Rupert Grint Interview, Cover and New Photoshoot in Attitude Magazine


Jun 28, 2011

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Rupert Grint gave an interview to the July 2011 edition of Attitude and additionally graced its cover. The Ron Weasley actor talked about eating cupcakes with the Obamas, upcoming projects and films he’s already done, the last days on the Harry Potter set and drama as confidence-building.

On the films:

We’re so engrossed in making them that you don’t realise what a big deal they are for people. It’s only when we go to premieres and see the excitement and enthusiasm that we realise that. It’s really nice.

Answering the question, “What would you say to kids being bullied for physical things or for being gay?”:

It’s that weird school period when kids can be quite cruel. You’ve got to stick it out and just be strong. It’s hard to know what to do but you have to get through it. I’ve never been that confident. At school I was quite shy. It was through drama club and doing plays that I found my voice. If you’ve got something like drama you can do everything. It’s a really great thing for building up some confidence. now have scans of the photoshoot, cover and interview at this link.

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Avatar ImageAdidi88 says: yay first to comment!!! :D Avatar ImageMariaKeis says: Wow .. He's looking mighty fine in that picture .. Almost drooling ! ÖAvatar Imagemencia says: damn he looks fine in that picture i should say! way to go rupAvatar ImageRosie016 says: I must say Rupert looks great on the cover!Avatar Imagealexweasley12 says: holy crap he is smoking ! thats so nice about what he said on being buillied ! It is really hard and to know a celebrity(s) went through that, it really helps.Avatar ImageSauvium says: That is one hot ginger.Avatar Imageplatinumhimani says: OMG he is barely recognizable..all that puppy fat is gone Avatar ImageLaLuney says: He's completely right. I found my voice through theatre. I used to barely talk to anyone until I started doing shows.Avatar Imagemollythemuggle114 says: he's great looking but they sure did photoshop that image! that is not his nose...Avatar ImageBeazle says: Re-drama clubs-possibly the first remotely interesting thing this guy has said in 10 years of interviews.Avatar Imagesboyer06 says: ooh la la. only really, eating cupcakes with the obamas? your lucky the pricks didnt poison u!Avatar ImageWickidSlytherin says: cant believe the movies are coming to an ill have to read my books again and watch the movies immediatley after.Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Oh my, Rupert looks so great and different in the picture! I want to know how it was like for him meeting the Obamas'! And I love how they asked him about the Harry Potter world AND the society! (: His responses are so down-to-earth! :DAvatar ImageLunaLuver says: Wow he looks smokin'! I normally dont think that way about Rupert. That is one fine picture, he looks so different....I think its the hair, its thinned out.Avatar Imagehermione06 says: He's also coming out in THAT Magazine... they have some behind the scenes photo's on their tumblr/facebookAvatar Imagehermione06 says: ** well not coming out... but the magazine is coming out soon and he's in it =)Avatar ImageYodatheHobbit says: You just called the Presidents children eating cupcakes on one of their birthdays pricks. You are a horrible person.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Interesting stuff...Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Woa! He looks good in that pic!Avatar Imagebluerosebud96 says: *faints* I can die happy now.Avatar ImageVerityDarling says: <3Avatar Imagelauren77 says: the new haircut suits him Avatar Imagelauren77 says: the new haircut suits him Avatar ImageEve13 says: Love the cover!Avatar ImagePadfootPet says: Rupert looks loads better, he looks like he had a haircut. I wish he pulled an Emma on us! get a totally different style for his new life.Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: Whow he looks hot!Avatar ImageStephaniej says: wait, why is Rupert in a gay magazine, he's not gay is he??? please let me know, i need answers....Avatar Imageprofessor_potter says: at first i didn't recognize him!!!! wow! he looks so much older!Avatar ImageStephaniej says: please, somebody tell me, is Rupert gay???? Avatar Imageshi suisen says: he's looking extremely fine there ;)

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