Emma Watson Debuts Final Collection for People Tree


Jan 27, 2011

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The Telegraph has published a preview for Emma Watson’s (Hermione Granger) third and final collection for People Tree, the fair trade clothing organization she has been collaborating with since 2009.

Miss Watson said she began designing the outfits shortly after beginning university in the U.S.

“Safia, People Tree’s founder, and Misato, People Tree’s designer, came out to work with me in Rhode Island. Together we decided on all the colours, fabrics, shapes and craft skills. Most of all, we took care to design a really wearable collection that truly celebrates the traditional skills of People Tree’s fair trade groups around the world.”

Twelve items from the collection are currently on sale through the People Tree website. A photo of the actress modeling one of the dresses can be seen in the Telegraph.

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Avatar Imagecrikeyhunter says: Rock on Emma!!!Avatar ImageExpectoPatronum512 says: good for her! x]Avatar ImageSindi says: Great! :D im gonna take a look at some of the collection now ^^Avatar Imageksddancer says: Great job Emma! Your clothing is stunning and my style. :)Avatar ImageEmmaline10248 says: great job emma i love your clothing its amazingAvatar Imageazaadpotter says: Good job Emma. You rockAvatar ImageGene L. says: I like her new short hair, it is stylish in a way, exceptionally suitable for woman.Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Rock on Emma!!!Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Rock on Emma!!!Avatar ImageToNkS_rip says: i really luv that she cares. keep on rockinAvatar ImageCDR says: Great!!!Avatar ImageHarrypotterultrafan says: I can't believe how good a role model she is, love her:)Avatar Imagesindie11 says: How can anyone not love Emma?Avatar Imageaval says: Very cute! I would wear those for sure :)Avatar ImageEmmaria says: go Emma :DAvatar ImageGiant Squid says: It looks great!!!Avatar Imagetimtimloveslupin says: Emma Watson rules :DAvatar Imagesarah1797 says: Goodness, I really wish her collection was in Canada! I love Emmas sense of style - preppy with an edge! Congrats for Emma on her endeavours through fashion :)Avatar ImageFresca says: Emma's designs are very good! I do not think I could wear that black dress as well as she does, that's for sure!Avatar Imagesiena says: The collection looks indeed lovely - and wearable, too. I ordered the dotted dress "Sophie." The problem with PeopleTree is that returns aren't free - so it's a bit of a risk. But I suppose they want to keep their expenses low so that can pay fair wages to their producers - so be it.Avatar Imagejacket says: So cute! Congrats Emma!Avatar Image9em says: Go emma! I love her very much! I think she has amazing style!Avatar ImageFiniteincantatum says: Such a good role model. Go, Emma! :)

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