Pottermore Beta Testing Period Extended


Oct 28, 2011

Posted by EdwardTLC

The Pottermore Insider Blog has been updated to announce that the beta test period for J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter online experience will be extended in order to further improve the functionality of the site. This decision, the blog post notes, follows the gathering of information from the original beta period and will mean that Pottermore will not be open to new users ” in the immediate future.” Quote:

Since we launched Pottermore, our one million Beta users have given us lots of amazing feedback, and we’ve been collecting their thoughts and comments so that we can make Pottermore the best experience it can be before it opens to everyone.

After looking closely at all the information that we’ve gathered, we have decided to further extend the Beta period so we can improve Pottermore before giving more people access. This means the site will not be opening to new users in the immediate future, but please know that we will open registration as soon as we can.

The blog post continues, saying that the site will be offline for two days starting Wednesday, November 2nd, in order to “make a few technical changes behind-the-scenes.” As part of this beta extension, Pottermore has set up this new page so users may track updates and get answers to general FAQs about the site.

46 Responses to Pottermore Beta Testing Period Extended

Avatar Imagebeallgood01 says: Boooooooooo. I wasn't lucky enough to get in on the Beta test and I've been patiently waiting but I'm getting a bit tired of all the tweets and podcast comments about things that I can't get too. Avatar Imagebeallgood01 says: Boooooooooo. I wasn't lucky enough to get in on the Beta test and I've been patiently waiting but I'm getting a bit tired of all the tweets and podcast comments about things that I can't get too. Avatar ImageAvanelleWood says: beallgood01, I can understand your frustration at having to wait. But as someone who is a beta user I can tell you that it will be worth it. Although it has improved lately, Pottermore is still rather "glitchy". You'll enjoy it so much more once they work out all the bugs.Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: I agree with AvanelleWood, its better they work out all the bugs now before even more people access the site. Thats'll just cause Pottermore to crash more and the new people wont be happy with it.Avatar Imagegizzmogeek says: While I agree you want them to work out all the bugs before releasing it to milliions and millions of people and you want their servers to be able to handle that type of traffic, I too am really tired of getting overly excited thinking I might FINALLY get in, only to be told - not yet no idea when. I'm a huge fan of the Potter universe and all it entails, but I'm starting to fall into the "i don't care anymore" side because I'm being told I have to wait another month or "indefinite" period. It's just frustrating because I want to see the excitement too. I want to share in the fun everyone who is in is enjoying. Bah. Hopefully when it does finally roll out it'll be awesome. I'm now thinking I won't be allowed in before 2013 though. Bummer.Avatar ImageSamuraiNinjaKoriin says: They need to stop telling us it will be at one point then changing it agian. I really want to know, legitimately, what my house is before I go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter this December. Also, I'm pretty sure most of us would rather be able to get on than it be perfect right away...it will get better and perfected with time, it doesn't need to be so when we finally, if they ever decide to let us, get on.Avatar ImageXyra44 says: I'm sorry for those frustrated being told they have to wait. Please don't lose heart - think of it as similar to when they changed the release date of Half-Blood Prince. Or when you come here and you get the "doing some dusting" message. When it's done it will be great and hopefully smooth.Avatar Imageroonwit says: I can't see them delaying things too long. People do lose interest over time so there is a balance between that and delaying to improve things. I think we will see some changes later in November, (the few days outage from November 2nd is mostly for back end changes), then a few weeks for testing, with a full opening sometime later in December.Avatar Imageroonwit says: SamuraiNinjaKoriin: I would be surprised if they set any more dates for the full opening of the site, having failed to make previous dates. Hopefully we will still get updates but I imagine it will be about smaller things, eg. "we are tweaking potions".Avatar Imagesampsongregory says: Have patience if you're not part of the beta group. Remember that no one has ever done something like this before. Naturally lots of things will come up that were not thought of during the planning for the site. (Does that sentence sound like something Dumbledore would say?) I suspect that Pottermore will open to all before the year ends.Avatar ImageGinevra86 says: In my opinion, coming from a beta tester that was let in really really late into the game, those who haven't been granted access yet aren't missing out on all that much. To be completely honest, the beta experience thus far has included going through all of the chapters in book 1 to find that you cannot progress any farther and then being told that all you can do until beta testing is over is brew potions (which really is just as hard as it seems in the books), so being granted access as it stands now really isn't a big thing. Trust me, you'd almost be MORE frustrated having access to this REALLY COOL site with all of these promised features only to find out that you can only experience a fragment of it. I can't speak for any other beta testers out there, but I feel a little stifled at this point - and don't visit the site much anymore because I don't want to waste all of my galleons brewing potions that aren't successful (which means I am contributing just about nothing to my House at the moment). Just my two cents, worth! Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Oh well - i thought it would open on Halloween. But honestly there are already so many people in the beta group! It's so crowded! But please please somebody add music and sound effects!Avatar ImageG.Weasley says: Well I already got on so I'm not really complaining but this sucks for my friends who want to get in really badly but can't and are really jealous of me. But I mean how long are they going to extend the beta? I mean they should be working on the second book by now already!Avatar ImageWeasleyisourking99 says: Aaaw! I was looking forward to getting it!Avatar ImageNight Zephyr says: Okay, so I'd say 11/11/11 is out. Maybe they'll go for 12/12/12. Discouraging. Really, really discouraging. Especially for those of us who couldn't sit up and wait half our lives for the ruddy quill only because we have to work full-time.Avatar ImageNight Zephyr says: Okay, so I'd say 11/11/11 is out. Maybe they'll go for 12/12/12. Discouraging. Really, really discouraging. Especially for those of us who couldn't sit up and wait half our lives for the ruddy quill only because we have to work full-time.Avatar Image1HarryPotterFan123 says: I am honestly a little disappointed. This is the 2nd time they have had to extend the date! Like a few of you, I was not lucky enough to be one of the beta testers - I was away at camp that week!!! Anyways, I guess I am glad that by the time I get on it will be practically perfect, but the thing is, I don't want to wait. I want to be part of the experience!!! It will build up my Potterhead experience. Thanks for all the encouraging remarks, Beta Testers, but there isn't really much to cheer us non-Beta-Tester Potterheads up. Ah well. I always say I miss something to look forward to, but this might be pushing it just a tad...just a tad.Avatar Imagehewy says: Hope this lives up to the hype as the waiting for the rest of us (non-betas) is getting to be a real pain in the neck.Avatar Imagetibby71 says: I'm really glad I got there so soon, all this waiting must be awful.Avatar ImageSugaharry says: I am so disappointed... Its the first time when i'm disappointed with anything Potter related. the fact that they dont give us any new eventual date means that they wont open the site this year. They couldnt deal with the issues since June till October so i guess they will need another few months. And then another months of waiting for e-mail...... I am soooooooooooo ANGRY!!! Eh :'(Avatar ImageGoldenGem says: I agree with Night Zephyr and others - too disappointing and like others I was not able to compete in the Quill competition. Oh well I have the books and films and maybe I don't really need a website too.Avatar ImageHarryPotterGirl (Hermione) says: I am not sure I want to join pottermore. Been thinking about it and I guest I might not. Maybe somedays.Avatar Imageharrypotter4258 says: heeheeheeAvatar Imageroonwit says: Sugaharry: The problem with meeting the October opening date was they thought what they had in July would cope with the load and the beta period showed it didn't. They have had most of October to re-plan, and are starting to make changes next week. So I think it is entirely plausible they can get the site ready in another month or so. However they aren't giving us a date as they have already tried that and found they couldn't meet it.Avatar ImageSugaharry says: Roonwit: I'd love if this would go the route that you described but i have a bad feeling about this. Hopefully they will open the site this year though. At least they should open the registration and then wait a bit with sending e-mails if it'll be needed. I'm sure it would make some potterheads be less mad about pottermore.Avatar ImageLauraKeaton says: As a beta tester, I think most Potter fans would be disappointed if they opened the site to you as planned. Dueling doesn't work at this time (I haven't even had a chance to duel, as I was one of the later e-mails), and potion brewing is still really, really, buggy (potions get stuck in loops where they never finish brewing, the counters for how many ingredients you added and how many times you stirred don't always work). I know several people who have reached a point in the story and gotten stuck, so they cannot finish it, or even get sorted! So please be patient. Adding millions of more users to the site will not make these problems go away, they will just make you more annoyed.Avatar ImageGinevra86 says: I completely agree with Laura. I was one of those people who got their welcome email with the last batch in late September, and I currently have nothing left to do but wait until they fix some stuff and let everyone in. The whole experience is stalled right now, so I don't bother to brew potions that are going to get stuck (and then lose all of my ingredients), and you can't duel (I was never able to even try), and only the first book it open for exploration. I've gone through the first book three times and am now just kind of bored with it. Avatar ImageSugaharry says: Don't get me wrong im not trying to be pesimistic but its the end of october and the site isnt working as it should even for BETA testers. How much time they will need to put many more people in then? Im afraid it will take a longer while (Months?).Avatar ImageSproutMdme says: I honestly have to say that I don't mind waiting for this to be debugged and perfected more. I have sort of put it out of my mind, and I figure, when they have it down, then it will be much more satisfying when we finally get in. Postponing pleasure is a lesson well learned: here and in life. It's something really special to look forward to. You know the old saying, 'Having never equals wanting'. It probably applies here.