Ollivander’s about his post-Harry Potter days, commenting, “I don’t know what my day to day life is without going to work … it’s going to be interesting to discover what I do when I’m not doing Harry Potter.”

King also spoke to actor Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) who was caught enjoying the “incredible” view of Hogwarts castle. “I just cannot get over it,” said Grint, “I don’t know why they didn’t build this for the film! It would have made a lot more sense, would have been perfect!” You can watch this clip – which will be in our video galleries shortly – on the GMTV website at this link.

Additionally, GMTV talked to the actors at the celebrity preview on Wednesday night and you can watch a video of Grint, Radcliffe, Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy), Michael Gambon (Dumbledore), Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) and James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley, respectively) sharing their views both on the park and on Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s recent criticisms at the GMTV website via this link.

More clips from the morning television show are expected to be online shortly. Stay close to Leaky for more news and interviews from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter as they come in!

15 Responses to GMTV Visits Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Talks to Radcliffe, Grint

Avatar Imageblessi says: Ohhh Rupert!. I'm going to miss you too!. You make people laughAvatar ImageIwishIwas@Hogwarts says: Its so hard to grasp that the actors werent actually walking around that magical world for real but when you hear them talk about how amazing the park is you realize that it really was just a movie with sets and green screens and they seem as excited as the fans if not more to see what we have longed to see for years. LONG LIVE HARRY POTTER =)Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: I wonder how long the actors will be at the park?Avatar ImageDawna says: Great clip! I wish it was longer.Avatar ImageMoose_Starr says: Wow I agree with Rupert ... like why didnt they build this for the movies? It must be almost as awesome for the cast as it is for the rest of us. Gah ... Dan's comment is so sad tho, it sounds almost like he's lost or something. I guess all he's done for 10 years is HP so, suddenly he's an adult that doesnt do HP. So yeah what does Dan *do*? It's so weird ...Avatar ImageGryffindor Cutie says: I wish the clip would have been longer too. I love how amazed even the actors were with the theme park. I hope they got to see and enjoy every inch of it and every ride!Avatar ImagePollytomat says: Great clips! I liked the moment when Rupert says that there should a HP themed park in England and his eyes lit up with happiness! :)Avatar ImageScarStruck says: I just watxhed this video on some website or at least I think it ws teh same thing, OH MY GOD it's so sad that's it's over!! Ahhh! But the park is AMAZING!! I love how all the actors/actresses are like "we don't realize that we can go in" and "we're so used to green screen" and everything being made out of wood and plaster awwwwwww.Avatar Imagesgreeter8888 says: I love Gambon's comment, "Well he's a silly old fart isn't he?' Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: It looks amazing :) <3Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Cute stuff...Avatar ImageAvanelleWood says: You have to love Michael Gambon calling the mayor of London a "silly old fart." LOLAvatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: so coolAvatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: haha silly old fart did it for me tooAvatar ImageFresca says: Yes, Michael Gambon does speak his mind, and good for him! I chuckled at Tom Felton's comment about the park only being able to open three days a year because of the weather in London!

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