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: They say a boat is a hole in the ocean you throw your money into.... Methinks Pottermore just may be a hole in the internet that our dearest Jo will be throwing her money into! :+/Avatar Imageamelia 1-2-3- says: hahahahahahahaahhahahahhahahhaAvatar Imagekyrstalkris says: I'm glad they're improving the site! For those are complaining, please just shut up. It's annoying compared to all the work they put into this site. If you were disappointed by the site, then, well, they're trying to impress you by this. Don't worry for those of you who didn't get in (me included) we're going to, it's not like it'll never happen.Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: Haha I knew they would :DAvatar ImageDartFrog says: Are there any stats as to how many pottermore accounts are still active? Ifter the initial few weeks "re=play value" of Pottermore was reportedly low. Any thoughts about sorting being skewed to balance house numbers over a more ture sort?Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: I'm ready for everyone to be allowed in. But I'm also ready for these bugs to be fixed. I just hope both happens soon. I think we all knew they weren't going to let everyone in by October with how things were progressing slower than expected. I wonder what changes they will make Wednesday???Avatar Imagemencia says: that's not good news for those who didn't get in early, I know how frustrating it was waiting for welcome letters so I can imagine just how frustrating it is for those not in yet....Avatar Imagemencia says: I really hope they will fix the wizards duel soon because potion brewing is just not for me :(Avatar Imagemugglebornmico says: This is gutting, Kinda feel like just because I wasnt able to catch any quills due to work that I dont get to join the club. Im really dissapointed. also feel it was a little late to let us know the beta would be extended. :(Avatar ImageVIkkiomega says: I was one of the early ones in Beta and I know that I have seen quite a lot of changes since beta started, but there is still so much more to do to get it right. At the moment there is no sound effects for any of the pages, no music, no duelling (which even though I got my quill on the first day I have never had a go at duelling as it only lasted a week), the potion ingredients are playing up, the moderator means that speaking to other betas is difficult to near impossible, everyone is fast running out of galleons, there are those that are cheating to get more points by using various methods and are in themselves causing Pottermore more problems, thus delaying the opening. Some Beta's are still stuck on chapters cos there are major glitches with browsers, the shop isn't open and has been postponed, some have had their Galleons disappear, so they can't get into Diagon Alley or Hogwarts, and all the while the people that are working on this site are trying to get it right to satisfy the dreams of millions. I know it is frustrating but if they get this right, if they listen to all the true fans and yes there are many of us in there, then the site will be worth the wait. Have I enjoyed it, on the whole I would have to say yes, because of JKR's new writing on the subject of Harry and all the characters that we know, love and hate. It was never going to be one of those shoot-em-ups that some were hoping for, it was always supposed to be about the books Please have patience, I know it is easy for me to say that as I am in Pottermore, but I am sure they are going as fast and as hard as they can to get it opened for all of you and when you are in there look me up I am StormThestral135 and in Ravenclaw. Maybe we can have a duel or brew a potion together or kick back in the common room.Avatar Imagearlenelilymalfoy says: luckily im in the beta, sorry you guys :(Avatar ImageSugaharry says: Apparently, about 340,000 people still havent accepted their pottermore e-mails. Dont know how real this number is but it still surprises me that there is so many problems with the site allthough not all BETA's have joined.Avatar Imagesessionka says: I'm more convinced it's an issue with handling the load than wanting to make the site better. Avatar ImageAdoveevigoMon says: i am sad can go on pottermoreAvatar ImageAdoveevigoMon says: i am sad can go on pottermoreAvatar ImageAdoveevigoMon says: i am sad can go on pottermoreAvatar ImageSOTDAUDDY says: Alright, I'm getting so tired of waiting to be able to sign up for pottermore, that I'm starting to consider not even joining IF they ever make it available to the rest of us! It's ridiculous! It was supposed to be open in October 2011.....and it's February 2012 now. This wait is getting to long, and it's very frustrating.

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